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🌤 | "Linear rain zone" occurrence Record heavy rain in Kochi Prefecture "Meteorological information on remarkable heavy rain"

Photo 5th 0 hours analysis at 40:3 am Rainfall

Occurrence of "Linear Precipitation Zone" Record heavy rainfall in Kochi Prefecture "Meteorological information on remarkable heavy rainfall"

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A group of organized cumulonimbus clouds, which are a series of developed rain clouds (cumulonimbus clouds) that occur one after another, is created by passing or stagnating in almost the same place for several hours, and has a linear length of about 50 to 300 km. A rainy area with strong precipitation with a width of about 20 to 50 km.

In Kochi prefecture, extremely heavy rain due to the "linear rain zone" continues to fall in the same place.Life-threatening sediment disasters and floods ... → Continue reading

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    About 50-300km in length

      Cumulonimbus clouds


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