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🌤 | Atmospheric instability nationwide Beware of lightning strikes and severe gusts


Atmospheric instability nationwide Beware of lightning strikes and severe gusts

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Warm and moist air around the edge of the Pacific High is flowing near Japan, and cold air below -5500 ° C is flowing around about 6 meters above the sky.

From western Japan to eastern Japan today (Sunday) 26th, and in northern Japan tomorrow 27th (Monday), lightning strikes and tornadoes hit hard ... → Continue reading

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    Near 5500 meters

    Pacific high

    Pacific high(This is aEnglish: Pacific High) IsThe Pacific OceanWarm to occur in(I.e..Subtropical highOne of (sub high). Exists in the North PacificNorth Pacific HighLocated in the South Pacific Ocean (North Pacific High)South Pacific high(There are two, Minami Hitai Koukiatsu, South Pacific High). When simply saying "Pacific high" in Japan, it means the North Pacific high. Also in the AtlanticAzores high pressureCorresponds to this.

    The center of the North Pacific HighHawaiian IslandsNear the northeastern Pacific, overhanging east and west, on the east sideUnited States West CoastBrings a warm and dry climate throughout the year, in the westSummer: OfJapanDominate the weather.It can also affect other seasons, when the power is strong in winterchillMay interfere with the south of. Of the vast Pacific highs near the South Sea of ​​Japan,Ogasawara IslandsBecause it often has a center in the vicinityOgasawara HighAlso known as Ogasawara High.


    The subtropical high is not peculiar to the Pacific Ocean, and there are similar ones in the Southern Hemisphere as well as the Azores High in the North Atlantic Ocean. These high pressures are globalGeneral circulation of the atmosphereIs generated as a part of. It exists all year round, not just summer (it's easy to misunderstand that only summer exists, but that's not true).

    equatorialIn the vicinity, the sea surface warmed by strong sunlight and the air on the ground rise,Troposphere interfaceWhen it reaches to, it flows toward both poles (Hadley circulation), the earthrotationGradually turned to the east under the influence ofWesterlies(Subtropical jet stream), the air coming from the equator accumulates and accumulates, forming a high pressure on the ground, and excess airDowndraftIt reaches near the sea surface (surface) and blows out to the surrounding area. The North Pacific High in the North Pacific Ocean reaches its peak in summer,Ogasawara IslandsOverhangs around Japan from the direction.


    In the northern hemisphere, the continent heats up in summer and the wholeLow pressure sectionIn the winter, in the Eurasian continentSiberian high pressureThese high-pressure zones are fragmented and appear to be isolated on the ocean due to the development of the, but it can be seen that high-pressure zones surround the southern hemisphere, where land is scarce.

    Even in the Northern Hemisphere,DesertThe zone is generally found under the subtropical high. This is because there is almost no rainfall because there is a downdraft in the subtropical high. In winterSiberian high pressureThe upper limit of this is at most 2 to 3 km above the sky, and it is called a "short high pressure", whereas this high pressure reaches an upper limit of 10 km or more and a downward flow is occurring from the upper part of the troposphere, so Sometimes called "high high pressure". A cloudless clear sky spreads over the sea in the high-pressure area, but in the surrounding area, it originated from the warm sea surface.water vaporIs transported by wind from high pressure, resulting in a humid climate.

    The Japanese archipelago also becomes dry and hot when it enters the Pacific High (Ogasawara High in a narrow sense), but when it enters the surrounding area, it is humid and hot, and thunderstorms tend to occur due to the inflow of moist airflow, leading to front lines and upper layers. If it overlaps with the flow of cold air into the area, a heavy rain may occur and a disaster may occur. Configure the Ogasawara HighOgasawara Kidan TheoceanIt is often explained as high temperature and high humidity, but in summer it is dry because the humidity is low for that temperature. If there was a continent around the Ogasawara Islands, it could have been a desert.

    Relationship with Tibetan High

    The area around the Japanese archipelago is rather the peripheral part of the Pacific High, and although the high temperature and dry climate rarely persists due to this high pressure, Tibetan develops near the tropopause above the Tibetan Plateau in the summer. The high pressure sometimes extends to the vicinity of western Japan, and in that case, the high pressure overlaps the upper part of the Pacific high, so that the high pressure becomes taller and more stable.Therefore, mainly in western Japan, high temperature and no rain will continue for a long time, which may lead to serious drought and drought.

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