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🌤 | Sunny nationwide and temperature rise


It's sunny all over the country and the temperature rises.

If you write the contents roughly
As the air dries, the laundry seems to dry well.

There will be many sunny places nationwide on Wednesday, 18th.It will be sunny in Okinawa and it will be a sunny season in the rainy season.afternoon… → Continue reading

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Washing(washing,British: laundry[1]) IsclothingEtc.DirtTo wash off[1]..Using mechanical and chemical actions, such as clothingClothThewashabout[2].


General家庭Laundry in is generally (first of all)Laundry displayAfter confirming, it goes through the process of flooding, washing, rinsing, dehydrating, drying, (ironing), and storage.

Some people have a profession of washing.The specialized industry is called the "cleaning industry".In addition to washing with surfactantsDry cleaningUsing techniques such asWashingdo.The washing process by a trader includes "naming," "pressing," "inspection," and "packaging," in addition to "flooding, washing, rinsing, dehydration, drying, and ironing," which are similar to those used in ordinary households.

Laundry has been a woman's for a long timeHouseworkIt was a tough job that made up a fairly large part of the labor, but (in the 20th century)Electric washing machineThe spread ofChemical fiberAnd new typesdetergentWith the advent of, etc., the time and effort spent on washing can be significantly reduced (in developed countries).[1].


Ancient times

Regarding laundry and detergentsHistory(That is, recording in text)Four major civilizations(Mesopotamian civilization-Egyptian civilization-Indus civilization-Chinese civilization) Already in the early days, especiallyAncient orientThere are manyRecordHas been discovered[2].

Ancient times,People areWatersideLive in thatWedWas washing using[2]..On the other hand, in areas where water is scarcesandI was doing the laundry[2]..In ancient Egypt and ancient Greece, the washing method isStepping onWas common[2].Ancient egyptThen wash the two legs in the waterHieroglyphsExpressed in[2]. Also,Ancient greeceEpicOdysseyPrincess Nausicaa (Nausicaa) Has a description of trampling in the river[2]. JapaneseHeian periodThe state of washing is also depicted in the lotus sutra on a fan at the end of the period, and it can be seen that trampling was also common in Japan.[2]..In addition, Japanese "Manyoshu』(Late 7th century-8th century) has the word" Tokiarai ", that is, in Japan, the method of unwinding and washing the kimono was also used.[2].

5000 BCBy that time, cleaning agents were used.[2].3000 BCNatural obtained from lake water in Egypt around that timeSodium carbonateWas used[2].

As a cleaning agent from around 3000 BCAshLye was used and was the most common cleaning agent until the latter half of the 19th century.[2].. Japan also"Record of Ancient Matters"Sanekazura" in "Manyoshu" and "Sanakazura" and "Gleditsia japonica" in "Manyoshu" are used for washing, and lye was also used in the Heian period.[2].

またbaking soda,ammoniaMeltedWeakly alkalineThe water that became dirty is dirtySebumIngredientfatty acidReacts with water-solubleSaponificationIt becomes a substance and stains are removed.Ancient romeThen collectfermentationLetPeeIt is known that there was a laundry company using[3]..AgainMontmorilloniteMud and soil that adsorb oil were also used.

In addition, it is "old ??" that hot water is more effective in removing dirt than cold water.[When?]Was known from[2].. (Accuracy)"" 最初[Needs verification] "The improvement of" washing conditions "is the use of hot water," a researcher insisted. (The times are jumpingSafePeriod, year9st centuryLate 10th century "Pillow soshiko』Also has a description of washing with hot water[2]. )

Medieval to early modern

中 世To become andEuropeThen, the water heater, the washing tub, the stone used for tapping,washing boadAnd so onShared laundryCame to be installed[2]..Mainly Monday was the "laundry day" of the week, and laundry was a social event.[2].. When a woman in an urban household does the laundry at home (in areas with a history of widespread infectious diseases such as the United Kingdom and Germany), she can boil it in a kettle and stir it with a stick, or put it on the floor.金属SexualBasinIt was common to put water and laundry in the water, wash it by hand or step on it, and rinse it with clean water.

Modern times

In the United States in the 1930s, electricity and water were supplied to ordinary households, andElectric washing machineBecame popular[2].Developed countryThen with the spread of washing machinespowder OfSynthetic detergentHas also come to be used.

Home laundry products

Machines and tools for cleaning
Detergent, fabric softener, glue, etc.
Tools for drying

Laundry by a trader


The expression "laundry" is also used figuratively, for example:


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