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🌤 | North Warm West Cold West Japan-Okinawa is easy for cold air to flow in from the west Japan Meteorological Agency 1 month forecast


North warm west cold West Japan-Okinawa is easy for cold air to flow in from the west Japan Meteorological Agency 1 month forecast

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For this reason, the Sapporo District Meteorological Observatory has released "early weather information on high temperatures" and is calling for attention to the management of agricultural products.

The Japan Meteorological Agency announced the outlook for the next month (November 18th to December 1th) on Thursday, 11th.Western Japan and Okinawa ... → Continue reading

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Sapporo District Meteorological Observatory

Sapporo District Meteorological Observatory(Sapporo Kanku Shodai)HokkaidoSapporoChuo-kuNorth 2th Article West 18th StreetIt is inDistrict Meteorological Observatory..It publishes weather information for the entire area of ​​Hokkaido and observes earthquakes and volcanoes.

The area division required to publish weather information in Hokkaido was previously a branch office unit, but with the abolition of the branch office due to administrative reforms in Hokkaido, from 2010, as with other prefectures, "local areas" Reorganized into units.

Local Meteorological Observatory / Marine Meteorological Observatory in the jurisdiction

Local weather station
  • Kushiro Local Meteorological Observatory
  • Abashiri Local Meteorological Observatory
  • Wakkanai Local Meteorological Observatory
Aviation weather station
  • New Chitose Aviation Observatory
  • Aviation Meteorological Observatory
    • Rishiri, Rebun (pause), Wakkanai, Monbetsu, Memanbetsu, Asahikawa, Nakashibetsu, Kushiro, Obihiro, Hakodate, Okushiri
  • Okadama Airport Meteorological Liaison Office


  • September 1876, 9 (Meiji 9)- Ishikari countrySapporo wardHigashi Sosei Dori (currentChuo-kuAt Minami 2 Johigashi 1-chome)Sapporo agricultural schoolMeteorological observation started by teacher William Wheeler
  • June 1878, 11 (Meiji 6) --Moved to the Geography Division, Civil Affairs Bureau, Higashi Sosei-dori, Sapporo-ku, Ishikari Province (currently Kita 30-jo Higashi 3-chome, Chuo-ku)
  • September 1878, 11 (Meiji 9) --Moved to Yamakoshi-dori, Sapporo-ku, Ishikari Province (currently Kita 30-jo Nishi 4-chome, Chuo-ku)
  • January 1883 (Meiji 16) --Start of seismic observation with seismograph
  • August 1890, 23 (Meiji 8) --Moved to the former farm in Kita 1 Jonishi, Sapporo-ku, Ishikari Province (currently 7-8 Nishi 9 West, Chuo Ward)
  • August 1892, 25 (Meiji 8) --Start of weather forecast announcement
  • November 1921, 10 (Taisho 11) --Started observation of upper airflow by balloon
  • October 1937, 12-Due to the transfer of stateCentral Meteorological ObservatoryRenamed to Sapporo Abutment
  • 1939 (Showa 14) July 7-Moved to the current 1-2 Kita 18-jo Nishi, Chuo-ku, and started observation
  • August 1939, 14-Weather map published in newspaper for the first time in Hokkaido
  • 1939 (Showa 14) November 11-Central Meteorological Observatory Sapporo Abutment renamed to Sapporo District Meteorological Observatory
  • February 1940, 15 (Showa 2)- Radio sondeStarted high-rise meteorological observation by
  • July 1955, 30-Weather forecast service telephone (7) started in Sapporo
  • January 1957 (Showa 32) --Start of sea ice observation business by aircraft
  • February 1957, 32-Weather forecast started on TV in Hokkaido
  • February 1963, 38 (Showa 6)- Weather radarStart of observation by
  • November 1974 (Showa 49)- AmedusStart of observation by


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