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🌤 | Nationwide sunny and sunny Leonids meteor shower peaks


The nationwide sunny weather and the peak of the Leonids meteor shower

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From tonight to dawn, the Leonids meteor shower will peak.

Today (Wednesday) 17th, there will be many places where it will be sunny and covered with high pressure nationwide.Because the air dries over a wide area, ... → Continue reading

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Meteor shower

Meteor showerWhat is (Ryuseigun)?Celestial sphereOne point above (Radiant pointorRadiant pointA group of groups that appear to spread radially around the centermeteorIt means that.Meteor showers that belong to the meteor showerMeteor showerThat is.Meteor showers appear at the same time each yearConstant groupAnd appear actively every few to decadesTorsion group, Suddenly activeSudden groupThere is.For examplePerseids meteor showerIs a stationary group,Leonid meteor showerIs a periodic group.As a sudden groupPhoenix meteor showerIs given as an example.

Origin of meteor shower

Substances that cause the meteor phenomenonMeteoroidThat is.By orbit calculation, meteoroids are mainlycometIs thought to be released from, but some小 惑星There seems to be some origin.Such celestial bodies that have released meteoroids that bring about meteor showersMother celestial bodyThat is.Around the mother celestial body, a group of released meteoroids extends in a thin band shape.Dust trailCalled.The dust trail orbits itself in almost the same cycle as the parent body.When the orbit of the dust trail and the orbit of the earth intersect, and the dust trail and the earth approach this intersection at the same time, the collision between the dust trail and the earth creates a meteor shower.

The dust trail grows longer as it goes around and diffuses into orbit.The periodic group is one in which the dust trails are concentrated in a part of the orbit, and the stationary group is one in which the dust trails are diffused almost uniformly in the orbit.Therefore, it can be said that the periodic group is a relatively young meteor shower and the stationary group is an old meteor shower.

It is known that there are multiple dust trails in orbit because the release of meteoroids from the parent body is usually not one-time.Since the orbits of these are changing little by little due to the attractive force of Jupiter and the like, the number of meteors that appear may change or may not appear.Especially when the earth encounters a dust trail with a high spatial density of meteoroids.Meteor showerOrMeteor stormMay become.Leonid meteor showers are known as meteor showers that cause meteor storms, and meteor storms were seen in various parts of the world in 2001.

The idea of ​​dust trail has been introduced in recent years.[When?]It was advocated andOrbital elementBy calculating, it has become possible to predict the time and region where meteors appear most frequently with much higher accuracy than conventional empirical forecasts.

Meteor shower name

Meteor showers are usually called Leonids, Perseids, etc. after the constellation with the radiant point.Quadrantids meteor showerWhat was called by the former constellation name, such asDraconids meteor showerlikeMother celestial bodySome are called by the name of. At the 2009 International Astronomical Union General Assembly, it was decided that the names of meteor showers would basically be based on constellation names rather than comet names.[1]..Along with that, the Japanese name setting rule for meteor showers in Japan was also decided.[2].

As for English names, from constellations near the radiant point and stars that can be used as landmarks, as with Japanese names,Latin OfPossessiveAdd id or ids to the end of the word in the change.As an example,Delta AquariiThe meteor shower of (Delta Aquarii) is Delta Aquariids.

Famous meteor shower

First, the name of the "three major meteor showers" is in JapanNational ObservatoryIt is also used for forecasting, etc., and is the Quadrantids, Perseids, and Geminids. [3]

In addition to this, there are meteor showers of various sizes.Other than the three major meteor showers

and so on.For sudden meteor showers

and so on.



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