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🚌 | Experience the eyes of a Tokyu 8090 series driver on your smartphone! "Train and Bus Museum" AR App 12 / 23-3 /…


Experience the eyes of a Tokyu 8090 series driver on your smartphone! "Train and Bus Museum" AR App 12 / 23-3 /…

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In addition, in Tokyu Corporation History, you can see the history of Tokyu Corporation and photos of trains and buses that actually ran in the past in a slide show.

Now that the third wave of corona is raging, an AR app that allows you to experience the attractions of the railway museum at home is available for a limited time ... → Continue reading

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Slide show

Slide show(British: slideshow) Sequentially displays the selected series of images, and is used for artistic and practical purposes.slideとショーIt is a coined word that combines, and was called this way because it used slides. The word "Slideshow" isn't in the 1973 dictionary,Office 2000 And Office XP Microsoft Word Is recognized as a word that passes the spell check.


The slide showSlide projector,Overhead projectorIs it carried out using such a device, or recentlyPresentation softwareRunComputerIt is done using.Project the slides onto the cinema screenIllusion machineWas the origin and was one of the early offerings.Even today, in old-fashioned movie theaters, guides and advertisements to the audience, such as emergency exits and smoking cessation, may be screened before the main and trailer movies are shown.Also as a wedding receptionMulti-slideThe couple's careers were sometimes introduced by multiple (usually two) projectors called.There is also a specialized production production,KodakThe company once sold a projector dedicated to multi-slides.In addition to business presentations, slide shows using transparent films are commonly known as education and training and conference presentations (blue background and white letters).Blue slide) But it was widely used, which led to the subsequent demand for presentation software.

A well-structured slide show can add image convincing to the presenter's verbal speech. As the saying goes, "a picture is worth a thousand words", one image can convince the audience rather than explain it in detail by mouth.For a successful slideshow presentation, not only the talent of speech, but also advance preparation and practice are important.

For practical purposes, presentation software is often used, and its advantages can be used to add sound effects and animation effects.Usually, all the points of the presentation are written on the slide and proceed in synchronization with what the presenter says.

Slide shows also have artistic uses.ス ク リ ー ン セ ー バ ーUse asMuseumUse in dynamic exhibitions atInstallationand so on.David Byrne Etc. Power point I am making a work of art using.

Slideshow as an art form

Art historyIn classes such as, there has been a format for a long time to show students images of art works using slide shows and explain them, but artists should also try to transform the space by projecting still images using slide shows. Became.

1960 eraFrom the latter half of the year, some information is provided in the form of slide shows in museums and galleries, and slide shows are used as the phenomenological form.The introductory text of the slide show exhibition held in Japan was as follows. "Slide projector and 35 mm colorReversal filmIs a simple technique, but it has become a new tool for artists to transform space with projected images / text / paintings. "

You don't necessarily have to use 35 mm or color slides, but color slides are usually used and the text display is often inserted between images.Some artists add audio to it.Some artists make slide shows to widely introduce their works such as paintings and sculptures.In recent years, mainly young artists have come to make heavy use of the slideshow concept.

A prominent artist who has used the slideshow format:

Major works of art in slideshow format

  • Homes For America (1966), Dan Graham
  • Hotel Palenque (1969), Robert Smithson
  • Slide Piece, (1972-1973), James Coleman
  • The Ballad of Sexual Dependency (1986), Nan Goldin.

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