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🚌 | After crushing, the original soil [Station bura 03] Keihin Kyuko 155


After crushing, give back the original soil [Station Burra 03] Keikyu Express 155

If you write the contents roughly
Even if it is said, it is difficult to do anything with the exclusion zone, and I cannot remember the past.

The top image is a view of Aburatsubo Bay. A stone monument of "50 scenic spots in Kanagawa, Aburatsubo Bay".The left back is Misaki Marine.Keikyu Misakiguchi station square ... → Continue reading

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Exclusion zone

Exclusion zoneIn most cases,publicPeople can enter for various reasons even in the place of禁止Has beenregionThat is.


There are temporary cases and permanent cases. Typicallydisaster,Environment,EpidemicSince there are problems related to matters such as the above, such measures are taken after considering the safety of human life. In many cases, it is "prohibited except for persons concerned" (News agencyMay also be included).

In Japan, in areas where major disasters have occurred,Disaster Countermeasures Basic LawBased on a specific locationWarning areaMay be a restricted area.2013 OctoberUnzen is currently affected by the eruption of a volcanoFugendake-Heisei ShinzanSurroundings,SakurajimaThe area around the crater has been designated as a warning zone for a long time. Other,MiyakejimaThe area near the mountaintop is also off-limits area, but it is not designated as a warning area. Also2011 May 3Occurred inFukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant AccidentAtRadioactive materialDue to a leak in the area, there are designated areas in the warning area, which were reviewed by May 2013,Difficult to return homeThe area designated as No. XNUMX is still restricted to the exclusion zone.

store-theater-Sightseeing spot-park(Example: Reason for lawn curing)fenceIs installed,PosterFor example, the restricted area for customers is displayed.

In addition,Chuk ball,Tokyo 24 hours tagSuch asSports,gameAs a rule such as, there may be a restricted area.

Equipment that indicates off limits

Example of restricted area

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