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🚗 | [Time result] 2022 MotoGP Round 16 Japan GP Moto3 1st free practice


[Time Results] 2022 MotoGP Round 16 Japan GP Moto3 Free Practice 1st

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The Japanese teams were Ryusei Suzuki (Leopard Racing) in 6th, Ryusei Yamanaka (MT Helmets – MSI) in 10th, Kaito Toba (CIP Green Power) in 12th, and Taiyo Furusato (Honda Team Asia) in 20th.・Kanta Hamada (Rivacold Snipers Team), who is substituting for Seurat, is 28th.

September 9, 23 MotoGP Round 2022 Japan GP Moto16 class first free practice at Mobi in Tochigi prefecture… → Continue reading


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