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🚄 | West Kyushu Shinkansen and BRT Hikoboshi Line become a corporate group that creates energy in Kyushu, Japan and Asia JR Kyushu's old ...

Photo President Furumiya having an interview

The West Kyushu Shinkansen and the BRT Hikoboshi Line will become a corporate group that creates vitality in Kyushu, Japan, and Asia.

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In addition, President Furumiya mentions that the D&S (Design & Story) train, which had a relatively simple design in the early days, has become more luxurious, with the Nanatsuboshi in Kyushu train at the top of the list.

JR Kyushu President Yoji Komiya holds a press conference at the Japan National Press Club in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, September 2022, 23.On the XNUMXrd of the same month, Takeo On… → Continue reading

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