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🚄 | The oldest station building on the Chuo Main Line [Wooden Station Building Catalog] Chuo Main Line 21/248 Kamado Station


The Oldest Station Building on the Chuo Main Line [Wooden Station Building Catalog] Chuo Main Line 21/248 Kamado Station

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In 1987 (Showa 62), the station was inherited by JR Tokai due to the division and privatization of the National Railways.

* Taken in September 2021 The top image is Kamado Station on the Chuo Main Line.Starting from Takao Station in Tokyo, a wooden station on the Chuo Main Line... → Continue reading

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    1987 (Showa 62) JNR division and privatization

    Tokai passenger railway

    Central Japan Railway Company(Central Japan Railway Company, Central Japan Railway Company, Central Japan Railway CompanyBritish: Central Japan Railway Company[3][Note 1] It is,Tokai regionCentered aroundpassengerOperate railways, etc.Japan OfRailway operator.Privatization of the national railway divisionWith 1987 (Showa62 years) April 4Japan National RailwayFrom (JNR) to Shizuoka and NagoyaRailway Management Bureau [Note 2]And the Shinkansen General Bureau (Tokaido Shinkansen) Was launched by taking over the railway business managed byJR GroupOne of the passenger railway companies of. The popular name isJR Tokai(JR),English abbreviation TheJR Central.Corporate color TheOrange.

    Head officeAichiNagoya city(JR Central Towers)WhenTokyoMinato-ku(JR Tokai Shinagawa Building[4].Tokyo Stock ExchangePrime marketNagoya Stock ExchangePremier market listed company.Nikkei Stock AverageandJPX Nikkei Index 400One of the constituent stocks of[5][6][7].

    Central partBusiness worldOne of the leading companies that supportChubu Economic FederationHe often serves as an officer.The former "Nagoya Five RegentsInstead ofToyota,Chubu Electric PowerAlong with, it is sometimes called the "New Group Three" in the Chubu business world.[8].


    Business overview

    Tokyo Station - Shin-Osaka StationConnectTokaido Shinkansen,andTokai regionCentered aroundKanagawa,Shizuoka,Yamanashi,Nagano,Aichi,Gifu,Shiga,Mie8 prefectures[Note 3]of 12 lines straddling theConventional lineas a business area, and the only passenger railway companyThree major metropolitan areasEverything has a business area.on the other handOperating kiloThe number is among JR companiesShikoku Passenger RailwayIt is the shortest next to (JR Shikoku).

    Japanese railwayOperates the Tokaido Shinkansen, which is the main artery ofLinear Chuo ShinkansenSince we are promoting the business, we are headquartered in Tokyo and the Kansai branch office (OsakaThe Tokaido Shinkansen, which accounts for about 85% of the revenue of the railway sector, is the main pillar of management. Among the JR Group companies, the ratio of Shinkansen to revenue is the highest, and the transportation revenue of conventional lines is less than 1%.High speed trainToward overseas exportAmericaWe are also developing overseas bases such as[4]. AlsoJR Central Towers,JR Gate TowerEtc., the largest of JR CentralTerminal stationIsNagoya StationWe are actively developing real estate in the surrounding area.furtherTakashimayaIn 2000 in collaboration withJR Nagoya TakashimayaAlthough it has a short history, it is one of the largest sales scales in Japan due to the convenience of being directly connected to Nagoya Station.Department storeHas grown to.

    By January 2005, 7Independent administrative agencyRailway Construction/Transport Facility Development Support Organization保有の224万株のうち約195万株が一般市場に売却された。そして2006年4月5日、同機構保有の全株(28万6,071株)が1株115万円(総額約3,289億円)でJR東海に売却され、当時ListingOf the three JR companies that were doingEast Japan Railway(JR East),West Japan Railway CompanyFollowing (JR West), JR Central also "completely"PrivatizationWas achieved[Note 4].

    Passenger transportation revenue in fiscal 2006 was 1 billion yen, of which 1,470% was JR East and 32.5% was JR West.Travel agencyIt was released in (including). In the agreement between JR companies, the section of other companies is completedticketIf you sell the kind at your own window, you can get a commission of 5% of the sale price from the related JR companies, and"Inside Tokyo" "Inside Tokyo Yamate Line" "Yokohama City" "Kyoto City" "Osaka City"Regarding tickets for departures and arrivals, even if you board or disembark directly from the Shinkansen station without using a conventional line, you will be required to pay a fixed amount of adjustment to JR East or JR West, and JR Central will pay an annual adjustment fee. We pay a fee of about 300 billion yen to other JR companies[9].

    TomeisakaBecause it runs the Tokaido Shinkansen, which is the main artery of Japan and drives the Japanese economy, JapanRailway operatorIt has become a popular company for employment.RecruitmentIn the 2011 "Companies Wanting to Get a Job" survey for new graduates, JR Central was ranked first. "Nihon Keizai ShimbunAccording to the survey, it was ranked 8th among new graduates in the same year.[10], 2012 new graduates have fallen to 14th place[11].

    Business environment

    From the beginning, as with JR West, the management situation that must support profits in the railway businessShinkansen Railway Holding OrganizationWas a shackle for profits.In addition to this, it includes Aichi prefecture, which has its head office and a large population, and the surrounding southern Gifu prefecture and northern Mie prefecture.Chukyo areaThen.Private car penetration rateIs in the upper class in the whole country, and in parallelPrivate railwayIsNagoya Railway(Meitetsu)Kinki Nippon RailwayCompetition with (Kintetsu) and with the Hokuriku area, etc.Honor trainBecause you have to go directly to other JR companiesConventional lineIn an environment where it is difficult to make a profit, all conventional lines other than the Tokaido Shinkansen are operating in the red.[12]..Also, regarding the ShinkansenCapital Area,Kansai areaSince some areas of conventional lines belong to other JR companies' areas, they are used for planning and sales, and for the Tokaido Shinkansen and Chuo Shinkansen.Shinagawa StationIn many cases, you cannot move freely when constructing a new station such as (described later).

    Profit can be expected on conventional lines from the beginningTokaido LineWe have been trying to increase the number of trains and speed up, mainly in the suburbs of Nagoya.aside from that,Kansai LineAtfast"MieOperation ofTaketoyo Line OfElectrificationTo compete with competitors' private railways.The Kintetsu Railway also operates on the Tokaido Shinkansen, which is a source of income.Meihan limited expressDriving inUrban linerAnd started operation in March 2020 "HinoriIn opposition to "NozomiIs increased.Targeting business people who demand accuracy and speed.

    With the dissolution of the Shinkansen railway ownership organization, it will be easier to enhance services and develop new cars, and the Tokaido Shinkansen will be available.300 series,700 series,N700 series / N700A,N700SIntroduced one after another, or free of charge on the ShinkansenPublic wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) Start the service, etc.[13], We are also working on improving the service.

    Inspection vehicle with an emphasis on safetyDoctor yellowAs a disaster countermeasureEarly earthquake detection and warning system"Uredas, Introducing soil rainfall as a guideline for train operation regulations[14] And so on.

    On the other hand, in addition to the long-term debt of 1987 billion yen that was inherited at the beginning of the division and privatization in 3,191, the repayment of the debt of 1991 trillion yen purchased from the Shinkansen Railway Ownership Organization in 5 has become an important management issue.In addition, more than 900 years have passed since the opening of the Tokaido Shinkansen, which is the basis of company management, and while preparing for large-scale renovation work of aging facilities and equipment, it is the biggest risk factor that has been expected for some time.Tokai earthquakeAgainstEarthquake resistanceReinforcement work must also proceed.For this reason,Chuo Shinkansen by linear methodThe construction of the Shinkansen, which connects the Tokyo metropolitan area and the Chukyo area, is being attempted, but the construction cost is also an important management issue combined with debt repayment.

    Relationship with JR companies

    Regarding Shinagawa Station on the Tokaido Shinkansen, a financial report in May 1990 revealed the idea of ​​"taking over the land of JR East in Shinagawa at a bargain price and building it there."After that, instead of JR East, the plan to "take over the land, which is said to have a market value of several hundred billion yen, at the book value (5 price)" was made.Ministry of Transport(CurrentMinistry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism).However, JR East opposes the fact that it did not contact or consult with JR East in advance regarding this concept or plan, and that it requested national intervention contrary to the purpose of privatization.Then, in April 1992, the Ministry of TransportUnder SecretaryWith the mediation of JR EastShoji SumitaPresident (at that time) and JR CentralHiroshi SudaThe president (at that time) met and Suda apologized for the history.It was decided to set up Shinagawa New Station by withdrawing the original plan[15].

    Shinkansen originally released by JR Central in 1997Ticket BookThe "TEX ticket for the Tokaido Shinkansen" does not apply to the specific metropolitan area system for tickets such as in Tokyo and Osaka, and purchases and seat selection are limited to the JR Tokai window.Since the Shinkansen economy ticket, which had been sold at JR Group companies nationwide for a long time before this ticket, was subject to the specific metropolitan area system, TEX ticket users are in Tokyo and Osaka. I misunderstood that it could be used from (to) the city, and troubles continued at the specific metropolitan area city stations and transit stations of the boarding / alighting stations. JR East and JR West requested a review of the TEX ticket, saying, "We have to handle the complaints of passengers who misunderstand that they can ride on conventional lines."However, JR Central did not respond and the conflict continued.After all, until 2, two years later, the "Shinkansen Business Ticket," which integrates the TEX ticket and the Shinkansen economy ticket, was released by the JR Group (applicable to the specific metropolitan area system, all JR can purchase and select seats). The turmoil continued.This TEX ticket is an example of disliked payment of fees to JR East and JR West mentioned in the previous section "Business Overview".[16].

    The Greater Tokyo Area, where JR East has the majority of stations, and JR West, which has the majority of stationsKeihanshin areaA membership-based (annual membership fee required) Shinkansen reservation service for the Tokaido Shinkansen that connectsExpress bookingAnd its sister service "Plus EXThis is also the reason behind the promotion of the use of.In addition, "Express Reservation" has been available since December 2005 with JR West, where mutual access to the Shinkansen is being carried out.Sanyo ShinkansenOf the sectionShin-Kobe StationIt was tentatively expanded to the following year, and from July 2006, 7, it was expanded to the entire section of the Tokaido / Sanyo Shinkansen, and from June 22, 2022.Kyushu ShinkansenIt was expanded to the entire section of.Meanwhile, JR East's service "Mobile SuicaBy subscribing to JR Central's "View Express Special Contract" service, the use of express reservations is permitted.

    With JR West, in addition to the expansion of "Express Reservation" mentioned above,700 seriesSubsequent joint development of Shinkansen vehicles, Tokai- Chugoku-KyusyuShinkansen discount ticket with the district (Nozomi Hayato Special Round Trip Ticket) Is on sale, and the degree of collaboration is increasing. What is JR West? Sleeper train ("Sunrise seto-IzumoFor285 series) Is also jointly developed[Note 5].

    Introduced in the Nagoya area from November 2006IC boarding card"TOICA"(Toica) will be released on March 2008, 3 by JR East.Suica, JR West Japan Railway CompanyICOCAIn addition to being able to use each other, from March 2021, 3, the issuance of commuter passes that straddle both areas began.Furthermore, on March 13, 2011, JR Kyushu's "SUGOCA"On April 2012, 4Nagoya Railway-Nagoya City Transportation BureauSuch assense ofOn March 2013, 3Transportation IC card nationwide mutual use serviceIn the implementation ofHokkaido passenger railway(JR Hokkaido) "KitacaAnd the "Metropolitan area private railway"PASMO, Kansai private railway "PiTaPa"West Japan Railway(Nishitetsu) "nimoca"Fukuoka City Transportation Bureauof"HayakakenCan be used interchangeably with[Note 6][Note 7].

    The only JR group that did not offer an internet reservation service for conventional lines, but from April 2019, 4, JR West's ``e5489Tickets including the JR Tokai area reserved in "(Limited express ticket to which the Tokaido Shinkansen and conventional line transfer discount is applied, Limited express ticket to transfer from Tokaido / Sanyo Shinkansen to Kyushu Shinkansen which does not support express reservation" , Limited express tickets for conventional lines only, except for some) can now be picked up at major JR Tokai stations.In addition, from April 2022, 4, JR East's "StationTickets (tickets with no discount, tickets with transfer discounts and round-trip discounts) reserved in "" can now be picked up at stations where JR Central's reserved seat ticket vending machines are installed.

    About English notation

    Our English notation is "Toukai Railway Company "or"Tokai "Railway Company", not "Central Japan It is "Railway Company".In addition, the English notation of "JR Tokai" is also "JR Toukai"JR Tokai"JR" instead of " CentralIsJRThe only English trade name / abbreviation among the six passenger companies (Central Japan,Central Japan(Meaning) is a Japanese trade name / common name (Tokai) Is not a transliteration, but its geographical meaning is also different."C" (C in Central) is written on the tint block of the ticket.

    The names including "Central" are often used by our company and group companies, and the "Nagoya Station Building"JR Central Towers"Or"Nagoya Central Hospital, There are some affiliated companies that include "Central", and in the past, "Central linerThere was also a train called.

    But on the other handRelated CompaniesThere are some companies that use the notation "Tokai" forJR Tokai Bus → JR Tokai Bus ", etc.),JR Tokai Express Card"JR TOKAI" is written on the logo.

    Chuo Shinkansen (Linear)

    Tokyo Metropolitan Area on December 2007, 12- Chukyo areaAmongLinear motor carOf expressionChuo ShinkansenAnnounced that it will be built at its own expense.The route distance is about 290km, The total project cost is about 5.1 trillion yen.Although the specific financing method has not yet been decided, it is estimated that there will be no problem with financial soundness even if the company returns to the same level of long-term debt as in 8 and constructs it on its own in the 2007th year of opening.For stations that are being constructed at the request of the local community, the local government will be required to bear the construction cost.If it is built entirely at its own expense, it will be the first Shinkansen to be opened by a private company on its own.However, Yoshiomi Yamada, who was the president at that time, declared at a press conference on September 2013, 9 that he would never pay, and at a press conference on October 18, that he would not be profitable (only with the linear train). Although he showed that he would cover the construction cost with the income of the conventional Shinkansen rather than the plan aimed at recovering the investment by Linear alone, there was an opinion that this would work.[17][18]Some have questioned the significance of the linear plan in terms of the impact of tunnel excavation on groundwater, the impact of electromagnetic waves on the human body, and the power consumption of more than three times that of the Shinkansen.[18]..Even after the start of some construction, Shizuoka PrefectureOigawaFrom concerns about a decrease in flow rateAkaishi MountainsJR Tokai has indicated that it will be difficult to open in 2027 because it will not issue a permit for tunnel construction that penetrates the (Southern Alps).[19](See below).

    About linear from the beginning of the companyRailway Technical Research InstituteIn collaboration withSuperconducting linear(Magnetic levitation railway), Etc., which was held from March 2005th to September 3th, 25.2005 Japan International Exposition(Expo XNUMX Aichi, Japan) ”, including related technologiesPavilionWe exhibited "JR Central Superconducting Maglev Building".

    Manufactures linear vehicles in 2008Japanese vehicle manufacturingTheTakeover bid Made a consolidated subsidiary by (TOB). On May 2011, 5, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism officially nominated JR Central as the construction and sales entity for the Chuo Shinkansen.

    In 2016, the governmentFILPSince it has announced that it will provide financial support through the use of (FILP), it has officially announced that it will advance the extension between Nagoya and Osaka by up to eight years.[20]..In January of the same year,Railway Construction/Transport Facility Development Support OrganizationDecided to apply for a loan of about 3 trillion yen for a part of the construction cost of the Chuo Shinkansen[21].. Honorary Chairman of JR Central (at that time)Noriyuki KasaiIn March 2017,Weekly diamond"I have a wallet called the Tokaido Shinkansen and I can definitely repay it."[22].

    The section between Shinagawa Station and Nagoya Station is expected to be completed in 2027, but as mentioned above, due to the problem of a decrease in the flow of the Oi River in the section within Shizuoka Prefecture, discussions between Shizuoka Prefecture and JR Central have been difficult, so the Shizuoka Prefecture area. The section of is not yet started.

    Expansion outside Japan

    The "High Speed ​​Rail Symposium" was held at a hotel in Nagoya City on November 2009, 11.Attendance in JapanEmbassyIn addition to introducing the features of the Tokaido Shinkansen and Superconducting Maglev technology to the people concerned, between Maibara Station and Kyoto StationN700 seriesExperience riding with a maximum speed of 0 km / h by vehicle (Z330 formation) is also carried out.Around the worldHigh speed trainWhile construction was being considered, the superiority of both JR Central systems was widely disseminated to the world.

    On December 2010, 1,The United States of AmericaEntered several high-speed rail line projects in markets in the United States and other countries in order to develop the latest high-speed rail system "N2-I Bullet" and the superconducting maglev system "SCMAGLEV" with two research companies. It was announced to do. As of 700, two high-speed rail businesses are being implemented or promoted in the United States, as well asTaiwan High Speed ​​RailUndertakes technical consulting from[23]..As part of thisTexas Central RailwayWe are providing support to.

    Other businesses

    Real estate development
    Opened in 1999Nagoya StationDirectly aboveJR Central TowersIs typical. "The highest in the worldStation buildingAsGuinness World RecordsIt was also published in.Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel,JR Nagoya TakashimayaComplex type where the office and the office move inSkyscraperSo, in NagoyaLandmarkIt has become.
    Once in 2016MatsuzakayaThe Nagoya station square store was occupyingNagoya Terminal BuildingOn the siteJR Gate TowerOpened.Famous stationDepartment stores by district as a result of aggressive redevelopment of the districtamount of salesThe Meieki district is a traditional commercial center of NagoyaProsperityA phenomenon that exceeds the district is occurring[24][25].
    Hiroshi Suda (former president, laterConsultant)Railway museumIs planned, and on April 2008, 4, then president Masayuki Matsumoto will hold a press conference.Nagoya Port OfKinjo PierAnnounced to build in. "Linear/Railway building-Museum of Dreams and Memories- "opened on March 2011, 3.
    Apart from the railway museum, a painterYamaguchi Hoharu"Yamaguchi Hoshun Memorial Hall", a memorial facility ofKanagawaMiura-gunHayama TownIt is run by the JR Tokai Lifelong Learning Foundation, an affiliated organization.
    Sale of used railroad equipment
    To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the company's establishment, we will sell the railway equipment actually used on the Internet.サイト"JR Central Railway Club"[26] Was opened on October 2017, 10.Mainly scrapped for the first saleShinkansen 700 seriesSeats / tables, nameplates /Curtain, For the driver's seatSemi bucket seat(RECAROMade), actually used by the crewPocket watchEtc. were sold, and many sold out immediately[27].. In January 2019, similarly used Shinkansen suppliesLucky bagSold as[28].

    Management Philosophy

    "Contribute to the development of Japan's main artery and social infrastructure" - "Japan's main artery" refers to the Tokaido Shinkansen and Linear Chuo Shinkansen, and "social infrastructure" refers to conventional lines and other related businesses.[29].


    Main office

    Main officeAichiNagoya cityNakamura WardFamous station1-chome 4-XNUMX (JR Central Towers
    Headquarters (Tokyo)TokyoMinato-kuKonan1-chome 85-XNUMX (JR Tokai Shinagawa BuildingBuilding A)

    Branch office

    Central Japan Railway Business Headquarters(Former Nagoya Railroad Administration Bureau)3-4-XNUMX Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi (JR Tokai Taiko Building)
    Shinkansen Railway Business Headquarters(Former Shinkansen General Bureau)TokyoChiyodaMarunouchi9-chome 1-XNUMX (Marunouchi Central Building
    Shizuoka branch office(Former Shizuoka Railway Administration Bureau)ShizuokaShizuoka CitySakai District4 Kuroganecho
    Mie branchMieTsu City700 Hadokorocho (Astotsu12F)
    Iida branchNaganoIidaKami-Iida 5356
    Kansai branchOsakaOsakaYodogawa WardMiyahara 1-chome 1-10 (Shin Osaka Hankyu Building XNUMXF)
    Overseas office in Japan米 国Washington,英国UK,AustraliaSydney

    Other institutions / facilities

    Training instituteComprehensive training center1-4-19 Bunkyocho, Mishima City, Shizuoka PrefectureOpened as a general training center on September 2011, 9[30].
    Komaki Research Facility[31]AichiKomaki City
    Attached medical institutionNagoya Central Hospital
    Exhibition facilityLinear/Railway building
    Operated by JR Central Lifelong Learning Foundation

    Station work

    Station operations are outsourced in the same way as other JR companies.Long time agoMunicipalitiesThrough the subsidiaryTokai Transportation BusinessSubcontracted to the windowMarsInstall terminals for all trains of JR companiesDesignated ticketThere was a station that could be purchased, but on October 2011, 10Issa StationandTakachaya Station OfMujin-ekiSince then, at the companySimple consignmentThere is no station that operates.At the existing Kan'i Itaku stations, the local governments, etc., are in charge of station operations, and Mars terminals are installed at the counters of most stations, and some special tickets are sold and refunded.Credit cardIs not available, but the usual "Green WindowIt has almost the same function as "", and is for the convenience of the user. JR Tokai has stopped using the name and mark of "Midori no Madoguchi" and replaced it with the notation "JR All Line Ticket Office". For this reason, "Reserved seats are available at any station (window) Because it is possible "[32][Note 8].

    The handling of credit cards at the "Midori no Madoguchi" (currently the JR ticket office) was delayed to the end among the six JR passenger companies, and "JR card(6 JR passengers and credit companiesPartner card) And "JR Tokai Express Card", the handling of general credit cards of major brands began on April 2004, 4.Until then, long-distance tickets andCommuter PassFor a long time, it was not possible to purchase high-priced items such as these with ordinary credit cards.[Note 9]..At the same time as the start of handling general credit cards, "JR Tokai Express Card" also issued cards with international brand tie-ups, and it became possible to use them at other companies' counters via international brands.


    • 1987 years(Showa62 years)
    • 1988
    • 1989 years(HeiseiFirst year)
    • 1991
    • 1992
      • March 3: Shinkansen "NozomiStarts operation between Tokyo Station and Shin-Osaka Station[35].
    • 1993
    • 1995
    • 1996
    • 1997
    • 1998
    • 1999
    • 2001
      • June 6: AmendmentJR Corporate LawWas promulgated (established on June 2001, 13).Three Honshu companies have been excluded from the application of this law, and JR Central has become a pure private company (non-special company).
      • February 9:インターネットShinkansen seat reservation service by "Express booking"start.
    • 2003
      • September 9: With the extraordinary "Hikari 16" of the day,100 seriesRetired from the Tokaido Shinkansen.
      • October 10: Tokaido ShinkansenShinagawa StationIs open.270 maximum commercial operation speed of Tokaido Shinkansenkm / hUnified to.
    • 2005
    • 2006
      • April 4: Complete privatization is completed by purchasing shares held by the Railway Construction and Transportation Facility Development Support Organization as treasury stock.
      • November 11: On a conventional line in the Nagoya areaPrepaid CardticketTOICAIntroduced.
    • 2007
      • April 3: Only on this day285 seriesFrom conventional railcars exceptPayphone in the carCompletely abolished the service.
      • March 3: Introduced 18 series 313 trains in the Shizuoka branch office jurisdiction.Home linerWe will increase the number of non-smoking cars on limited express trains and some trains will be completely non-smoking (in the JR Central jurisdiction, virtually all non-smoking seats of JR Central vehicles except the Shinkansen will be non-smoking).Limited express "TokaiIs abolished.
      • July 7: ShinkansenN700 seriesStarted commercial operation.
    • 2008
      • March 3: Shizuoka area (Tokaido Main Line Kannami Station-39 stations at Shinjohara Station) introduced TOICA, which expanded the number of stations to 114 including the Nagoya area.
      • March 3: JR29 started offering a new IC ticket cooperation service.
        • "TOICA" "Suica(Mobile SuicaIncluding) ""ICOCAMutual use started with.
        • "EX-IC service"start.Aiming to make the Tokaido Shinkansen ticketless, a new "EX-IC card" will be issued for "Express Reservation" members.
      • 10/15 Japanese vehicle manufacturingAcquired 50.86% of the shares of the company and made it a consolidated subsidiary.
    • 2009
      • March 3: Up to 14 Nozomi trains can be operated per hour on the Tokaido ShinkansenTimetable revisionImplemented.Started providing internet connection service for trains using Tokaido Shinkansen N700 series.Also, from this day, the platforms of all stations on conventional lines will be completely non-smoking.[36].
      • June 6: Limited express trains and home liners except sleeper trains are completely non-smoking.
      • February 7:Owari Ichinomiya StationJR Tokai's first female stationmaster was appointed.
      • November 11: Sakuma Rail Park is closed.
    • 2010
      • March 3: Make Nagoya Terminal Building Co., Ltd. a wholly owned subsidiary through a simple share exchange[37].. Nagoya Terminal Building Co., Ltd. and JR Central Building Co., Ltd. merged on April 4.
      • March 3: TOICA's electronic money service started.At the same time, mutual use of electronic money by Suica, ICOCA, and TOICA started[38].
      • June 6: Announcement of disposal and future recurrence prevention measures due to unauthorized use of IC tickets by employees[39].
    • 2011
      • March 3: EmployeesCannabis Control LawAnnouncement of disposition, etc. on suspicion of violation[40].
      • March 3: JR Kyushu IC cardSUGOCAAnd ticket ・Electronic moneyMutual use start[41]
      • March 3: Car 12 of the Tokaido Shinkansen will be a non-smoking car (3 series and 300 series cars) in line with the timetable revision.As a result, "Nozomi" and "Hikari"Unreserved seatAre all non-smoking.In addition, smoking rooms have been set up on the Nagoya Station platform and the Tokyo Station platform as a trial to indoor the smoking corner of some station platforms.
      • February 3:Nagoya Port OfKinjo Pier"Linear/Railway building~ Museum of Dreams and Memories ~ "opens.The opening ceremony isTohoku-Pacific Ocean EarthquakeCanceled in consideration of the feelings of the victims of the disaster.
    • 2012
      • February 3:Gotemba LineThe service section of the limited express "Asagiri" has been shortened between Shinjuku Station and Gotemba Station, and the 371 series train has left the operation of "Asagiri".In addition, the Tokaido Shinkansen "echoAtIn-car salesIs completely abolished.
      • April 4: With TOICAsense ofMutual use of[Note 6] Start.
    • 2013
    • 2014
      • March 3: Canceled beverage sales from vending machines on the Shinkansen[42], Vending machines are gradually abolished.Posted in the carTimetableWill be gradually abolished and used as advertisements.Green carReplaced the illuminated advertisement with paper.
      • October 10: Tokaido Shinkansen celebrates its 1th anniversary, Tokyo Station,Shizuoka Station, Nagoya Station, Shin-Osaka Station to hold a commemorative departure ceremony.
      • February 10:World Trade Organization (WTO) Excluded from the government procurement agreement[43].
    • 2015
    • 2017
      • September 9: Shinkansen online reservation / ticketless boarding service that can be used with transportation IC cardsSmart ex"start[44].
    • March 2018: For each conventional lineStation numberingAnd line colors are introduced in sequence (Kisei Main Line,Sangu Line,Namatsu LineIs not applicable)[45].
    • 2020 years(Reiwa2 years)
      • March 3: End of operation of Shinkansen 1 series[46][47].
      • March 3: Timetable revision.Abolished the timetable of the paper booklet for conventional lines from this timetable revision[48].
      • July 7: ShinkansenN700SStarted commercial operation[49].
    • 2021
      • January 1: Announced the end of operation "while moonlight"[50].. Departure from Ogaki on March 2020, 3 was the last operation "while moonlight"[51].
      • December 12: Work space and work booth "EXPRESS WORK" for EX service (express reservation / smart EX) members start operation[52].
    • 2022
      • February 3:315 seriesStarted commercial operation[53].. A total of 2025 cars will be newly manufactured by 352[54][55].
      • February 7:HC85 series railcarStarted commercial operation[56].. A total of 2022 cars will be newly manufactured from 2023 to 64.In addition, four test-driving cars will be remodeled to mass-produced car specifications.[57][58].

    Successive presidents

    Successive presidents of Central Japan Railway Company
    AlgebraNameTerm of officeAlma mater
    First generationHiroshi Suda1987-1995Faculty of Law, Kyoto University
    2nd generationNoriyuki Kasai1995-2004Faculty of Law, University of Tokyo
    3nd generationMasayuki Matsumoto2004-2010Faculty of Law, Nagoya University
    4nd generationYoshiomi Yamada2010-2014Faculty of Law, University of Tokyo
    5nd generationYasuhide Tsuge[59]2014-2018Faculty of Economics, The University of Tokyo
    6nd generationShin Kaneko[60]2018-IncumbentFaculty of Law, University of Tokyo


    Existing route

    As of 2020, the following 1,982.0 kmRailway line (First-class railway business)[Note 13]..All ShinkansenAC electrification, All conventional electrified routes are the same as JR ShikokuDC electrificationIt has become.Automatic train stop device (ATS) on all routes ATS-PT Is used.

    Also, at JR Central, "Main line"" Is abbreviated (example: ""Tokaido Line""center lane""Kansai Line"). Unlike other JR companies, there are no routes with line nicknames, and JR Central basically does not use line nicknames even for transfer guidance to other companies' JR lines.[Note 14][Note 15]..Line colors will be introduced sequentially from 2018.In addition, it is the only five JR passenger companies that own the Shinkansen.Railway Construction/Transport Facility Development Support OrganizationLoan section from (Maintenance bullet train) Do not own[Note 16]..With the opening of the Shinkansen, there are no parallel conventional lines that have been separated from management.

    • Route symbols will be introduced sequentially from March 2018[45].
    SortRoute nameroute
    sectionOperating kiloPopular nameRemarks
    ShinkansenTokaido ShinkansenTokyo Station - Shin-Osaka Station552.6 kmTokaido/Sanyo ShinkansenThe actual kilometer is 515.4 km
    Main lineTokaido Main Line CAAtami Station - Maibara Station341.3 kmTokaido Line(Shizuoka area,Nagoya areaKanayama Station --The 3.3 km distance between Nagoya Station overlaps with the Chuo Main Line
    Between Tokyo Station and Atami Station is under the jurisdiction of JR East
    Maibara Station- Kobe stationBetween is the jurisdiction of JR West
    Ogaki Station - Sekigahara Station13.8 kmShin-TaruiLine (down main line)Only down trains operate
    Ogaki Station- Minami-Arao Signal FieldThe distance of 3.1 km overlaps with the main line
    Ogaki Station- Mino Akasaka Station5.0 kmMino Akasaka Line3.1 km between Ogaki Station and Minami-Arao Signal Station overlaps with the main line
    Gotemba Line CBKofu Station - Numazu Station60.2 km  
    Chuo Main Line CFShiojiri Station - Nagoya Station174.8 kmChuo West Line
    center lane
    Upside down on train operation
    3.3 km between Kanayama Station and Nagoya Station overlaps with the Tokaido Main Line
    Tokyo Station --Between Shiojiri Station andOkaya Station - Tatsuno Station --The area between Shiojiri Station is under the jurisdiction of JR East
    Kansai Main Line CJNagoya Station- Kameyama Station59.9 kmKansai LineKameyama Station- JR Namba StationBetween is the jurisdiction of JR West
    Kisei Main LineKameyama Station- Shingu Station180.2 km Shingu Station- Wakayamashi StationBetween is the jurisdiction of JR West
    Local transportation lineMinobu Line CCFuji Station - Kofu Station88.4 km  
    Iida Line CDToyohashi Station - Tatsuno Station195.7 km  
    Taketoyo Line CEObu Station - Taketoyo Station19.3 km Upside down on train operation
    (Refer to the relevant route item for the reason)
    Takayama Main Line CGGifu Station - Inotani Station189.2 km Inotani Station- Toyama StationBetween is the jurisdiction of JR West
    Taita Line CITajimi Station - Minooota Station17.8 km  
    Namatsu LineMatsusaka Station - Ise-Okutsu Station43.5 km  
    Sangu LineTaki Station - Toba Station29.1 km  
    OtherJohoku LineKachigawa Station - Biwajima Station11.2 km Is a subsidiaryTokai Transportation Business Second-class railway operator
    JR Central does not operate trains

    Abolished route

    Abandoned routeAre bothThird sector railwayIt has been converted to, and there is no purely abolished route. In JR, only Tokai and JR Shikoku are applicable.

    SortRoute namesectionOperating kiloPopular nameDate of abolitionRemarks
    Main lineTokaido Main LineNagoya Freight Terminal Station - Nishi-Nagoya Port Station8.7 kmNishi-Nagoya Port Line(Cargo branch line)April 2001, 4Nagoya seaside high-speed trainConvert to
    Nishinagoyako Station is nowTidal signal field
    Nagoya Station-Nagoya Freight Terminal Station7.0 kmApril 2004, 10Converted to Nagoya Rinkai Rapid Transit
    At the time of conversion -1.9 km break km
    Local transportation lineOkata LineOkazaki Station - Shin-Toyota Station19.5 km April 1988, 1Second Specified Local Transportation LineAbolished by designation of
    Aichi Loop RailwayConvert to

    JR Line's demarcation station

    JR Tokai is represented as [sea], and JR East and JR West are represented by the examples of [east] and [west], respectively.

    ○: Fully controlled by the company
    ● Mark: The other party's passenger railway company has full control
    ▲: Only the Shinkansen part is under the jurisdiction of the company, and the conventional line part is under the jurisdiction of the passenger railway company on the other side.

    Shinkansen's other demarcation station

    JR East

    JR West Japan

    Conventional line demarcation station of other companies

    JR East

    JR West Japan

    Stations shared with other companies' conventional lines (other than above)

    JR East

    JR West Japan


    Covers the entire area of ​​JR CentralTimetable revisionFrom the inauguration of JR to 1992, the timetable was revised in March in line with other JR companies, but from 3 to 1993, the timetable was revised independently. In many cases, the timetable revision was implemented in October, but in some years it was not implemented. Some (especially) since 2006Hokkaido passenger railway(JR Hokkaido)[Note 17],Shikoku Passenger Railway(JR Shikoku)[Note 18]) Is held every March in accordance with each JR company.


    List the trains with nicknames that have been or have been operating on the company's routes since the inauguration of JR Central.Trains whose type has been changed are listed as the ones after the change, and trains operated by other companies' vehicles are listed with their company name (discontinued trains are listed at the time of discontinuation).See the article for each train for details.

    Current train


    Conventional line

    Abandoned train


    Conventional line

    About mobile phone calls in the car

    Unusual among railway operators all over Japan, both Shinkansen and conventional lines are in the train (audience seats)Mobile phoneDoes not ban calls. From October 2003, we acknowledged the improvement of user's manners and decided that it was "no problem", canceled the broadcast that was urging people to talk on the deck inside the Shinkansen car, and called for the manner mode, but allowed the call even in the audience seats. ing[61]..Even on conventional linesPriority seatingTurn off the power when it is crowded in the vicinityIn-car broadcastingHowever, calls in other audience seats are not specifically prohibited.[61].


    Since its inauguration in 1987, both Shinkansen and conventional lines have been actively replacing old cars with new ones.[Note 21]..The Tokaido Shinkansen was unified in 2000, and the regular limited express trains on conventional lines were all unified into vehicles designed and manufactured after privatization in 2008.

    local train-Also for general-purpose rolling stock used for rapid trains, the replacement of rolling stock introduced during the JNR era is progressing, and about 2006% of the rolling stock were replaced at the end of 8.In addition, from 2010 to 2015313 seriesIn March 2022,315 seriesIt remained on the train inherited from the Japanese National Railways due to the introduction of211 series 0 seriesEight cars were completely abolished[62]..After that, with the introduction of the 315 series, the 211 series, 213 series, and 311 series manufactured in the early stages of privatization will be updated and completely abolished.[54][63][64].

    RailcarWas also promoted, and from 2014 to 2015, everything was updated to its own form.[65]..JR Tokai is the first of the six JR passenger companies to have all diesel railcars manufactured during the JNR era removed.[66][67].. As of March 2017, 3, the ratio of JNR vehicles was 18%, which is the lowest among JR0.2 companies.[68].

    Of the vehicles inherited from the Japanese National Railways, the two-door vehicle165 series, 4 door car103 seriesHas disappeared, and with the introduction of the 315 series, a two-door car213 seriesWhen the train disappears, the trains on conventional lines other than limited express trains will be unified into 3-door cars, and it will be the only company among the 6 JR passenger companies that does not have 2-door cars or 4-door cars in general trains.[Note 22].

    Also, of future Shinkansen vehiclesN700 seriesUnification to 313 series for conventional line commuting and suburban trains, 313 seriesKiha 25 typeThe body design of diesel railcars has been standardized, and most of the vehicles on conventional lines have a body paint color based on the corporate color orange.standardizationBe positive about.

    Conventional lineVVVF inverterAll carsToshibaUses a control device made of[Note 23]However, on the Shinkansen, some vehiclesFuji Electric,Hitachi, Ltd.It uses parts such as

    Diesel trainengine TheCumminsMadeN series diesel engineIs the standard, and the companyIndia-PuneFactory orBrazil-Sao Paulo工場[Note 24] We use imported products from.At the engine manufacturer Cummins, the N series was replaced by the successor X series in the 2000s due to difficulty in complying with environmental regulations, and it became a past format, and it was only produced for countries with loose environmental regulations. Despite this, JR Central has not introduced a successor engine after achieving engine standardization, and has continued to procure the N series, which has inferior environmental performance even after the 2010s (Cummins also accepts procurement).

    In 2008Japanese vehicle manufacturingMade a consolidated subsidiary.Since then, all JR Central's conventional railcars have been manufactured by Nippon Sharyo. Since 2010, JR CentralShinkansen vehicleWith Nippon SharyoHitachi, Ltd.Manufactured in[Note 25] Has been done. JR TokaiLinear motor carThe vehicle is Nippon SharyoMitsubishi Heavy IndustriesHowever, because Mitsubishi Heavy Industries withdrew from the production of linear motor car vehicles in 2017, the production was changed to Nippon Sharyo and Hitachi in 2018.From 2011 to 2012213 series 5000 series OfIida LineAll conversion and modification toKinki VehicleI went there.

    Shinkansen trains are in JR West, conventional trains are in JR East, JR West, JR Shikoku (285 seriesOnly).PrefecturesThen, on the conventional line, the company area ("#Business overview”) In addition toToyama,Kyoto,Osaka,Wakayama,Tokyo,Hyogo,Okayama,Tottori,Shimane ,Kagawa(Only 285 series after Tokyo).Further on the ShinkansenHiroshima,Yamaguchi ,FukuokaGet into. Since the inauguration of JR Central, in the past, conventional line vehicles have been express trains.Kasuga"soNaraIn addition, various trains from limited express trains other than 285 series on the Tokaido Main Line to ordinary trains371 seriesLimited Express "AsagiriBut I was in Tokyo[Note 26].. As of April 2012, the company's vehicles that enter private railways other than JR are from the Chuo Main Line.Aichi Loop LineThe train in Jinryo Rail Yard andIse Railway Ise LineOnly diesel railcars that go through. From March 1991 to March 3, the 2012 seriesOdakyu Odawara LineI was on board.

    On the contrary, in the area of ​​JR Central, in addition to our own trains, the Shinkansen is JR West.[Note 27], Conventional line limited express is a vehicle owned by JR East, JR West and Odakyu in Honshu, respectively.[Note 28] Is on board.From Nagoya Station via Maibara StationHokuriku regionLimited express train to ("Shirasagi") Also exists, but in JR CentralAC/DC trainHas not been consistently placed since the time of the Japanese National Railways, so it is operated by the AC / DC train of JR West.

    In 2009Electric locomotive, In 2011Diesel locomotiveWas completely abolished and became the only JR7 company that does not own a locomotive.[70][Note 29].

    Working institution


    Abolished base

    Vehicle factory

    Crew ward office

    Typefaces such as station name signs and vehicle numbers

    Japanese National Railways1987(Showa62) To 4 companies including JR Central on April 1stPrivatizationAfter that, JR companies began to show their characteristics in vehicle design.

    Station name markis one of them, and each JR company adopted its own style, and the ones from the JNR era were replaced one by one. JR Tokai also adopted its own style, but the only one that hasn't changed since the JNR era isTypefaceis. JR Tokai uses "Sumimaru Gothic", one of the typefaces used nationwide during the JNR era, on all station name signs (hiraganapart).In addition, JR Tokai owns the copyright of this typeface.[71].In addition, "JNR-L", which is also a typeface created and used during the JNR era, is used for kanji and alphabet parts.[Note 30].In addition, station name signs using Sumimaru Gothic from the JNR era still exist in some stations of JR Kyushu, and this typeface is also used for station name signs for pillars of JR Hokkaido.

    It is written on the body of the vehicleVehicle number(Car number) and after privatizationTokaido Shinkansen,Linear Chuo ShinkansenIncluding vehicles2021(Reiwa 3rd year) Appearance315 seriesAll vehicles up to this point use the typeface of the JNR era.Among the vehicles manufactured after privatization, in addition to JR Central, JR Hokkaido[Note 31], JR East[Note 32], JR West[Note 33], JR Shikoku[Note 34]The typeface of the JNR era is still used in some vehicles such as.

    In addition, "" using Sumimaru GothicAffiliation notation(Affiliation abbreviation) ”is used in JR Central, JR West, JR Kyushu, etc.



    Adult passengerFare(Half price for children, rounded down to less than 10 yen). Revised October 2019, 10[72].

    • When crossing the trunk line and the local transportation line, the fare for the local transportation line is applied up to 10 km. From 11km, the operating distance of the main line and the converted kilometer of the local transportation line are added together and the fare for the main line is applied.
      • As an example, Kyowa Station- Higashiura StationSince the operating km between them is 9.8km, the fare of the local transportation line is applied.Kyowa Station- Kamezaki StationThe operating kilometer between them is 13.2km, but since the operating kilometers exceed 10km, the operating kilometers of the main line (between Kyowa Station and Obu Station: 3.0km) and the converted kilometers of the local transportation line (between Obu Station and Kamezaki Station:: 11.2km) is added up and the main line fare is applied.
    • Specific city areaThe one-way ordinary passenger fare between a station in Nagoya City and a station whose one-way business km exceeds 200 km from Nagoya Station is calculated by the business km or fare calculation km starting or ending at Nagoya Station. ..
      • As an example, Kanayama Station- Okitsu StationThe operating kilometer between them is 198.4km, but since the one-way operating kilometer from Nagoya Station exceeds 200km, the operating kilometer (201.7km) starting from Nagoya Station will be applied.The ticket display will be "Nagoya City → Okitsu", and the fare will be the same if departing from Nagoya City.
    • Please refer to the external link for fares over 401km.
    Main lineLocal transportation line
    About a kiloFare (yen)About a kiloFare (yen)About a kiloFare (yen)About a kiloFare (yen)
    First ride 3km150101 - 1201,980First ride 3km150101 - 1101,980
    4 - 7190121 - 1402,3104 - 7190111 - 1282,310
    8 - 10200141 - 1602,6408 - 10210129 - 1462,640
    11 - 15240161 - 1803,08011 - 15240147 - 1643,080
    16 - 20330181 - 2003,41016 - 20330165 - 1823,410
    21 - 25420201 - 2203,74021 - 23420183 - 2003,740
    26 - 30510221 - 2404,07024 - 28510201 - 2194,070
    31 - 35590241 - 2604,51029 - 32590220 - 2374,510
    36 - 40680261 - 2804,84033 - 37680238 - 2554,840
    41 - 45770281 - 3005,17038 - 41770256 - 2735,170
    46 - 50860301 - 3205,50042 - 46860274 - 2915,500
    51 - 60990321 - 3405,72047 - 55990292 - 3105,720
    61 - 701,170341 - 3606,05056 - 641,170 
    71 - 801,340361 - 3806,38065 - 731,340 
    81 - 901,520381 - 4006,60074 - 821,520 
    91 - 1001,690 83 - 911,690 
      92 - 1001,880 

    Specific section fare

    • Some sections of the Tokaido Main Line and Kansai Main Line near Nagoya Station compete with private railway lines, so specific section fares that are cheaper than the main line fare are set.
      • When using between any two stations within the specified fare section, the specified section fare will be adopted even if the regular fare for the section to get on and off is higher than the specified section fare.
    sectionBusiness distanceRegular fareSpecific section fare
    Okazaki Station - Nagoya Station40.1km770 JPY620 JPY
    Anjo Station -Nagoya Station32.3km590 JPY480 JPY
    Kanayama Station -Nagoya Station03.3km190 JPY170 JPY
    Kanayama Station- Owari Ichinomiya Station20.4km420 JPY370 JPY
    Kanayama Station- Gifu Station33.6km590 JPY540 JPY
    Nagoya Station-Owari Ichinomiya Station17.1km330 JPY300 JPY
    Nagoya Station-Gifu Station30.3km590 JPY470 JPY
    Biwajima Station -Gifu Station26.3km510 JPY430 JPY
    Nagoya Station- Kuwana Station23.8km420 JPY350 JPY
    Nagoya Station- Yokkaichi Station37.2km680 JPY480 JPY

    Admission fees

    150 yen (70 yen for children)

    • However, it costs 140 yen for Tokyo Station, Shinagawa Station and Shin-Yokohama Station (70 yen for children).130 yen for Kyoto Station and Shin-Osaka Station (60 yen for children).

    Company song

    There is a favorite song "Kimi wo wo te" released in April 1989.The lyrics are open to the public, and the composition isDaisuke Inoue, The song isMariko Takahashi[73]..Inoue's self-coveralbumIncluded in "ENDLESS BLUE" and "BLUE DIAMOND".Also,JOYSOUNDBykaraokeIt has been converted (song number 6065).

    In 2007, a new one was added to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the establishment of JR.Company song"Central Japan Railway Company Song" (Lyrics:Nozomi Hayashi Composition / Arrangement:Makoto Sato song:Second session) Was enacted.

    Company newsletter


    Youji YamamotoDesigned by (Yohji Yamamoto)uniformWas used until May 2017[74].

    There are three types of transportation uniforms: combined clothes, summer clothes, and winter clothes, each of which is for senior managers with different collars, buttons, etc., based on single type general use and double honors, and honors. There are three types (section chief and above).There used to be more than a dozen types of ties, but now there are two types each for each season, for a total of six types.The wearing period and tie type are determined for each operating institution.

    The feature is that neither the transportation uniforms nor the construction uniforms have the JR mark, which is the company emblem, and it is the only transportation uniform in the JR group.When it comes to the cap badgeDriving wheelToPaulownia crest(Japanese GovernmentIt follows the design of the Japanese National Railways era.

    The name tag was compliant with other JR companies in the early days of JR, but when the uniform was changed for the first time after privatization, it became a unique specification only for JR Central (employees who do not wear uniforms continue to comply with other companies). Use one).Name tags with their own specifications are commonア ク リ ルInstead of inserting or pinning the board itself, it is processed into fabricMagic tapeIt is a method of fastening with.As a general rule, regarding occupationsAssistantRequires the above managers and licensesconductor(Conductor),DriverOnly (train commander) is written, and affiliations such as "chief" and "○○ station" who are not managers like other JR companies are not listed on the name tag.

    Company names "CENTRAL JAPAN RAILWAY COMPANY" and "STATION STAFF" on the armbands of transportation uniformsStation clerk) "" TRAIN CREW (Crew) "" FIELD STAFF (in-house workers, commanders, etc.) "" SUPERVISOR (assistant, etc.) "" STATION MASTER (Stationmaster) ”“ TRAIN CREW MANAGER ”(general summer clothes are not armbands but under name tags), and honor uniforms are symbols.GentianIs embroidered.Below that, a rank emblem in the shape of a gentian according to the job title is also given to the chief and above (two chiefs, three assistants, four stationmasters, transportation ward directors, etc.).In addition, it is an affiliated companyShinkansen maintenance Tokai,Tokai Transportation Business,Kansai Shinkansen ServiceOf each company, employees involved in the transportation department wear similar uniforms, but the parts related to the company name and job title are omitted or they wear their own.

    In 2017, the uniform was completely renewed for the first time in 25 years, and from JuneheatstrokeAs a countermeasure, it was renewed mainly for each crew member of the Shinkansen and conventional lines.The design was handled by the Japan Uniform Center[74]..Summer clothes for station / conventional line crews / commanders will be changed to short-sleeved open-collared shirts without ties, and summer clothes for Shinkansen crew members will continue to wear ties but will be changed without jackets, and double 6-button for site managers throughout the year. It became a suit, and the white suit of the Shinkansen crew, which was a feature of JR Central until then, has disappeared.[74].

    Affiliated Company

    Consolidated subsidiary and JR Tokai official websiteEquity methodCompanies listed as applicable companies[75] In addition, companies that list "JR Central Group" on their websites are included.allLtd..



    Real estate


    • JR Tokai Well
    • JR Tokai Partners-Investment, Business Consulting. Established in 2002

    Companies that have a partial stake


    As of March 2021, 3, there are four in JR CentralUnionThere is[76].

    NameUpper organization
    Central Japan Railway Company(JR Central Union)Japan Railway Trade Union Federation(JR Union)
    JNR Labor UnionTokai Headquarters (National Railway Workers Tokai)National Railways Labor Union (National Labor)
    JR Tokai Labor Union(JR Tokai Labor)All Japan Railway Labor Union General Federation(JR Soren)
    All Japan Construction Transportation General Labor UnionTokai Railway Headquarters (Kenkoro Tokai)All Japan Construction Transportation General Labor Union (Construction Labor)

    * Abbreviations in parentheses

    The labor union with the largest number of members is the Central Japan Railway Company.Collective agreements have been signed between all unions and companies.

    About the working environmentOpenWorkSee the site.

    Advertising, commercials, campaigns, etc.

    JR Tokai has a corporate image that has not been seen on conventional Japanese National Railways since its inception.commercial Produced many (CM).In particular, "The theme of the Tokaido Shinkansen"Cinderella Express(1987) and "X'mas express(1988-1992, 2000 aired) is often featured in parody and variety shows as one of the masterpiece commercials even today in the 21st century. From 1993, "That's right, Kyoto, let's go."TaglineThe commercial for the Kyoto tourism campaign by the Shinkansen set up in Japan has started airing. From 2006NaraTourism campaign "Urumashi Urawashi NaraWas also added.

    JR Tokai's commercial corresponds to the service area of ​​conventional linesTokai / Chukyo areaHowever, for Shinkansen-related commercials,Kanto area,Kansai areaIt is also being broadcast.


    The following is a part of the corporate commercial produced by JR Central.Sound logoHas been using the same one since its inception.Spot frameHowever, I often run commercials for 30 seconds.

    "Express" series

    One of the most distinctive features of JR Central's commercials is JR Central's main line.Tokaido ShinkansenThis is a series of image CM series created on the stage of. All CM titles are unified with "○○ Express"Dentsu-TYOWorked on the production.

    Cinderella Express
    The first in the series. Deployed in 1 and 1987.For more information"Cinderella Express (CM)See.
    Alice Express
    The second in the series. Deployed from January to March 2.
    "Classical balletHen "(Mayuri Ishikawastarring),"volleyballHen ”(starring Yayoi Okamoto),“ Concert Departure Hen ”, and“ Concert Return Hen ”.
    The catch phrase is "Don't lose the distance, curiosity. "
    By the way, the quarterly timetable distributed free of charge by JR Tokai (Kotsu Publishing Co., Ltd. (currently:Kotsu Shimbun) The campaign is based on the "Chubu Timetable" released by the Chubu branch office and edited mainly in the JR Central area) with the title "Alice's Schedule" and the cover replaced with Alice's illustration. It was distributed as part.
    Two works, "Concert Departure" and "Concert Return", were broadcast as a set.Only in the series0 seriesAppears for a moment.
    Yokoyama Megumi,, 3 people appeared.
    Playback Express
    The second in the series. Deployed from January to March 3.
    Kaori YashikiProduced two volumes, "Homecoming" and "Reunion", starring.The catchphrase is "It's best to meet.'
    Music isBelinda Carlisleof"Heaven is a place on earth』.
    Huckleberry Express
    The fourth in the series. Deployed every summer from 4 to 1988.
    Summer VacationThis is the first big adventure of only two brothers going out to the countryside where their grandfather and grandmother live.title isMark TwainThe novel "Huckleberry Finn Adventure』From.The following works are created each year.
    • Huckleberry Express '88 (July 1988)
      Produced 3 volumes.
    • Huckleberry Express '89 (July-August 1989)
      Run around the countryside of my grandfather and grandmother with an insect net in one hand.shaved ice"Yoshizu" upholstery with the flag of the shopMom-and-pop candy storeRunning through, the big camphor tree, "100 animalsBeetle"I made a wish and even talked to Ogawa," I'm here again. "
    • Huckleberry Express '90 (July-August 1990)
      Produced two volumes, "Departure Night Edition" and "First Love Edition".
    Hometown Express
    The fifth in the series. It was deployed from October to December 5.catch copyIs "It's best to meet.'
    October-November 1988, "Men's Edition" and "Women's Edition", and "Men's Edition" produced in December 10.X'masThree parts of "Hen" were produced.
    The "X'mas" edition is considered to be the de facto first work of the "Christmas Express" series produced the following year.[Note 35]..For more information"X'mas expressSee.
    X'mas express
    The sixth in the series. Deployed from 6 to 1989 and 1992.It was produced as a sequel to the Hometown Express "X'mas" edition.
    詳 し く は 「X'mas expressSee.
    Maiko Express

    Tie-up with anime, etc.

    What is your name?
    Appeared in the workTokaido ShinkansenScene (CM "X'mas express”Scene design and set), sameTakayama Main Line-Hida Furukawa StationCollaboration using the pattern of the sceneTOICAWill be sold by reservation only from January 2017, 1[77][78].
    Shinkansen deformation robot Shinkalion
    A parody of the CM "X'mas Express" will be released on air in December 2018.Scenarios and storyboards by JR CentralJR Tokai AgencyWas broadcast after approval by[79].
    Love Live! Sunshine!!
    Shizuoka was held in the spring of 2019 with JR Central as the secretary.Destination campaignAccording toNumazu CityProduced a poster for tourists with the cooperation of.Numazu StationI did a poster jack at[80].
    Yuru Camp
    It became the stage of the work in February 2020Minobu LineTemporary to coincide with the local event "Yurucamp △ Rikocho Tour" held along the railway lineExpress train"Yuru Can △ RikoOperates.On this train, the authorA fSpecially made byHead markCreation / posting, anime versionVoice actor OfYumori HanamoruAutomatic in-car broadcasting, exclusive interior decoration, equipment for take-out exclusive seat covers, distribution and sale of goods, etc.[81][82]..Also, during the operation periodSpecial plan ticketAsLaid-Back Camp △ Pear Child 1 Day Free TicketWas sold (applicable sections are all Minobu LinesTokaido Main Line OfMishima Station - Shizuoka Stationwhile)[81].
    Kamen Rider series
    A collaboration project with the Tokaido Shinkansen will be held during the year-end and New Year holidays of 2021[83].
    Five equal brides
    Scheduled to carry out various collaboration projects[84].

    Offer program


    In addition to the programs provided above, the Kanto / Chubu / Kansai area (Tokaido Shinkansen area), which is the business area of ​​JR Tokai, and JR WestSanyo ShinkansenAreaOkayama prefecture, Kagawa prefecture,Hiroshima,Yamaguchi ,FukuokaThe commercial broadcasters in Japan are broadcasting spot commercials. Until the 1990sKey station in TokyoHe was also listed as one of the sponsors provided by multiple companies in the nationwide online program produced.


    Hosted event

    Related person



    • Masanari Oya - Former manager of the baseball club. Former NHK high school baseball commentator.
    • Yasuhisa Kubo - Baseball club manager.
    • Susan Kumiko Yamamoto -YuanIdol..After retiring from the entertainment world, he took the mid-career recruitment test of JR Central and was hired and joined the company.After that, he retired, but now he is a JR Tokai affiliated company.WedgeWorked at.
    • Yuu Yosano - General Manager of C&C Business Office for Overseas High Speed ​​Rail Project, Technology Planning Department, General Technology Headquarters.

    Former employee

    Related person


    [How to use footnotes]

    注 釈

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    2. ^ After privatization, each railway management bureauShizuoka Railway Administration BureauBut"Shizuoka branch office"Nagoya Railroad Administration BureauBut"Central Japan Railway Business HeadquartersIt has become.
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