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🚗 | Dream secret base inside the school bus!Only one camper

Photo Custom school bus (Asomobi 2022)

Inside the school bus is a dream secret base!The one and only camper

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Mr. Suzuki is also active as a builder, so if you are interested in the custom car he has worked on, please check out his Instagram page.

"Asomobi 2022 in Makuhari" was held at Makuhari Messe on August 8th and 6th, 7... → Continue reading


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    Modified car

    Modified car(Kaizousha) is a commercially available product.Automobile,オ ー ト バ イA vehicle that has been modified to something other than the market itself.Custom car(Custom bike) orCustomized carAlso known as a (customized motorcycle), a modified vehicle that specializes in driving performanceTuning carAlso called.again,Railway carIt is a vehicle that has been modified according to each application for various reasons such as the application at that time and important / aging deterioration from a certain series of vehicles.

    In this articleIllegal modified carAt the same time, we will mainly explain modified cars in automobiles and motorcycles.


    Even if it is called a modified car, the contents of the modification are diverse and the purpose of the modification is also various.

    Special purpose vehicle

    Some commercial vehicles made by manufacturers are actually modified during the production process.Specially equipped vehicleFor low-volume production vehicles, the work of specifying the model, which has a large cost burden, may be omitted and treated as a modified vehicle of an existing model vehicle.Of each companyWelfare modified vehicle(Vehicles modified for drivers with hand or foot disabilities), ambulances, fire engines,Training carSuch asSpecial purpose vehicleBesides,Nissan Motor(Autech Japan)ofAxis series/Rider series[1],Daihatsu industry OfHijet deck van[2],Convertible OfLisa spiderThere is.

    other than this,Electric car,LPG car,Natural gas car,Automatic carThere are also models that are treated as modified.

    Also the early typeNon-step busAlso,One step busThere is a car model manufactured by remodeling[3]..Only the front door to the middle door are lowered in floor height to make them non-step, and from the engine room at the rear of the vehicle to the rear axle, there is a one-step bus.Two-step busCommon withpartsIs used.Such a non-step bus is a modified car in terms of model acquisition,CatalogsOfficially posted onPublic transportIt has been delivered to many businesses including.These are manufactured as non-step buses from the manufacturing stage, and are not modified vehicles due to acquired modifications.[4]..In addition, in the whole busthe 2000sIn some cases, it was treated as a modification to mount a body other than the genuine manufacturer.

    In addition, for light trucksAir suspensionRemodeling,Road cleaning car OfLeft handleThere are modifications such as conversion, frame modification for mounting a special loading platform, automatic car modification of delivery trucks, etc., but these areAftermarketAlthough the purpose is different from the modified car of the hobby inlawAbove, it is treated the same in terms of "vehicles that have been modified beyond a certain range", and is a so-called "maru break" in vehicle verification.

    In the philippinesJeepneyと 呼 ば れ るShared taxiMany are smallLorryIt is a modified car using the chassis of.

    Modified car by a company

    There is an automobile manufacturer that modifies the interior and exterior of automobiles manufactured by other companies and sells them as new cars.

    There are many "complete cars" that tuning shops remodel and sell new sports cars.9ff,RUF AutomobileThere are also manufacturers that sell overseas through distributors.Although it is "Maru Kai" in the car verification, support can be received.

    Mitsuoka MotorThere are also manufacturers that receive type approval and sell after remodeling the base commercial vehicle.In this case, it is treated as a vehicle model manufactured by an automobile manufacturer.

    Remodeling by hobby

    Modification parts for modifying a commercial vehicle to the owner's preference are commercially available.There are roughly two types: "functional modification" and "appearance modification".Since some of these commercially available products and parts are supposed to be used for racing (competition), the law (in Japan)Road Transport Vehicle Act) Does not fitPublic roadThere are some things (competition-specific parts) that cannot be used for running.When driving on public roads, it is necessary to confirm with the competent ministry, etc. whether the product complies with the law.

    Registration is possible without modifying the frame.[5].

    Functional modification

    Appearance modification

    Remodeling only the appearance of a sports carRice burnerMay be called in recent years

    • Aero PartsInstallation
    • Retro car (Classic car) Installation of wind exterior parts
    • Apply all pens to change the color of the vehicle
    • ホ イ ー ルInch up
    • Remodeling interior parts such as seats
    • Headlight,taillightChange the lighting such as, change the luminous intensity and color temperature, change the design of the lens
    • Paste various stickers
    • Smoke filmPaste
    • Replace the logo indicating the vehicle type and grade with that of other companies, high-end models, overseas specification vehicles, and overseas locally produced models.

    Structural change inspection

    Illegal modification (even if it is a modified car) that does not meet the safety standardsLater) And if there are no defects such as poor maintenance車 検You can pass the test and drive on public roads.

    When modified so as not to exceed a certain range

    For minor modifications such as installing designated parts,Vehicle inspection certificateThe following ranges from the numerical values ​​listed in

    • Size
      • Total length ... ± 3 cm
      • Overall width ... ± 2 cm
      • Overall height ... ± 4 cm
    • weight
      • Ordinary car / Large special car ... ± 100kg
      • Compact car / light car ... ± 50kg

    For vehicles that exceed the above, vehicle verification will be conducted after confirmation of conformity with safety standards by the transportation branch office, etc.Description changeIt becomes an officially modified car by doing.

    For vehicles that have been modified without exceeding a certain range as described above, if the vehicle inspection certificate has not expired (the vehicle inspection remains), there is no need to change the description, and the modified vehicle Not treated as[6].

    However, for registered vehicles that have not actually been designated as a registration number, and light vehicles and motorcycles that have not been issued a vehicle number slip, even if they are modified within a certain range as described above, they will be subject to new registration (new inspection). It is necessary to present the current vehicle to the transportation branch office, etc., measure the specifications of the vehicle together with the safety inspection, and perform new registration (new inspection notification) with the measured value.In this case, when measuringfuel, Cooling water, washer fluid, etc.CrewWithout puttingSpare tire,toolAnd accessories are not includedInspection statusDone in.

    When the structure of the car is changed

    Transfer to an engine of a different model,fuelChange of type, change of brake type (Drum brakeからDisc brakeModification to)[7]so,Automatic transmissionからManual transmissionConversion to,Propeller shaftModification (shortening, extension, angle change),フ レ ー ム,MonocoqueIf you have modified the structure of the car, such as cutting or extending the body, prepare a document explaining the outline of the modification, undergo an examination, and present the current car to the transportation branch office, etc.Structural change inspectionReceived (so-called modified vehicle inspection) and received certification of modified contents[8]..If you pass this inspection, the word "Kai" will appear in the vehicle model part of the vehicle verification.For car verificationchangeThe modified car with "" will be described later.Illegal modified carIt is a legal vehicle, which is completely different from.Therefore, with the contents of the modificationPolicemenNot subject to arrest by.

    Illegal modified car / countermeasures

    Illegal modified car or Unauthorized modified carIs a modified carRoad Traffic LawRegulations andRoad Transport Vehicle ActIf you have made modifications that do not meet the security standards ofCar inspection certificateRefers to automobiles and motorcycles that are in a state different from the contents of (such as being equipped with a prime mover with a different displacement).Of course, if you drive on a public road with illegal modifications,Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismIs accused byPolicemenAre arrested.

    In principle, such vehicles are left as they are.車 検Because it does not pass the vehicle inspection, when it is time for the vehicle inspection, the part that has been illegally modified is improved, and after passing the vehicle inspection, it is used to return to the original illegally modified state, so in a sense it is illegal. It can be said that it has passed.In addition, due to Article 99-2 of the Road Transport Vehicle Law (prohibition of unauthorized modification, etc.), modifications that do not conform to safety standards themselvescrime(Violation of the Road Transport Vehicle Law / Unauthorized Modification) There are cases where police have arrested and arrested a contractor who has made illegal modifications that do not conform to security standards.[9][10].. Until around 2011Temporary numberThere was also a method of temporarily driving a vehicle that did not pass the vehicle inspection using the vehicle, but after that, it was caught for violating the Road Transport Vehicle Law (illegal acquisition of temporary license plates etc. and driving of unregistered vehicles). It has become[11].

    When an illegally modified vehicle is arrested by the police, a maintenance order is issued to improve the illegal modification, and a sticker (maintenance order mark) that says "illegal modified vehicle" is affixed to the vehicle.The owner of the vehicle who received this order shall improve the illegally modified part of the vehicle within 15 days and then the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of the jurisdiction.Transport branchYou must bring it to and undergo an improvement confirmation inspection.

    Even after 15 days, if you remove the sticker without undergoing inspection or confirmation of improvementLicense plateAnd vehicle verification will be confiscated, and the vehicle will be ordered to be suspended for up to 6 months.If you do not comply with the maintenance order, you will be fined up to 50 yen, and if you use the vehicle even if you stop using it, you will be punished with imprisonment for up to 6 months or a fine of up to 30 yen.[12]..In connection with this, there is a case where a maintenance company who was performing the act of returning to the original illegal modification state after the improvement inspection of this illegal modification was arrested and forcibly investigated.[13].

    Example of illegal modification

    • The volume from the muffler exceeds the regulation value (the regulation value differs depending on the year of manufacture, etc.).
    • Exhaust gas standardCannot be cleared (catalystWithout passing throughExhaust gasWhen the air is open to the atmosphere as it is.Of courseCatalyst straightIs illegal)
    • Lowdown that exceeds the limit when the minimum ground clearance (gap between the ground and the bottom of the car body) is not secured at least 9 cm (for each vehicle)Wheelbase,treadThe minimum ground clearance required by (varies).
    • It is equipped with exterior parts that may hurt pedestrians (canards, large wings, etc.).
    • The tires are protruding more than 1 cm from the fenders. (Due to the revision of security standards, it is not considered to be a protrusion up to 1 cm, but the wheel protrusion is not suitable.)
    • HornThe one that emits a volume that exceeds the standard 115 dB, the one that changes the tone (music horn), and the one with echo (the one that leaves a lingering sound even after pressing the switch) are installed.
    • Stick a smoke film on the front, driver's and passenger's glass to make it impossible to secure 70% transmittance.[14]
    • Attach a decorative plate to the windshield, etc. to make it difficult to see.[15].
    • tail lampDespite the clear tail (attached with a transparent lens), it is a light bulb that emits light other than red, and no red reflector is attached (Turn signalAlso in the case of, it is illegal except that the emission color is orange).
    • High mount stop lampAlways on (modified to always turn on when the light is on at night in conjunction with the tail lamp).
    • Stickers and stickers are attached to the high mount stop lamp, and the car name logo is displayed.
    • Direction indicatorAttach a blinking ball other than (blinker) to the exterior, or use a light bulb of a color other than the safety standard.
    • No measures have been taken to mitigate the impact on the occupants when an external seat or roll bar is attached.
    • Vehicle registration number mark (License plate) Is modified so that it cannot be seen instantly (bend diagonally to make it difficult to see from behind,hingeMake it possible to change the angle at the time of installation from horizontal to vertical, attach a plate made of acrylic etc. to the surface, etc.), place it on the dashboard without attaching it to the bumper[16].
    • For an engine different from the model listed in the vehicle verificationReplacementDespite having a 2.0-liter engine mounted on a 3.0-liter vehicle, it runs without undergoing structural change inspections.[17].
    • Replacement of voice data for warning sounds such as door opening and closing (* so-calledDevil remodeling(A type of) has been on the rise in recent years and is one of the subject of regulatory debate.
    • Blowby gasOpen to the atmosphere[18]

    Car insurance for modified cars

    Despite the fact that modified cars with "kai" in the car verification are legalVoluntary car insuranceYou may be refused to join.We do not accept illegally modified vehicles that violate security standards, but we do accept legally modified vehicles that meet security standards.Non-life insurance companyThere is[19](However, it may not be possible to make an estimate via the Internet, or even if you can subscribe, the insurance premium may be higher).On the other hand, depending on the non-life insurance company, it may be judged only with or without "kai" (verification of an example that if there is "kai", participation is refused without question and answer regardless of the content of the structural change There are also individual users[20]).

    Countermeasures for modified vehicles and eviction

    Illegal modified vehicles often do not meet the ground clearance standards, so at the entranceStep pavementIf you install a step warning, you will not be able to enter because you do not want to rub the car body[21][22].



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