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✈ | Immediately from New Chitose Airport! "Dre Mortao" "Limited menu" Raw pasta topic finished in front of you


Right from New Chitose Airport! "Dre Mortao" "Limited menu" Raw pasta topic finished in front of you

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The sweets shop sells authentic homemade bread, popular cheesecakes and other souvenirs and gifts, and you can enjoy soft serve ice cream made with jersey milk and cheese all year round.

Located in the center of Chitose, about 10 minutes by car from New Chitose Airport, this sweets resort is packed with the charm of LeTAO on a site of 1600 tsubo… → Continue reading


An information site for women in Hokkaido run by a TV station in Hokkaido. "Curious" means "Oshichau" in Hokkaido dialect. We deliver local information about fashion, gourmet foods, sweets, etc.

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    Homemade bread


    Cheesecake (cheese cake) IscheeseUsedcake.. OnsenBakedAnd boiled in hot waterSouffleCold,rareIt is roughly divided into.


    Baked cheese cake

    In the ovenFox colorWhat was baked untilBaked cheese cakeCalled.ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クSometimes called cheesecake. To moldCream cheese,cottage cheese,Mascarpone,RicottaWith soft and salty cheese such as cheesesugar,egg yolk,Cornstarch,Wheat flourThe dough mixed with the ingredients is poured and baked in the oven. In Japan until the 1990s, the ones that didn't use the foundation were the mainstream, but in recent years, many cheesecake doughs have been washed out on the foundation such as the sable dough or crushed crackers laid on a pie plate.

    Since it is baked, it is often thought that it can be stored at room temperature as well as ordinary baked confectionery, but in principle, it is stored at low temperature, and if left at room temperature, the dough will melt.Puddingbecome that way. Some of them also sell products that take advantage of this property.

    When we simply say "cheesecake", it's almost this type of cheesecake.Basque cheese cakeAlso enters this type[1].

    Rare cheesecake

    It is a mixture of fresh cream mixed with cream cheese, etc.ク ッ キ ーCrust dough made by crushing may be placed underneath. Or just fillingBavaroa,mousseThere is also a "grass cheesecake" that is served in a glass like. In recent yearsgauzeItems that are sold by wrapping with have appeared.

    vanilla,チ ョ コ レ ー ト,YogurtVarious flavors such as flavor may be added,fruits,In particularStrawberry,blueberryOften comes with toppings.

    gelatinIt is often solidified withcold dayThere are also cases where the cream cheese is used or only the hardness of the whipped cream is used for finishing. To maximize the speechLemonThere is also a method of coagulating cheese protein with the acid. In this case, the refreshing flavor of lemon increases.

    Cheese souffle

    By whipping and baking egg whites, a sponge-type cheesecake that melts in your mouth is completed.Sometimes called souffle cheesecake.JapanIt's a standard cheesecake, but it's rarely seen overseas.Overseas, it is said to be a cheesecake that originated in Japan, and in many cases it is sold under the name of "japanese style cheesecake."


    The origin of cheesecakeAncient greeceDating back to776 BCFirst timeAncient olympicWas being acted upon by athletes during the period. Although it was the Romans who made Greek cheesecake popular throughout Europe, it seemed to have a different taste and appearance than the current cheesecake.

    The origin of baked cheesecake as it is today is in the early Middle AgesPolandIt is said to be in the Podhale region of Japan.Lightly fermented raw milk, sour and pure whiteFresh cheese"TufalkThe cheesecake "Cernic", which uses abundantly "", is made by the residents here.GralCalled "SlavIt is a local food of the mountain people of the ancestry (Glar literally means "mountain people"), and is still eaten several times a day as tea and sweets for each family in Podhale. The use of Tufalk has a sour taste, so it is not necessary to add lemon juice or the like like the commonly known cheesecake, and the original recipe is to add no lemon juice. In recent years, the oldest human cheese has been discovered in southern Poland around Podhale.[2], The traditional theory of cheese origin, which was supposed to be in the Middle East and around the Mediterranean Sea, is about to be overturned by this great discovery.

    Centuries later, immigrants from Poland (especially large cities near the Podhale region)KrakowfromJew) Based on the recipe brought in,AmericaCheesecake also appears. In 1872,France Ofcheese,NeuchatelThe milk shop that was trying to reproduceCream cheeseWas newly developed.

    In Japan, cheesecake baked around the 1980s began to be sold like cooked bread and sweet buns, and is still sold under the name "cheese steamed cake".After that, rare cheesecake became available in restaurants and coffee shops as a high-class dessert, but because it was frozen and easily distributed, its high-class feeling and high price were lost in a relatively short period of time.You can see the products that are vacuum packed at convenience stores and sold at a price of about 100 yen.


    • Stick-shaped cakes, mainly baked cheesecakes and rare cheesecakes, are on sale.Also rare cheesecake6P cheeseOne is shaped like a fan and packaged in a disk shapePaper cartonIt is sold in various forms such as those packed in.
    • The term cheesecake is now also used to describe other cheesecake-flavored desserts. CheesecakeYogurt,Cheesecakeice cream,CheesecakeButter cake,CheesecakeBrownie,Cheesecakeク ッ キ ーIs one example.
    • Cheesecake in English,Sex symbolIt is also used to describe a woman who is. If it's a topic about a woman in a gravure, you can see examples of it[3].


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