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✈ | Tsuiki Air Base Air Festival 2022 to be held on November 11

Photo Tsuiki base F-2A (Koimaru-san, taken on October 2015, 10)

Tsuiki Air Base Air Festival 2022 to be held on November 11

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This model has been shown at past air festivals such as opening, simulated air-to-ground bombardment, maneuver flight, and demo scrambling.

Tsuiki Base has decided to hold an air festival for the first time in three years on Sunday, November 2022, 11.However, the new coronavirus... → Continue reading

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    Simulated air-to-ground

    Air show

    Air show(Kokuu show)aircraftThemedEvents..Of the new modelTrade fair(Announcement and business negotiations),army Ofpublic relationsIt is done for activities.Acrobat as an attraction (Aerobatic flight) Is also often held, and it is also open to the general public.

    Fly as a competition, not as an exhibition to the audienceAerobatic flightTournament (Air race) Is not included,Red Bull Air Race World SeriesThen, as a sideshow, a demonstration flight will be held by the army of the host country, aerobatic aviators, and participating athletes.


    United Kingdom-Farnborough Airshow,France-Paris Air ShowIs a show for business negotiations, and is divided into a trade day centered on business negotiations and a public day that is open to the public, and is known worldwide for its large number of exhibitors.Other than that, each countryMilitary airfieldIt is often held at private airfields, etc.Military aircraft,Commercial aircraftGround exhibitions or exhibition flights are held, and depending on the year, aerobatic corps of the military may fly.

    Air shows held in Europe and the United States are aimed at public relations activities of the military, as well as the sale and promotion of aircraft as described above.Trade fairIn addition to exhibiting aircraft at such shows, there are also shows in each country.Aircraft manufacturerThere are also many briefing sessions and exhibition booths, etc., where manufacturers actively introduce products and promote sales to customers (various from private companies to the military).On the other hand, every yearThe United States of AmericaWisconsinOshkoshWill be held inEAA AirVenturelike,Home built aircraftThere are also many private events held on behalf of each other (the military also participates as a guest every year).


    JapanIn the case ofJapan Air Self-Defense ForceAir festival is held every year at bases all over the countrySDFIn addition to the machine, depending on the host baseU.S. ForcesExhibition of machinesAcrobatic Exhibition Flight TeamBlue ImpulseAerobatic flight is also performed.Also,JMSDF,Japan Ground Self-Defense Force,US Army in JapanSimilar base festivals are held at bases and garrison where the aircraft of Japan is operated.

    In Japan, most of the festivals are held for the purpose of publicizing the Self-Defense Forces, such as base festivals held by the Self-Defense Forces.Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismThe number of private air shows is increasing, such as events related to Sky Day (September 9th) advocated by.in recent yearsYoshihide MuroyaAerobatic aviators such as are flying at various events as well as air festivals.

    Major air shows


    United States flag The United States of America

    Canadian flag Canada


    British flag United Kingdom

    French flag France

    German flag Germany

    Swiss flag Switzerland

    • Dudonberg Air Show
    • Freegel Demon Stration Axalp (Open training held at a shooting training ground in a mountainous area at an altitude of 2250 m)


    Russian flag Russia


    Japanese flag Japan

    Flag of the People's Republic of China Chugoku

    Republic of China(Taiwan

    • Taiwan Air Force Air Festival (all over Taiwan)

    Republic of Korea flag South Korea

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    United Arab Emirates flag UAE


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    Other domestic air shows

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