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🚗 | Bugatti "Chiron" delivers the last one of the world's fastest record specifications ... 1km / h

Photo Bugatti Chiron Supersport 300+

Bugatti "Chiron" delivers the last one with the world's fastest record specification ... 1km / h

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Magnesium wheels for "Pure Sports" that further reduce unsprung weight are also available as an option.

Bugatti will release "Bugatti Chiron Super ..." on September 7rd. → Continue reading


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Magnesium wheels

Magnesium wheels(Magnesium wheel) is a materialMagnesium alloyUsedRoad wheel.


Magnesium alloyaluminumLighter thanア ル ミ ホ イ ー ルMore than driving performance,Fuel efficiencyPerformance improvement can be expected.However,Mass productionIt is not very common because it is difficult to work and expensive, and it is not very versatile because it is limited in size.Also, as a characteristic of the material,salt,corrosionAnd the point that it is quite vulnerable to impact.The manufacturing method is roughly divided into a case of casting and a case of forging.In the case of casting, the degree of freedom of molding is high, and it is lighter but inferior in strength.In addition, sand casting is used for small-quantity production, but productivity is generally low.YieldIs bad.In the case of forging, the degree of freedom of molding is inferior, so additional machining by cutting is performed on the entire surface.

As for the points that are vulnerable to corrosion, if the paint or rust preventive treatment is peeled off, it must be repaired immediately.This is because when exposed to the atmosphere, it reacts with moisture and oxygen to cause corrosion and rust, and the strength rapidly decreases.The weak point of salt is that if you usually park along the coast, rust may occur if you do not wash it frequently (as much as the instruction manual says).The point of being vulnerable to impact is particularly noticeable in products that emphasize sportiness and are extremely light, but the wheel itself may crack completely when stepping on a gap or curb (mostly in the case of four wheels). , The entire wheel will come off due to cracking around the hub bolt where the load is applied.[1]).

Singing a maximum speed of 400km / h or moreBugatti VeyronIt is clearly stated that genuine magnesium wheels and tires should be replaced with new ones when performing a maximum speed attack of 400km / h class.In the case of such an ultra-high performance carAssuming that the magnesium wheels themselves are consumablesVehicles are sold under the.

Although the magnesium alloy itself has a lighter specific gravity than aluminum, it is a commonly available alloy.Specific strengthIt is a slightly inferior material in terms of (there are magnesium alloys with higher strength than aluminum alloys in those for aircraft).Therefore, when the design is made so as to exhibit the same strength as aluminum in consideration of impact resistance and durability, there is often not much difference in terms of weight reduction.In addition, some of the aftermarket parts for automobiles are suitable for use on public roads.JWLSome products display the mark, but in realitycircuitYou should think of it as a use.


castingMagnesium wheels andForgingThere are magnesium wheels.There are also wheels made by welding magnesium plates on rare occasions.

  • LAF Japan --Developed a cast mug wheel that uses a new magnesium alloy that suppresses oxidation.
  • Toyota 2000GT ――It was the first Japanese commercial vehicle to use magnesium wheels.[2]
  • Nissan Fairlady Z432
  • BBS RE-Mg
  • RAYS TE37 Mag
  • Eight spoke Mg
  • Mug forging (for motorcycles)


Superconducting linearExperimental vehicleMLU002The auxiliary support wheel was a magnesium wheel, but due to a puncture while driving with rubber tires, the locked magnesium wheel came into direct contact with the concrete track and ignited.Vehicle fireThere has occurred.

Magnesium alloyDue to the nature of the tire, the wheel that rotates at high speed isburstIf it comes into direct contact with the road surface due to such reasons, there is a risk that chips will ignite as in the above example, and water cannot be used to extinguish the fire.Fire extinguisherIt is desirable to equip the vehicle with such items.

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  1. ^ An example of a forged aluminum wheel damaged while driving on a circuit(However, in this example, the spokes are broken)
  2. ^ As mentioned above, magnesium alloys are vulnerable to corrosion, and there were many cases in which the owner was troubled by maintaining the condition.To solve this problem, a famous wheel maker made a limited number of aluminum wheels with the same design, and sometimes replaced them.

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