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🚗 | Segway's first fully Japanese specification, electric scooter "B110S" pre-order start

Photo Segway B110S

Segway's first fully Japanese specification, electric scooter "B110S" pre-order start

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The Segway B110S is an electric scooter that is classified as a "motorized bicycle" with a motor rated output of 570W.

Segway-Ninebot is the first Segway brand electric scooter that complies with the Japanese Road Traffic Act "B11 ... → Continue reading


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    Segway B110S

    Electric scooter

    Electric scooterWhat is (Dendo Scooter)?scooter型オ ー ト バ イOf typeElectric car.


    Electric scooters are powered by an electric motorscooter型オ ー ト バ イAnd was mounted on the car bodySecondary batteryGenerally, a (storage battery) is supplied with electric power from the outside to be charged and traveled.hydrogen,methanolUsedFuel cell carHas also been developed.

    Basically, the advantages and disadvantages of gasoline engine vehicles are almost the same as those of four-wheeled electric vehicles. However, since the moped is originally cheap in body price and has good fuel economy, there are problems with vehicle price, charging time, and cruising range when it is converted to EV.[Note 1]Stands out.

    Early 20th century and 1970sOil shockIt was developed at that time, but its performance was low and it was expensive.[Source required]It did not spread.Power electronicsDue to the development ofRegenerative brake,Brushless motorIs now adoptedIt was marketed by some manufacturers in the 1990s, but it was expensive and only used in some.[Source required].

    the 2000sからgasolineDue to soaring pricesgasoline engineIt attracted attention as an alternative to. The motor is quietExhaust gasDue to the output characteristics that generate the maximum torque from low rotation, the load on the urban environment is small because it does not emittransmissionIs not required, so the drive transmission component can be simplified.

    Electricity from energy sources currently costs gasoline per mileageApproximately 10%[Source required]And cheapHydropower,Nuclear power,Wind-power generationSuch,Fossil fuelIt has less resource constraints and can utilize various energies. Products that can be recharged in general housing equipment also have the advantage of not having to go to a gas station to refuel depending on usage conditions.

    Currently, some driving performance such as acceleration is on sale that is comparable to gasoline engine vehicles.[1]However, compared to a gasoline engine vehicle equipped with an engine with a maximum output of about 3 kW with a type of moped registration, the output of the electric motor remains at the rated output of 0.6 kW (maximum output is about 1.5 kW), so there are many points such as climbing performance and maximum speed. Is inferior. The cruising range is small, around 40km[2], Large ones around 70km[3](However, in recent years, vehicles with a cruising range of 200 km have appeared), which is shorter than gasoline engine vehicles, and the enhancement of charging equipment that supports quick charging has become an issue for widespread use.

    In recent years, Access Co., Ltd., which entered the EV business in 2002, has a rated output of 0.6Kw, but the maximum output is set to 2.0Kw, and a 60V 30Ah lithium manganese oxide battery is installed. The maximum speed is 50Km / h. / h) A practical model with a mileage of 24km per charge is also sold at the same price as a gasoline-powered vehicle.

    Dissemination and system


    Road Traffic LawThen.RatingOutput up to 0.6kWMotorized bicycle[4], More than 0.6kW and less than 1kWSmall motorcycle[5], More than 1kW and less than 20kWOrdinary motorcycle, Those over 20kWLarge motorcycleIs stipulated as[6], Can handle themDriver's licenseis necessary.Road Transport Vehicle ActIn, 0.6kW or less is a type 1 motorized bicycle, and XNUMXkW or less is a type XNUMX motorized bicycle.[7].. For vehicles over 1kWTwo-wheeled light carIs treated as.

    In any case, it depends on the engineオ ー ト バ イSimilarly, it is obligatory to meet the safety standards of road transport vehicles (violation of poor maintenance), take out liability insurance, and wear a helmet.

    In addition to this, models made outside Japan are imported and sold.

    At one point, only some modelsMinistry of International Trade and IndustryAnd its affiliated organizationsNext Generation Automobile Promotion CenterI was able to receive a subsidy from[22].

    White motorcycleIn February 2020, there is also an example of adoption asMetropolitan Police DepartmentBut mainlymarathon-EkidenEtc.AthleticsIntroduced BMW C Evolution as a leader in[23].


    EUUnder the driver's license system, A class can drive regardless of output, A2 class (from January 2013, 1) can drive up to 19 kW, and A35 class can drive up to 1 kW. AM class (AM classMoped(Equivalent) has a maximum speed of 45km / h due to the vehicle structure, so there is no regulation regarding output.


    TaiwanUnder the driver's license system, a maximum output of less than 1.34 HP is a small light equipment pedestrian, 1.34 HP or more and less than 5 HP is a normal light equipment pedestrian, 5 HP or more and less than 40 HP is a normal heavy equipment pedestrian, and 40 HP or more is a large heavy equipment pedestrian. The output defines the vehicle that can be driven, and the corresponding swordsmanship is required. In the case of a small and light equipment stepping vehicle, the maximum speed is 45km / h in addition to the output due to the vehicle structure.


    People's Republic of ChinaIn some cities, gasoline engine motorcycles are restricted from entering, but electric vehicles that can also run with foot pedals (Electric bicycle), Since it is not treated as a motorized vehicle and is not regulated, the spread of electric bicycles including scooters was promoted.[24].. There are charging facilities around town, usually 1CNYSince it can be charged for (around 2019 yen in 15), it can be charged inexpensively during shopping.

    In 2020, 800 million units will be widespread in Shanghai alone, but on the other hand, there are still safety issues such as ignition during charging. In 2020, more than 380 fire accidents occurred in Shanghai alone, killing 20 people.[25]..The government has banned indoor charging due to a series of fires.[26].


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    注 釈

    1. ^ For example, Yamaha BinoIn the case of the gasoline car, the price is 18.5 yen, while the EV is 21.9 yen, which is 1.2 times higher, while the 30km / h cruising range from the full charge is 80km x 4.5L = 360km for the gasoline car, but only 29km for the EV. Absent. The data used is from the Yamaha official website (March 2020, 3). The price does not include tax.


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