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✈ | Chitose Base, "Air Festival" pre-training on 7/11

Photo Japan Air Self-Defense Force F-15 image (former Aomori person, taken on October 2021, 10)

Chitose base, "air festival" pre-training on 7/11

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The training so far has been carried out on F-15 fighters.

Pre-flight training for the "Air Festival 2022" to be held on July 7, 31 at the Air Self-Defense Force Chitose Base is July 2022st ... → Continue reading


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F-15 (fighter)

F-15 Eagle

US Air Force F-15C

US Air Force F-15C

F-15It is,The United States of America OfMcDonnell DouglasCompany (currentlyBoeingDeveloped byAir superiority fighter..The receipt of the formal machine1972/(Official organization1976/),Nickname Theイ ー グ ル(Eagle) (Eagle).


US Air ForceWas operated byF-4Large size developed as a successorAir superiority fighterso,4th generation jet fighterare categorized. With F-4Cold WarWith the US Air Force belowMcDonnell DouglasRepresenting the companyFighterIt can be said.In addition to the US Air ForceIsraeli Air Force,Japan Air Self-Defense Force,Saudi Air ForceAdopted.The F-15 pilots are commonly referred to as "eagle drivers."[2].

TitaniumLarge thrust for a lightweight aircraft that makes heavy use ofTurbo fan engineIt is equipped with two units and has high fighting ability, and at the same time, it has a high output pulse Doppler.radarAnd medium rangeAir-to-air missileIt also has the operational ability of, and it is possible to respond to near and far air-to-air combat.[3]..The successorF-22Although it was made into a force, it was not completely replaced due to its high price, so it continues to occupy one of the world's top class aircraft even now, 40 years after the first flight of the prototype aircraft.

Two piecesVertical tailDespite its conservative design, which combines a mediocre flat wing with a horizontal stabilizer, it has achieved epoch-making mobility at that time.[Annotation 1]As a result of various ingenuity at the design stage based on the lessons learned from the problems that became apparent in the operation of the F-4, it has shown a high degree of perfection from the beginning.

Although he has a lot of practical experience, the country of adoption is2018/from now onNo record of being shot down in aerial combatIt is supposed to be.However, several opponents have claimed to shoot down the F-15,Soviet Union(AfterRussiaEtc.) by the observer dispatched to the battlefieldMiG 23It is said that domestically made fighters such as the one shot down several F-15s.1995 as an accident during trainingJapan Air Self-Defense ForceInF-15 consort plane shooting down accidentand so on.

There are two types, single-seat type and double-seat type, but there is no big difference in flight performance and combat ability.It is also a derived typeFighter bomber OfF-15EWas also developed and adopted by the US Air Force and other countries.

History of development


1956/Deployment started inSide winderEquipped withF-86 fighterBut,1958/ OfTaiwan StraitInKinmen gun battleLarge scale of timeAir battleAnd so on[Annotation 2]From case studies, etc.US Air ForceThen in the futureFighterThe battle between each other is "long range from a long distance"missile"It will be the one that shoots down the opponent"Missile universal theoryBecame the mainstream, as an air-to-air armamentMachine gunBecame neglected.Also,the 1950s OfUSSRbyM-4 (Bison),Tu-95 (Bear)New model such asBomberThere was widespread "" theory advocating the need to address the deployment ofThat's why the U.S. Air ForceInterceptorbombingThe emphasis was on expanding capacity.

As a result, the weight of newly developed was mainly aimed at anti-fighter combat.Air superiority fighterFor bomber interception by (nuclear) missilesF-102Replenish the interceptor fighter like, and the ground attack powerF-105LikeFighter bomberMoved to.InitiallyF-86The successor to SaberF-100 Super SaberWas also diverted to a fighter-bomber,F-101,F-104It became a specification that neglected motility.

For this reason, the U.S. Air ForceVietnam WarIt is old-fashioned due to the rules of engagement that prohibits out-of-sight combat, which was set in the wake of friendly fire in the beginning of the battle, because it does not have an aircraft with sufficient fighting ability at the start time.MiG 17I was involved in a fighting battle with and was forced to struggle.however1961/At the timeSecretary of Defense OfRobert McNamaraIntroduced by unifying the models of both the Kukai and Navy forcesF-4However, because it was relatively mobile, it was able to survive the Vietnam War.

Furthermore, in order to reduce costs and rationalize, McNamara proceeded with the TFX plan to develop a fighter-bomber developed mainly by the Air Force into an interceptor for fleet air defense for the Navy and to standardize it, but the weight increased.engine(Prat & Whitney TF30) Stall,US NavyNew formissile(AIM-54 Phoenix) And newFire control system(AN / AWG-9) As a result of F-111B cancellation due to problems such as development delay, for the Air Force while having problems such as high cost and exercise performanceF-111AIt ended with the practical use of only.

FX development

Navy after abandoning TFX commercialization1965/In addition, the next fighter attack aircraft VFAX (later canceled) and the next fighter VFX (later)F-14) Development research was started.The Air Force also considered that even the F-111, let alone the F-4, was too heavy for air superiority fighting, and in April of the same year, began research and development of FX.

1966/January,North American Rockwell,Lockheed,BoeingConcluded a four-month concept creation research contract on Tactical Support Aircraft with three companies.In September of the same year, the evaluation of the research results of the three companies was completed, but the development policy was not decided.The outline is as follows.

  • Aircraft weight about 27 tons (60,000lb +)
  • Instantaneous maximum speedMach2.7, maximum speed Mach 2.5
  • Thrust-to-weight ratio 0.75
  • F-111Has better flight performance such as acceleration and ascent,Variable swept wingEquipped with
  • Medium rangeAir-to-air missile-bombEquipped with

This time,1967/7Made inMoscow-Domodedovo airportAtAir showMiG 25Suddenly appeared and passed over the sky at high speed.Not only this carefully directed fly pass, but the Soviet Union will be at this air showMiG 23-Su-15Various types of aircraft including prototypes and experimental aircraft3th generation jet fighterWestern aircraft experts, who were shocked by these, overestimated the substance as the Soviet Union intended.The leaders of the U.S. Air Force also thought that they did not have an aircraft that could compete with the released aircraft, and in addition to the Soviet bombers, they also raised a sense of crisis in the fighters.

During the period when the Air Force was considering air superiority fighters, a small group called Fighter Mafia appeared from keymen in various directions.One of them,John BoydSystematizes his experience as a tactical instructor with his F-100Conservation of energyThe theory of aerial (air combat) maneuvers based onEnergy-maneuverability theoryBased on the judgment, the first request for proposal (RFP) of FX was rejected and revised to the final version.[Annotation 3].

The Air Force launched McDonnell Douglas andGeneral dynamicsConcluded a 2-month concept creation contract for fighters with the two companies.

The year after the Moscow Air Show1968/In September, the US Air Force signed a research contract with eight domestic aircraft manufacturers and issued an RFP. The main contents of the RFP were as follows.

  • Mach 0.9, with high G maneuver at an altitude of 30,000 feetAbnormal vibrationDoes not occur
  • Using wings with the above aerodynamic characteristics, it has sufficient energy / kinetic ability in a wide flight speed altitude range.
  • Aerial refueling, ま た はAdditional tankOnly between continentsLong-distance deadhead flightCan
  • On-board weapons can be operated by one person for all missions
  • Assuming a realistic air-to-air battle, the safety factor of fatigue life of 4,000 flight hours is set to 4 and proved by the test.
  • Using the latest technologycockpitDress up, especially in hand-to-hand combatHead up displayUse
  • Theoretical maintenance man-hours are 1 people / hour per flight time
  • Mean time between failures of component equipment is handled within the above maintenance man-hours
  • Ensure 360 ​​° visibility in the driver's seat
  • The main engine can be started only with in-flight equipment
  • Airframe structure, electrical, hydraulic, and control equipment have a high degree of survivability to safely return to the base in combat situations.
  • Total weight of anti-fighter combat equipment is 40,000 pounds (about 18.1 tons) class
  • Subsystems, components and equipment must be at least prototype proven
  • Maximum speed is Mach 2.5 at high altitude
  • Long-distance with lower altitude monitoring capability than own aircraftPulse doppler radarEquipped with

In addition to these, it was decided not to hold a prototype competition.

McDonnell Douglas, based on each company's proposal submitted in December 1968Fairchild,North American RockwellWe selected three companies, signed a six-month research contract for detailed proposals, and each company submitted a design proposal on time.Fairchild's proposal is a deformation of both sides of the fuselagedeltaIt was a twin-engine single vertical stabilizer with an engine nacelle placed half the width of the main wing and an exhaust port arranged in a line from the two-dimensional air intake.The North American Rockwell proposal isAussie wingshaveBlended wing bodyIt was a parallel twin-engine single vertical stabilizer in the fuselage with a two-dimensional air intake under the fuselage.

On the other hand, the McDonnell Douglas aircraft had a large area of ​​wing with a not-so-large receding angle of 45 degrees at the front edge.This was rarely adopted by supersonic fighters at the time.[Annotation 4]..At that time, McDonnell Douglas submitted a 37,500-page document, and was designing thousands of different airframe shapes using a large computer.[4].

Prototype machine order

1969/12The US Air Force has signed a development contract with McDonnell Douglas.George Graf was appointed as the chief designer and Don Malvern was appointed as the aerodynamics officer.Also,St. LouisTwo air-to-air combat simulators were developed at the factory and used for research.In this development, more than 2 hours of design improvements have been made.Wind tunnelIn the experiment, more than 100 types of main wing shapes were tested.[4].

Although the F-4 is a twin engine, there were cases where both engines stopped or crashed due to a fire after being hit by one engine.[4]..Based on this lesson, the F-15 uses a lot of titanium around the engine as a vertical material between the engines to ensure heat resistance and strength, further enhances the fire extinguishing system, and pays attention to the fuel tank arrangement. Titanium[5].

Engine developmentPratt & WhitneyGeneral ElectricFrom the suggestion of1970/Pratt & Whitney in MarchF100Turbo fan engineSigned a development contract.The initial thrust test1972/It will be finished by the end of March, and one year laterType certificationCompleted the exam to obtain[5].

radarWith HughesWestinghouseFrom the company's proposal1970/Hughes in SeptemberAN / APG-63Selecting radar[5].

Fixed armedM61A1 cannonInitially at Filco FordCartridge-type ammunitionWas planned to be newly developed and used, but the conventional one did not accept the request from FILCO Ford to extend the development period for irregular ballistic performance.ammunitionWas to be adopted[5].

1971/In February, the US Senate Expenditure CommitteeF-14And F-15, and pointed out that F-14 is inferior to F-15 if it can fulfill all F-15 missions, but F-14 cannot fulfill all F-15 missions. There was an opinion that the same model should be adopted by both the Air Force and the Navy.In response, the Air Force argued that the F-14 was a fleet-defense aircraft and the F-15 was a highly mobile air superiority fighter.on the other hand,US Department of DefenseFrom the inside, a Navy type based on the F-15 (Fighter)ofF-15NThere was also a move to instruct the consideration of[5].

Initially, 12 aircraft were ordered for development, and 1972 pre-production models were ordered in the 8 fiscal year, and the following work and tests were assigned to each.

  • F1 (Unit 1)-(71-0280) Exploration of performance area, operational characteristics, external loading test
  • F2 (Unit 2)- enginetest
  • F3 (Unit 3)- Electronic equipmentDevelopment, airflow velocity measurement (after this, the aircraftAN / APG-63Fire control systemEquipped with)
  • F4 (Unit 4) --Structural test
  • F5 (Unit 5)- Machine gun・ Weapon / Weapon rack injection test (after that, the aircraftM61A1 Gatling gunIs equipped with)
  • F6 (Unit 6) --Electronic equipment test and flight controlmissileLaunch evaluation
  • F7 (Unit 7)-Weapons, fuel, armament rack
  • F8 (Unit 8) --Abnormal posture, especially cone fir characteristics, high angle of attack evaluation
  • F9 (Unit 9) --Aircraft, engine compatibility evaluation
  • F10 (Unit 10)- radar, Electronic equipment testing
  • T1 (Unit 11) --Double seat type evaluation.laterF-15S / MTDBecome
  • T2 (Unit 12) --Double seat type.McDonnell DouglasCompany flight demonstration machine.laterF-15E OfPrototypeBecomes
  • F11 (Unit 13) --Practical test
  • F12 (Unit 14)- Conformal fuel tankEquipment: Practical test
  • F13 (Unit 15) --Practical test
  • F14 (Unit 16) --Meteorological environment test.After the testIsraelSold to
  • F15 (Unit 17)-Not used and sold to Israel
  • F16 (Unit 18) --Sold to Israel after practical test and flight demonstration
  • F17 (Unit 19)-Used for "Streak Eagle Project"
  • F18 (Unit 20)-Not used and sold to Israel

1972/6/26The first machine was completed at McDonnell Douglas' St. Louis plant.On the same day, a rollout commemorative ceremony was held.

The first machine was disassembled at a later dateCalifornia OfEdwards Air Force BaseC-5Transport aircraftTransported and reassembled7/27ToMojave DesertMcDonnell Douglas Chief in the SkyTest pilotThe first flight of about 50 minutes was carried out by Irvine L. Burrows.1973/7It has recorded a maximum speed of Mach 1,000 and a maximum altitude of 2.5 m before counting 18,290 flights.

The corrections found in the test and evaluation work using the prototype machine for more than two years were limited to the following minor changes, proving the solidity of the original design.

  • Cut off the rear part of the wing tip
  • To the horizontal stabilizerDogtoothAdd
  • Air brakeLarger size and associated opening restrictions



The outer shape isF-111,F-14Variable swept wing,F-16 OfBlended wing bodyWithout adopting new innovations such asMiG 25,A-5It became a solid composition in which a twin vertical stabilizer and a fully floating horizontal stabilizer were arranged on a shoulder wing arrangement clipped delta wing with a precedent such as.

For the main wing, the front edge is provided by giving a conical camber that curves the entire airfoil at the tip of the wing by matching the camber of the basic airfoil to the cone with the front edge of the wing root as the apex.flapOmit, only simple flaps and ailerons on the trailing edgeMoving bladeIt is a simple one.The bulge at the base of the main wing isStrakeIt has similar takeoff and landing performance and the effect of improving mobility.The bulge at the base of this main wingMachine gunIt also serves as a built-in space for the empennage, and is extended rearward to serve as a mounting part for the tail.

Upper surface of the fuselageCanopyLarge in the rearAir brakeIs equipped and the drag chute is abolished.This air brake has a lightweight structure that combines an aluminum honeycomb and a carbon fiber composite material (graphite epoxy).The horizontal stabilizer and vertical stabilizerTitanium, Aluminum honeycomb, surface in betweenboronUsing a fiber composite material, it has a lightweight and strong structure.Besides, for weight reduction and heat resistance enhancementengineTitanium or more than 25% of the structural weight is used at key points such as the circumference and the circular rectangle of the main wing attachment part.Titanium alloyIt is a feature of the F-15 that cannot be seen from the outside.

The teardrop-shaped windshield that overhangs the top of the aircraft secures a 360-degree view without increasing resistance due to the large space that is not much different between the single-seat type and the double-seat type.High temperature strength in early aircraftPolycarbonateToア ク リ ルIt was a material that was diffused and vapor-deposited.UVStrengthened due to cloudiness due to deterioration due toAcrylic glassWas changed to.

Control system

The flight control system is a combination of a CAS (Control Augmentation System), which is an electric maneuverability enhancer, and a hydraulic mechanism. CAS converts the operation of the control stick and foot pedal into electrical signals to operate the hydraulic servo cylinders of each rotor blade.Fly by wireThe same principle as, but while fly-by-wire performs all operations only by the electrical signal command of the flight control computer, CAS is an aileron, rudder connected by mechanical coupling by a link mechanism. , It is equipped in parallel with the horizontal stabilizer to enhance stability and correct steering.This allows the flight to continue under CAS-only control even if the mechanical coupling is broken, but like the F-16.CCV designWas impossible to introduce.

The cockpit was the mainstream design at the time by combining an analog instrument with a CRT radar scope, but the control stick and throttle lever that controls the engine output are frequently used for steering, steering, navigation, communication, engine-related, fire control, etc. By installing a high switch and combining it with the HUD, the pilot can operate them without turning their eyes and taking their hands off during flight.HOTASIt is designed to have both reliability and innovation, such as the introduction of.

Electronic equipment

Fire control systemIs high performanceradarSingle-seat operation is realized by highly automated design centered on (AN / APG-63 / 70 series).APG-63Radar is smallFighter80 for a target that is a projected area of ​​degreenautical mileIt can be detected at a distance of (148km) or more.Using the on-board data linkEarly warning and control aircraftDemonstrate advanced interception ability in cooperation with (AWACS).

TEWS (Tactical Electronic Warfare System), which was highly confidential and did not permit export,(German versionRadar warning receiver,(English editionElectronic warfare alert system,AN / ALQ-135Built-inRadio jamming device, AN / ALE-45 Chaff-FlareIt integrates the ejector and promotes automation.


Pratt & WhitneyCompanyF100Turbo fan engineIs installed in two units.Even the early model F2-PW-100 exerts a thrust of 100 kg per unit, so if it is in a state close to, the thrust-to-weight ratio will exceed 1.engineThe vertical ascent can be sustained only by thrust.It has no practical meaning, but it does mean that it has sufficient surplus thrust that can be used to recover from a sudden loss of kinetic energy under high maneuverability.

In the beginningStagnation stallDue to the frequent occurrence of accidents due to the above, in addition to extending the splitter vane, operational measures were taken such as describing precautions in the throttle operation manual.

The two-dimensional air intakes on the left and right sides of the fuselage move 4 degrees upward and 11 degrees downward, and cooperate with the internal movable swash plate and bypass port to properly supply outside air to the engine in various postures and speeds. Introduce.

The maximum speed that is not limited in durationMachIt is 2.3, and the nominal maximum speed of 2.3, which exceeds Mach 2.5, is limited to 1 minute due to engine intake air temperature and other restrictions.

Even with the F-15A, if the altitude is around 10,000 lb, which is the standard weight for fighting battles, it is possible to fly at a speed slightly exceeding Mach 45,000 due to the thrust during battle.

The reason why the variable nozzle at the rear of the engine of the F-15 was not attached was that it was dropped from the initially installed machine one after another.Therefore, many aircraft have not yet installed the iris board.

The F-4 relied on ground equipment to start the engine, and even if the aircraft was safe, it had the weakness of not being able to sortie if the equipment was destroyed. The F-15 is required to be able to start independently as a countermeasure, and for starting the engineJFS, For power supply / hydraulic supplyAPUIs installed. Since JFS can start only one engine at a time, it is necessary to switch manually.The engine can also be started from the APU, and even if the engine stops during flight, it has two restart means if there is fuel.


Armed with the F-15Vietnam WarWith 940 bullets on the front edge of the base of the right wing, which was fixed equipment from the war lesson ofM61A1 cannonAnd two places under the main wingPylonA total of 4 shots on the side rails on both sides ofAIM-9 Sidewinder, 4 places on the underside of the fuselageLauncher4 shots in totalAIM-7 SparrowIt has become.

The M61A1 cannon's 940 roundsF-4It is about 50% more than the above, and can shoot 14 times per second.The line of sight of the cannon is directed twice above the reference line of the aircraft, mainly for aerial combat purposes.

Sparrow's semi-active homing method irradiates the target with radio waves from the mother unit, so it has the disadvantage of restricting the movement of the mother unit until it hits, although the guidance part is simple and compact and lightweight.For this reason, advances in semiconductor technology have made the induction unit smaller.U.S. Forces OfAIM-120 AMRAAM,Japan Air Self-Defense Force OfType 99 air-to-air guided bulletThe operational capability of active homing missiles has been added to the F-15.

In addition to this, various updates such as changes in specifications for each country and addition of weapons used have been received even after the formal adoption.

There is a misunderstanding that it specializes in anti-aircraft combat, but it is from the operational point of view, and from the beginning of developmentMk82, Mk84 general purposebombAnd various derived from themGuided bombIt is designed so that it can be mounted.Since these bombing equipment do not interfere with the loading of missiles, they have high potential as fighter-bombers and will develop into the F-15E in later years.As for the maximum load capacity, it is natural that it is larger than the F-16 because it is a larger machine.This aircraft was often used purely as a fighter because ground attacks had a higher wear rate than air superiority missions, and it was judged that it was not a good idea to devote expensive aircraft to it, so ground attack missions. There is also an example used in[Annotation 5].Fire control systemAir-to-ground modeHUDThe display supports ground shooting, (automatic) firing, and 4G pull-up after firing.


Although it was developed more than 40 years ago and was conservatively developed even in the 1970s, it was designed with a margin from the beginning for future development in addition to the original high basic performance. Because it was, the new missile described later was installed, the engine was updated to an improved engine, and moreAWACS,Early warning aircraftWas the coreC4I systemBy implementing modernization and renovation such as updating electronic equipment to respond to the sophistication ofRussia OfSu-27And European international joint developmentEurofighter Typhoon,France OfRafalIt maintains the ability to carry out missions on the front lines, comparable to the latest machines that appeared in the late 80s and after the 90s.

Streak Eagle

"Streak Eagle" is an example of the performance of the F-15.this is1975/Aimed to update the climb time record at that time using one of the F-15 prototypesUS Air ForcePlanning by[Annotation 6]Is.In the namestreakIn addition to the original meaning of "lightning stone fire", from the refurbishment where the paint on the aircraft was peeled off, "running around in public naked, which was popular at the time"streaking".This also became the name of the record updater itself.

1962/Made inUS Navyof"Project high jump」においてF-4は3,000、6,000、9,000、12,000、15,000、20,000、25,000、30,000mの8高度までの到達記録を更新した。 それに対して1973/ToSoviet Union TheMiG 25The special modified machine (Ye-266) set three records from 20,000 to 30,000m.The plan aimed to show off the F-3's superiority in the US Air Force by seizing the ascending record officially recognized by international organizations from the Soviet Union and the US Navy.

From the prototypes No. 5 and No. 19, select No. 360 which is about 19 kg lighter.radar・ Emergency hook ・Machine gunUnnecessary equipment such as these was removed, and even the paint was peeled off to achieve a thorough weight reduction.However, no modifications or modifications have been made, such as the addition of a special thrust device.Measurement is1975/ Of1/16-2/1OverNorth DakotaAir Force Roger Smith at Grand Forks Air Force BaseMajor, W.R. McFarlane, and Dave Petersen.As a result, all eight rising records were set as follows.The cost of refurbishing the aircraft was $ 8 million.

Altitude reachedConventional record [seconds]Project record [seconds]


Modernization renovation

Step-by-step modernization and refurbishment of the F-15A / B.Many aircraft that were not subject to repairMothballHas been done.Boeing was planning to sell these products to Eastern European countries after repairing them to the equivalent of C / D.
  • RadarAPG-63 (V) 1Conversion to
  • Replacement with F100-PW-220E engine
  • Modernization of electronic warfare equipment
For F-15C / D1983/Modernization and renovation carried out in stages from.The following renovations were carried out in stages.The refurbished F-15Enhanced Eagle(BritishEnhanced Eagles) are called.
  • RadarAPG-70In addition, APG-63 (V) 1 (APG-3 (V) 15 in the F-63C / D deployed by the 2rd Air Wing of the US Air Force belonging to Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska. TO THAT)change to
  • Weapon Control System AN / AWG-20 PACS[Annotation 7]Conversion to
  • MPCD to the cockpit[Annotation 8]Add
  • Replacement of radar alarm device with AN / ALR-56C
  • Improvement of AN / ALQ-135
  • Equipped with MIL-STD-1553B digital data bus
  • New missiles (AIM-9M, AIM-7M,AIM-120)
  • Multifunctional information distribution systemBy installing (MIDS-LVT (3))Link 16Correspondence to
Golden eagle
The following changes will be made in the ongoing modernization refurbishment type[6].
EPAWSS is still in the development planning stage and aims for engineering and manufacturing development (EMD) contracts in the second quarter of fiscal year 2015. EPAWSS is also expected to be adapted for digital radio frequency memory (DRFM) technology, masquerading as a new internal digital radar warning receiver, an upgraded chaff flare dispenser, and a new fiber optic towing decoy.As for the manufacturer, BAE Systems and Northrop Grumman were competing[8][9], October 2015, 10 BAE Systems wins contract[10].
ADCP II is expected to reach Milestone B in November 2012 and will be integrated in the fourth quarter of fiscal year 11.[11].
The budget for IRST has been suspended since 2012, but has been resumed since fiscal year 2015.[12]..In addition to Lockheed's Legion pod, Northrop Grumman's open pod is a candidate for mounting.[13][14].
In addition, since the pilot has pointed out that even if the amount of information increases, the performance cannot be fully exhibited without improving the interface, it is also being considered to change the radar and TEWS display to a modern display.[15].
Other renovations
  • Refurbishment with Talon Hate Pod
The Talon Hate Pod will be installed to improve information sharing between 4th and 5th generation fighters operated by the US military.The Talon Hate is a 22 lb, 16 ft gateway pod developed to solve the problem that the F-22 cannot send data to fighters other than the F-1,800 using Link 17.MIDS-JTRSBuilt-in data link equipment with satellites and ground.MIDS-JTRS to be installed in Talon HateSoftware defined radioIn-flight data link (IFDL) connection with the F-22 will be realized by taking advantage of this point.The pod completed the final design review on September 2014, 9, and is scheduled to be deployed from 16.[16][17].
  • Repair with sniper pod
Air National GuardIn the F-15AN / AAQ-33 Sniper XRThe operational capacity of is added.The pod is attached to the center line and is mainlydrugThe main use is to track airplanes, etc., where traffickers fly low.EmergencyToElectronic warfareIt is also supposed to be used as a passive sensor in the environment[18].

Operation in the United States

1976/ToVirginiaLangley Air Force BaseThe 1st Tactical Combat Wing receives the F-15A and becomes the first combat unit.Since then, it has become obsoleteF-4FighterIn the form of replacing withIn the usaUnits andU.S. Air Force in Japan,US Air Force in EuropeWas deployed to the troops.

Initially the F-15Air superiority fighterIt was planned to play the role of, but because it is expensiveU.S. ForcesBut it's cheap because we can't procure enoughF-16"Hi Lo Mix" operation that develops and deploys in large quantities[Annotation 16]..This system is the successor modelF-22F-35Will be taken over by.

at that time,InterceptorWas operated asF-106As the fighter planes are getting older, as a successorUS Navy OfF-14And fought for recruitment.But traditionalUS Air Force USSRIn reaction to being overly cautious of the American mainland attack capabilityInterceptorDeployment was not considered a priority, and as a result it disappeared without being decided by either.After all, F-106Tactical Air CommandWith the retirement from, the F-15, which had already been deployed in a destructive manner, became a good choice to take over the mission.Alsothe 1980sToAir National GuardThe F-15 was also deployed to the F-16 and took over the interception mission with the F-XNUMX.[Annotation 17].

The final US Air Force F-15A / B / C / D purchase was 911.Currently derived typeF-15EThe number is being reduced by procuring the successor F-22.2009/In October, the last F-10A / B was retired from the Oregon Air National Guard.According to the U.S. military website2012/As of May, the total number of F-5C / Ds owned by the entire army (including the Air National Guard) is 15.

NASAThen, I bought B type and D type and used them as a testing machine.

Troop deployment

First of all, the US Air Force1974/11/14ToArizonaThe first double-seat mass-produced unit was deployed to the 58th Tactical Combat Training Air Wing at Luke Air Force Base in Tokyo, and the deployment was prioritized to this unit thereafter.As a core member of the unit that will be formed later in this unit,Vietnam WarThe model conversion training was conducted mainly by pilots who have abundant flight experience of F-4 and F-104, which have experience of serving in the military. 1976/1/9ToVirginiaLangley Air Force BaseThe 1st Tactical Combat Wing became the first combat unit with the incorporation of the F-15A and pilots who had completed model conversion training.LaterIn the usaF-4 troops continue to be updated,1979/untilNew mexicoHolloman Air Force Base 49th Wing Combat Wing,FloridaThe 33rd Tactical Combat Wing at Eglin Base has begun receiving F-15A / B.

In addition, 1980/From then on, production was switched to the F-15C / D, and the F-4 and A / B types were updated in parallel. C / D type1988/By then, it had been deployed to all combat units operating the F-49, with the exception of the 15th Wing Combat Wing at Holloman Air Force Base.The surplus F-15A / B will be deployed to the 58th Tactical Training Air Wing, the successor to the 405th Tactical Combat Training Air Wing, and the newly formed 325th Tactical Training Air Wing at Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida. It was.It can also be said to be a reserve unit of the US Air Force.US Air National Guard(Air National Guard) and2005/65thAggressorThe surplus F-15 is also being deployed to the squadron.

The first deployment outside the continental United States1977/1/5からWest GermanyIt was held at the 36th Tactical Combat Wing stationed at the Bitburg Air Force Base in the west, and about 15 F-80A / B aircraft and 3 squadrons were formed.Warsaw PactBecame a mission to intercept military attack aircraft[Annotation 18].. Since 1980, it has been gradually updated to F-15C / D.next1978/In September, Netherlands OfSoester Bell Air Force BaseDeployed to the 32nd Tactical Combat Squadron.AmsterdamThis base, close to, was chosen when the Warsaw Pact invaded West Germany.Soviet armyLong-range bomberNorth Sea,Baltic SeaThis is because it was expected to invade from.

1985/Isアイス ランドIt was replaced with the F-57 deployed in the 4th Combat Intercept Squadron.This unit was also primarily responsible for intercepting Soviet long-range bombers.The squadron is the only squadron that operates the F-15C / D.Conformal fuel tankWas always installed and operated.

Far EastThen.1979/ToJapan OfKadena Air Force BaseThe F-18C / D was sequentially deployed as a replacement for the aging F-4 of the 15th Tactical Combat Air Wing belonging to1980/8Completed the update of all 3 squadrons.

Cold WarSince the end of the old east side, nowNorth Atlantic Treaty OrganizationBeing a member of (NATO)ルーマニアThe F-15 is deployed at many NATO military bases, including the Costanza base in.In addition, after the end of F-2010 operation by the Hawaii Air National Guard (154th Air Wing, 199th Combat Squadron) in 15,F-22Montana Air National Guard F-15 dispatched to Hawaii[19].

Retired and successor

Deployment of successor F-22, etc.F-35Updates are underway as preparations are made for deployment to.

F-22 deployment to conversion training squadron at Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida2002/Was done from.next2005/Of the three F-1 squadrons in the 15st Fighter Wing at Langley Air Force Base, two were updated to the F-3.Since then, it has been renewed and deployed at Elmendorf Air Force Base in Alaska, Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico, and Hickam Air Force Base in Hawaii.2009/The two squadrons organized at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida have given up all of their F-2s and have begun preparations to become the first F-15 training unit of the US Air Force.In 35, many F-2010C / D squadrons were discontinued, leaving only the U.S. Forces in Japan in active combat units.Crew education will also be conducted by the Air National Guard.

The remaining F-15C / D was planned to be modernized to 2040C etc., but the total flight time has already passed for a long time, and 15 like F-16E, F-10, A-2030 etc. The repair was abolished because there was not enough life left to maintain the aircraft, and it was cheaper to build a new one due to increased costs, so it was decided to replace it with the new F-15E-based aircraft.[20][21].

Deployment base[22]

In operation

U.S. Air Force in Japan
US Air National Guard
  • Florida Air National GuardJacksonville International Airport) --125th Fighter Wing 159 Combat Squadron
  • Massachusetts Air Force State Soldier (Burns Airport)-104th Fighter Wing 131st Fighter Squadron
  • California Air National Guard (Fresno National Guard Air Corps Base)-144th Combat Wing 194th Combat Squadron
  • Oregon Air National GuardPortland International Airport) --142nd Fighter Wing 123rd Combat Squadron --173rd Fighter Wing 114th Combat Squadron
  • Louisiana Air National Guard (Naval Base, New Orleans)-159th Combat Wing 122nd Combat Squadron

Units operated in the past

In the usa
  • Langley Air Force Base(Virginia) --Air Combat Command 1st Tactical Combat Command 71st Combat Squadron
  • Eglin Air Force Base (Florida) --33rd Tactical Combat Air Wing 58th Combat Squadron --60th Combat Squadron
  • Nellis Air Force Base(ネ バ ダ 州) --57th Tactical Combat Air Wing 65th Aggressor Squadron
  • Mountain Home Air Force Base (Idaho) --The 366th Mixed Wing 390th Combat Squadron
  • Tyndall Air Force Base (Florida) --Air Combat Command 1st Air Force 325th Tactical Training Air Wing 2nd Combat Squadron --95th Combat Squadron
Pacific Air Force
US Air Force in Europe
  • Lakenheath Base (England) --48th Tactical Combat Wing 493 Combat Squadron
U.S. Air National Guard
  • Hawaii Air National Guard (Hickam Air Force Base)-154th Wing 199th Combat Squadron
  • Montana Air National Guard (Great Falls International Airport)-120th Airlift Wing 186th Combat Squadron


1983/,At the timeRonald ReaganPresidentA series of "SDI plan"(Star Wars Project), F-15Satellite attack missileThere was a plan to use it as a launching mother machine.

Old times1962/ToF-4A four-stage type called "Kalebu" that usesSolid fuel rocketIt started with the development of the two-stage rocket and the launch experiment of the two-stage rocket.In this experiment, before the announcement of the SDI project1979/We used the two-stage prototype attack-destroying missile "ASAT" that was ordered from Boat.warheadThe part was called "Flying Tomato Can" because of its shape.Air-launch experiment1984/1/12In fact, the launch experiment for the orbital target1985/9/13Made in.

Experiments were suspended due to a major overhaul of the plan, and the 318th Interceptor Squadron, which was packaged as "ASAT" and organized for air defense on the western coast of the United States, was also disbanded.In addition, part of the plan has been taken over by the MD plan.

Actual battle input

The first actual battle of the F-15 belonging to the US military1990/ OfGulf War18 years after the first flight

Gulf War
1990/8/2,Iraqi armyIs a neighboring countryクウェートInvaded Kuwait City and occupied Kuwait City in about 4 hours,8/6ToSaudi ArabiaIt expanded to the vicinity of the border.On the other hand, Saudi ArabiaThe United States of AmericaDemanding troop dispatch from friendly countries, includingGeorge HW BushThe president (at that time) immediately decided to dispatch.The day after the request8/7FromVirginiaLangley Air Force Base's 1st Tactical Combat Wing 71st Tactical Combat Squadron's 24 F-15Cs more than 10 timesAerial refuelingRepeat大西洋から地中海It crossed 13,000km for 15 hours without landing, and became the first unit dispatched by the US military.
Starting with this dispatch, it was state-of-the-art at that timeF-15EThe US Air and Navy squadrons, including the one, entered Saudi Arabia in sequence.11/29,United NationsAtUnited Nations Security Council Resolution678 ”was adopted, and the Iraqi army's withdrawal deadline from Kuwait1991/1/15However, during that time, the deployment of troops to Saudi Arabia and the operation of transporting goods were called the "desert shield" operation, and the F-15 conducted combat air patrol at full capacity for 24 hours.
(I.e. The1/15Ignore the withdrawal deadline.For this reasonMultinational forcesIt is,1/17Activate the "Operation Desert Storm" operation.Early in the morning of the same day, four F-33Cs were dispatched from the 58th Tactical Combat Squadron of the Temporary 4rd Tactical Combat Wing deployed at the Saudi Arabia / Tabuk base for a CAP mission west of Baghdad.John K. Kerk of formation No. 15CaptainWhile guarding the high altitude race track pattern with the 4th aircraft at an altitude of 30,000ft, he caught the shadow of an unknown aircraft rising straight from a distance of 74km toward the formation and approached to 22km.E-3Early warning and control aircraftWithout waiting for the target identification contact fromAIM-7FWas launched, and it was decided to record the first shot down by the US Air Force F-3 at 10:15 am local time.This downfall is also the first record of downfall in the Gulf War.On the same day, three aircraft including this shot downMiG 29And oneMirage F1Has been confirmed to have been shot down.
During subsequent operations, the US Air Force F-15 (excluding the E) shot down 38 Iraqi military aircraft, with no damage to its own aircraft.About 38% of the 7 aircraft shot down were shot down by the AIM-XNUMX.
This one-sided result of the Gulf WarRules of engagementThen.Vietnam WarThe effect of allowing non-visual range combat, which was prohibited, is significant.IFFIt is possible to shoot down one-sidedly by using AIM-7 by judging the enemy and ally only by collating with, and further achieving results by data link with early warning and control aircraft such as E-3.Ironically, it wasn't done in the Vietnam WarMissile carrierIt can be said that the F-15, which was born as a fighting fighter from the lessons of the Vietnam War, realized the concept of.
Kosovo conflict
Kosovo conflictThe F-15 was also introduced.However, since there were few aerial battles,AIM-120Only shot down four MiG-29s.
Iraq war
F-1 belonging to the 71st Squadron of the 15st Fighter Wing,2003/ OfIraq warHas shot down the Mirage F1 of the Iraqi army.

Entering the 21st century

Cold WarUnder the structurethe 1980sFor the purpose of developing a successor to the F-15,Advanced Tactical Fighter PlanThe U.S. Air Force is alreadyStealth fighterF-22Had started the development of.But,Collapse of the Soviet UnionWith the end of the Cold War1996/The development and deployment plan for the F-22, which was supposed to start operation at the end, was postponed, and the F-15, which had been deployed to the US Air Force, will continue to be the main fighter.For this reason, the above-mentioned modernization and life extension repairs have been carried out.AIM-120,AIM-9XNew missiles such asJHMCSThe operational capability of new equipment such as is added.In addition, it should be noted.U.S. ArmyPromoted modernization by refurbishing current equipment,2000/According to the material released by Boeing, the cost of introducing the F-15C + new machine is cheaper than the cost of refurbishing the existing machine F-15C +.[23]It has been.

4th generation jet fighterAmong them, it appeared in the early stages, and although it was a high-spec aircraft, it was a solid and conservative aircraft even in the 1970s, but it continued to maintain sufficient performance to compete with fighters from other countries.2025/It was planned to retire all 442 F-15C / Ds currently in use.However,2007/11/2As a result of inspecting all the aircraft owned in response to the F-15C aerial collapse accident that occurred in, it was found that the thickness of the components of the aircraft called Longeron was thinner than the standard and the strength was insufficient, and it was owned by the Air Force. About 40% of AD aircraft were said to fall under this category.But,2008 United States Presidential Electionso,Barack ObamaWas elected president, and due to a policy change, the F-22 production line was decided to be closed, and life extension measures such as increasing the life of the aircraft from 8,000 hours to 10,000 hours from the aircraft whose safety was confirmed have been taken.Also, an extension to 18,000 hours was being considered.[24].

However, due to aging and cost reduction, the Air Force stopped modernization including the installation of EPAWSS on the F-2017 around 15.[25][26]..Initially, I considered the F-16 as a successor,[27]Finally, it was decided to procure F-15EX based on F-15E.[28].

World F-15

As the price rose due to the heavy use of titanium, the US government aimed to reduce the unit price of the aircraft by exporting the F-15 and acquire foreign currency, and aggressively sold to friendly countries with low defense risk.But at the same timeF-16,F / A-18Aircraft with excellent cost performance have appeared, and many countries did not choose it because of its price, and few countries adopted it.However, due to the large number of main fighters introduced, more than 1100 were eventually produced.

The first proposal isPahlavi morningOf the era(I.e.was.AmericaIran at that time had a relatively good relationship with (Iran historySee also),Soviet army OfReconnaissance aircraftOften byAirspace invasionWe planned to introduce a new fighter as a countermeasure against.McDonnell DouglasThe company has been against Iran in the pastF-4Was also listed as a candidate because it had an export record ofF-14Competed with and marketed.But,(I.e.Is an F-15Anti-air weaponsに 加 え てAIM-54 PhoenixF-14 that can operate1973/Was selected for.However, it was proposed at the same timeIsraelSaudi ArabiaThen, F-15 is adopted.

1970/Others at the end of the generationDeveloped countryWe tried to sell to, but conducted a comparative studyAustralia,CanadaThen because of the priceF / A-18There was little track record such as adopting.Only,Japan OfJapan Air Self-Defense Force The1976/12ToNext flagship fighterAdopted asLicense productionI went.

These adopted countries' air forces are still deployed on the front lines and are expected to continue to operate for a long time.In addition, modernization and renovation plans and implementations are being carried out in each country.


Israeli Air Force TheFourth Middle East WarInF-4 Phantom IIIn response to the great exhaustion of the F-15, the F-XNUMX was introduced with the aim of quickly recovering its strength.1975/Make the first introduction plan and order 15 F-25A / B including the prototype.Since then, orders will be placed in stages, and a total of 44 A / B type aircraft and 27 C / D type aircraft will be owned.
Peace Fox
Old timesFranceからMilitary aircraftWas procuringIsraelBut,Third Middle East WarLater, after France's ban on arms exports to Israel,AmericaWill supply military aircraft.resulting in1969/ThanF-4E,A-4 SkyhawkIs procuring.But the Yom Kippur War (Fourth Middle East War) At that timeFighterDue to the great wear of the F-4E (27 lost), it is necessary to recover the force immediately.1974/Started selecting the next main fighter from.The following year, he decided to introduce the F-15 with almost no competition.Israeli Air Force The1975/5Order 25 F-15A / Bs from.AmericaOn the side, this plan was called "Peace Fox I".Because Israel hastened to deploy due to national circumstances,US Air ForceRefurbished its prototypes 16, 17, 18 and 20 to mass production1976/5Handed over to.
After that, the remaining 21 aircraft were handed over at the end of 1976 (Peace Fox II), and Israel operated the F-15A / B.133th SquadronWas organized.After that, F-15C / D1978/(Peace Fox III) and1989/Introduced by (Peace Fox IV) and operate F-15C / D "106th Squadron”, In totalF-15A / B Buzz(38 / 6),F-15C / D AkefIntroduced 16 aircraft (11/71 aircraft).In addition, it should be noted.1994/Has started to introduce the Israeli specification "F-15I" of F-15E (Peace Fox V, detailsF-15E (aircraft)See).Under the Obama administration, nine retired F-15Ds (Kingsley Oregon Air National Guard 173rd Combat Squadron) belonging to the US National Guard were donated as spare parts for parts removal.The Israeli army then chose to regenerate the F-16D instead of retiring the F-15A / B and commissioned it as an Air Force force.
The F-15A / B has been refurbished to the equivalent of the F-15C / D and has CFT operational capabilities.The ejection seat has been replaced with a reliable Douglas IG-7[29].
DomesticAnti-aircraft missilePython 3Added operational capability.AmericaAt the time of export fromnuclear weaponsThe loading capacity has been deleted. It is equipped with an electronic warfare system developed by Elisra, a subsidiary of Elisra, because it was not allowed to export TEWS.
Modernization Renovation Bus 2000 (Buzz Shopper)
1995/F-15 modernization refurbishment program started in.The name is Buzz, but it is also adapted to Akef.Specifically, MIL-STD-1553B and MIL-STD-1760 data bus equipment, APG-63 (v) 1 radar replacement, central computer replacement (same as F-15I), ejection seat IG -7 changed to ACES II, introduced the HOTAS concept,INS/GPSEquipment of navigation equipment, installation of new electronic warfare system, improvement of communication system equipment, improvement of avionics cooling system, EL / L-8202jammingSupport for pods,AIM-120And Israeli domestic missilesDerby,Python 4, 5, DASHHelmet mount displayAre equipped with[30]. Also,(English edition,Pop eyeGuided bombas well as the (English editionAir-to-ground missileThe operational capability of the aircraft has been added, and the air-to-ground attack capability has been expanded.[Annotation 19][Annotation 20]..Also, in B / D, there are two color LCDs on the back seat.MFDWas equipped[Annotation 21].
Later, although the specific time is unknown, support for EL / L-8222 jamming pods,Satellite communicationAddition of SATCOM antenna forUAVControl ability is added[31].. In 2011JDAMImprovements including response to, radar improvement, and fuselage strengthening are also being implemented.[32].
Actual battle input
First actual participation and battle results
1979/6/27,LebanonSouthernPLOCampF-4 and A-4 in charge of attackKfirWhile escorting with, 8 aircraft(I.e.Air Force affiliationMiG 21Engaged with the aircraft and unilaterally shot down four aircraft with the Sidewinder (Israel claims. A total of five aircraft were shot down, including the shot down of Kfir, and two were damaged).
The first pilot to shoot down Mig in this battle wasMcDonnell DouglasPromised to the F-15 development team for the first time in the world to achieve it.
1982/Shot down a total of 40 Syrian Air Force aircraft in this operation (Israel claims).Also,Surface-to-air missileWe also carried out ground attacks on the base.The Soviet Union, which was sending observers, was in Syria during this battle.MiG-23MLSaid that he had shot down three F-3s,Western countriesDoes not admit.On the Syrian side, the MiG-21 also recorded the shooting down of the F-15, but this was released by the MiG-21.R-3There is an example of a missile piercing the F-15 and returning in a wrecked state.In this way, the F-15 is exhibiting high survivability as originally planned.
Operation Wooden Leg
1985/ToCyprusOccurred inPalestine Liberation Organization (PLO)byIsraeliOn October 10, the same year, for the purpose of retaliation against terrorism againstチュニジア OfTunisBombing the PLO headquarters that was there "Operation Wooden Leg"(Operation Wooden Leg) was carried out, and a bombing operation was carried out using the F-15 fighter, which is an air defense fighter.
Mid-air collision
1983/5/1,IsraelSouthern OfNegevOver the desert(English editionWas doing106th SquadronAffiliated F-15D and the same army116th SquadronBelongingA-4NCollided in the air, the A-4N crashed (the pilot escaped), and the F-15D was about 15km away with the right wing lost.Ramon AirbaseReturned to.This accident is also known as an incident showing the high survivability of the F-15.
1988/8/15, Two F-2s were lost during the training flight.In this accidentLieutenant colonel,MajorTwo flight-experienced pilots have died.
2019/1/2, Israeli Air Force F-15 fighter is flying at an altitude of around 3 feet, and the canopy that covers the cockpit is blown off.The pilots landed the aircraft safely in the cold and storm.The audio recording of the cockpit recorded the two occupants yelling at each other in the wind and the roar of the engine.According to the Israeli army's announcement, the outside temperature at this time was 2 degrees below freezing.When the aviator asked the pilot called "Captain Y" "Is it okay?", The pilot replied "It's okay."The pilot said in a calm voice, "I'm out of the canopy right now and will start landing at the nearest base," and then headed to the Nevatim air force base in southern Israel to the air traffic controller. contacted.The aircraft landed without any further problems.Air Force Chief of Staff ordered immediate suspension of F-45 training until the end of the investigation[33][34][35].


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Japan Air Self-Defense ForceF-15J / DJ for F-15C / DKnockdown production-License productionI went.Japan15 F-165Js and 48 DJs have been manufactured, and the Japan Air Self-Defense Force currently owns and operates 201 aircraft.

1995/11/22, F-15 The only aircraft shot down of all production aircraft.
2022/1/31, F-15DJ fighter crashes over the Sea of ​​Japan.investigation in progress.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Air ForceIs longUnited KingdomMadeFighter, And a British-style unit formation.At that time, 35 aircraftBAC 167 StrikemasterAnd 42 aircraftBAC LightningHad, but1977/Announced the selection of a successor to Lightning.EventuallyF-14And F-15's single combat,Interceptor fighterAs a successor to Lightning,Carrier-based aircraftIsF-14ThanAir superiority fighterIt was decided to introduce the F-15 because the F-15 was appropriate.IntroducedAmericaIt was carried out under a paid military aid program called "Peace Sun I" on the side.
The ordered aircraft were 47 C-type aircraft and 15 D-type aircraft, for a total of 62 aircraft.Egypt-Israel Peace TreatyAgreement (Camp David Accords) Against the backgroundIsraelAiming to reduce military pressure in neighboring countriesSaudi ArabiaThe total number of fighters owned by the company was limited to 60, and it was changed to 46 C-types and 16 D-types.The two surplus aircraft from the orderMcDonnell DouglasIt will be stored by the company and will be used to replenish the consumption due to accidents.Delivery is1981/Made fromArabian PeninsulaThe 6th Squadron on the west bank and the east bankPersian GulfFaceDhahranIt has been deployed to a total of three squadrons, the 13th Squadron at King Adouble Aziz Base and the Squadron at Kamis Musheit Air Force Base in the south, and started operation in September of the same year.afterwardsGulf crisisWhen the limit on the number of aircraft was withdrawn, it was in a hurry.US Air Force in EuropeReceived the delivery of 24 aircraft from the stock of1991/Twelve new machines were handed over to maintain the constant, just before the F-15 production line was closed.
1995/FromGulf WarAir force base in your own countryU.S. ForcesIn return for offering toF-15EAs a result of requesting the purchase of F-15S for Saudi Arabia.
To some extent like Israel when exportingCapacity reductionReceived.Also requested by the Saudi Arabian sideConformal fuel tankThere was a limit to the number of aircraft that could be procured, and the number of aircraft owned was initially limited to 60 as mentioned above.However, in the end, it has a total of 67 aircraft, including 31 C-type aircraft and 98 D-type aircraft.
Deployment base
  • King Adouble Aziz Air Force Base-The 13th Squadron
  • Prince Fahd Air Force Base-6th Squadron
  • Kamis Musheit Air Force Base
Participation in actual battle
  • Iran-Iraq WarIn1984/6/5Approached Saudi Arabian airspaceIran Air Force OfF-4TheUS Air Force OfEarly warning and control aircraft radarI caught it.Persian GulfNavigating(I.e.GoingtankerDetermined to be intended to attackSaudi Air ForceSends two F-2s. The two F-15s assume that the F-2 has no intention of changing courseSparrowShot down two aircraft, which was the first result of the F-2 belonging to Saudi Arabia.An hour later, radar caught the approach of more than 15 Iraqi military aircraft, and the Royal Saudi Air Force urgently dispatched the same number of F-1s.In the end, the radar caught more than 10 targets, but the battle was avoided because the Iraqi military aircraft suddenly turned around.As a result, it can be said that the main fighter F-15 in the United States was an interesting battle to bury the previous main fighter F-30.
  • Gulf WarThen, F-15 who participated in "Operation Desert Storm"(I.e.Iraqi Air Force in the territoryMirage F1Shot down two aircraft.In the Gulf War, it was the only air-to-air shot down outside the US Air Force.
  • Yemen Civil War 2015One plane crashed during the operation.The two pilots succeeded in escaping and were rescued by the US military.But,FuchsiaClaims to shoot down.[36]


Basic type

Initial mass production type.1972/-1979/384 aircraft manufactured by[37]..Obsolete in the US and abroadF-104-F-106-F-4And so on. After the introduction of the C / D type, it will be deployed to education and training units such as the Tactical Training Air Wing.
F-15B (formerly known as TF-15A)
Double-seat mass production type of F-15A.1972/-1979/61 aircraft manufactured by[37]..It is for model conversion training, but it also supports actual battles.The built-in electronic jamming device is omitted, the internal fuel tank is downsized, and the rear seats are installed.The maneuvering system has a system linked to each of the front and rear seats, and maneuvering from the rear seats is also possible.However, although it has an instrument panel,radar,engineThere are no start-related panels or weapons operation panels in the rear seats.
PEP4040 (Production Eagle Package 2000) applicable machine that will be the production No. 2000 or later. 1979-1985/483 aircraft manufactured by[37]..Although it is not much different from the F-15A in appearance, the air superiority fighter ability of the F-15, which is said to be the strongest in the world, has been further strengthened.The most produced type, in the United States andUS Army in Japan・ It was deployed and operated by many units.
US Air ForceRequested an increase in fuel load based on the results of applying the evaluation method of optimizing the balance between fuel and armament during the practical test period of the F-15A / B.Especially for in-flight fuel, an increase of 2,000 pounds (about 1,100 liters) will double the possibility of shooting down and the radius of combat action.The countermeasure is PEP2000, which is a measure to increase in-flight fuel, add internal piping for mounting conformal pallets, and increase weight.タ イ ヤbrakeIs to strengthen.
Adoption in PEP2000 itself was postponed,McDonnell DouglasThe conformal pallet called FAST pack, which was independently developed by the company, has a usable volume of 2 cubic meters with two units.Additional tankIf this is the case, it will store about 2.5 liters of fuel, which is 5,680 drop tanks.It only takes about 15 minutes to put on and take off, but it cannot be dumped in the air.At Mach 1 or less, the drag coefficient with the resistance in the clean state as 0.9 is less than 1 due to the rectification effect similar to fillets, and after gradually increasing to 1.1 around Mach 1.15, it becomes flat.It can be said that the contribution to cruising performance is large compared to the characteristic that the drop tank increases sharply from Mach 0.8 to just before Mach 1.0 and then decreases to Mach 1.2 and remains flat.However, with the F-15C, the amount of in-flight fuel exceeded three drop tanks, and it became possible to use drop tanks for advancement and in-flight fuel for combat and return to fighters.Therefore, it is said that sufficient fuel can be secured and it cannot be dumped in the air.Conformal fuel tankIt is said that the number of operations in actual battles is small[Annotation 22].
Avionics has also been improved to replace the central computer, and the AN / APG-63 radar incorporates a programmable digital signal processor (PSP).TWSAbility supported[38]..In addition, the overload warning system enables maneuvering at 9G (until then, it was limited to 7.3G).[39].
F-15C double-seat mass production type. 1979 manufactured by 1985-92[37].. Like the B type, it is for education and training, but it also supports actual battles. Has the ability to install FAST PACK.
JapanF-15C-based produced by domestic private sector with knockdown and licenseJapan Air Self-Defense ForceDedicated specifications.1981/-1998/165 aircraft manufactured in the period until. It is based on C type, but FAST PACK is not adopted.
Double-seat type of F-15J. Since 19811999/By then, 48 aircraft were manufactured by knockdown and licensed production by Japanese manufacturers (however, the initial 12 aircraft were imported).
F-15Reconnaissance aircraftType.A demonstrator that has been modified from the prototype F-15E (double-seat prototype No. 2: 71-0291).reconnaissanceEquipped with FAST PACK for.

Derived type

Based on the double seat typeFighter bomber..The fuselage of the double-seat prototype No. 2 was refurbished to become a demonstrator, and when adopting the system, the ratio of titanium was increased to reduce weight and strengthen the structure, and about 60% of the fuselage was redesigned.Nickname is "Strike Eagle".Although the air superiority fighter ability was slightly suppressed, it specialized in ground attack by making the best use of the surplus loading ability.1986/After the first flight of2004/236 aircraft have been manufactured by now, considering export type and stealth based on F-15EF-15SEThere is also.
IsraelF-15E for.
South KoreaFighter-bomber type F-15 for. Based on the E type, major modifications such as expansion of ground attack capability have been added to meet the demands of South Korea.Some parts of the fuselage, such as the front fuselage and main wings, are manufactured in Korea.
SingaporeFighter-bomber type F-15 for.Basically the same as the F-15K for South Korea.
F-15S / SA
Saudi ArabiaF-15E for. S type is E typeMonkey modelHowever, the SA type is the latest model based on the F-2011E when it was introduced in 15.
QatarF-15E for.Same as F-15SA except cockpit.
The latest model for the US Air Force. Although it is based on F-15QA, specifications such as avionics are different.Initially it was called F-15X.
Stealth specification F-15E proposed by Boeing.
F-15N[Annotation 23]
the 1970sInitially submittedNavyForFighterType F-15.AIM-54 PhoenixOperational ability and wing folding mechanism,Landing hookAnd so on.F-14Was in the flight test stage, so it ended up with only a concept.Nickname is "Sea Eagle"(White-tailed eagleThe genus name that refers to the eagle).
ATFAn advanced version of the F-15 proposed as an alternative to.Now called F-15EX. The F-15X is an aerodynamically refined aircraft with the latest electronic equipment.The development cost was estimated at about $ 20 billion.
The above-mentioned F-15X has been further refined to incorporate low observability technology, and the main wing area is 56.5 m.2From 62.2-63.2m2The electronic devices are equipped with Integrated Communication Navigation and Identification Avionics (ICNIA) and Integrated Electronics Warfare System (INEWS).engineIs an improved version of F119-PW-100 or F100.Development costs were estimated at about $ 30 billion, half of the ATF plan.Plan only.
F-15 2040C
The missile carrier specification F-15 proposed by Boeing. The 2040C is a refurbishment plan for the US Air Force to extend the F-15 until the 2040s.
AN / APG-82 (V) 1 With AESA radarIRSTpowered by,F100-PW-229andF110-GE-129It has an engine bay corresponding to.The missile launcher uses the hard points of the drop tank and the hard points of the CFT, which are blank with the CFT equipment, by taking measures such as standardizing the conformal fuel tank (CFT) and extending the life of the aircraft to 20,000 hours. The number of air-to-air missiles installed will be increased to 16 by improving.By using missile racksAAM× 22 orSDB× 28 shots can be installed at the same time[40].

Experimental machine

F-15B Aeronautics Research Test Bed
NASA modified the aircraft acquired from the Hawaii Air National GuardTest bed..It is equipped with avionics for research and supports experiments.The maneuvering system remains the prototype and is also used for NASA pilot training.[41].
F-15D Support Aircraft
A research support machine modified by NASA from the F-15D.Used for chase machines and pilot training[42].
F-15 S / MTD, F-15ACTIVE, F-15IFCS
An experimental aircraft based on the first double-seat prototype.


three views
Aircraft nameF-15C[43]
Crew1 person (2 people for B / D / DJ type)
Length65.75ft (20.04m)
Width42.81ft (13.04m)
Height18.58ft (5.66m)
Wing area608 ft² (56.49 m²)
Empty weight28,476lbs (12,916kg)
Takeoff weight45,713lbs (20,735kg)54,949lbs (24,924kg)57,535lbs (26,097kg)
Combat weight41,286lbs (18,727kg)40,965lbs (18,581kg)33,979lbs (15,413kg)
fuel[Annotation 24]2,070gal (7,836ℓ)2,680gal (10,145ℓ)3,900gal (14,763ℓ)
bomb-3,940lbs (1,787kg)-
missile2,040lbs (925kg)2,040lbs (925kg)-
Carrying weapons[Annotation 25]AIM-7F x 4AIM-7F x 4 (+ MK-84 x 2 + CL tank)(Drop tank x 3)
engine[44]Pratt & Whitney F100-PW-220 (Thrust: 55.25kN ⇒ 104.43kN)[Annotation 26] × 2
Top speed1,340kn / 45,000ft (2,482km / h altitude 13,716m)1,307kn / 35,000ft (2,421km / h altitude 10,668m)1,356kn / 45,000ft (2,511km / h altitude 13,716m)
Cruise speed499kn / 42,450ft (924km / h altitude 12,939m)495kn / 38,920ft (917km / h altitude 11,863m)496kn / 37,880ft (919km / h altitude 11,546m)
Ascending ability55,960ft / m SL (284.28m / s sea level)53,810ft / m SL (273.35m / s sea level)67,050ft / m SL (340.61m / s sea level)
Cruising distance--2,144n.mile (3,971km)
Combat radius235n.mile (435km)586n.mile (1,085km)-
Practical ceiling56,4040ft (17,203m)56,730ft (17,291m)58,870ft (17,944m)
Aircraft life8,000 hours (extended to 10,000 hours from the confirmed safety aircraft. Boeing can extend up to 18,000 hours[45]



Fixed armament
Air-to-air missile

* Below, 2,5,8 stations (Additional tankDescribe the number of installations per (for installation).

Guided bomb
  • Mk.84 (laser, EO, IR) x 1
  • BLU-27B / B (with / without fins) x 3
Cluster bomb
  • (English edition
  • CBU-42 / A × 3
  • CBU-49 / A × 4
  • CBU-57B / B x 4
  • CBU-58 / B x 4
  • CBU-2471 / B x 4
  • Mk.20 Rock Eye x 4

Appearance work


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