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🚗 | The meaning of the word "training the goodness of the features" spoken by the new RX developer, and Lexus raised by teamwork ...


The meaning of the word "training the goodness of the features" spoken by the new RX developer, and Lexus raised by teamwork ...

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It was a round table that made us feel that further evolution would appear in the near future.

The new Lexus RX, which is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2022, appeared on June 2022, 6.The first public release ... → Continue reading

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    in the near future

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    Round table

    Round table(Round table,1954 - 1986) IsAmerica OfRacehorse-Stallion.. Called the golden generation1957AmericaEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euAlthough he couldn't beat the classics with one of his generations, he made a record of 1 races in total, with 66 wins in 43 races and 16 wins in both turf and dirt. Lifetime prizes amount to $ 174,1964ToKelsoIt was a world record until it was broken by. 1958 American Horse of the Year.StallionEven as AmericaLeading sireIt was active such as shining in. The horse name isKnights of the Round TableDerived from.



    The round table19544/6,The United States of AmericaKentucky OfClaiborne farmWas born in. Poor growth and height is 157.5 in adult horsesCentimeterIt was only. The horse name isKing Arthur OfKnights of the Round TableIt is derived from, and is named after the mother Knights Daughter (daughter of the knight). In addition, it will become a rival laterBold rulerI knew him. Born on the same day (only 30 minutes later) in a stable next to the same ranch, he spent the same ranch after retirement. Claiborne Farm tried to sell the round table but priced 4DollarWhen I set it to, I couldn't find a buyer and became a racehorse under the name of Claiborne Farm.

    Racehorse era

    At the age of 2 (1956)

    The round table19562/24Debuted as a racehorse. He lost to 4th place in his debut race and won his first victory in the second race in April. The round table recorded 4 races this year with 2 wins.

    At the age of 3 (1957)

    1957The round table, which was defeated in a row from January to February, was sold to an oil riche named Travis M. Carr and became the base.KentuckyKeenelandからCaliforniaMoved to. The sale was $ 14 and was conditioned on Claiborne Farm holding 5000% of the rights to the stallion for three years. After sale2/16Won the general race held at the Highly Park Racecourse in April, and won the Bay Meadows Stakes and the Blue Grass Stakes in a row in April. ContinueAmerican crownRound 1Kentucky DerbyThen, it was supported by the second most popular, but lost to the third place.

    The round table lost to the Kentucky DerbyCreekness StakesとBelmont StakesDid not run in the western part from the end of May to the end of JulyHollywood Park RacecourseAfter losing in the first race, he won five consecutive races. After that, he moved to the east, but the momentum did not slow down.8/31 OfAmerican derbyWon the Kentucky DerbyIron LiegeTo win the championship, etc.11/1Achieved 11 consecutive victories.

    The round table at this time was the Preakness Stakes winner Bold Ruler and the Belmont Stakes winner.Gallant ManHe was evaluated as 3 years old and 3 years old.11/9In the Trenton Handicap Race, a confrontation with both horses was realized. The race is 122lbThe Bold Ruler, who carried the pound, won the championship, the Gallant Man, who carried 124 pounds, lost to second place, and the round table, which carried 2 pounds, lost to third place. This race was the last time the top three raced against each other. Return to the west again in DecemberSanta Anita RacecourseThe round table, which finished the season with 1 races and 22 wins, was recognized for its success on the turf course and was selected as the best turf course horse in 15. By the way, the Bold Ruler was selected as the representative horse of the year.

    At the age of 4 (1958)

    1958From the beginning of the year to May, the round table won seven consecutive victories, five of which were record wins. After that, he raced in various parts of the United States and entered both dirt and turf races, achieving a record of 5 races and 7 wins a year, and won the titles of the 5 year's representative horse, the best handicap old horse, and the best turf course horse. .. In addition, when he won the Hawthorne Gold Cup, the final round of the year, the roundtable won $ 20, breaking Nashua's record of $ 14.

    At the age of 5 (1959)

    1959, The roundtable continued to break the world record for lifetime winnings. Injured his right forelimb in the Washington Birthday Handicap Race in February and lost to 2th place (By the way, the winner of this race was on an expedition from Japan.HakuchikaraHowever, when he returned in June, he raced at racetracks in various parts of the United States as in the previous year and entered both turf and dirt races. The result of this year's round table was 6 wins in 14 races, 9 of which were record wins.

    After retiring from a racehorse

    Roundtable retired from racehorse at the end of the 1959 seasonStallionAnd was cultivated by Claiborne Farm. As mentioned above, the round table that became a stallion was supposed to be shared by Claiborne Farm and Travis M. Carr with a 1: 3 stake, but soon after the car died, it was formed around Claiborne Farm.SyndicateWill own it.

    The round table achieved stable stallion performance, and King's Bishop and upper case played an active part.1972To americanLeading sireIt was ranked in the leading sire 10th place 7 times. To JapanBaldric,, Artaius, Dur, Damwater, etc. were imported as stallion.

    Roundtable finally retired from the stallion in 1981 and spent the rest of his life at Claiborne Farm.19866/13Died at the age of 32 due to senility. The body was buried on the grounds of Claiborne Farm.


    • The round table had a habit of hitting the hind legs against the forelimbs while driving and damaging the hoofs of the forelimbs (rear-end collision). In Japanese racehorsesShinzanIs known to have suffered from this symptom. It is said that the defeat of Woodward Stakes (1958th) in 5 and Washington Birthday Handicap (1959th) in 16 was due to a rear-end collision injuring the right forelimb.[1].
    • At the round table in his later years, he had a habit of biting and hurt his side (eating). It is said that his father, Princequillo, had a similar tendency. A metal net was attached to the mouth of the round table to prevent eating.[2].


    Main production pieces

    Pedigree table

    Round table OfPedigree(Princequillo system) / Within 4 generationsOutbreed)(Source of Pedigree Table)

    1940 Kage
    Father father
    Prince Rose
    1928 Kage
    Rose PrincePrince Palatine
    IndolenceGay Crusader
    Father mother
    1933 Kage
    Miss Marty
    Quick ThoughtWhite Eagle

    Knight's Daughter
    1941 Kage
    Sir Cosmo
    1926 Dark bay
    Southern Cross
    Ayn HaliDesmond
    Lalla RookhMore
    Mother's mother
    1933 Dark bay
    Fried Marcus
    Prim Nun
    Alope F-No.2-f


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