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🚗 | [Original] Truck is “dangerous Tailgating” The angry “Run the edge” next to the motorcycle


[Original] Truck is "dangerous Tailgating" Next to the motorcycle, the angry "Run the edge"

If you write the contents roughly
A man who was squeezed "It feels unreasonable, doesn't it?

The dangerous width of the truck captured by the drive recorder.What echoed even more was the angry voice of the truck driver ... → Continue reading

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Width adjustment

Width adjustmentWhat is (Habayose)?Automobile,vehicleSuch asoperationOne of the acts in.It is used to mean the following two completely different driving behaviors.

  • vehicleA driving method in which the device is repeatedly moved forward and backward in small steps to move it sideways from its original position.
  • While drivingvehicle, Others running in parallelvehicleActs of approaching etc. from the side

Tailgating as a driving method to move the car sideways

This is a driving method in which the vehicle is moved forward and backward a little while operating the steering wheel, and is slightly moved to the side from the original position.Parking-StopAt this time, it is used to move the vehicle to the correct parking / stopping position when the vehicle has stopped at a position deviated from the position where the vehicle should be parked / stopped.

First, turn the steering wheel in the direction you want to move, move forward slowly, return the steering wheel, straighten the car body and front wheels, and stop.Then, turn the steering wheel again in the direction you want to move, move backward, return the steering wheel, straighten the car body and front wheels, and stop at the position you want to park and stop.When the pulling width is small, the steering wheel may be operated only when moving forward or backward.

Tailgating as a dangerous act approaching other vehicles running in parallel or pedestrians

vehicleOthers running side by side while drivingvehicleEtc., and refers to dangerous driving behavior when driving close to pedestrians. Road Traffic LawIn Article 71, Paragraph 1, Item XNUMX-XNUMX,Novice driver sign,Old driver sign,Handicapped person sign,Hearing impaired sign,Provisional licenseCar with a sign during practice (Training car(Etc.), unless it is unavoidable to avoid danger, the act of intentionally squeezing is prohibited (violation of the obligation to protect beginner drivers, etc.).

In addition, it may be intentionally moved to another vehicle while driving in a dangerous way due to obstruction.interruptIf you get close to each otherOffense of road traffic violation (jamming driving)Is asked.Similarly, if you are significantly close to other pedestrians or vehicles and as a result, you are killed or injured.Vehicular homicide (Vehicular homicide)Is asked.In the case of a breach of the duty of protection for a novice driver, even an act that does not lead to personal injury or such a degree of danger is a breach.

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