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🚗 | Honest review of Z900RS!Introducing the impression that the female rider took a test drive


Honest review of Z900RS!Introducing the impression that the female rider took a test drive

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First of all, even though the weight of the vehicle is 215 kg, you can handle the car body lightly and run.

This time we will talk about the recommended points and reviews of the popular Kawasaki Z900RS ... → Continue reading

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Dry weight

Dry weight(Kansojuryo, Dry weight) is generallyAutomobileEtc. of weightDefinitionOne of thefuel,オ イ ル,Cooling waterDoes not includePrime moverOr the vehicle itselfSelf weightRefers to.

Vehicle,Shipping containerAnd, including the above liquids,passenger,cargo,Crew/Crew/PilotIn English, the weight excludingCurbweight".


Dry weight Theオ ー ト バ イ,sidecar,Trike,All-terrain vehicle,Snowmobile OfCatalogs,public relationsDocumentOften used in.

aircraftIn the case of the weight of the structure, the weight of the structure, the cooling water that is a closed system, etc.hydraulicOnly items that do not change during operation, such as hydraulic oil, are added.Empty weightIs usually used.

On the other hand, the weight with all the fuel in addition to the lubricating oil and cooling water,AutomobileThen.Vehicle weight, SmallShip,Water motorcycleThen maintenance weight,Railway carThen.Operation maintenance weight(ExceptionallyFerrariUses dry weight. ).

With the crewcargoThe weight of the car with a fixed loadCatalogs,Car inspection certificate(Vehicle verification)Vehicle total weightIt is described as. In addition, it should be notedMedical sciencethe termAlso has a word called dry weight, which isDialysispatientIs extra in the bodyWedGoal when getting rid of minutesWeight.JapaneseAlso called standard weight or proper weight.

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