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✈ | Asiana Airlines A380 operates on Incheon / Bangkok route, and also on Los Angeles route in the latter half of July

Photo Asiana Airlines A380 (Mr. Grandmaster, June 2014, 6)

Asiana Airlines A380 operates on Incheon / Bangkok route, also on Los Angeles route in late July

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Asiana Airlines owns six A6s.

Asiana Airlines resumed operation of the Airbus A2022 on the Seoul / Incheon / Bangkok route on June 6, 25 ... → Continue reading

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Asiana Airlines

Asiana Airlines(Asiana Airlines,Morning: Asiana Airlines, British: Asiana Airlines) Is South Korea OfAirlines.1988Establishment[1]. KoreanChaebol,Kumho Asiana GroupA member.As a scaleKorean AirIt is the second largest in Korea after2023It has been announced that it will be merged with Korean Air and unified under the "KOREAN AIR" brand.

United Kingdom OfSky traxAccording to the airline's rating by the company, it has been certified as "The World's 5-Star Airlines", which is the highest rating in substance.


What is the trade name “Asiana”?Latinso"Asia"of", and the airline code "OZ" isWizard of OzDerived from[2]However, it is also used in campaigns such as the discount fare "OZ Mahou SKY".National OfKorean Air OfPrivatizationIncheonCentered onHanjin GroupHad a favorable position in the Korean aviation industry. As a result, the entry of airline companies was liberalized under pressure from other conglomerates and stakeholders.1988Asiana Airlines was established on February 2 by the Kumho Group centered on Jeolla-do. Jeolla-do in DecemberGwangjuBusan (Gimhae)Airplane operation started on the route of[3]. 20137Currently, it operates 12 routes in 14 cities in South Korea, 22 countries / 67 cities / 91 routes in international flights (passenger sector), and 23 countries / 71 cities / 23 routes in international flights (cargo sector). Of the international flights, Japan is 16 cities, to major airports as well as regional airports.Direct flightsThere is also.20033/1Is the largest in the worldAviation unionBut also "Star allianceJoined.

Korean Air is a strong rival,Boeing 747,Airbus A380Both companies operate large aircraft such as, and the route network is also competing with each other.

StocksKorea ExchangeOver-the-counter market department (formerlyKOSDAQ) Listed (Securities code: 20560).The shareholder composition is individual investors 30.05%, Kumho Sangyo 29.51%, Kumho Petrochemical 15.05%, overseas investors 11.9%,Korea Industrial Bank It is 7.18% and other 5.83%.2007is a member of the same Star Alliance and is a major Japanese airlineAll Nippon AirwaysAgreed to hold shares with (ANA). In 2007Cheap airline(LCC) "Air Busan (Busan International Airlines)Established and became the largest shareholder. LCC in 2015Air soulWas established.

Due to intensifying competition with LCCs, Asiana Airlines sold its headquarters building in 2015 due to poor management such as debt reaching 12 trillion won in FY8.4 / 2018.[4]However, Kumho Asiana Group announced in April 2019 that it would sell Asiana Airlines due to financial difficulties.[5].. At the end of 2019HyundaiA consortium of affiliated Hyundai Development (HDC) and Mirae Asset Daewoo has decided to acquire Asiana Airlines[6]..But even after thatNew Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19)Due to the influence of this, on February 2, all executives submitted a letter of resignation and announced an emergency management system, including partial return of executive salaries and 18-day leave of absence for all employees.[7].

On April 2020, 4, HDC announced to the KOSPI (KOSPI) market that it would change the Asiana acquisition schedule, effectively postponing the acquisition schedule indefinitely.[8].

On September 2020, 9, terms negotiations between banks holding Asiana's creditors and HDC broke down, and the acquisition proposal was withdrawn.[9].

The number of employees is 9,242 (as of May 2012).

Airline ticketSeat reservation system (CRS) IsAmadeus IT GroupOperated byAmadeusAre using. [10] [11]

The airline is rated by Skytrax in the United Kingdom and has been certified as "The World's 5-Star Airlines", which is the highest rating in practice.[12].


Owned equipment

BoeingEquipmentAirbusIn contrast to Korean Air, which has introduced more aircraft than Korean Air, it mainly introduces Airbus equipment.

In addition, Asiana Airlines placed an orderBoeing aircraft customer number (customer code)Is 8E and the model name of the aircraft is 747-48E, 747-48EM, 767-38EER, 777-28EIt becomes ER.

Current flight aircraft

  • As of 2022 year 5 month[14]
equipmentNumber of holdingsNumber of ordersNumber of seatsRemarks
Airbus A320-2002----159159All aircraft will be retired after the introduction of A321neo
Airbus A321-20016--12-162174
Airbus A321neo520-8-180188
Airbus A330-30015--30-260290
Airbus A350-900138-2836247311Scheduled to be completed by 2025
Airbus A350-1000-9No Data
Airbus A380-8006-1266-417495Scheduled to retire by 2026 after integration with Korean Air
Boeing 747-4001-1024-364398Scheduled to retire by 2024
Boeing 767-3005--15-235250
Boeing 777-200ER9--22-278300
Freight equipment
Boeing 747-400BDSF7-0Refurbishing passenger equipment
Boeing 747-400F4-0
Boeing 767-300ERF1-0

Destination city

Asiana Airlines service city (As of 2021 year 2 month)
East Asia
Republic of Korea flag South KoreaSeoulIncheon International AirportInternational Main Hub Airport
Gimpo International AirportDomestic main hub airport
BusanGimhae International AirportFocus city
JejuJeju International AirportFocus city
DaeguDaegu International Airport
GwangjuGwangju International Airport
SacheonSacheon Airport
MuanMuan International Airport
PohangPohang Airport
UlsanUlsan Airport
YeosuYeosu Airport
Japanese flag JapanTokyoTokyo International Airport
Narita International Airport
NagoyaChubu International Airport
SapporoNew Chitose Airport
AsahikawaAsahikawa AirportSeasonal / Limited Edition Air soulScheduled to be transferred to[15]
SendaiSendai Airport
FukuokaFukuoka Airport
MiyazakiMiyazaki AirportScheduled to be transferred to Air Seoul[15]
OkinawaNaha AirportScheduled to be transferred to Air Seoul[15]
Republic of China flag TaiwanTaipeiTaiwan Taoyuan International Airport
Flag of the People's Republic of China ChugokuBeijingBeijing Capital International Airport
ShanghaiPudong International Airport
Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport
ChangchunChangchun Longjia International Airport
ChangshaChangsha Huanghua International Airport
ChongqingChongqing Jiangbei International Airport
DalianDalian Zhoushuizi International Airport
GuangzhouGuangzhou Baiyun International Airport
GuilinGuilin Liangjiang International Airport
HangzhouHangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport
HarbinHarbin Taiping International Airport
HuangshanHuangshan Tunxi International Airport
NanjingNanjing Lukou International Airport
ShenyangShenyang Taoxian International Airport
深圳Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport
TianjinTianjin Binhai International Airport
WeihaiWeihai AirportScheduled to be transferred to Air Seoul[15]
Xi'anXi'an Xianyang International Airport
YanjiYanji Chaoyang Airport
YantaiYantai Laishan International AirportScheduled to be transferred to Air Seoul[15]
YashiroYashiro Airport
JinanJinan Harukai International Airport
QingdaoQingdao Liuting International AirportScheduled to be transferred to Air Seoul[15]
Hong Kong flag Hong KongHong KongHong Kong International Airport
Mongolia flag MongoliaUlaanbaatarBoyant O'Har International Airport[16]
Central Asia
Kazakhstan flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euAlmatyAlmaty International Airport
NursultanNursultan-Nazarbayev International Airport
Uzbekistan flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euTashkentTashkent International Airport
Southeast Asia
Cambodia flag CambodiaPhnom PenhPhnom Penh International AirportScheduled to be transferred to Air Seoul[15]
Malaysia flag MalaysiaPenangPenang International AirportFreighter
Johor BahruSenai International AirportSeasonal flights
Philippines flag The PhilippinesManilaNinoy Aquino International Airport
CebuMactan Cebu International Airport
ClerkClark International Airport
Singapore flag SingaporeSingaporeSingapore Changi International Airport
Indonesian flag IndonesiaJakartaSoekarno Hatta International Airport
Kingdom of Thailand flag ThailandBangkokSuvarnabhumi International Airport
プ ー ケ ッ トPhuket International Airport
 VietnamHanoiNoi Bai International Airport
Ho Chi Minh CityTan Son Nhat International Airport
DanangDa Nang International AirportScheduled to be transferred to Air Seoul[15]
 AustriaViennaVienna International AirportFreighter
Belgian flag Belgiumブ リ ュ ッ セ ルBrussels AirportFreighter
Spanish flag SpainBarcelonaBarcelona-El Prat Airport[17]
French flag FranceParisParis-Charles de Gaulle Airport
Italian flag ItalyRomeFiumicino airport
ヴ ェ ネ ツ ィ アVenice Tessera Airport[18]
MilanMilan Malpensa AirportFreighter
German flag GermanyFrankfurtFrankfurt airport
Portugal flag PortugalLisbonPortela Airport[19]
Russian flag RussiaMoscowDomodedovo airportFreighter
British flag United KingdomUKLondon Heathrow Airport
London Stansted AirportFreighter
Turkish flag TurkeyIstanbulIstanbul Airport
North America
Canadian flag CanadaHalifaxHalifax Robert L. Stanfield International AirportFreighter
United States flag The United States of AmericaAnchorageTed Stevens Anchorage International AirportFreighter
AtlantaHartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International AirportFreighter
Los AngelesLos Angeles International Airport
ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クJohn F. Kennedy International Airport
San FranciscoSan Francisco International Airport
SeattleSeattle-Tacoma International Airport
HonoluluHonolulu International Airport
PortlandPortland International AirportFreighter
Australian flag AustraliaSydneySydney International Airport
Northern Mariana Islands Flag 北 マ リ ア ナ 諸島SaipanSaipan International Airport
Palau flag パラオパラオRoman Tometucer International Airport
Closed/abandoned routes
Canadian flag CanadaCalgaryCalgary International AirportFreighter
 SwedenGothenburgGothenburg-Landwetter AirportFreighter
Japanese flag JapanFukushimaFukushima AirportSuspended
MitoIbaraki AirportSuspended
ToyamaToyama AirportTransferred to Air Seoul[20]
ShizuokaShizuoka AirportTransferred to Air Seoul[20]
YonagoYonago AirportTransferred to Air Seoul[20]
HiroshimaHiroshima AirportTransferred to Air Seoul[20]
TakamatsuTakamatsu AirportTransferred to Air Seoul[20]
MatsuyamaMatsuyama AirportSuspended[21]
KumamotoKumamoto AirportTransferred to Air Seoul[15]
Flag of the People's Republic of China ChugokuHaikouHaikou Meilan International AirportSuspended
NanchangNanchang Changbei International AirportSuspended
Indonesian flag IndonesiaDenpasarNgurah Rai International AirportSuspended
Cambodia flag CambodiaSiem ReapSiem Reap International AirportTransferred to Air Seoul[15][22]
Malaysia flag MalaysiaKota KinabaluKota Kinabalu International AirportTransferred to Air Seoul[15][22]
Myanmar flag MyanmarYangonYangon International AirportSuspended
Indian flag IndiaDelhiIndira Gandhi International AirportSuspended
Russian flag RussiaVladivostokVladivostok AirportSuspended
KhabarovskKhabarovsk airportSuspended
Yuzhno-SakhalinskYuzhno-Sakhalinsk AirportSuspended
United States flag The United States of AmericaChicagoChicago O'Hare International AirportSuspended
Guam flag GuamGuamGuam International AirportSuspended

As a foreign airline that operates at regional airports in Japan, it has the largest number of service points. For this reason, it is very common for travelers from rural areas of Japan to go abroad via Seoul Incheon International Airport.Korean AirCompared to this, there are few long-haul international flights, and there is a tendency to emphasize within Asia.

Partner airline

As of August 2015, Asiana Airlines has partnered with the following airlines to operate code-share flights.[23].Star allianceIt operates jointly with many non-member airlines.


  • Air Busan (Established in 2007, entered service in 2008)
  • Air soul (Established in 2015, entered service in 2016)

Star Alliance member airlines

Other airlines

◎ isOne worldMember airlines, △Sky teamMember airlines.


Offering differentiated services such as in-flight magic shows and make-up events, as well as a new concept business class "Oz Quadra Smartium"[24]We are trying to differentiate ourselves from other companies in terms of service through cutting-edge in-flight equipment such as ".

In-flight service

Used on long-haul routesAirbus A380And someB777Isfirst class(Only some have "First Suite Class") ・business class"Business Smartium" ・Economy classIt is a three-class system of "Travel Class", and consists of two classes, Business Class and Economy Class, for medium- and short-distance international flights and domestic flights in South Korea. The first suite class aircraft is equipped with a 3-inch high-definition personal monitor, which is unprecedented in the aviation industry. First class will be abolished after September 2 to reduce costs, and seats will remain as part of business class.

In-flight meal TheBibimbap-Calvi・ In addition to traditional Korean dishes such as nutritional thumb pubs, special dishes such as Kyoto kaiseki dishes for routes to and from Japan, and festive cakes for birthdays and marriages.In-flight mealIs provided. In addition, specialIn-flight mealWhen usingIn-flight mealIn the section where there is a festive cakeSeoul Incheon-Seoul Gimpo-Busan (Busan)Only departures can be provided, but orders must be placed from the reservation sales center at least 24 hours before departure.[25].

In-flight magazine

"ASIAN"(Asiana) South Korea OfAirlines, Asiana AirlinesIn-flight magazineIs.In addition to Korean and English, Japanese and Chinese pages are posted.Issued monthly.It will be installed on all Asiana Airlines domestic and international flights and flights.

Asiana Club

  • What is Asiana Club?Mileage program.Star allianceYou can also save on member flights,HotelOperated by Kumho Asiana Group, the parent companyCar rentalYou can also save at the company. There is also a service called Magic Miles for children.
  • Also in JapanUC cardAffiliated "Asiana UC Card" orJCBMileage can be added by using the "Asiana Club JCB Card" affiliated with.
  • As with Korean Air, the mileage accrual has no expiration date.2008From October, we will set the expiration date of miles[26][27].


  • Since 2007, the British aviation services research company "Sky traxCertified as a "5-star airline".
  • 2009 --"Airline of the Year 2009" by Air Trans World (ATW)[28][29].
  • 20105 month - Sky trax"Airline of the Year 2010", the highest peak in the industry[30].
  • 2011 -"Sky trax7 categories such as "World's Best Cabin Staff Award" by "".
  • 2011December-"Airline of the Year" by Global Traveler magazine.
  • 2012 --The "Ad of the year award" by Air Trans World (ATW) magazine.
  • 2012December-Premier Traveler magazine "Airline of the Year".



For details, Category: Asiana Airlines crashSee

  • 1993August 7- Asiana Airlines Flight 733 crash - Boeing 737-500 Mokpo AirbaseCrashed while approaching, killing 66 people.
  • 2009August 10- KIXCaused an accident in which the rear part of the aircraft was brought into contact with the runway during landing.[31][32].
  • 2011August 7- Asiana Airlines Flight 991 crash --The Boeing 747-400F freighterJejuTwo people were killed in a crash offshore.
  • 2012August 8-Asiana Airlines Flight 21 Aircraft Fracture-At around 231:3 pm on the same day, Airbus A20-231 on flight 330 from Honolulu, Hawaii to Seoul was caught in turbulence near 300 feet above Shimane Prefecture and two passengers. Was injured, such as a broken bone[33].. A post-mortem investigation revealed that the weather radar in the cockpit of the aircraft had been turned off and that the flight crew was unaware of it. In addition, notification to the air traffic control organization after encountering eddyICAOIt has been pointed out that the controller could not recognize it because it was not based on the international rules set by the ATC and the term was not used properly.[34].
  • 2013August 7- Asiana Airlines Flight 214 landing failure accident --Boeing 777-200ERSan Francisco International AirportLanding failed. Three people were killed and about 3 were injured. On February 180, 2014, the US Department of Transportation imposed a $ 2 fine on the company. In June of the same year, the NTSB said that the pilot's negligence and delay in judgment were the main causes of the accident, and on November 25, 50, South KoreaMinistry of Land, Infrastructure and TransportHas decided to impose a 45-day suspension on the Incheon-San Francisco route. The company opposed the decision and filed an objection.[35][32].
  • 2014April 4-Asiana Airlines Flight 19 Engine Trouble-While Asiana Airlines Flight 603 (Boeing 603-767) was flying from Incheon to Saipan, an engine warning lamp was lit near Fukuoka to notify the abnormality. Nevertheless, he continued to fly and was flying to his destination. At a later date, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of Korea deliberated and confirmed the suspension of qualifications for flight crew members on the 300th, the suspension of operations on the same route for 30 days, or the disposition of a surcharge of 7 million won.[36][37].. After that, it was revealed that the Seoul / Incheon-Saipan route would be suspended for 7 days and a surcharge of 2,000 million won would be imposed. Since there are users who have already purchased airline tickets, consideration has been given to the suspension of operations.[38]However, on July 7, the same year, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of South Korea suspended the company's Saipan flight for a week from October 11, the same year.[39][40].
  • 2015August 4- Asiana Airlines Flight 162 landing failure accident --Airbus A320Hiroshima Airport27 people were injured when they deviated from the runway when landing at[41].. Also, due to the accident aircraft, on the runwayInstrument landing gearWas damaged.
  • June 2016, 6 --Asiana Airlines Flight 24 engine fire --Around 222:24 am local time on the 11th,ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クIncheonThe A222-380 (registration number: HL841), which arrived from Flight 7634, is preparing to depart as Flight 221 for Incheon (departure time 1:25 pm).engineA fire broke out from. Although the fire extinguishing activities caused minor damage, Flight 24 on the 221th was informed at 1:4 pm that "the departure will be delayed at 30:4 pm due to an aircraft defect" due to investigation and repair, and at 4:30 pm "Today's flight" I will cancel my departure and leave at 25:6 pm tomorrow. " In response to passengers' complaints of anxiety, Asiana Airlines announced that it would "take an alternative aircraft that arrived from South Korea." The next day, the 30th, the departure was further delayed and the guidance was 25:7 pm, but the airport police were dispatched because some passengers who noticed that the aircraft was the same aircraft began to make noise contrary to the guidance the day before. After explaining, Asiana Airlines persuaded the passengers to operate on the relevant aircraft, changed the flight number to 20 at 2217:1 pm on the 26th, and departed with a delay of about one and a half days. Arrived in Incheon at 10:05 pm on the following day, XNUMXth[42].However, there are about 400 passengers, and the only aircraft that can be transported by the company's aircraft is the A380, and since the aircraft had only four aircraft, it is possible that the delay was even longer even if changes to other aircraft could be implemented. Is also expensive.[Source required]

Following the Asiana Airlines flight 2013 landing failure accident that occurred in July 7, Asiana Airlines will strengthen its safety management system on December 214, 2013 as Vice President in charge of Safety and Security Office.All Nippon AirwaysWe invited Akiyoshi Yamamura from (ANA), but accidents have occurred since then.

Trouble other than accident

20187Since then, the companyJapan-ChugokuOn some international flights such as destinationsIn-flight mealThere were a series of troubles that could not be provided. Conventionally the sameAllianceGermanyLufthansaseriesCateringThe company "LSG Sky Chefs Korea" supplied 1 meals a day, but since July, Gategroup Holdings, a major in-flight meal company headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland (China)Hainan AirlinesIt was planned to be procured from "Gate Gourmet Korea", a joint venture with Keiretsu. However, in March of the same year, the company's factory under construction suffered a fire, and it was found that the supply could not be started in time for July, so the LSG side requested an extension of the supply, but could not agree. For this reason, it was established in South Korea in 3.Austrian AirlinesA contract was signed with the affiliated catering company "DO & CO" and the joint venture "Sharp DO & CO" of the Korean airline service giant "Sharp Aviation K", but the company has only a record of supplying 3,000 meals a day.[43], There was a total shortage of supply capacity.7/1Due to this trouble, 53 of the international flights were delayed.[44].


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