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🚗 | Subaru Impreza is AWD standard, the only compact car ... 2023 model announced

Photo Subaru Impreza 2023 model (US specification)

Subaru Impreza is AWD standard, the only compact car ... 2023 model announced

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According to Subaru of America, the Impreza is the only compact car with AWD as standard in the US market.

Subaru of America in the US division of SUBARU announced on June 6th, "Impreza" (Subaru I ... → Continue reading


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Compact car

Compact carIsPassenger carIt is one of the shapes of.Often used for small cars with a total length of less than 1 mm[1]..Unless otherwise specified, some of the registered cars in Japan (Light carOther than) is common.

Overview / Definition

There is no clear definition like this, but in Japan, the total length is generally up to about 4,200 mm and the total width is up to about 1,700 mm.[2]Before and after the size of "5 number frame", the shape ishatchback,Tall wagonTwo-box type bodies such as are the mainstream.By European standardsB segmentIs close.また輸入車と比較する場合にはAlso, when comparing with imported carsC segmentIn some cases, it falls into the category of compact cars.engineMost of the displacement is 1,000-1,500 cc class in-line 3-cylinder to 4-cylinder, but some grades and sister cars are equipped with a large displacement engine of over 1,500 cc, and depending on the model, V-type 6-cylinder 3,500 cc. What is (eg, the former is1.5LExcluding model "RS"Toyota GR Yaris, The latter isToyota Blade MasterAnd so on).In recent years, the popularity of compact cars in Japan has been stable and high because cars have been bloated as a whole due to the tightening of safety standards and the making of cars that emphasize overseas sales. As of 2019, 25% of registered cars sold in Japan are compact cars.[3].

On the other hand, "compact cars" on the North American continent, which has vast land, are C-segment cars that are one size larger than Japan, specifically.Toyota Corolla,Nissan Sentra(Japan name: Nissan Sylphy),Honda civic,Mazda MAZDA3Refers to a class car.Overall length from 4,300 mm to 4,700 mm4 cylinderMany are equipped with an engine, and the displacement is about 1,500-2,500 cc.In addition, it should be noted.2020By current standardsNotch backSedan, andcoupe,Station WagonIn the case of, the total length is 4,500 mm or less, the total width is 1,750 mm or less, and the wheelbase is 2,650 mm or less.Sub compact car(By European standardsFull B segment[BC segment] Equivalent), specificallyNissan Versa, Toyota Prius C (Japanese name:Toyota aqua),Toyota Yaris(For North American market onlyMazda MAZDA2(Hatchback / sedan)OEM), Japanese specificationToyota Corolla sedan/Corolla touringEtc. correspond to this.

EuropeThen like JapanB segmentHatchback and even smallerA segment[4]Also refers to a car. The A segment is a class that is mainstream in European countries, and major models are also imported and sold in Japan (Later).以前より一部のSome more than beforeCar maniaWas purchased because of its rarity, but in some cases due to price reductions from the 1990s (reduced to about 2-3% higher than Japanese cars in the same class) and expansion of right-hand drive cars, sales network, service system, etc. It may be included in the comparison with domestic cars.[5]As a result, cases where ordinary users who are not car enthusiasts (such as housewives who have the same user base as domestic cars) purchase them are not as rare as they used to be.

the 2000sFrom a European manufacturer to a small displacement engine at the beginningturbo"Downsizing turboWas born and spread rapidly.同ターボは、小排気量化で高速性能とThe turbo has low exhaust volume and high speed performance.Fuel efficiencyAchieve both improvement andcylinderBy reducing the number, it is possible to reduce costs and weight, and it has been adopted by many domestic manufacturers in many car models.Before that,Alfa romeo"", Alfa Romeo "147 GTA",BMW"M140i",Toyota"",Subaru"Impreza There were also large displacement compact cars such as the WRX STI A-Line.[6].

Motor sportsThen.Rally,Jim Khana,Dirt trialIt is often used in competitions where small turns are important.特にIn particularWRC(World Rally Championship)World Rallycross ChampionshipThen, most of the machines currently used including the lower class are compact cars.

History of compact cars in Japan

the 1950s

National carFrom the announcement of the concept, from all directionsautomotive industryEntry into the market is seen and continues to the presentLight carIt will be a trigger for the standard to be born.

NameYear of appearanceRemarks
Suzuki Suzulite1955Suzuki Industries (currently Suzuki) Loit LP 400,Citroen 2CVA four-wheeled vehicle developed on its own with reference to the above.It is considered to be Japan's first mini vehicle that has reached a practical level and is commercially on track.
Subaru 3601958OrientalOneaircraftOld was a manufacturerNakajima airplaneThe technical team ofKnow-howMade the best use ofMicro car..Due to its excellent design, it becomes a masterpiece of mini vehicles.

the 1960s

Spread of the car itself (MassesIn the era when we were aiming for the conversion, each company is enthusiastic about making it smaller and lighter in order to obtain the necessary and sufficient performance at a low price.In addition, consumers are more advanced and high-end than expected, and each company is forced to review its appearance, performance, and equipment immediately after the start of sales.

NameYear of appearanceRemarks
Mitsubishi 5001960Reorganized after the Pacific WarMitsubishi Heavy IndustriesHowever, it was developed with the aim of making a full-scale entry into the passenger car market.
Toyota Publica 7001961In response to the national car concept,Citroen 2CVAiming forFF carAlthough planned as, it is highly reliableFRAnd as a resultToyotaBe the onlyAir coolingHorizontally opposedOnly the 2-cylinder engine remained.It embodies an inexpensive and highly reliable popular car, but its overly simple construction is shunned by the market, and it is forced to change its policy, which will also determine the future of Toyota cars. From the second generationSister carAsDaihatsu ConsorteAlso joined.
Daihatsu Compano1963Initially in high demandLight vanStart fromWagon,Berlina 2 door,spider, Berlina 4 doors,TrackThe lineup is expanded in the order of.Italian look, styled in Vinyale.
Mazda Familia 8001963R360 coupe,CarolBorn as a high-end model of.Like the Compagno, the light van, wagon,sedan,Track,coupeIt will be expanded in the order of.The trendy "" that goes around the bodyHachimaki"Mall" with Italian look stylingBertoneBy, allAluminumThere was something new in the whole, such as the adoption of the engine, and at that timePopular carExistence that is pure in.
Mitsubishi Colt 8001965MinicaLuxury car,Colt 600Appeared as a successor to the car.FastbackStyle andhatchbackAdoption, etc.Mizushima PlantAn ambitious work with the prestige of.LancerHas disappeared once with the appearance of.
Honda L700 / P7001965With a 2-door light van and truckCommercial vehicleWhileHondaLikelyDOHCAdopt an engine.It is planned as a commercial vehicle for which demand can be expected even for new entrants, and passenger cars (sedans) are not being produced.It has failed due to engine characteristics that do not match the actual situation of the user.
Datsun Sunny 10001966Nissan MotorIs the compact car division ofDatsunThe last entry model.従来型ダットサン 1000 / 1200(210型系)のConventional Datsun XNUMX/XNUMX (XNUMX type)BluebirdBorn with the advanced transition to.AustinIt boasts high reliability and durability due to its cheerful power performance and motility, familiar construction and "".
Subaru 10001966Lightweight utilizing aircraft technologyMonocoquebody,Horizontally opposed engineIt emphasized its advancedness, such as the installation of a front-wheel drive vehicle and the flat floor of the passenger compartment by the FF system.同社ではAt the companySubaru 360 and 450It is rarely recognized as a compact car or a popular car because it is positioned as a popular car and has a structure that is significantly different from that of other companies' popular cars of the same era.
Toyota Corolla1966Originally with Publicaコ ロ ナDeveloped as a compact car designed to fill the middle of the road.Reflecting on the fact that Publica, which was devoted to practicality and functionality, was not commercially successful, it has a "deluxe feeling" interior and exterior that suits the high-ranking preference of mass users, and "rides". Developed with the idea of ​​"80 points principle + α" pursuing "fun = sportiness" and pursuing a high degree of perfection in total, the balance between equipment and price is slightly higher than the competing model Sunny It was well accepted that it was cheap, and immediately after its appearance, it gained popularity that surpassed Sunny, and as a result of its great commercial success as originally planned, it became synonymous with small popular cars in Japan.特に初代は77万2002台も生産されているIn particular, the first generation produced XNUMX units.[7].

the 1970s

Oil shockBy experiencing, the level of economic efficiency and practicality was raised at once, and due to the rise of later layers,FashionDemands for sex and environmental performance will also increase.

NameYear of appearanceRemarks
Nissan cherry1970oldプ リ ン スDeveloped in the era, Nissan's first after the mergerFF carAppeared with styling that is ahead of the times.Later Cherry F II,PulsarThe model will be changed to.
Honda civic1972A pioneer who has established the "2 box" in Japanese cars.後にlaterCVCCengineso,Car emission regulationsIt has a great influence, such as responding quickly to.The 6th generation with Type R set for the first time is 21 units[8]Was also produced.
Daihatsu Charade1977Made in EuropeBy introducing the compact car method and pursuing rationality, the image of a conventional popular car (such as an easy configuration that is a reduction of a high-end car and the unskilledness of a luxury car can be seen and hidden) was dispelled.In addition, the adoption of a 3-cylinder engine was also noticed, and it was also called a "liter car" because it was 1000CC.
Mitsubishi Mirage1978

the 1980s

"Running" as well as economy and practicalityLightweight sports, "Boys Racer" (currently ""Hot hatch") Has appeared.

NameYear of appearanceRemarks
Toyota Corolla II—Introduced in the early 1980s of the boys racer boom.As a brother carTercel,CorsaThere is also a TURBO-equipped grade and retractable for models in the latter half of the 80s. Since the 1990s, it has been developed mainly for practical grades.
Toyota Corolla FX—As a further derivative model, the 86 twin-cam 1.6-valve engine (16A-G) installed in the AE4 Levin was installed to enable sporty driving.
Toyota Starlet—PublicaAn inexpensive model that emphasizes practicality as a successor.There is also a model equipped with a turbocharger, which has realized a powerful run.
Nissan Pulsar—There was also a two-door coupe. In the mid-2sThere is also a unique specification that the rear part can be replaced with a hatchback form or a coupeHowever, it was not approved in Japan and was fixed to either specification.As a brother carLangley,Libertavirawas there.
Nissan March—The first model also had a turbo model, and there was also the only domestic car, Super TURBO, to date.なんと過給器がWhat a superchargerTwo systems with supercharger + TURBO chargerWas installed.
Nissan Be-1—The first March base.A temporary premiere was added as a limited edition car.The first in the Nissan Pike Car series.As a compact car of this age, it is still in circulation as of 1.
Nissan Pao—The first March base.The second in the Nissan Pike Car series.
Honda City—Appeared as a compact car with an urban flair as a lower model than the Civic.The first turbo-equipped model of Honda's commercial vehicle was additionally released and further evolved. In the second generation, it became unexploded due to the low styling that lowered the bonnet part, which was also the identity of Honda cars at that time, but the 2-speed full AT that can contribute to fuel efficiency for the first time in its class and luxurious equipment that was not so important The evolution was great, such as being set.
Honda CR-X/ Civic—High output on a lightweight bodyengineDespite being a compact car with an FF layout, it has achieved sporty driving.
Mazda Familia—Already in the 1970shatchbackAlthough it existed as a model, it was remodeled as an FF2BOX that was a copy of VW Golf and made a big break, becoming the founder of tuning cars / dress-up cars.
Subaru Justy—Own light carRexAnd small carsLeoneIn order to fill the gap, we entered the 1980s compact car.In addition, the first CVT (ECVT) registered in Japan is also available.
Suzuki Cartus—Developed for OEM sales in US GM.In Japan, it was sold as a substitute for mini vehicle users. A sports model equipped with DOHC is also on sale.

the 1990s

Due to the economic downturn caused by the bursting of the bubble economy, compact cars have returned to the original concept of economic efficiency and practicality.

NameYear of appearanceRemarks
Toyota Starlet(5nd generation)1996Even in the 1990s, it remained popular due to its low price and high speed, such as preparing a large number of specifications with a reduced number of transmission stages without excessive comfort equipment.In addition, the 1996th generation, which was released in 5, was given consideration for safety, which was impossible for compact cars at that time.In particular, the seatbelt pretensioner / force limiter was standard equipment with the Tercel brothers, despite the fact that it cost a lot at the time.
Nissan March(2nd generation)1992Full model change in 1992.With its rounded design and high practicality, it has maintained its long-selling position.Also, like its predecessor, it is popular as the Minecraft name in Europe.
Nissan cube1998March-basedTall wagon..The unique styling with its space-oriented structure and bonnet stands out is a big hit.
Honda logo1996A new name will appear after the unexploded second generation city. 2代目シティと逆のコンセプトであるため広い室内などマーチ同様実用性の追求、同社の同時期の登録車では採用されていなかった2ATを採用するなど低価格も武器としていたがまたも不発で更には3年1998月に軽自動車の規格改正に伴い各メーカーのSince it is the opposite concept to the 10nd generation city, it pursued practicality like the March, such as a large interior, and adopted XNUMXAT, which was not adopted in the registered cars of the same period of the company, etc. In October XNUMX, due to the revision of the standard for light vehicles, each manufacturerLight sedan groupHowever, as the overhead space has become wider and the product has improved, competition has become fierce and it will be limited to one generation.
Honda Capa1998Logo-based tall wagon.トール型では珍しい全車フロアATシフトなど幅広いユーザーに使いやすい設計となっていたがIt was designed to be easy to use for a wide range of users, such as the AT shift on all car floors, which is rare for the Thor type.Cube,Fun Cargo,bBIt was defeated by rivals such as, and also in October of the same year due to the revision of the standard of mini vehicles, the third generationlifeAppeared in a reduced form of the capacity, and the capacity became disadvantageous in terms of taxation, so it disappeared for only one generation.
Mazda Demio
(Later renamed to Mazda MAZDA2)
generationYear of appearanceRemarks
First generation1996The versatility symbolized by the advertising copy of the "freestyle wagon" helped Mazda escape from the slump at the time.
2 generation2002As seen in the 13 body colors + special color settings, it featured colorful colors.
3 generation2007The route has been significantly changed to give it a fashionable appearance.
4 generation2014While following the design of the previous generation, Mazda's design motif "Beat Design" was adopted. With the minor change in August 2019, the model for the Japanese market also becomes Demio's global name.MAZDA2Was unified and renamed to.
Daihatsu Storia1998Appeared as a successor to the Charade.Toyota duetIs a brother car.It used a lot of chrome plating to create a fashionable feeling.The competition vehicle "X4" was equipped with a turbocharger on a 713cc engine and demonstrated tremendous power of 120 horsepower.
Suzuki Sorio
(Wide / Plus released in the 1990s,
Wagon R Solio in the 2000s)
generationYear of appearanceRemarks
2st / XNUMXnd generation1999Appeared as an expanded compact car of a mini vehicle.In Europe, it was also sold on an OEM basis as Opel Agira.There was also 5MT in the wide, which was not found in the height wagon system.ワイド/プラスはこのクラス唯一(トヨタのWide / Plus is the only one in this class (Toyota'sTRDIt is premature to have a turbo-equipped car (excluding specifications etc.)DownsizingAlthough it was an engine, the sales ratio was higher there.
3 generation2010It became a Swift base and evolved into a compact car with sliding doors.It became a popular model due to its reasonable size. In 2012, a "Bandit" equipped with aero parts was also added.
4 generation2015While normally evolving from the hit predecessor, the collision damage mitigation brake "Dual Camera Brake Support" and the new platform "HARTECT" have been adopted.In addition to the previous 1.2L gasoline for the power train, the same engineMild hybridA model that combines the above, a strong hybrid equipped with 5AGS on the same engine, etc. were set.
5 generation2020Although it has evolved normally from the 4th generation, a wide luggage compartment and head clearance have been secured by increasing the overall length and width.In addition, the strong hybrid vehicle has been abolished in the engine lineup, and it has been consolidated into two models, a 1.2L gasoline vehicle and a model that combines the same engine with a mild hybrid.

the 2000s

It is said that the main target user group is women, and fashionability is emphasized in addition to economy and practicality.

NameYear of appearanceRemarks
Toyota Vitz1999
generationYear of appearanceRemarks
First generation1999Adorable rounded design.It is also said to have changed the market for compact cars.
2 generation2005While inheriting the rounded design, the basic performance has been improved.
3 generation2010It has changed from the rounded design to a masculine design. In 2017hybridCars also appeared.
Toyota ist2002Appeared against the fit.小型Small sizeSUVIt is also attracting attention as a typical car model. From the 2nd generation, it has become a wide body and is manufactured as a 3rd number car. The second generation wasn't as successful as the first, but it was on sale for nearly nine years.The chassis is based on Vitz.
Toyota Fun Cargo—Based on the Vitz, it is now available for more functions and versatility.The exterior and interior were more rounded than the Vitz.
generationYear of appearanceRemarks
First generation2000Appeared for young people in their late teens to early 10s.Based on the same Vitz as the above two models, Toyota made the first "full digital design".The square design was popular not only with the target group of young people, but also with the elderly because it secured a wide field of view.
2 generation2005Unlike the first generation, the base model was Toyota Passo / Daihatsu Boon, and the production base was switched to Daihatsu. Equipped with functions such as "Mattari Seat" that can be enjoyed even when the vehicle is stopped.Also, in a brother carDaihatsu Coo(2006-2012) andSubaru DexThere was (2008-2012).
Toyota WiLL Cipher2002Based on the Vitz, it has a more sophisticated design and has appeared for young people who like such things.
Toyota Porte,
Toyota spade
generationYear of appearanceRemarks
First generation2004It has appeared as a new type of friendly compact car equipped with a single sliding door on the passenger seat side.
2nd / XNUMXst generation2012A new hinged door has been installed in the rear seats on the driver's side.In addition to the Porte, a new sporty design Spade has been released.
Toyota Passo,
Daihatsu Boone
generationYear of appearanceRemarks
First generation2004The successor model to the Duet / Storia, it appeared as a vehicle in charge of Toyota's bottom.
2 generation2010The design has been changed to a rounded design from the previous generation, and a new grade "+ Hana" has been set for the Passo.
3 generation2016Collision damage mitigation brake "Smart Assist II, And new grades "MODA" (Passo) and "CILQ" (Boon) that replace "+ Hana" have been set. With a minor change in October 2018, a new grade "STYLE" targeting women was set only for Boon.
Honda fit2001
generationYear of appearanceRemarks
First generation2001The successor to the logo.Center tank layoutThe interior space has been greatly expanded by technologies such as2002With annual salesCorollaIt was a big hit.
2 generation2007First minor change in 2010hybridSet the car.again,Electric car(Lease sales in Japan, but number 3 car) was also set, and in the sports grade RS, a 6-speed MT was set for the first time in the same class made in Japan.
3 generation2013Collision damage mitigation brake "Anshin Package" is newly installed, and a new hybrid system "Anshin Package"i-DCDIt becomes a hot topic with the installation of. The design has changed significantly in the minor changes in 2017.Collision damage mitigation brake "Honda SENSINGSwitched to.
4 generation2020The stylish design of the previous generation has changed completely, and it has become a cute design with the image of a Shiba Inu.In addition, the hybrid system is a new system "e: HEVIn addition to being changed to "Honda CONNECT," it is equipped with the first connected function "Honda CONNECT" for Honda vehicles.
Mitsubishi Colt—Mitsubishi recall hiddenThe name of "Colt" is revived as the savior of Mitsubishi, whose sales were sluggish.Although it is not selling very well in Japan, its driving performance is extremely high, and it is highly evaluated and popular in Europe.In the compact car of this period, a new engine with a different design (the material of the cylinder block is changed, but the biggest difference is the change from the timing belt to the chain. Usually, it is done by a full model change) in the middle model Replaced with. "Mitsubishi Colt RALLIART Version-RIs 1500cc and boasts 163ps, and is said to be the strongest compact car produced in Japan.
Suzuki Swift2000
generationYear of appearanceRemarks
First generation2000A compact car with SUV-like elements.The price was very low, and the low-priced grade "SE-Z" was 79 yen, which was cheaper than a general mini car.On the other hand, the sports grade "Swift Sport" also sold at a low price, but it was not only sporty with aero parts, but also engine change, cross ratio 5-speed MT, undercarriage strengthening, compact cars of this period It was an extremely full-scale sports specification with a rare 3-door and over fender, and in a sense it was a vehicle closer to a competition vehicle than the second generation.
2 generation2004A world strategic car that has been rebuilt from scratch, eliminating the elements of the predecessor Swift.Despite its low price, it is highly evaluated for its high-quality driving comparable to European cars.The high-end model "Swift Sport" with further refined driving is equipped with a 1600cc engine, which is rare in current domestic cars.Hot hatchBut also.
3 generation2010Evolved from the predecessor with the keep concept.The basic performance has evolved further.
4 generation2016A new platform was adopted, a mild hybrid was set, and a collision damage mitigation brake was set.
Nissan note2005
generationYear of appearanceRemarks
First generation2005Appeared as a rival model of Honda Fit, which is one size larger than March.The trunk room has been devised and features a large cabin and low pricing.The "1600X" and "16RZ" (sporty grade) equipped with a 16cc engine, which is rare in the current domestic cars, were also set.
2 generation2012Full model change as an integrated model with Tidus.Eco-supercharger settings, collision damage mitigation brakes set in the medium-term model, and new power train set in the late modele POWERIn November 2016, Nissan won the first place in the new car sales ranking for the first time in 11 years and 30 months.
3 generation2020Gasoline cars have been abolished and switched to e-POWER exclusive models.The new Nissan mark, which was changed in the same year, was also used for the first time in mass-produced vehicles.Equipped with the driving support technology "ProPilot" that is also installed in Serena and X-Trail.In addition, "e-POWER" has also moved to the second generation, and the output has improved. In June 2, a derivative car "2021 number class" developed with the theme of high qualityNote auraWas also added.
Toyota lactis2005
generationYear of appearanceRemarks
First generation2005Appeared as a successor to the Fun Cargo.The concept changed completely from Fun Cargo to a sporty height wagon.Some grades are equipped with Toyota's first paddle shift, making it a model that can be enjoyed while driving.
2 generation2010The second generation modelFuji Heavy Industries(CurrentSUBARU), And as a sister (OEM) carSubaru TreziaExists.While inheriting the sportiness of its predecessor, it has evolved into a design that is also considered for family use.
Toyota iQ2008A model developed by Toyota for the "City Communicator," which was popular in Europe at that time.We have realized an interior space that can accommodate four people in a compact two-door body with a total length of less than 4 m.In addition, many derivative models such as "iQ GRMN" and "eQ" were announced.

the 2010s

The number of high-quality vehicle models for downsizing users, which has been increasing in recent years, and hybrid models that take environmental issues into consideration have increased.

NameYear of appearanceRemarks
Toyota aqua2011
generationYear of appearanceRemarks
First generation2011Vitz-based hatchback.It became Toyota's first hybrid compact car and became a big hit due to its price starting from 169 million yen (simultaneously) and its reasonable body size, and at one point it had a huge number of bark orders. In the minor change in December 2014, the crossover style "X-URBAN" (renamed to "Crossover" in the minor change in June 12) was set.In 2017, it reached 6 million units, the fastest in Toyota's history, contributing to the spread of hybrid cars.
2 generation2021Full model change.PlatformTNGA-BIn addition to changing to the platform, the drive battery is equipped with the world's first "bipolar nickel-metal hydride" in mass-produced vehicles.In addition, the "Toyota Advanced Park" is installed, and in addition to the one installed in the previously released Yaris, a system that assists the accelerator and brake shift operations is also installed.
Daihatsu Thor2016A height compact car released as a rival to Suzuki Solio. Using the 3rd generation Boon / Passo platform, a large interior is realized with a sliding door, and the engine is equipped with a newly developed 1.0L turbo engine. In the minor change in September 2020, the tank was abolished due to the simultaneous sale of all Toyota stores, and it was integrated into the Roomy.
Toyota roomy2016
Toyota tank2016
Subaru Justy(2nd generation)2016

the 2020s

Due to the frequent occurrence of misstepping accidents by the elderly in the latter half of the 2010s, many models are equipped with collision damage mitigation brakes.

NameYear of appearanceRemarks
Toyota Yaris(4nd generation)2020The compact car that was released as "Vitz" in Japan has the same name as overseas and has undergone a full model change.In addition to Toyota's first 1.5L straight-three "Dynamic Force Engine," the parking assistance technology "Toyota Advanced Park" was installed.Also, in the same year, as a derivative model, the SUV "Yaris Cross, The sports hatchback "GR YarisWas also released.

History of compact cars in Europe

In postwar Europe, various small popular cars such as Goggo mobile appeared and disappeared as in Japan, but as a famous model in modern times, it started with the first VW Beetle, and basically the same model was manufactured for about 40 years. Soldミ ニTo the topCitroen 2CV,Fiat 500The source is around.一時期は大型化へ進んだFor a while, it went up in sizeFiat 128,Citroen GSAlthough there is, it has been remodeled and newly introduced after the oil crisis.Volkswagen Golf IToRenault 5,Fiat pandaThe compact car was developed and became a bestseller at that time.この系譜を引き継いだのがIt was the inheritance of this genealogyLaterIt is an imported compact car.

Characteristics of compact cars

What is generally pointed out[By whom?]I will give you.

利 点

  • Light carThe larger size makes it more comfortable to live in.
  • The body size is small and it is easy to put it in a narrow street or parking lot (however, it is inferior to a light car with a narrow width of less than 1.48 m).
  • It weighs about 1 ton, which is relatively light.engineFuel economy is good with the help of the small displacement of.
  • engineHas superior power and torque compared to mini vehicles, and is relatively suitable for high-speed driving.
    • It is not uncommon for the power, torque, fuel efficiency, and vehicle price to be superior, especially when compared to light turbochargers.Moreover, it is a low-speed type because it has a large displacement compared to a mini car.This means quietness and easy re-acceleration during overtaking acceleration.
  • The mass-market model does not have much difference in price from the mini vehicle, and is often cheaper than the high-end model of the mini vehicle. (However, the total amount including taxes and other expenses will be about the same or slightly higher)[9]
  • Since it is a registered car (white number), it is difficult to handle with a large car[10]If you want a small car for some reason, but the user thinks that it is embarrassing for a mini car, that you are worried about safety because it is small, and that the interior width is narrow for a mini car, you will inevitably choose this class. Will be done.
  • Light carCapacityThe maximum number of people is four, but the capacity of compact cars is usually five, with exceptions.
  • In urban areas, when comparing maintenance costs with light vehicles, the advantages of light vehicles such as differences in taxes and insurance premiums are not so significant when considering maintenance costs such as rental parking fees, and the above-mentioned actual prices, etc. Considering this, it may be cheaper than owning a light car.
  • Generally the total length of the car bodysedan,coupe,Station Wagon,SUVIt is shorter than regular cars such as, and it is possible to easily park in a narrow space where parking is difficult with those car models.


  • Light in JapanFull B segmentThe following small sedans (Corolla Axio(However, based on the same carClassic styleCustom car OfMitsuoka RyugiExcept),Grace,LatioEtc.), tax[11]It may be regarded as a half-finished class, such as the price of the vehicle itself (described later) is expensive.
  • There is not much difference in vehicle price between the upper and lower models.Prices can be reversed if those models offer significant discounts.それどころか、場合によっては定価の時点でそれらより高額な場合さえあるOn the contrary, in some cases it may even be more expensive at the time of list price.[12].
  • Since domestic models (including reimported cars from Asia) are basically designed for street riding, fatigue tends to accumulate during continuous long-distance high-speed driving compared to high-end compact cars.
  • Although the body size is small, it is long with an emphasis on comfort and the FF layout.WheelbaseBecause there are many car models, there are some car models that do not have a small turn for the size of the car body.In particular, the Vitz RS has reached 5.6m.Also, the tread is wide for the wheelbase, and the ride quality is not good compared to the top models.
  • For safety reasons, most of the recent compact cars have a width of 1,680-1,695 mm, which is the full or close to the small car frame. As of 2021, Daihatsu Boon (including OEM Toyota Passo) is a domestic compact car with a vehicle width of 1,670 mm or less (designed to be 5 cm or more narrower than the small car (3 number) frame).Daihatsu Thor(OEM Toyota Roomy / Tank <Tank will be discontinued in October 2020>, including Subaru Justy), Nissan March (classic custom car based on the same car)Mitsuoka Butte NadeshikoIncludes), Suzuki Solio (including OEM Mitsubishi Delica D: 2),Suzuki Ignis,Suzuki Crosby,Suzuki Jimny Sierra,Mitsubishi Mirage,Mitsubishi i-MiEVThere are 2018 models (substantially 4 models) (April 2021-until the end of production in March 3), and although the number of narrow-width compact cars has temporarily decreased to about 15-9 models. In recent years, it has been increasing again.However, all other models are designed with a full compact car frame or a width close to it.This is the same value as a hatchback or a small sedan that is one class higher, and since it has expanded to the same width as some medium sedans, it affects the passing of narrow roads and the passage in bottleneck. (on the contraryToyota istIs the second generation,BMW MINIWith the appearance of the third generation,Toyota aquaExcluding the SUV-like grade "Crossover" and Japanese / North American specificationsToyota Yaris, And its derivative models "Yaris Cross" and "GR Yaris",Honda fit OfElectric carThe specifications and the 4th generation "CROSSTER" have each entered the 3 number frame, and even models that can no longer be called "compact" cars have appeared.) Therefore, in search of narrower vehicle width, light cars and some A An increasing number of cases are choosing segment-class compact cars.
    • In residential areas created early after the war, streets and parking lotsThe first CorollaAnd B120 typeSunny truckSince it is designed on the premise of small cars such as (both are 1490 mm wide), it may be difficult to pass or park vehicles larger than light cars nowadays (both are designed on the assumptionFarm roadEven nowlight truckIt is often designed with a width of 2.5m on the premise of traffic).
  • Due to the short overall length, some people may feel uneasy about safety in the event of a collision, but recent models have strengthened body rigidity.Collision safety bodyCollision safety has been improved by adopting.

Aspects that are both strengths and weaknesses

  • Compared to light vehicles, the used car market price is cheaper than light vehicles.
    This is an advantage when buying a used car (you can find a lot of bargains with a short mileage and a good degree with a budget of about the same or less), but a disadvantage when selling.Imported carCoupes and sedans, including coupe and sedans, a small number of sports cars, and light trucks with a maximum load capacity of less than 1 ton, but still have a low resale value and are easy to buy).In addition, although taxes, voluntary insurance premiums, vehicle inspection fees, etc. are cheaper for light vehicles, the degree of fatigue of the entire vehicle body when it becomes old is different.Even if the compact car is old, it is difficult to sell at the store because there are few purchasers, and the price is about the same even if the mileage is short and the degree is good.Therefore, if you find a good compact car, there is no repair cost, so it is thought that the maintenance cost will be cheaper than the used light car sold at the same price.
  • Generally, the total length of the car body is shorter than that of regular cars such as sedans, coupes, station wagons, and SUVs, and compared to those models.Spatial recognition abilityIt is easy for users with low driving skills to operate, but for this reason, compact car owners and drivers may be considered to be inferior in driving skills.[Source required]

An example of a modern compact car

Here, we will describe what is treated as a compact car in Japan.

Vehicles marked with ☆ are custom vehicles based on existing vehicles.
★ isElectric car
(E) is a model made by a Japanese manufacturer that is exclusively sold outside Japan.


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    Especially in the case of aero versions such as Life Diva, Wagon R Stingray, eK Sport, Move Custom, the vehicle price is generally around 150 million yen (as of March 2011), so especially high output by turbo Compact if you want to choose those grades- Toyota Corolla AxioSuch asFull B segmentIn some cases, the registered car in the class will be cheaper in total (and higher output and lower fuel consumption).
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Subaru of America

Coordinate: North Latitude 39 Degrees 55 Minutes 20 Seconds 75 degrees 02 minutes 46 seconds west longitude /39.9223326 N, 75.0460762 W / 39.9223326; -75.0460762;

Subaru of America(Subaru of America, Inc., Commonly known as: SOA) IsJapan OfSUBARUCompanysubsidiaryAndSUBARUOf a branded vehicleThe United States of AmericaIs an agency based in.New JerseyCamdenHeadquartered in.

1967 years,(English edition)To the United States for small carsSubaru 360I started negotiations with SUBARU with the idea of ​​bringing in.massiveComplicated regulatory proceduresAfter negotiating with Subaru, Bricklin made a deal with Subaru.Bricklin founded Subaru of America, Inc. to sell Subaru cars, and thenChief Operating OfficerInvited Harvey Lamm as (COO).

Subaru of America in 1968Pennsylvania(English edition), City Line Avenue 555, Eastern Division,CaliforniaNewport beachEstablished Western Division on West Coast Hwy 1000[6]..Headquarters laterNew Jersey(English edition)And then New JerseyCherry HillMoved to. 1986,Fuji Heavy IndustriesIt was acquired by (currently SUBARU) and became a wholly owned subsidiary.

In 1989, Fuji Heavy Industries and its affiliated company at that timeIsuzu Motors TheSubaru Isuzu AutomotiveA joint venture factory called (Subaru-Isuzu Automotive, Inc., SIA)IndianaLafayetteOpened to.This factory was initiallySubaru LegacyとIsuzu RodeoManufactured. In 2001, Isuzu sold the shares of the factory to Fuji Heavy Industries for US $ 1 due to sluggish sales, and the factory becameSubaru of Indiana AutomotiveRenamed to Inc. SIA(English edition)By (NWF)(English edition)It has been designated as a landfill and has won the title of zero landfill production.

SubaruNew JerseyCamdenTo 250,000 square feet (23,000 m)2) Headquarters was newly constructed and relocated in 2018. In May 2019, the demolition of the former Cherry Hill building began.[7].


Subaru cars available in North America:

Current model

Past model

Motor sports

RallyRacing and in the United States(English edition)With the rise of (subculture to remodel imported cars from Japan), the long-awaited 2001Subaru Impreza WRXUS introduction is high performance,AWDSucceeded in sending a compact car to the mainstream of sports cars.SubaruRally americaへ(English edition)And won the driver's title for 5 seasons[8].

Since 2006, Subaru of America has been(English edition)In support of the Subaru Road Racing Team (SRRT) competing in the street tuner class, we provided the Subaru Legacy 2.5 GT Spec-B. In 2010, SRRT will operate the WRX STI in the Grand Sport class.[9]

Starting in 2006, Subaru of America sponsored the Subaru Road Racing Team (SRRT) with a 2.5 GT Spec-B in the Street Tuner class. In 2010, SRRT campaigns a WRX STI in the Grand Sport class.[10]


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