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🚗 | "akippa private" First introduced in condominiums, reservation service specializing in parking lots for visitors

Photo akippa private, first introduced in condominiums

First introduced in "akippa private" condominiums, a reservation service specializing in parking lots for visitors

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The introduction was decided at the management union general meeting in June.

Daiwa Lifenext is a parking lot reservation service specializing in parking lots for visitors for condominiums in Tokyo managed by the company. → Continue reading


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    Management union general meeting

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    6(Rokugatsu) isGregorian calendarYearsThe ninth ofMonthThere are 30 days.


    in JapanMinazukiAlso called (Minazuki). However, originallylunar calendarAnother name for June.

    English nameThen. June That.Roman mythology OfJupiterWife of (Jupiter)YunoTaken from (Juneau). YunomarriageAs a guardian deity of life, in Junewedding"June Bride" (June Bride)June bride, June bride), thisMonthIt is said that you can be happy when you get married. However, at leastEurope OfCatholicIn countries with many denominations,Greek MythologySome say that it is unlikely that the pagan gods of Rome and Rome would affect the lives of Europeans.[1].

    June Bride in Japan was troubled by the number of people marrying in the dark, damp atmosphere with lots of rain in JunebridalIndustrythe 1970sIt started around the time and was not known until then (unlike Japan, June in Europe is when the long winter begins and flowers begin to bloom, and there is a generally open and bright mood).

    March in Japan


    Summer: Is the beginning (early summer).HokkaidoIn each area exceptrainy season[2]It is the season of and there is much precipitation.

    The origin of Minazuki

    There are various theories about the origin of Minazuki, but the theory that "no" in Minazuki is "na" meaning "no" and "moon of water" is influential.[3].Kannazuki"No" in "is" is considered to mean "the moon of God"[4].. There is also a theory that the months are Mizumizu and Mizutsuki, which are the months when rice planting is over and the rice fields need to be filled with water.

    It may literally be interpreted as the month when the rainy season is over and the water disappears, but this is a popular theory (Etymology). In addition, there is also a theory that it is "everyone's exhaustion" when he finishes a big job called "Taue".

    Months without holidays

    Three years from 2016 to 2018, June in Japanpublic holidayIt was the only month without. Also, there have never been any holidays this month.

    This is due to the fact that there were no milestone dates from the imperial family, and the lives of the common people were also in the agricultural season and there were no events of hare.[5].

    In partAnniversary of time(6/10), etc.[5]..Also, in Okinawa prefectureBattle of OkinawaOn June 6, when the organized battle of Okinawa was over, "Mourning the dead of the Battle of Okinawa"Memorial DayIs provided,Local governmentIt is a holiday of the facility.The National Liaison Conference of the Karoshi Lawyers is due to the fact that many workers die from overwork in June.[5],Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareOn June 2001, 6, there was an offer to set up a new holiday in June, which has no holidays.[6].. However, on the other hand, "Japan has too many holidays than other countries (Japan has2016At that time, there are 16 public holidays, while the United States has 10 days, the United Kingdom has 8 days, and France has 13 days). There are negative opinions on the establishment of holidays, for reasons such as "I don't want to set more holidays" and "There are no days that are suitable for holidays".[6], Have jurisdiction over holidaysCabinet OfficeEven not considering establishing a holiday in June[5].

    Still more1993IsMarriage Ceremony of Crown Prince Tokuhito and Masako OwadaBy6/9 Days OffWas taken.

    In the fiction work, manga "Doraemon"soDoraemonThere is an episode in which a national holiday is established by using "Japan standard calendar" which is one of the secret tools.

    • In the cartoon versionNobitaHas established a fictitious holiday on June 6nd as "Guuwara Thanksgiving Day" due to dissatisfaction with the absence of holidays in June.[7].
    • In the anime version on June 2014, 6 "Takeshi no Zundoko Birthday"GiantBut June 6th was "Napping Day" and June 13th was "Giant's Birthday".


    • Isuzu Kurezuki (Yaryo Kurezuki)
    • Enyo (Flame Yang)
    • Kazemachizuki (Kazemachitsuki)
    • Kenbizuki (Kenbizuki)
    • Suigetsu (Suigetsu)
    • Suzukurezuki (Ryoguretsuki)
    • Seminohatsuki (Cicada Hazuki)
    • Tanashizuki (Tanashi)
    • Tangetsu (Dantsuki)
    • Tokonatsu (Tokonatsu Moon)
    • Narukamizuki (Narukamitsuki)
    • Bangetsu (late moon)
    • Fukugetsu (Fushizuki)
    • Matsukazezuki (Matsufugetsu)
    • Minazuki (minazuki)
    • Yohyo (yang ice)

    September annual events

    Sports held in September

    July theme song



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