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🚗 | Hiroaki Ishiura said in the exhaust sound test, "Oh, this is fast." Introducing the third type of CN fuel / SF next-generation vehicle test SUGO


Hiroaki Ishiura said in the exhaust sound test, "Oh, this is fast." Introducing the third type of CN fuel / SF next-generation vehicle test SUGO

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According to Mr. Nagai, from the next time onward, we plan to carry out tests on this sound even on vehicles equipped with Honda engines.

From June 6th to 20st, the 21th Super Formula next-generation vehicle development test will be held at Sportsland SU in Miyagi Prefecture ... → Continue reading


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Vehicle with Honda engine

    Mr. Nagai

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    Mr. Nagai(Long) isJapan OfclanOne of the.Matsudaira,TokugawaHe served.


    Takehira HiranoRyokane style OfMuneyoriAncestorMr. NagataIn the system ofHeian periodLord at the endMinamoto no dynastyWas murderedTadashi NagataNagata's older brother, Chika Nagata, is the ancestor of Mr. Nagai.Naokatsu UkonInstead of the lordTokugawa IeyasuIt is said that the order of the lord will lead to the loyalty of the lord.Oe surnameThe surname was changed to Mr. Nagai.

    NaokatsuFutami DaimyoAnd the next generation NaomasaOld ageIn addition to being appointed to the post, Naomasa's children were blessed with the momentum of prosperity, such as establishing a branch house.

    However1680, Great-grandson of NaokatsuShinano Mamoru Naocho ShimaToba DomainLord'sNaito TadakatsuStabbed to death by NagaiSoyaOnceReformWill be.Naocho's younger brotherNaoWas allowed to revive the house,YamatoShinjo DomainMainly returned.After that, Mr. NagaiMeiji RestorationSurvived.

    In addition, BakumatsuGeneral in the periodYoshiki TokugawaUnder the Meiji government, he was a pioneer ambassador, a lieutenant of the left house,SenateServed as the Gondai secretaryNagai NaoyukiIs from the Hatamoto family.Nagai KafuProducedOwari OfHeavy farmingThe Nagai familyAzuchi-Momoyama PeriodIt corresponds to a branch house that was divided around that time.

    Origin of Shinano Town

    CurrentTokyoShinjukuof"ShinanoThe origin of the town name is the Nagai family.The Nagai clan in the same townMamoru ShinanoThis is because the Nagai family and the Takatsuki domain lord Nagai family both set up an Edo Shitayashiki.

    Family crest

    ClanFamily crest"Ichimoji Samsung" is used as.For the Nagai family crest梨紋"Maru ni Pear Cut" is mainly used by the Nagai family, the lord of the Kano domain.Iron wire crest"Nagai Tetsusen" is the third shogunTokugawa IemitsuIt is a family crest that has been worshiped more, and only the Takatsuki feudal lord Nagai family was allowed to use it specially.[1]

    Main clan

    Nagai family Soke

    YamatoKushira Domain(OrYamato Shinjo DomainThe Nagai family of) is a soke of the family.The title isViscount.

    Shoyo Nagai family

    MinoLord KanoThe clan who served as such.The modern title is the Viscount.

    Naoki Seiryu Nagai Family

    SettsuTakatsuki feudal lordConsistentlyBakumatsuThe house that served until.The title is Viscount.

    Naruo Nagai family

    Owari(Owari Domain)soFamily name swordWas forgivenHeavy farmingThe house that continued as.In modern timesNagai KafuStarted with, produced a variety of personnel such as bureaucrats, politicians, and literary figures.


    Shrines and temples

    Kounji Temple

    TokyoNakano OfSoto sect OfTemple..It is a family temple of the Nagai family, the lord of the Kujira domain, and the Nagai family, the lord of the Kano domain.


    TokyoShinagawa OfRinzai Daitokuji SchoolTemple.It is a family temple of the Nagai family, the lord of the Takatsuki domain.

    Nagai Shrine

    OsakaTakatsuki OfNomi ShrineIt is enshrined as Setsumatsusha.The shrine and Nagai Shrine Karamon, which are designated as Takatsuki City designated cultural properties, still exist.


    KyotoKyoto CityHigashiyama WardOne of the towers of Sennyuji Temple.Temple crestNagai iron wire is used for.He has a relationship with the Nagai family, the lord of the Takatsuki domain.

    Yuraku Inari Shrine

    TokyoChiyoda OfYurakucho Station"Yuraku Inari Shrine", which sits at the west exit, is1859Takatsuki feudal lordNaoki NagaiIs a shrine founded in the Takatsuki domain's upper residence.


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