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🚗 | [SUPER GT Round 3] MOTUL Z revived from the big crash of Fuji won the first victory of the season

Photo GT500 class winner # 3 CRAFTSPORTS MOTUL Z (Katsumasa Chiyo / Mitsunori Takaboshi)

[SUPER GT Round 3] MOTUL Z revived from the big crash of Fuji won the first victory of the season

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The next round, SUPER GT Round 4, will be held on the Fuji Speedway on August 2th and 8th, about two months later.

The final race of SUPER GT Round 29 was held at Suzuka Circuit in Mie Prefecture on the 3th, and the big class at Round 2 Fuji ... → Continue reading


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    2 months later

    Fuji Speedway

    Fuji Speedway(Fuji Speedway,Fuji International Speedway ) IsShizuokaSunto-gunOyama TownIt is incircuitIs. The abbreviation is "FSW".Once the operating company "Fuji Speedway Co., Ltd.English company name "Fuji International Speedway Co., Ltd "TREASURYBecause it was written as, it is still used in some parts.2000/ThanToyotaBecame under the umbrella of.2021/In "2020Tokyo Olympics-ParalympicIt was used as a bicycle competition venue.


    History of circuit construction

    Construction of Fuji Speedwaythe 1960sAt the beginningMarubeniFrom Vice PresidentIchiro Kono(Minister of Construction) Starts with a story. At that time, KonoMeishin ExpresswayIt is necessary to develop a domestic car that can run at high speed for a long time, and due to the liberalization of automobile imports, it is necessary to develop a domestic car that is comparable to the performance of foreign cars. The existence of the circuit was significant[2].

    There were few permanent circuits in Japan at that time,MieIt is inSuzuka Circuit TheHondaThe circuit owned by the company cannot be used freely by other automobile manufacturers, and at that time it was thought to be a circuit for two-wheel racing, and a circuit with sufficient width for four-wheel racing was desired.[3].

    またSecond World WarJapan's first and opened beforeAsiaIt was the first permanent circuit, and at that time there were small grass races.KanagawaKawasaki City OfTamagawa SpeedwayIs already virtually obsolete, andHigh economic growthAs a result, the number of houses in the surrounding area has increased, and there were problems with both scale and expandability.

    Relationship with NASCAR

    I heard that a circuit construction plan is in progress in JapanAmerica OfNASCARHowever, he was racing in Japan at that time, and laterF1 OfShadow racing cars"Nippon NASCAR Co., Ltd.", the predecessor of Fuji Speedway Co., Ltd., was established for the purpose of holding NASCAR-style races as a result of marketing Don Nichols, the owner of the company, to agents.1963/(Showa 38) Established in April[4].

    Next day1964/In January (39), a contract was signed with NASCAR regarding the exclusive right to hold NASCAR-style races in Japan and the Far East. After that, the selection of circuit candidate sites was started, and in June of the same year, as circuit candidate sites.ShizuokaSunto-gunOyama TownSelect a land of 150 million tsubo of Omikami and sign a contract with the landowners. The construction site of Fuji Speedway is due to the leasehold right for 99 years, and the construction cost is largely due to the borrowed money, but after the start of construction1965/Kono passed away, so his son, who became Vice President of NASCAR JapanYouno KonoGoes around banks and companies to raise construction funds and has a lot of trouble[5].

    Design and construction

    The course layout is in the United States where NASCAR races are heldDaytona International SpeedwayTriangle similar toOval truckIs planned[6]In July 1964, Charles Moneypenny, who designed Daytona, came to Japan and started making the draft. However, I visited the site by inviting NASCAR Japan.Sterling mossAs he pointed out, "It is extremely nonsense to make an oval course in such a terrain," it turned out that it was difficult to construct an oval course due to the location condition of the slope at the foot of the mountain.

    In 1965 (Showa 40), it was agreed to return the holding right contract with NASCAR to a blank slate. According to Yohei Kono, there are various plans for course design, and in the end, the current course suitable for Japanese races was decided and construction started. Kono's visit to the United States was after the construction began. In addition, NASCAR's contract fee was high and Kono and his colleagues were dissatisfied, and they did not think that NASCAR's management method would work in Japan, so they decided to cancel the contract with NASCAR.

    In response to this, the circuit was to be constructed again as a European-style road course, and the company name was changed to the current "Fuji Speedway Co., Ltd." The name "Speedway" instead of "Circuit" is a remnant of the Oval project.[6].. After that, Kono et al. Thought about the nickname of the circuit, but because it is an easy-to-call nickname, we added "International", which is not in the official company name, to "Fuji International Speedway Company (Fuji International Speedway Company).Fuji International Speedway COmpany) "[7].

    To be under the umbrella of Mitsubishi Estate

    As the construction of the course progressed, Ichiro Kono, who had been the centerpiece from the beginning of the plan, died in July of the same year, and then his son Yohei, who was the vice president of Fuji Speedway, took over and entered the political world. Retired.

    Then in October, he owned land adjacent to Fuji Speedway, where he owned it.Fuji CemeteryWas runningMitsubishi EstateWill invest in the company, and negotiations between Fuji Speedway President Kyuhei Suzuki and Mitsubishi Estate will be completed. In response to this, with Marubeni, who was involved in management from the beginning of the plan.Mainichi Shimbun,Fuji ExpressAlso, I will retire and entrust management to Mitsubishi Estate[8]. Mitsubishi Estate is located on the leased land of Fuji Speedway.GolfPlace "Higashifuji Country Club[9]I am also interested in, and will take over the management here.


    Opened on January 1966, 41. The first race event was the "1th All Japan Motorcycle Clubman Race", a two-wheel race by amateur riders, held on March 3. At this time, it attracted 3 spectators, even though some spectator seats were still under construction.[10]. F3 world champion of the 27th club opening event "4th Clubman Race Fuji Tournament" held on March 4Jim ClarkCame toF3We ran the exhibition on the machine.

    Further held on May 53st Japan Grand PrixAt the final, 9 spectators were gathered and there was a heavy traffic around the circuit.[11], Race is Nissan, Toyota,Prince car,IsuzuIt got excited by the Works confrontation.

    In addition, the 1966 “Indianapolis International Champion Race” (aka:IndieFuji 200 miles) and the 1968 and 1969 "World Challenge Cup Fuji 200 miles race" (commonly known as JapanCan-Am) Such as overseas invitation race is planned,Funabashi circuit(Closed in 1967)1970/Opened inTsukuba CircuitAlong with, it became the center of motor sports in the Kanto and Tokai regions.

    Fuji GC and F1 held

    AmericaIntroduced inAir Purification Law(Muskey Act)" When the motorsports activities of automobile manufacturers stagnated as a measure, Fuji was in 1971Fuji Grand Champion Race(Fuji GC) is established and it is brought up to a signboard event. Around this time, maintenance garages began to gather around the circuit, and it was called "Omikami Race Village".

    However, in 1973 (Showa 48) and 1974 (Showa 49), a fatal injury accident occurred at Fuji GC, and the famous 30-degree bank was closed. Further happened in the same yearOil shockThe motor sports activity by the automobile manufacturer has cooled down, but in 1977 (Showa 52)Endurance raceof"Fuji long distance series(Fuji LD series)" will also start.

    In 1976 (Showa 51),F1It will be held for the first time in JapanF1 World Championship in Japan, Officially in 1977,Japan Grand PrixThe second meeting was held under the name of "." The second timeKazuyoshi Hoshino,Takatake Takahara,Kunimitsu TakahashiAlthough there were Japanese drivers such asRonnie Peterson(Tyrrell) Contacted the machineJill Villeneuve(Ferrari) Machine flew in the air, and the cameraman in the off-limits area and the security guard who was trying to eliminate it crashed, and two people were killed.

    Due to the operating deficit and the effect of this accident, the next year's event was canceled, and until the event was held at the Suzuka Circuit in 1987, the F62 event in Japan was suspended for 1 years.

    Abolition crisis

    1979/In July (54), the Gotemba City Junior Chamber (Gotemba JC) petitioned the prefecture to abolish the Fuji Speedway, which led to the Mitsubishi Estate, which owns most of the land and has management rights.the 1980sWith the abolition of the circuit in the first halfゴ ル フ 場Centered onLeisure landIt was considered to be diverted to.

    In the background of this petition, the runaway group (Grachan) for the purpose of watching Fuji GC repeatedly gathers and runs around the circuit, causing the surrounding environment to deteriorate, and in 1983 (Showa 58 ) Happened again at Fuji GCTohru TakahashiThere was a fatal accident. In addition, due to the lack of public awareness of motorsports at the time, there were some opinions that "motorsports itself promotes runaway driving and is not desirable." However, on the other hand, there is also a theory that those who were engaged in the construction industry locally, that is, those who gain interest in the construction of leisure lands and golf courses, were at the center of the petition, and in the latter half of the dispute, the petition side was toned down. The situation was seen.

    On the other hand, in 1980 (Showa 55), racing drivers and teamsMotor journalistEstablished "Japan Motor Sports Promotion Association" and started a campaign against abolition. In 1985 (Showa 60), the name was changed to "FISCO Abolition Problem Communication Council", and an opposition movement was formed in a form of a tag with the "Fuji Speedway Cooperative Association" consisting of landowners who opposed the circuit abolition. did. In opposition,Kunimitsu Takahashi,Kazuyoshi Hoshino,Masahiro HasemiOther racing drivers, motor journalists, circuit landowners, etc. held a public symposium after a march in Tokyo appealing against the abolition of the Fuji Speedway.[Note 1].

    In 1986 (Showa 61), the Mitsubishi Estate applied for mediation to the Mayor of Oyama, where Fuji Speedway is located, but on July 7, the same year, the mayor's ruling stating that "this matter should be returned to a blank sheet" was officially announced. The survival of the circuit has been decided.

    Motor sports boom period

    the 1980sWhen we entered, the number of events such as holding world championships and "import races" inviting leading overseas team drivers also increased. In 1982 (Showa 57)World Endurance ChampionshipJapanese round (WEC-JAPAN), in 1985 (Showa 60)Inter TECOf the F1990 in 3International F3 LeagueSuch events were established, each of which was held for several years to inspire domestic race officials.

    From the late 1980sthe 1990sIn the first half,Bubble economyUnder the motor sports boom,All Japan F3000 Championship,All Japan F3 Championship,All Japan Sports Prototype Car Endurance ChampionshipWhile the number of participants and the number of spectators from all-Japan championship class races to lower categories have increased and boasted prosperity, the bubble economy reached its peak in 1989 due to the popularity of these all-Japan style categories ( Fuji GC was abolished in XNUMX[12].

    Incidentally, the story of the abolition of the circuit mentioned above has never been discussed since the bubble economy that started almost at the same time as the end of the abolition and the rise of the motor sports boom that began at the same time as the bubble economy.

    In response to this1992/Is1987/The Suzuka Circuit which was completely renovated into1990/Opened inTI circuit AidaCompared to other international-style circuits such as (currently Okayama International Circuit), the facilities are not only conspicuously degenerated and deteriorated, but also the pits, paddock areas, and controls that have been pointed out as having safety problems. The tower was renovated for the first time.


    Although the pit garage and control tower were renovated in 1992, it is undeniable that the facility, which had remained almost unrenewed, has deteriorated overall.Takashi YokoyamaHidetoshi Mitsusada, 1998 (Heisei 10)Tetsuya Ota, 2002 (Heisei 14)Ryu MichigamiConcerns about safety have been heightened, as software and hardware that have led to a major accident in Japan have become obsolete, and there were several facilities that did not meet the FIA ​​standards.

    Furthermore, as mentioned above, the facilities for spectators such as grandstand seats with few roofs and bare concrete, pumping toilets, dilapidated restaurants and buildings are the same as they were when they opened about 30 years ago, and the motor sports boom during the bubble period While struggling to attract customers, not only the acquisition of children and female customers, but alsoBarrier-freeFrom this point of view, there were many voices from the audience and entrants requesting immediate repair.

    However, not only was the motorsport boom gone after the collapse of the bubble economy, but the parent company, Mitsubishi Estate, was also suffering from land price declines, and large-scale investments, which required a large amount of investment, remained untouched.

    Renewal open

    2000 (Heisei 12),ToyotaAcquired the shares of the company from Mitsubishi Estate and officially put them under its umbrella, suspended operations from September 2003 (Heisei 15) and started renovation work, and on April 9, 2005 (Heisei 17) It was reopened. At this time, training facilities for Toyota Motor Corporation were also installed on the premises.

    The new course isSepang Circuit(Malaysia) AndShanghai International Circuit(People's Republic of China) Etc. are holding new F1990 from the late 2000s to the 1scircuitIs responsible for the course designHermann TilkeBy the hands of.

    The course has been modernized while the straight line of about 1.5 km, which was one of the characteristics of the old course, is left. The big change is that the part that was smoothly connected to the straight line from the last corner on the old course has been corrected to a series of complicated corners that became complicated with a steep slope on the new course, increasing the difficulty level. There is. It has been pointed out that the driver's side has poor visibility on the inside side of the corner, and there are also some accidents in which the following car comes into contact with the spinning machine.

    In addition to this, the pit road exit has been changed to a position closer to the first corner than before, and it is devised to reduce the speed at the pit out. In addition, most of the run-off area was paved to improve safety, and an aisle for emergency vehicles was set up beside the course. Due to these improvements, the circuit has acquired the grade 1 qualification required to hold F1. In addition, most of the old facilities have been demolished and rebuilt, including a grand stand that has not changed since the opening, an underground passage connecting the grand stand and the paddock, and a pit garage that was just rebuilt in 1.

    Compared to the past, we also improved the quality of facilities used by spectators and made them barrier-free, such as the grandstand and the 1st corner watching stand, restaurants behind the grandstand and in the paddock area, souvenir shops, vending machines, toilets, parking lots, etc. Remarkable.

    The seats on the grand stand are separated one by one, and drink holders are provided, so that the audience can enjoy the race comfortably. In addition, the grandstand was equipped with seats for the disabled and toilets, and a private parking lot was also nearby. The passage connecting the paddock and the grandstand is newly wide, and an open passage is provided for exclusive use of climbing.escalatorWas also installed. The control tower has been refurbished and is still in use.

    F1 resurrection and withdrawal

    Since the contract for the F1987 Japanese GP, which had been held at the Suzuka Circuit since 62 (Showa 1), will end in the 2006 (18) season, Fuji Speedway has decided to attract the Japanese Grand Prix thereafter.FOAAfter negotiations with (Formula One Administration), he won the rights to host the event in 2007. Since the Suzuka side also hoped to hold the event after 2008, the FIA ​​decided to hold it in September 2007 and 9 in Fuji, and subsequently announced that Suzuka and Fuji will alternate every other year.[13].

    When holding F1, we adopted a "ticket and ride method" that transports spectators back and forth from the station or parking lot by shuttle bus, taking into consideration the conditions of the surrounding roads and accommodation facilities.However, in 2007 (Heisei 19), the first year of the revival, bad weather caused a great deal of confusion in bus transportation, causing scandals such as the spectators being trapped in the venue for a long time after the qualifying and not being able to come by the start of the final.In addition, various problems such as the course not being visible from the temporary spectator seats in the 1st corner were revealed, leaving a stain on the history of the Japanese Grand Prix.A civil lawsuit was filed by spectators after the race. On January 2013, 1, the Tokyo District Court ordered 24 plaintiffs in lawsuits to pay about 67 yen to 53 of them.[14].

    In 2, the second year, (Heisei 2008), we invested over 20 billion yen to take measures.[15], Renovated on-site facilities such as the 1st corner. The number of spectators in the final was reduced from 14 to 11.[15]As the shuttle bus was put on standby in and around the venue, the confusion was not as great as in the previous year.In addition, the "ticket and ride method" and the "retention method" were performed by spectators.Cycling at the 2020 Tokyo OlympicsIt was also done at that time.

    On 2009th July 21, Fuji Speedway announced the withdrawal from Japan GP[16].. In addition to the deterioration of the business environment due to the recession after the global financial crisis, "the number of domestic race attendants including SUPER GT and Formula Nippon has decreased sharply", "the number of sign sponsors has also decreased" Listed in the reason[17].. As a result, the Japanese GP will be held again in Suzuka from 2009.


    Since then, the F1 World Championship has not been held, but it still has FIA "Grade 1".[18]Popular as a circuit with top-class facilities in the world,FIA World Endurance ChampionshipWorld championship style races such asGT World Challenge Asia,Asian Le Mans SeriesInternational race series, such asSuper formula,SUPER GT,All Japan F3 Championship,Super enduranceThe races of the top domestic categories of all-Japanese class have been held, and each has been very successful, attracting tens of thousands of spectators.

    In June 2018, as the Super Taikyu Series Fuji Tournament, the 6-hour endurance race was held for the first time in 50 years for Fuji Speedway, and since then it has been held every year as one of the series.[19][20].

    In addition, Formula 4,Fuji Champion Race,Interproto series,Toyota,Ferrari,Porsche,LamborghiniVarious categories of races are held throughout the year, from young and amateur races, such as one-make races from various manufacturers, and each has attracted dozens to hundreds of participants.

    In addition to car racing, various events including related events, bicycle events, and music events by car makers, media, owners' clubs, etc. are frequently held throughout the year, and it is one of the centers of motor sports in eastern Japan. It is bustling.also2021/ToTokyo OlympicsUsed as a venue for bicycle races (road races and time trials) in Shizuoka PrefectureEmergency declarationAll competitions were held with spectators because they had not been announced.

    On April 2022, 4, Toyota Motor Corporation and Towa Real Estate Co., Ltd. will open a complex facility "Fuji Motorsport Forest" centered on Fuji Speedway, which is equipped with hotels, museums, race car garages, etc. from autumn 6. Announced [1].

    Our Courses

    5 types of courses

    In addition to the "main course", there are "short circuits" and "short circuits" in the hall.Driftcourse","Jim Khanacourse","CartThere are a total of 5 courses for each event and purpose.

    This course has one of the longest straights in the world with a total length of 1,475m, and the course width is as wide as 15 to 25m (Suzuka is 10 to 14m).[21].. It used to be an ultra-high-speed course consisting of straight lines and high-speed corners, but with the times, the running speed is being reduced in the direction of increasing the number of corners. Before the renewal, focus on top speed and make it a machinedragIn addition to being equipped with a few wings and body cowl,1990/から1993/Held overInternational F3 LeagueAt that time, the team from overseas was trying to gain speed by removing the upper part of the rear wing. Currently there is a slow technical section, so to some extentDown forceIt is necessary to set with.

    When opening

    The home straight was longer than it is now, close to 1,700m. Rushed into the 30 degree bank with the straight fully open. Draw a semicircle around the bank, and after passing through the bank, pass through the S-shaped corner that makes a large turn to the right and left, and reach the confluence that was located at the current exit of the 2nd corner. Pass the super high speed corner on the left, 250R, and go to 100R on the right. After passing through the hairpin with full brake, it will return to the home straight from the long fully open section from 300R to the final corner and it will be one lap. One lap is 1km, which is almost the same distance as the Suzuka Circuit (1km) at that time. The full brake point was a high speed course with only hairpins.

    In addition, at the aforementioned Indy Fuji 200 miles and the Japanese Grand Prix in 1973 (Showa 48), a short course that did not pass through the 30 degree bank was used, and the race was held counterclockwise, which is the opposite of usual.

    30 degree bank

    A major feature of Fuji Speedway is that it is 30 degrees.CantThere was a bank corner with. As mentioned above, this is said to be a remnant of the fact that the circuit was originally planned as an oval course. On the oval course, it is common to add banks to the corners in order to reduce deceleration in the corners as much as possible.

    At that time, there was no contractor who experienced such steep road surface pavement in Japan, and the requested Nippo road (later)NIPPO) IsRoad rollerI got through by pulling the wire from the top of the bank. However, the slope design was originally poor due to lack of experience, and there were also hump-like swells that would later be called the "back". Compete on an oval course with a cantAuto raceTransformed from the world ofKenjiro TanakaHe said, "When I asked the course manager,'Did you drive a stake into the foundation?' At the beginning of the completion, he said,'I didn't drive it,' and thought,'This is no good.'"

    I jumped from a straight line to the bank at 30 degrees with the accelerator fully open, but there was only one running line, and it was also affected by the crosswind blowing up from under the bank.[22].. Also, the swell of the road surface caused the machine to bottom out, so the floor and suspension arms had to be reinforced.[22].. A serious accident also occurred, and he died at the Japanese Grand Prix in the opening year. In the final round of Fuji GC in 1973 (Showa 48)Masaharu NakanoDied.In the accident in Nakano, there was only one guardrail that was supposed to be installed twice, and there was a combination of steering mistakes. During the second round of Fuji GC in 1974 (Showa 49)Hiroshi KazatoSeiichi SuzukiTwo people died, and a major accident occurred in which six people including the spectators and subsequent players were seriously injured.[23]The 30-degree bank was closed as a result.

    Due to the suspension of use of the bank, all subsequent races have been changed to be conducted clockwise. However, fan appreciation dayAll Japan Professional Drift Championship(D1 Grand Prix),Bicycle OfRoad raceWhen this course is used for events other than car racing, it may still lap counterclockwise.

    At the end of the old course era, several hands-on driving events were held as part of the event. Currently, a part of the road surface is a memorial park left as a monument.

    After abolishing the 30 degree bank

    The 1974-degree bank was abolished in 30, and the layout will be based on the shortcut course mentioned above. One lap is 1km. The home straight will be shortened to about 4.359m, and the first corner will be a hairpin. Other than that, the layout is the same as above. Even though the bank has disappeared, it is still a super-high-speed course. This course was also used in F1,500 in 1 and 1976.

    In the 1980s, three renovations were carried out.

    Installation of Dunlop chicane
    In May 1983, he died in an accident while practicing at the final corner.In October of the same yearTohru Takahashi Fuji Grand Champion RaceDuring the final race of the race, he died in an accident at the final corner, causing casualties to the spectators.In response to these accidents, in 1984, the hill between the 300R exit and the final corner entrance was cut to the right and left with the aim of controlling the speed of the ultra-high speed section of the final corner and reducing the final corner entry speed. , A chicane was installed that turned back to the right.On the wall next to the chicaneダ ン ロ ッ プAdvertisement is installed and is called Dunlop Chicane. One lap is 1km.
    1 corner shape change
    The first corner was originally provided as a shortcut route for emergency contact during the 1-degree bank era, and was not designed for racing. Since I went around from the home straight while leaving the brakes, it was easy for a contact accident to occur at the entrance. In 30, it was refurbished to a sharp hairpin that combined 1986R and 30R, and it became a form to slow down sufficiently at the straight end before cornering. One lap is 60km.
    Suntory chicane installation
    In 1987, a chicane will be installed in the ultra-high speed corner of 100R on the left before 250R. Going straight through the corner, the brakes turned left and right. As a result, the 100R will turn to the right like a big fox, and the difficulty level will increase significantly.SuntorySponsored by, and since the 1990s, canned coffee "BOSSA large signboard will be installed. This chicane is called "A corner, Dunlop chicane "B cornerA simplified name such as "has become commonly used. One lap is 1km, and this course will be used until 4.470.
    At this time, the road surface from the first corner to the bank was peeled off, and it became a dirt run-off area.

    After renewal

    It has been used since 2005 after the full renewal, and the current layout that has acquired the FIA ​​"Grade 1" has been changed to a distance of 4.563 km and 16 corners. The third sector at the end of the course was changed to a technical section with continuous low and medium speed corners, and it became a high speed technical course.

    The first corner, which is the maximum overtake point from a long straight line, has a sharper hairpin than the old layout. The slope from the 1nd corner will become gentle and you will reach the 2rd corner. Suntory Chicane has been abolished and the blinds have a 3° high speed left corner (Coca Cola・Corner).

    The 100R is placed in front of the old layout to secure a run-off, and at the high-speed right corner that draws a large arc, the curve becomes gentler and the passing speed becomes higher than the old course. The hairpin was also changed slightly to the front, and the distance from the 100R exit to the hairpin entrance was shortened, making braking very difficult.

    After exiting the hairpin, you will enter the ultra-high-speed corner 300R on the right, and enter the Dunlop chicane with it fully open. The new Dunlop chicane turns from the full brake to the right and then to the left immediately, so the passing speed is lower than that of the old course. In the 2018th round of Blancpain GT Asia held on July 7-20, 22, there was an example of using the straight part that short-cuts the chicane as a course because peeling occurred on the pavement of the chicane.[24]

    The technical section at the end of the course climbs up a hill, and three consecutive difficult-to-fold corners with multiple blind lines continue. There are multiple lines in the final corner, and depending on the category, some drivers can turn solidly, while others can go outside. Escape here affects the speed of the straight, making it a very difficult corner.

    Since the entrance to the pit lane is in the middle of the home straight, it has a chicane-like corner to greatly control the speed of entering the pit. By passing through the chicane at the entrance of this pit, the loss of the pit can be reduced.

    New from 2016Naming rightsWas introduced, and the first corner was "TOYOTA GAZOO Racing" sponsored the "TGR Corner", 100RToyopet storeBecame a sponsor and was renamed to "Toyopet 100R Corner"[25].


    Mount FujiIt is located on the eastern foot of the island, at an altitude of 545-580m and is known for unstable weather. The temperature often drops sharply after the evening. Also, because the atmospheric pressure is lowTurbochargerSince the vehicle equipped with it can be advantageous, in SUPER GT for a period of timeNatural aspirationSometimes the car was handicapped. There are many fogs,Doctor helicopterCan be difficult to fly.

    Races may be canceled or the start may be delayed due to fog or heavy rain.All Japan Touring Car ChampionshipThere was a case where the start was significantly delayed, and the cancellation decision was finally made after 5 pm, and there were cases in Formula Nippon where the race was completed only 5 laps after the start was delayed.[Note 2].. Examples of cases of bad weather include:

    Course record

    1983/Until (4.359km)
    CategoriesRecorddriverManufacturer/Vehicle typeDate of establishment
    World Endurance Championship・ WEC-JAPAN[Note 5]1 minutes 10 seconds 02Stefan BelovPorsche 9561983/10/1
    F1-Japan Grand Prix[Note 5]1 minutes 12 seconds 23Mario AndrettiLotus 78/Ford1977/10/22
    CategoriesRecorddriverManufacturer/Vehicle typeDate of establishment
    Group C1 minutes 15 seconds 92Hans-Joachim StuckPorsche 962C1985/10/5
    1986/~1987/August (8km)
    CategoriesRecorddriverManufacturer/Vehicle typeDate of establishment
    Group C1 minutes 14 seconds 685Masahiro HasemiMarch 86G/Nissan1986/11/22
    1987/January~2003/(4.470km)[Note 6]
    CategoriesRecorddriverManufacturer/Vehicle typeDate of establishment
    F30001 minutes 14 seconds 854Takuya Kurosawaロ ー ラ・ T92 / DFV1993/4/10
    Formula Nippon1 minutes 15 seconds 304Kazuyoshi HoshinoLaura T96 / 52 / Infinity1996/10/19
    F31 minutes 26 seconds 344Tatsuya KataokaDallara・F302/Toyota2003/4/6
    Group C1 minutes 14 seconds 088Kazuyoshi HoshinoNISSAN R92CP1992/5/2
    LMGTP1 minutes 16 seconds 349Ukyo KatayamaToyota GT-One TS0201999/11/6
    Fuji Grand Champion Race1 minutes 19 seconds 904Masanori Sekiya89S1989/6/3
    GT5001 minutes 23 seconds 886Tachikawa YujiToyota Supra2003/5/3
    GT3001 minutes 31 seconds 356Ichijo SugaMosler MT900R2003/5/3
    Group A (Class 1)1 minutes 31 seconds 131Kazuyoshi HoshinoNissan Skyline GT-R1993/10/31
    Super touring car1 minutes 33 seconds 035Naoki HattoriHonda accord1997/11/1
    Super N1 endurance1 minutes 35 seconds 173Shunji KasuyaNissan Skyline GT-R1998/11/7
    2005/Or later (4.563km)
    CategoriesRecorddriverManufacturer/Vehicle typeDate of establishment
    F11 minutes 17 seconds 287Felipe MassaFerrari F2008/ Ferrari2008/10/11
    Super formula1 minutes 19 seconds 972Tomoki NojiriDallara SF19/Honda2020/12/20
    Formula Nippon1 minutes 24 seconds 290Tsugio MatsudaLaura B06/51/Toyota2008/4/5
    Super Formula Lights1 minutes 31 seconds 370Miyata RihoDallara 320 / Toyota2020/12/19
    F31 minutes 33 seconds 309Sho TsuboiDallara F317/Toyota2018/10/13
    LMP11 minutes 22 seconds 639Mark WeberPorsche 919 Hybrid2015/10/10
    LMP21 minutes 28 seconds 011Robert GonzalezOreka 07/ Gibson2018/10/13
    LM GTE1 minutes 35 seconds 884Marco SorensenAston Martin Vantage GTE2018/10/13
    JLMC1 minutes 31 seconds 065Daisuke ItoCourage・ LC70 / Infinity2007/6/2
    GT5001 minutes 25 seconds 764Kenta YamashitaToyota GR Supra2021/11/27
    GT3001 minutes 34 seconds 395Hideki YamauchiSubaru BRZ2021/11/27
    Super endurance(ST-X)1 minutes 38 seconds 321Harrison NewwayNissan GT-R2019/6/1
    (FSST)1 minutes 46 seconds 655Hiroshi YokokawaNissan Skyline GT-R(BNR34)2014/12/13

    Main held races and events

    Currently being held

    Held in the past

    Facilities on site

    Our Courses

    In addition to this course, a short circuit,Driftcourse,Jim Khanacourse,CartThere are 4 courses, one for each discipline and one for each purpose.

    When races and other events are not held on this course, there is a practice running frame for renting out cars (including vehicles with numbers) that you bring in (you need to obtain a circuit license), chartered driving and It is also possible to drive in a private car or drive in an official car[27].

    Also, for N1 specificationsToyota 86,Formula Challenge JapanFor renting a formula machine and a lesson program by a professional driver are also available (requires circuit license)[28]In addition, it is possible to drive with a rental cart in the cart course.[29].

    Spectator stand

    The ground stand in front of this course straight has 22,288 seats.There are many spectator seats with drink holders, as well asBarrier-freeCorresponding audience area,ElevatorAnd barrier-free toilets,DiapersSwitchboards and nursing stations,vending machineAnd many are also provided. In addition, there are 10 spectator lounges "Platinum Room" that can be reserved for private use at the top of the grand stand.[30].

    The area behind the grandstand is an event plaza, and at the time of all-Japan class races, various events are held behind the grandstand and many restaurants and souvenir shops are opened. Also, such as local specialtiesA stallIs also opened[31].. In addition, there is a general information desk behind the grandstand.

    In the center of the grandstand, there is a pedestrian underpass for going back and forth between the control tower inside the course, the paddock area, and the vicinity of the Advan corner.escalatorThere is also.

    Besides the grandstand, there is a permanent spectator stand (1 seats, no roof) near the first corner.[32].. In addition to that, there are multiple spectator areas, and barrier-free toilets, vending machines, and parking lots are provided around the main spectator area including the grandstand. Additional work is being carried out from time to time, including the back of the grandstand, smoking spaces with remodeled waste containers, and barrier-free toilets installed everywhere.

    All seats except the grandstand are grass seats, so it is desirable to have folding chairs or leisure seats for watching the game.

    Control tower

    Opposite the grandstand in front of this course straight (inside the course), there is a 3-story control tower attached to Pit Building A. Inside there is a competition officer room, a medical center, and an office. The Control Center was built in the 1990s prior to the current pit building and grandstand.

    Pit and paddock area

    A paddock

    Alongside the control tower, there is a three-story pit garage (pit building A) and a pit garage (pit building B) equipped with electric shutters and a power supply. Pit Building A has 3 pits (with electric shutters, power supply, waiting room and toilet, monitor), and Pit Building B has 30 pits (with electric shutters, power supply, monitor).[32], Both can be rented for a fee.

    In addition, on the 2nd floor of Pit Building A, there are 9 multipurpose rooms "Crystal Room" that can be reserved for a fee and overlook the main straight and the pit.[30]And a media room with a monitor and power supply, a briefing room andPodiumEtc. are provided.The top floor of Pit Building A has a roof, although it is a colonnade, from which you can watch the race.You can also watch the race from the roof of Pit Building B.Pit Building A is also wheelchair-accessible and has an elevator that can accommodate cars.

    In the paddock area behind Pit Building A, there is a two-story "paddock suite" (sofa, desk and chair, toilet and shower room, which can be reserved for a fee.kitchen,Refrigerator (With) is prepared in 6 buildings and 12 rooms[30]In addition, in a separate buildingタ イ ヤIt is equipped with parts makers, driving school facilities and offices.

    B / C paddock

    In the B paddock beside the control tower,車 検PlaceEneos Ofgas stationThere is. From the gas station, head toward 300R and you will find the C paddock. There is no pit garage in the B and C paddock.

    In addition, each paddock and parking lot of A, B and C are subject to admission restrictions (pass control) when there is a large-scale race.There is also a pedestrian underpass to move between the control tower and paddock area and the center of the grandstand, and only uphill.escalatorThere is also.

    Klein Garden

    Next to the A paddock,Curry and rice,pasta,noodles,hamburgerWith 136 seats, etc.セ ル フ サ ー ビ スOf expressionRestaurants"Crane Garden" and souvenir shop[33]Is provided.

    In addition, on the dates of all-Japan and world championship races and events, pass control is applied to people other than those involved in the A paddock area, or an admission fee is often set separately, but to the A paddock area. Even when admission is restricted, the Crane Garden is often not restricted.


    Toyota Road Safety Center "Mobilita" on the premises[34]In addition to the traffic safety classes for companies and groups held on weekdays, various traffic safety classes for general drivers are also held.

    Lexus College

    Near the east gateLexusThere is a training facility for sale, "Lexus College". This facility is for Lexus sales personnel and is not open to the public.


    "Fuji Speedway Hotel" is being built by Towa Real Estate Co., Ltd. (operated by Hyatt Hotels International) near the west gate on the premises.2022/It is scheduled to be completed by autumn, and a museum with the theme of motor sports will be set up next door.

    Circuit office

    The head office and circuit office of Fuji Speedway Co., Ltd., which is the operating company, is set up beside the east gate, and it handles the acquisition of circuit licenses, application for course charter, press reception, and application for posting advertising signs. There is also an office in the control tower, where you can purchase circuit tickets.TokyoChiyodaThere is also Fuji Speedway's Tokyo office inside.

    Other Facilities

    "Mobilita" and "CGEach area including "Park" is also used as a venue for various events such as music events, in addition to automobile events such as races, owner's club events, and new car test drive events. When events such as races are not held, especially during the off-season, some parking lots may also be used as motor pools for new cars before shipment from Toyota Motor Corporation.

    Beside the west gateEneos Ofgas station(Fuji Speedway West Gate SS) is provided. Since this gas station is outside the circuit, it can be used by non-circuit users. Also,2017/A "motor sports award monument" was erected near the west gate.

    In the forest inside the Toyopet 2017R in July 7Tyrannosaurus,Stegosaurus,Iguanodon"Fuji Jurassic Way", an entertainment facility for children with more than 15 types of dinosaur full-scale models and skeleton models, has opened.[35]But,People's Republic of ChinaSpread all over the worldCOVID-19It was closed in 2020 in response to the epidemic caused by.

    Broadcast in the hall

    At the time of the racefrequency79.7MHzMini FMWill be live in the hall[36].. In addition, some races have been local since 2016.Community broadcasting stationFM Gotemba(Mt. Fuji GOGO FM) will also broadcast the live performance inside the venue.

    in the past,Television broadcastingExperiment was also conducted.Higashidori Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications OfWhite spacePropose to recruit special zones[37], Certified as a special zone[38], From the Fuji Sprint Cup in November 2011One segment broadcastingExperiment[39], In addition to the one-segment broadcasting from SUPER GT in May 2012, it was installed in the hall.Digital SignageA full-segment broadcast experiment was also conducted. They areExperimental testing station[40]It was due to. From the experimental results,General terrestrial broadcasting stationWe found that the biggest challenge was to raise the cost of capital investment in order to open an office[41]After allArea broadcastingWas not started.

    Admission/running fees

    Admission fees

    You can enter even on days when there are no races or events, and the admission fee is 18 yen for adults (1,100 years old and older), 800 yen for high school students, and free for junior high school students and younger. The entrance fee includes the parking fee. The circuit license holder is free to enter.Japan Automobile Federation(JAF) There is also a discount for members.

    On days when all-Japan-style races and international-style races and events are held, the admission fees for each race and event will apply. In addition, a pass called the "World Chekapas" that allows you to watch five all-Japan class races such as Super Formula and SUPER GT at the Fuji Speedway in the general watching area is sold before the start of each season, In addition, a pass with a paddock pass (including a pit walk) attached to the "World Chekapass" is also on sale.

    Driving fee

    Driving fees are set for each course, and for safety, time zones are divided according to lap time and machine category. It is also possible to rent out every hour or all day. In addition to the course, it is possible to reserve the event space and parking area. It is necessary to obtain a circuit license to run each course other than the charter event or charter event.



    Adjacent to Fuji Speedway, a golf course "Higashifuji Country Club" owned by a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Estate, which once operated Fuji Speedway, and a large parkCemeteryThere is "Fuji Cemetery".Previously, you could enter the "Higashi Fuji Country Club" from the west gate of Fuji Speedway.There are several other golf courses in the area, and facilities in the neighborhood have been advanced in line with the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

    Within walking distance of East-West GateShopThere is no such thing, but there are multiple cars within 5-10 minutes by car.convenience store,Restaurants,hospital,post office, Gas stations and so on. The Omigami area around the West Gate isNova Engineering"Or"Tomei Sports","shift"Or"Kondo Racing GarageBecause many racing garages and maintenance factories are concentrated, it is called "Omika Race Village".


    Of the Shin Tomei Expressway scheduled to be completed in 2021Koyama PAWith the development of (tentative name) and smart IC, there is a plan to redevelop the area as a "motor sports related industrial area".[42].


    As it is surrounded by city and tourist spots, it has relatively good transportation compared to other domestic circuits.highway OfInterchangeAnd multipleSmart icClose to and from several nearby train stationsbusIn addition to flights, from the train stationTaxiBut you can access it.

    Audiences can drive their own cars from two entrance gates, the "East Gate" or the "West Gate".Shuttle busOr it is common to walk into the circuit. However, unlike the East Gate, which is normally open on business days, the West Gate may be closed on days other than large-scale races, so it is necessary to confirm in advance.[43].

    In addition, It takes about 15-20 minutes on foot from the west gate to the grandstand, but it takes about 45-60 minutes on foot only uphill from the east gate to the grandstand.So be careful[43].


    If you come by car, enter from the west gate / east gate, and there are multiple parking lots (15 car parking lots and 1 motorcycle parking lot. Persons in the A, B, C paddock (Except for those for) can be used.In addition, during large-scale races, a temporary parking lot will be set up outside the venue, and an on-site shuttle bus will be operated to connect each gate with the main spectators' seats and the parking lot.[44].

    Note that it is originally in the vicinityTomei ExpresswayIs very busy, and tourists head to tourist destinations such as Mt.Fuji and Fuji Five Lakes on holidays,Gotemba Premium OutletsShoppers heading toGolfThe addition of customers to this, and the main roads around the circuitNational Route 246National Route 138(Gotemba Bypass) There are few loopholes, and the loophole itself is a city road with one lane on each side, so when the race is heldGotemba InterchangeTraffic jams tended to occur near the Yagumizawa intersection.

    In addition, in 2012 (Heisei 24),Shin-Tomei Expressway OfGotemba JunctionIt was expected that the traffic conditions would be improved due to the opening of a part of the west, but the large race crowd and tourists overlapped each other, causing a large traffic jam, and it sometimes took more than an hour from the circuit exit to the Gotemba Interchange.

    However2019/On the nearest Tomei ExpresswayAshigara service areaToSmart icWas established, the travel time to the upper and lower lines of the Tomei Expressway was greatly shortened.

    Furthermore, in the future, Oyama on the Shin Tomei ExpresswayPA(Tentative name) and smart IC are scheduled to be completed at a distance of several hundred meters from the East and West gates respectively, which is expected to improve convenience.[42].. However, since Koyama has a smart IC with limited processing capacity and is too close to the east and west gates, there is a possibility that traffic congestion will occur at the end of the large-scale race.


    It can be accessed from multiple railway stations using public transportation (route bus or taxi). In addition, in normal times when there is no temporary bus, you can go directly to the gate with a regular busJRGotemba Line OfGotemba StationOrSuruga-Oyama StationLimited to.When using a transportation IC cardJR EastWhen you transfer to the Gotemba Line from, you cannot transfer as it is,TOICASince the usable range of is expanded to Kouzu Station, you can use the transportation IC card by getting off once and entering from the dedicated ticket gate.


    JR TokaiGotemba Line OfGotemba Station(No. 5 on the Mt. Fuji side)Suruga-Oyama StationからFuji CemeteryTake the Fuji Kyuko route bus to the destination andbus stopIn addition to the route of getting off at "Speedway East Gate" or "Speedway West Gate", go to Ueno from Gotemba Station (Fujisanguchi side No. 5)Fujikyu MobilityThere is also a route where you can take the local bus and get off at "Speedway East Gate".[46]..In each case, the time required to reach each gate is about 30-40 minutes.Transportation IC card accepted

    In addition, in the case of big races of all-Japan style and international style, in addition to the temporary bus from JR Gotemba Station (Fujiyamaguchi side 7), Odakyu Odawara LineKaisei StationからShin-Matsuda StationA temporary bus will also run.


    From JR Gotemba Station or Suruga Oyama StationTaxiIt is also possible to access with (about 20 to 25 minutes to each gate)[46].. There are no taxi ranks on the circuit, and almost no sink taxis run, but you can call on the phone by phone.


    Next to the West GateheliportThere is a general reservationhelicopterCan be used for a fee[47][48]..It takes 15-20 minutes on foot to the paddock / grand stand.Tokyo heliportUntil 30 minutes,Chubu International AirportIt takes about 50 minutes.Apart from this, also inside the final cornerHelipadThere is, but hereDoctor helicopterIt is dedicated and cannot be used by the general public.

    宿 泊

    As mentioned above, the "Fuji Speedway Hotel" will be constructed by Towa Real Estate near the west gate on the premises of Fuji Speedway by the fall of 2022.Also, the local Oyama town[49]as well as the GotembaThe surrounding area was originally a summer resort and a base for climbing Mt. Fuji,business hotel,City Hotel,Resort hotel,Japanese inn,Guesthouse,Youth HostelBesides,Membership resort hotelThere are many accommodation facilities such as.Also, in the surrounding areaLake Yamanaka,Lake Kawaguchi,HakoneAs there is one of Japan's leading tourist accommodation facilities, it is relatively easy to secure accommodation facilities during normal times.

    However, the dates and consecutive holidays of the Fuji Speedway World Championships and all-Japan style races,Fujikyu HighlandOutdoor concert in Tokyo, professional golf tournament at a golf course in Gotemba[50]During this period, reservations will be filled early by the audience and related parties, so be careful.

    Works in which Fuji Speedway has appeared

    TV drama



    [How to use footnotes]

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