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🚗 | Which one is “ignoring the signal” ... A motorcycle and a tank truck collide at the intersection of National Highway No. 1 An 18-year-old man driving a motorcycle ...


Either one is "ignoring the signal" ... A motorcycle and a tank truck collide at the intersection of National Highway No. 1 An 18-year-old man driving a motorcycle ...

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According to police, the motorcycle collided with a tank truck that entered the intersection trying to turn right, and police are investigating the detailed cause of the accident, assuming that one of them ignored the signal.

Before dawn on the 28th, a motorcycle and a tank truck collided at the intersection of National Highway No. 1 in Kariya City, Aichi Prefecture, and I was driving a motorcycle 1 ... → Continue reading

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Ignore the signal

Ignore the signalWhat is (Shingoumushi)?Automobile,Bicycle,Pedestrian,列車etc,traffic lights OfsignalIt is to pass against the indication of.

Japanese道路Penalties in

Road Traffic Law

Ignore signalRoad Traffic LawIn violation of Article 7Traffic violationWill be.However, during emergency drivingEmergency carIs allowed to pass without following traffic lights on condition that it slows down while paying attention to other traffic (Article 39, Paragraph 2 of the same law).The penalties under the law are as follows.

Driving Injury Punishment Law

If you ignore the signal while driving a car and cause a personal injury,Act on Punishment for Acts that Cause Death or Injury to People by Driving a CarDue to dangerous driving fatal injury (Signal-ignoring driving fatal injury) Can be asked[3]..The penalties under the law are as follows.

  • Injury-Imprisonment for up to 15 years (Article 2)
  • In case of lethality-fixed term imprisonment for 1 year or more (Article 2)
  • If a person is injured by unlicensed driving--Six months or more imprisonment (Article 6)

Ignore pedestrian signals in France and Japan

In 2017, the Royal Society's online scientific journal publishedFrance(Strasbourg) And Japan (Nagoya city) Investigate and announce pedestrians who ignored the signal at the pedestrian crossing.In France, pedestrians ignored the signal four times in ten times, while in Japan, the rate of ignoring the signal was one-twentieth that of France.[4].


  1. ^ vehicle(Automobile,Motorized bicycle,non-motorized vehicleas well as the trolley bus) OrTram(Road Traffic Act, Article 2, Paragraph 1, Item 8 and Paragraph 17, Item XNUMX).
  2. ^ If you drive under the influence of alcohol at the same time, the score will be weighted (DUI #Administrative Disposition).
  3. ^ There are conditions such as the need to ignore the signal "especially" for the establishment of this crime.For details, refer to each link in the text.
  4. ^ 40% of pedestrians ignore signals in France, 2% in Japan AFP (February 2017, 2) March 15, 2017

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