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🚗 | [Indonesia] XNUMX Japanese automobile companies jointly develop electric vehicles [Vehicles]

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[Indonesia] Five Japanese automobile companies jointly develop electric vehicles [Vehicles]

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In addition to utilizing commercial vehicles in the logistics sector, we are also considering collaborating with local companies in Bali.

Toyota Motors, Mitsubishi Motors, Nissan Motors, Mitsubishi Fuso, Isuzu Motors' five Indonesian subsidiaries are on the 24th, Den ... → Continue reading

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    Commercial vehicle

    Commercial vehicle(Shoyosha British: Commercial vehicle) IsAutomobileMainly ofFreight transportation,Passenger transportfordevelopment of-生産Vehicles to beBusinessRefers to a vehicle equipped for a special purpose.So-called"Working carAs a synonym for commercial vehiclesPassenger car,Commercial vehicleIn the antonym ofPrivate carand so on.


    In generalTrack,バ ンIt is easy to imagine a car body style object suitable for transporting cargo such asTaxi,ambulanceSuch asSalesAnd those manufactured for special purposes may also be treated as one category of commercial vehicles.

    Clearly define what a "commercial vehicle" islawBut notGeneral roadIn the case of a car that can run, it depends on the application etc.License plate classification number and colorCan be roughly classified by.

    For example, License plateThe first digit of the classification number is "3", "5", "7" for registered vehicles, and "5", "7" for light vehicles.Passenger carIt is difficult to apply to commercial vehicles because it corresponds to ", but if the classification number applies to passenger cars but it applies to commercial vehicles (green number), it may be a vehicle manufactured as a commercial vehicle (eg, taxi).However, if the classification number is "0"Construction machinery, "9"Large special vehicleThe meaning is different from that of commercial vehicles.

    In recent years, at each automobile manufacturerLCV The expansion of sales of (Light Commercial Vehicle) is emphasized.This is a light commercial vehicleLight truck-pick-up truck・ Small trucksLight vanRefers to relatively small commercial vehicles such as.

    Major commercial vehicles

    What is used to carry cargo

    What is used to transport passengers

    For more information on other commercial vehiclesLorry-Commercial vehicle-Specially equipped vehicle-Special purpose vehicleSee.


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