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🚗 | Polestar "3", brand's first electric SUV ... To be announced in October

Photo Polestar 3 prototype

Polestar "3", brand's first electric SUV ... To be announced in October

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An automatic driving function that emphasizes safety will also be installed.

On May 5, Volvo Cars' subsidiary Polestar is the brand's first electric SUV "Polestar ..." currently under development. → Continue reading


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    Automatic driving function

    安全 性

    RAMS > 安全 性

    安全 性(safetiness,British: safety, Safety) about somethingSafeIt refers to the degree of (state in which the risk is suppressed to an acceptable level). In other words, safety isACCIDENT-disaster-crimeSuch asharmIn contrast, it refers to a state in which the individual or the general society is limited to an allowable limit.

    Safe DefinitionThe public listingInternational standardOne ofIEC 62278 In that, “safety means that there is no risk of unacceptable harm”.

    The antonym isRisk.


    As an index to measure safety,

    • To what level should safety be increased
    • How to improve safety

    The two are basic.

    Regarding the level of safety to be increased, it is practical to completely eliminate the dangerous condition, that is, to increase the safety endlessly becomes very expensive, or interferes with daily life and economic activities. Not. Therefore, the goal is whether or not the risk can be eliminated (hazard does not occur) at a level that maintains its usefulness economically. High safety in the general public does not mean that there is no harm.

    How to improve safety has been empirically implemented in each field since ancient times. When a new technology is discovered or developed, it has risks and harms due to lack of experience to use it safely, but it will become clear how to avoid the danger by accumulating experience, so implement them accordingly. Have been improved.


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