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🚗 | Nissan Juke Hybrid transforms into a rally car ... Respect for the glorious Datsan 240Z

Photo Nissan Juke Hybrid Rally Tribute

Nissan Juke Hybrid transforms into a rally car ... Respect for the glorious Datsan 240Z

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The powertrain switches between series, parallel, and both, depending on the driving conditions.

Nissan Motor's European division will have a one-off rally based on the "Nissan Juke" on May 5th ... → Continue reading


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Drive row

Drive row(Kudoretsu) orDrivetrain[1][2](English: drivetrain, drive train, drive-train) IspowerTheDrive wheelsIt is a group of components of a motor vehicle that transmits to[3]..Generate powerorgan(Engine) orelectric motor(motor) Is not included.In contrast,"Power train"(Powertrain, powertrain) is considered to include the engine and / or motor in addition to the drive train.The "drive system" (both drive line, drive-line, drive transmission system, and power transmission system) is the part of the power train excluding the engine or motor and transmission.[4][5].


The function of the drive train is to connect the engine that generates power with the drive wheels that use this mechanical force to rotate the axles.This connection requires physically connecting these two components (which may be on the opposite side of the vehicle), which is long.Propeller shaft,Drive shaftIs required.Also, the operating speeds of the engine and wheels are different, so it is appropriate.Gear ratioMust match with.Even if the vehicle speed changes, the ideal engine speed must be almost constant for efficient driving, so this gearbox ratio is alsoManual,自動, Or automaticContinuously variableNeed to change with either.


The specific components of the drive train differ depending on the type of vehicle.

Manual transmission car

Automatic transmission car

Front-wheel drive vehicle

Rear-wheel drive off-road vehicle

Final drive (Final drive)

The final drive is on the drive wheelstorqueThis is the last component of the series of components that supply.In road vehicles, the final gear (final reduction gear) that decelerates and transmits the power from the transmission and the differential gear that distributes the power to the left and right (Differential gear) Is composed of two parts[6].

Railcars may also have a built-in reversing device.for example,British RailwaysUsed in many of the first generation diesel multipurpose units of(English edition)Made by RF28[7]And RF03, which is used in class 04 and class 11 diesel shunt locomotives.

The power train of an automobile consists of a propulsion source such as an engine or an electric motor, and a drive system that converts the energy into the forward movement of the vehicle.

Motor vehicleIt is,Power trainConsists of a propulsion source such as an engine or an electric motor and a drivetrain system that converts that energy into the forward movement of the vehicle.

Power train (Power train)


The power train isPrime mover(Internal combustion engineAnd one or more electric motors for driving (and / or one) and all the components that convert the power of the prime mover into the movement of the vehicle (transmission, drive shaft, differential, axle, etc.)[8][9]..However, the drive train does not include a power source and consists of a transmission, a drive shaft, a differential and an axle.[10][11].

Propulsion deviceAlso called[12].

Power source

Most passenger and commercial vehicles are powered by internal combustion engines, electric motors, or a combination of the two.

The most common types of internal combustion engines are:

PureElectric carMany of them are for energy storageStorage batteryUses (battery) (although in some prototypes, insteadFuel cellIs using),Rechargeable battery-powered electric vehicleIt is called (BEV).

A vehicle equipped with both an internal combustion engine and an electric motorHybrid car".If the hybrid car has a charging socket, "Plug-in hybridThere is no charging socket (engine orRegenerative brakeIf the electric motor can be used as the main power source, "strong hybrid", if the electric motor functions to assist the engine, "Mild hybrid"It is called.


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