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✈ | Introducing TBS series "100%! Api-ru-chan", "Airport sushi" using local fish from Toyama, etc.

Photo All Nippon Airways Toyama → Haneda Boarding in March 2022 Photo: Photo at the time of boarding General (taken by Maikeru)

Introducing TBS-based "100%! Api-ru-chan" and "Airport Sushi" using local fish from Toyama

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Yoshizumi Ishihara, A Masso, Yuko Ogura, and Kanon Tani will appear on the VTR.

The variety show "100%! Api-ru-chan", which is broadcast on TBS on Monday night, will be on January 2022, 5 (... → Continue reading


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Yuko Ogura

(Yuko Ogura,1983/11/1 -) isJapan OfVariety talent,Gravure idol.


ChibaMobaraBackground[Note 1] so,Avant-gardeからAvilaAfter thatPlatinum productionBelong to.Around 2001 when she was in high school, she was in the entertainment agencyAvant-garde(CurrentAvila) Was scouted, men magazinegravureDebuted in the entertainment world. After that, I continued to work as a gravure while working on the shooting model and other projects.

In 2002,Nippon Telegenic 2002Elected to. From this time on, she became a baby face and "Princess Apple Momoka Princess"Self-created princess characterGradually attracted attention and many related products sold,TV and radio in the Kansai regionWork such as increases. In the same yearHakusenshaYouth Manga Magazine "Young animal』By reader voteMiss Young AnimalSince being elected2005/Up to 4 consecutive yearsGravure idolAlso get a good reputation.

It has been in Tokyo since around 2004Key stationAppearances on variety shows are increasing and it is peculiarcharacterIs known to many viewers. In April 2005, "You can laugh!』I was selected as a regular on Friday.

On March 2008, 3, the avant-garde of the affiliated office announced the transfer of business to Avila.

April 2008, 4, Osaka CityYodogawa Ward"Yakiniku Yuko Ogura Nishinakajima South Store" opened.Daily GendaiIn the article, registered Kamikokura was reported as one of the management team[2].. When the operating company of the yakiniku restaurant was sued in 2010, Ogura revealed on a blog that he was an image character on contract.[3].

At the event held on November 2010, 11,Hair makeup artistAdmitted that I was dating on the premise of marrying a hairdresser[4].

January 2011Platinum productionTransferred to.

On October 2011, 10, he announced at a press conference that he was married.On October 7th of the same year in the United StatesHawaiiHad a wedding in[5][6].

August 2011, 11,National Yoyogi StadiumFashion and music fusion event held atGirls Award 2011 as CROOZ blog Autumn/Winter” as a guest model[7].

On December 2011, 12, I announced on my blog that I was 28 months pregnant.[8][9].

She gave birth to her first child at 2012:6 pm on June 5, 5. He announced on his blog that he is a 56g boy and both mother and child are healthy.

Broadcast on March 2015th and 3nd, 24Running Doctor! Health examination that changes your destinyI went to the human dock and had a chestComputed tomographyA shadow was seen in the lungs in the image, and Ogura was instructed by the doctor that "there is no problem now" but "regular follow-up is recommended".

Reported second child pregnancy on June 2016, 6[10] And gave birth to a second boy on November 11[11].

August 2016, 8,Weekly BunshunAnd my husband and junior talent at the same affiliation office as OguraSachiko MagoshiHis adultery relationship was reported.

February 2017, 2, announced that work will resume from March[12].

On March 2017, 3, it was reported that he got divorced from the husband of a hairdresser who was living apart because of an affair[13][14].

On December 2018, 12, he married a general man who had been dating since June of the same year.[15], Reported through his blog[16][17].

Reported second child pregnancy on August 2020, 2[18].

On March 2020, 3, it was discovered that he had separated from his husband, who was in his second year of remarriage, from the end of last year.According to the media, in January of the same year, Ogura was asked by a lawyer to divorce and eliminate the adoption of his two sons. I want to return to the original relationship for the sake of the coming child. "[19][20]..This problem continues even in 2021 after the birth of the third child, which will be described later.[21].

Birth of a third boy on July 2020, 7[22][23].


,Chiba Prefectural Togane High Schoolgraduate.Hosei UniversityDepartment of literatureDropped out of the second part.Her nickname is "Junior high school nickname"Yukorin". At the end of the word "○○Rinko","○○Rinkoda Pooh". The family consists of three brothers, parents and brother.Consadole SapporoFormer soccer player who played an active part inTakanori SekiIs a cousin.Hanshin Tigers,Orix BuffaloesFormer professional baseball player who has served as the director and general manager of both baseball teamsKatsuhiro NakamuraIs a distant relative.Nihon University Third Middle School/High SchoolBaseball clubOgura ZenyuThe director is also a relative[24].

Bread lovers got the 2009 bread advisor qualification.I overcame cooking that I was not good at in the past by going to a cooking class, and now I am good enough to publish a recipe book myself.

Dressed as a maidSD memory cardIs also the character of[25].. Once a heavy gamer,NES - NINTENDO64Until the end, I would play games if I had free time. Especially"Torneko's Great Adventure"When"The Legend of Zelda: A Dreaming IslandI don't know how many hours I spent[26].

In the idol era, the character was the so-called "Fairy-chan" character of the "Korinsei" character, which will be described later, but after marriage and childbirth, he expanded his field of activity by assuming the role of "mama talent" as an image character for daily necessities and learning materials. There is.

dog(toy poodle).

Korin star

Kokura once described himself as "Every time he said that he was "Princess Apple Momoka" who came from a star called "(Korinsei)" in a strawberry carriage.[Note 2]..This is an indispensable phrase when talking about Kokura's character, and it is one of her own humor, and she sometimes used it for laughing herself in talk shows.He has also published his own story as a book ("Ringo Momoka Hime").Crocodile booksPublished).

Released on January 2007, 3Diamond ZAiIn the May issue of the special feature "Introduction to Stocks Starting from Zero!", We challenged stock investment.When opening an account with a securities company, enter "Korinboshi" in the address field of the application form and it will not be accepted (then secretly corrected to "Minato-ku, Tokyo").This project will be continued as a serial project from the following month.

At the end of 2009, Korinboshi exploded[27]As, finished the Korinboshi character[28][29].

May 2010,Everybody's blown up] Revealed that the setting "Korinsei" was a strategy to sell the name[30].. In April of the same year,Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded』At the release commemoration event, I confessed that the work of the event has decreased since I quit Korinsei.Yoshiyuki Hirai"If you get lost, why don't you go back to Korinboshi?", But he said, "I don't want to look back. I want to be a normal person, not a character ..."[31].

When I was stuck in the character of "Korinsei"[32],Hiroyuki AriyoshiFrom "Lies limitBeing given the nickname "" gave me the opportunity to graduate from "Korinsei"[33].



Release datetitleStandard product numberOricon
Highest rank
Normal EditionLimited Edition
1st2002/12/18Exciting Rinkoda Pooh-
2nd2004/2/4Shubiduba in loveKICM-1095KICM-9109527 bit
3rd2004/5/26Eternal Lovelin (∂▽<)/-
4th2004/11/26Woman's Girl♡ Man's Girl20 bit
[Note 3]2007/3/17Kellok is back and March-
Release datetitleStandard product numberOricon
Highest rank
Normal EditionLimited Edition
1st2004/9/8Flu chu♥ tartsPlace

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TV drama




Past appearance programs

Past semi-regular/irregular appearance programs


  • Cutie Girl Beautiful Girl Bowler Crisis One Shot (2003)-My Role
  • Still, the yakuza is coming-TWILIGHT FILE IV (2007)-Attorney Kasai
  • Iridescent Harmony-My Rainbow Man-TWILIGHT FILE IV (2007)-Female Teacher, Mako
  • Shin Onna Gyokushinden(2007)-Mami the crepe





Television Animation


  • Prayers Players Volume 1 & 2 (2005)-Starring: Shoko

Online delivery

iPhone application

  • An app to carry Yuko Ogura in your pocket (iPhoneApplication)

More informations



Photo album

Magazine serialization

  • Diamond ZAi"Yukorin Challenges Stocks! Can I Buy a Turnip at a Greengrocer?" (May 2007-June 5)
  • Diamond ZAi “Turn-in investment to buy Yuko Ogura's world!” (July 2010 issue-May 7 issue)


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外部 リンク

Ryozumi Ishihara

Yoshizumi Ishihara(Yoshizumi Ishihara,1962/(Showa37 years)1/15 -) isJapan OfAn actor,talent,chairperson,Weather forecaster..Same real name.Nickname is "eyebrows"[1]"Yo-chan" "Zumi-san"[2]"Nindeman"[3]etc.KanagawaZushiI'm fromKeio University Faculty of EconomicsDepartment of Economicsgraduation.He belongs to Shonan Brothers.


Father is exMember of the House of Representatives・OriginalGovernor of Tokyo OfShintaro Ishihara..UncleYujiro Ishihara..His brother is a former member of the House of RepresentativesMinister for Administrative ReformandMinister for Regulatory Reform-Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport-LDP secretary general-Minister of the Environment-Minister for Economic RecoveryandMinister for Special Missions, Cabinet Office(Economic and fiscal policy) Etc.Nobuaki Ishihara..Former member of the House of Representatives to his younger brotherParliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs OfHirotaka Ishihara,画家 OfNobuhiro Ishihara.. Long time agoYujiro Ishihara The presidentWas servingIshihara promotionBelonged to.His aunt is Mrs. Yujiro IshiharaMakiko Ishihara(Originalactress, Mie Kitahara).Her sister-in-law is an actresstalent OfRisa Tanaka(Mrs. Nobuteru Ishihara. Her current real name is Risa Ishihara).


1962/, As the second son of Shintaro[4]Born in Zushi City, Kanagawa Prefecture.He is St. Mary's kindergarten,Keio Kindergarten,Keio University Regular Club(サ ッ カ ーDepartment affiliation),Keio High School(Aikido club affiliation),Keio University Faculty of EconomicsDepartment of Economicsgraduation.At university, he was invited by his close senior, and Toshio Murai'sFinancial theoryWas in the seminar[5][6].

While in college1982/, Uncle'sYujiro IshiharaWas hospitalized and was invited by a movie-related person to make his debut as an actor.[7]..In the same year, he joined Ishihara Promotions and the movie "Bombshell], Although he is a newcomer, he was selected as the leading role and made his debut.He won the Japan Academy Award for Newcomer Actor for this work[8]do.Or later,Western Police PART-III,Smile in the sun!Appeared in such as.afterwards,1989/Leaving Ishihara Pro[9].

1997/,Masamitsu MoritaRecommended byWeather forecasterAspire to pass.In the same year, "★ ☆ Kita-ku Tsukakouhei Theater CompanyI joined the group with ordinary young people who are aiming to become actors.While he has been active as a talent and actor since then,FNN Super NewsHe was also popular as a weather caster, having been in charge of the local weather corner in the Kanto region for over 10 years.OriconIn the questionnaire "Favorite weather caster, weather forecaster" conducted by the company, it has been ranked first in the general category and male category for three consecutive years since 2004.[10].

2002/In 9 monthDermatologistMarried and have one son and one daughter[11].

Izu Nanashima OfKozushimaShimajiman Goodwill Ambassador[12], Then the ambassador[12], Ambassador Crab Stick[13], Crafted Kamaboko Ambassador[13], Ambassador Sasakami[13], Ambassador Chikuwa[13], Hanpen Ambassador[13], Ambassador Kiritanpo, Ambassador Squid, Ambassador Warabi, Ambassador Komagome, and Goodwill Ambassador of Aperitif[14].


  • My brother Nobuteru Ishihara said, "Yoshizumi is the best in our family.IQIs high.So I can't imagine what I'm thinking. "Among the four Ishihara brothers, Yoshizumi is said to be the most suitable for politicians from all directions.He asserts that he has no intention of becoming a politician.
  • Map,dam,city,Lighthouse,Mountains,TrainI likeChestnutIs not good at
  • He is quite emotional, impatient, and has a habit of laughing at people's misfortunes.He claims, "I'm not angry, everyone makes a loud voice when I insist." "It's a pity if someone doesn't laugh when someone is unhappy."When he is angry, he feels like a child when he is told the truth, "Then you should stop doing that," but in the end, he may be argued and tears.He doesn't laugh when he's so unhappy that he can't really laugh, but instead he analyzes calmly with a low tone and expresses his opinion clearly.He says, "I'm really angry when I speak this way."
  • Masahiro Nakai's Black VarietyAt that time, his father was the governor of Tokyo on the NTV series, but he was often fooled about that.He also co-stars with his father on the showAsakusa KidI asked, "My father, you're selfish, right?"Dr. SuidobashiHe said, "Well, I've never seen such a selfish person," and said, "I can't say anything about that."
  • Broadcast on July 2018, 8Sakurai/Ariyoshi THE Night PartyIn (TBS series), the guest who guided usTomoya NakamuraStart eating soba earlier, or like a guestKimura FuminoWhen the tableware I bought arrived at the studio (Kimura bought it overseas, but the owner lost the slip, so it didn't reach him until the program was interviewed.) Ishihara's mug broke. Yoshizumi desperately appealed to Kimura, "I didn't break it," but Kimura shook his head on the top of the Buddha, and everyone in the studio thought that "Ishihara broke." I'm not crazy! "

Appearance programs / works

TV program

Current appearance program

Regular appearances
Irregular appearance

Past appearance programs

TV drama


original video

  • Sniper 3 THE SHOOTIST(1991, Toei Video) --The role of Eto
  • 1,2 (1995, King Records) All 2 works-Kitamachi Gyojo Jail Tour Concentric Shioya Kojuro
  • The Third Yakuza VI Mafia's Dread (1997) --Kawagoe Team Member Ejima




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