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✈ | Giant aerial photograph at Odo Shrine


Giant aerial photograph at Odo Shrine

If you write the contents roughly
It is presumed that it was taken in the latter half of the 40's from the bridges, roads, public facilities, etc. in the picture.

◎… Try to find a place of memories.At the waiting area of ​​Odo Shrine in Miyazaki City, there is a vertical 1.7 me that shows the center of the city in the Showa era ... → Continue reading

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    Late 40s

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    FacilityWhat is (facility)?Social lifeStructures used when runningBuildingAnd its equipment.PeoplePublic facilities necessary to improve the lives ofSocial capital-infrastructureAnd so on.

    Narrowly defined or omittedthe termAsChild welfare facility,Welfare facilities for the elderlySuch aswelfare facilityIt may also mean that.

    Various facilities

    public facility

    Industrial foundation
    Foundation of life

    Research facility

    Military facility

    Public facilities

    Thisthe term TheHeart[Source required]Become a regional skeleton道路,River,parkGreen space,広 場It is used as an indispensable name for the lives of residents for public facilities such as.Educational facilities such as schools, medical facilities such as hospitals, meeting places, etc.Government officeIncluding facilities.In some cases,Commercial facility,bank,post office,Electrical,gas,WaterSuch asEnergyMay include facilities.AlsoinfrastructureIncludes public facilities,Land use planningLand readjustment projectOn the occasionFor businessFacility site,AdministrationCommercialFacility site, etc.Educational institutionsLand,Residential areasIn addition to the above, the land for public facilities will be determined.The components of the city plan include the layout plan of the city's core facilities and public facilities, andGreen spaceIt is also assumed that there will be planting areas in public facilities.Of public facilitiesBusiness related to maintenanceRunCorporation(Railway operator,Electric utilityEtc.),Special priceDepending on the current situationManagementPublic facilities that continue to operate are defined.In recent years, public facilitiesNumberFor promotion, local governments such as municipalities may operate circular buses that are operated as a means of creating blank areas for public transportation.

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