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🚗 | Bentley's new flagship "Bentayga EWB" with 180mm extended long wheelbase specification


180mm extended long wheelbase specification, Bentley's new flagship "Bentayga EWB" appeared

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Both are equipped with special embroidery and badges bearing the model name.

"Bentley Bentayga", which became a worldwide hit in the luxury SUV segment, has a wheelbase ... → Continue reading


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Embroidery(Embroidery,British: embroidery) Is a technique for decorating cloth or leather using embroidery thread and embroidery needles. It may also refer to decoration work such as "embroidery" or completed patterns / characters.[1]..Since it has a three-dimensional effect compared to prints, it takes more time to manufacture.ProductWill be expensive.


What is embroidery?ClothOr for other materialsneedleとTwistIt is a technique to decorate with.It has a strong property against rubbing and is used for military patches.

feature is,(en), (en),Running stitch(en), (en),Cross-stitch(en)Such,(enBased on the oldest techniques of), they remain the basic technique of modern embroidery.

(en) IsIndustrial revolutionIntroduced in the early days of, it was used to imitate hand embroidery, especially chain stitch.However, mechanical satin stitches and hem stitches are made with multiple threads, so they look similar to hand embroidery but have a different structure.

For embroidery, a special thread (embroidery thread) dyed in various colors without drawing a six-ply wax and a special needle with a large needle hole (embroidery needle) are used.Due to the nature of the material being thread, the color and material of the thread used cannot be changed during embroidery, so it is necessary to prepare as many threads as the number of colors and materials used.Therefore, when embroidery using dozens of colors such as cultural embroidery is performed, it is dedicated.HariyamaIs used.Various colors instead of embroidery threadbeadsThere is also a method to sew[2].


ChugokuEmbroidery is believed to have a history of nearly 3000 years,weekof"Tribute]sericultureAnd embroideryWoolenSome of them have been excavated with simple embroidery.Hubei ProvinceFromSengoku periodMid-termHunan ProvinceFromFormer HanMany real cloths with fine embroidery have been excavated, which seems to be the roots of the current embroidery.宋Was the city ofBianzhouEmbroidery has become popular in Benshu, and has a history of 1700 years.

In Japan, it was said that the seams had a magical power.Therefore, compared to adult kimonos, children's kimonos have fewer seams.Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euIt is thought that bad things tend to stick to the kimono, so to protect the child, embroidery called "back guard" is applied to the back of the kimono.Customwas there.Also the currentHokkaidoLive inAinuThere are also embroidery costumes such as "Rumpe" and "Chijiri".

中 世EuropeThen the embroideryupper classIt spread as a culture of women.

In the 2000s, in local governments in JapanMotorcycle gangThe "Ordinance on Prevention of Runaway" was enacted to keep out.In this ordinanceSpecial clothingSome of them included a regulation that the name of a group that runs out of control should not be embroidered on clothes such as (Example:Kumamoto)[3].


Roughly divided, it is done by human handsHand embroidery(Shu) andmachineUseMachine embroidery,Mt. TsurugisanStateneedleOn the cloth usingyarnEmbedPunch needleThere is.


  • French embroidery- FranceThe unique technique of embroiderystitchThere are many types.General "embroidery".
  • A unique technique for embroidery of many beads and sequins from the back of the fabric using a special crochet hook called Lunéville embroidery.1800/France,LunévilleIt originated in the city.Since then, using a regular needlebeadsIt is possible to stab such things faster and more accurately than stabs, and many dresses with wonderful sashimi have been produced.
  • Ribbon embroidery- ribbonStab a shaped yarn (thread).It can give a more three-dimensional effect than embroidery thread.

More informations

  • "Embroidery thread" is read as "shuito"[5].. It is a mistake to read "embroidery".


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