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✈ | Itami / Tajima line 10 times use original baggage tag with JAL logo, use of Toyooka bag scraps

Photo Original baggage tag with JAL logo using scraps of Toyooka bag

Original baggage tag with JAL logo and Toyooka bag scraps used 10 times on Itami / Tajima line

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The tag is a Masumi bag sac that makes Toyooka bags, and it is an upcycle of all 15 patterns of materials and colors made using scraps, and it is an "item that can only be obtained here".

Japan Airlines (JAL) and Tajima Airport Promotion Council will start boarding campaigns on the Itami / Tajima line from Thursday, April 2022, 4. → Continue reading


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Masumi bag sac

Toyooka bag

Toyooka bag(Toyooka Kaban)HyogoToyookaIs produced inbag.Nara periodContinue moreYanagi Yuki Lee(Toyooka Moriyagi)rootsAnd2006/(Heisei18 years)11ToPatent Office OfRegional brandsCertified by.


Maruyama RiverSpread to the downstream areaToyooka BasinThen,Nara periodWe knit a salix koriyanagi that grows naturally in the Maruyama RiverYanagi Yuki Lee(Toyooka Moriyagi) Is made,Edo PeriodIn the second halfToyooka DomainEstablished as the Moriyanagi industry with the encouragement of.

The origin of the Toyooka bag is1881/(MeijiIn 14), Yagi Choemon was the secondNational Business Exposition(Tokyo-(I.e.) Is said to be a baggage with a genuine leather band.[1]..The first Toyooka bag sold was1917/(Taisho6 years) to Yanagiyuki LeelacquerPaintlockIt is said that the first "new bag" with the "new bag" was created and sold by Heiji Okuda.[2].

Bags manufactured in the city are called "Toyooka", "Toyooka", "Made in Japan", etc. Among them, regional brands that have registered the excellent products of companies that meet the standards set by the Hyogo Prefectural Bag Industry Association as trademarks. It is certified as "Toyooka bag".


  • 1881/(Meiji 14) --Yagi Choemon exhibits a luggage bag at the 2nd National Industrial Exhibition.
  • 1917/(Taisho 6) --Heiji Okuda sells "new bag"
  • 1928/ - 1931/Around-using new materialsfiberBag is commercialized
  • 1936/(Showa11 years)- Berlin olympicToyooka bag (fiber bag) is adopted for the bag of the team
  • 1938/(Showa 13) --60 union members, monthly production of about 8
  • 1941/(Showa 16) --Monthly production reaches 14, but it becomes difficult to secure materials due to the expansion of the war from around this time.
  • 1949/(Showa 24) --For the first time, the bag industryToyooka TownBecame the number one producer of industrial products
  • 1952/(Showa 27) --From around this time, the main industry of Toyooka City changed from "Yanagiyuki Lee" to "Fiber Bag".
  • 1953/(Showa 28) --From around this timeVinyl leatherMaterial appears
  • 1956/(Showa 31) --Open Association is established
  • 1968/(Showa 43) November --Toyooka Bag Industry Center (Toyooka Bag Industry Center)Toyooka bag housing complex) Is created
  • 1983/(58) --Computerミ シ ンWill be introduced
  • 1989/(8) --Produces XNUMX% of Japan's bag production and becomes the number one in Japan
  • 1990/(2) March --- Hyogo Prefecture Commerce and Industry Department formulates "Toyooka Bag Production Area Promotion Vision"
  • 1994/(6) --Toyooka World Bag Expo 94 in Hyogo will be held
  • 2004/(16) January 1th-5th-Toyooka Fair will be held at a department store in Suita City, Osaka Prefecture.[3]
  • 2004/(16) June- 16 Typhoon No. 23Will be severely damaged by
  • 2005/(17) April 3- Kaban StreetIs established
  • 2007/(19) January --Exhibited at International Fashion Fair (Tokyo Big Sight)
  • 2008/(20) January --Exhibited at International Fashion Fair (Tokyo Big Sight)
  • 2008/(20) December-To appeal the bagwrapping"CobasStarted operation
  • 2009/(21) February --The bag designed by designer Keiichiro YuriiF Design AwardTo win
  • 2009/(21) December-To appeal the bagwrappingRoute bus (Zentan Bus) Started operation[4]
  • 2009/(21) June- Kinosaki OnsenToyooka bag specialty store opens in[5]
  • 2010/(22) January 1-22 --Artfear is an international trade fair "Maison et Objet" (France-Paris)



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