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🚗 | Famous car "Classic Mini" converted to EV ... MINI launches program

Photo "MINI Recharged", a program to convert Classic Mini to EV

Famous car "Classic Mini" converted to EV ... MINI launches program

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The MINI Recharged project will enable future experiences with branded classic cars.

On January 1th, MINI released "MINI Recharged," a program to convert the Classic Mini into an EV ... → Continue reading


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Old car

Old car(Kyu),Classic car,Historic carAnd is mainly manufactured over decades agoAutomobile,オ ー ト バ イAnd so on. Old cars may be commonly referred to as Q cars. With new parts and technologyRetroReprinted to the tonePike carIs not included.

Definition and synonyms/synonyms

Old model vehicles are "classic cars" and "historical cars"[1] And so on. As to how old cars are targeted, there are classifications according to the manufacturing years, and there is a way of thinking that "vehicles that have been manufactured for more than XX years have passed". Using a classic carPublic roadRallyGroups Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens (FIVA) is based on "more than 25 years after production"[1]In joining FIVA1919/から1945/Mainly dealing with vehicles produced up to[1].

Different names may be used depending on the manufacturing age, especially from 1919.1930/Manufactured to(English edition)Often called[Note 1],WesternCar愛好 家For me, the cars produced at this time are "good ones made in a certain age (=ビ ン テ ー ジ)” is considered to exist (as an example in Japan, a car manufactured by Tokyo in 1945 (Showa 20) is a vintage car,Automobile taxIs exempt from[2].. Even older,World War IThe cars produced before were(English edition)と 呼 ば れ る[Note 2].

In addition, cars manufactured before the mid-1970s are called "old timers", and cars manufactured after the late 1970s are called "young timers".[3].. Old timer is for old car enthusiastsmagazineOne of the titles (“Old-timer]) has also become.

Regarding words such as "old car" and "nostalgic car" used in Japan, there is no clear line drawing in the year model,Japanese carIn some cases, it only refers to the other, and in some cases it includes Western cars.Depending on the subjectivity of each person, specialized magazines, dealers, etc., there are some cases in which a vehicle that is not considered as an old vehicle by a certain generation of people is regarded as an old vehicle by a younger generation.In Japan, the term "historic car"Motor sportsSometimes it is limited to those who have had a history of activities in Japan or those with special historical value, but the standard is not clear. In principle, the participation criteria for events sponsored by1975/It is a vehicle produced by (as of 2013)[4], A part of the standard for car enthusiasts focusing on Japanese cars can be seen.sidecarAnd someTrikeFor example, a vehicle type that is not common in the current Japanese society may be included in an old vehicle. In a special case, we reproduced a current car that has been manufactured for many years with a very old design, and a car model that has been discontinued.SupportJudgment depends on whether or not a vehicle is included.

愛好 家

People who like these cars, except for the owners from the time of production, can buy used cars that have already been repaired at specialty stores, or purchase undeveloped cars by themselves.RestoreGet the vehicle by doing. Moreover, breakdowns and problems due to deterioration over time are likely to occur, and frequent maintenance is required. Since most of the repair parts are no longer in stock as they are no longer in stock at the automobile manufacturer, they can be custom made to the town factory or made by themselves, or can be exchanged by enthusiasts by buying and selling or exchanging parts they own. There are many. For the purpose of such information exchange and fellowship, between loversOwners club(Example:Old car association[Note 3]) Also exists, there are times when races and races using old cars are held. There are also dealers all over the country specializing in such vehicles.

Cars of the 1960s and 1970s are often owned by the younger generation at the time. However, due to various reasons such as the owner's own aging and the difficulty of maintaining the vehicle, the number of cases where the owner is giving up is increasing.1980 eraIn recent years, there have been cases where the owner who owned the car at that time (or was owned by someone close to him, such as his childhood or family), purchased the same model again.Another motivation for these cases is the demand for younger generations to be attracted to and own cars older than their age.In addition, fuel is used in the vehicle.Leaded gasolineSome are limited toHigh-octane gasolineNow that unleaded gasoline has been used, there is no problem with using unleaded gasoline.

Utilization of current vehicle parts during repair/customization

In recent years, for the purpose of maintainability (reduction of aging deterioration and anxiety of parts supply. Due to its nature, the problem tends to become more serious each year) and improvement of daily usability (basic performance, equipment for air conditioners and ATs, etc.) Swap tuning (current carengineï½¥And control system, and in some cases even the suspension) and large-scale body reinforcement. And such vehicles are sometimes featured in tuning magazines,OPTION2] There is also a magazine article that closes up the vehicle like "Evolution Q". There are also specialty stores that sell such vehicles as complete cars, and there are many cases where parts of existing vehicles are used for repairs and customs, even if it is not such a large-scale work.

Anguish originating from the legal environment

It can be said that the wind hit against old cars is quite severe in Japan, such as the increase in the automobile tax for vehicles that have passed a certain number of years. Especially aheadEco car subsidySeemed to have had a considerable influence on the number of old cars, especially the number of neo-historical cars that had been hit directly by the year.Drift heavenIn the reader's corner, "Vehicles that are worth putting out will be boosted by eco-car subsidies (because they are ignorant about it or because of economic reasons the former owner has scrapped it) There was a post that says "It will be crushed"[5].
Especially for Neo-His cars,EnthusiastIt is easy to be left behind due to the existence of "vehicle models that have established their status as old cars" (Toyota 2000GT,"Hakosuka" GT-REtc.) and car models that are still popular in the used car market (for example,HachirokuIn contrast to these, it is highly possible that their backbones are weak and may cause discomfort.[6] It has been a cause of concern for lovers.

Furthermore, the fact that Japanese used cars (and their parts) themselves are exported overseas has also spurred a decline in the number of vehicles remaining in Japan. Especially around 2020, the import control exemption frame called the "25-year rule"Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)21 years,Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)For 25 years have passed, parallel import vehicles have been exempted from the test considering the value as a vintage product)Sports compact-JDMIs likely to occur in the future due to the epidemic ofRB26GenerationalSkyline GT-ROutflow of sports cars made in Japan including Japan[7] Is concerned[8].. Also, in terms of partsCorolla series,Camry,Prius,Civic,Accord,March (European name Micra)Such as “World strategic carIn addition, it is sold in large quantities in Japan and the price is sharply falling (for foreigners, it is a composition that "you can buy the parts you want at a cheap price if you go to Japan.") Due to the regulations and transportation costs mentioned above, the body is sometimes cut off without being even stored.[9].

Classification of old cars by age in Japan

The low-age vehicles are currently in progress with the passage of time, and the magazines and dealers of old car magazines have not unified the handling and situation of the vehicles. The reason is that the time is constantly evolving and each carModel changeTherefore, the number of vehicles with the same name will increase, and the content will be classified according to the number of years depending on the age of the car and the year in which the judgment is made. That is, due to economic principles, ordinary mass-produced vehicles are generally distributed.Secondhand carSince then, with the passage of time, from a certain time it can no longer be seen at stores other than specialty stores,ManiaIt will be treated as a classic car or an old car by only paying attention to it. In the first place, if low age cars = old cars = classic cars, all old cars can be old cars from the perspective of those who are not interested.

Taking a specific car model as an example, for example,Nissan skylineの場合には、初代(ALSI系)から順に、2代目(S50系)、3代目(C10系・ハコスカ(愛スカ))、4代目(C110系・ケンメリ)、5代目(C210系・ジャパン)、6代目(R30系・Newman/ Iron Kamen), 7th generation (R31 series, 7th), 8th generation (R32 series, super ska), and there are 1990 generations of models even if they are separated by the early 8s.1989/At that time, from the first generation to Kenmeri were called old cars, and Japan was not called old cars yet. However1999/By then Japan was almost treated as an old car. further2010/Now both R31 and R32 are treated as old cars,High speed leaded deluxeIn the April 2016 issue, the production period is 4-33, which is the same as the R1993 Skyline.ST200 Series Carina EDOn the other hand, the description "Neoclassic" was found. So in this example,20 to 30 years have passed since productionWill be considered as an old car. From the perspective of the younger generation who regard the R31 and R32 as old cars, the first generation has already passed the “old cars” and fall into the category of “classic cars”. On the contrary, from the viewpoint of the elderly generation, some may say that old cars can be called until the 1960s, and some say that it is better to divide them by age. However, this time by age, in the case of cars that debuted at the end of 1969, many cars have been produced since the beginning of the 1970s, but what to do with that car, whether to treat it in the 1960s based on the judgment of the debut year, only one car Whether you stick to the model year (only the initial model), cars that were initially produced at the end of the decade, such as the 1 and 1979 models, have similar problems.

Therefore, it is natural that there are no legal classifications, rules, or clear regulations, and that different generations have different perspectives.There are some era vehicles that have been clarified in the past by specialized magazines and distributors.[Source required]According to the mass base of Japan, the following is classified by age as an example. Old cars will change further in the future, so subtle generational ages are classified by zone.

In a tuning car, there may be a pattern that depends on whether it is often used as a base vehicle. As an example of the break,ス カ イ ラ イ ン(HR30 series, DR30 series, HR31 series, HR32 series, HCR32 series, HNR32),Nissan Silvia(S12 series, S13 series),Toyota Supra / Celica XX(A60 series, A70 series),Mazda RX-7(SA22C series, FC3S series, FC3C series) and the like.

Example of classification by age

  • Classic car
    • Before the 1940s
      • T type Ford(1908-1927)
      • Mercedes-Benz SSK (1928 model)
      • Toyota AC (1947)
      • Datsun DA (1947)
    • 1940s-1950s
  • Old car
    • 1960s-1970s
    • Late 1970s-early 1980s
      • Toyota Crown (6th generation MS110 series 1979 type -)
      • Toyota Mark II (4th generation GX60 series 1980 -)
      • Nissan Cedric (the fifth generation 5 series 430 type -)
      • NISSAN SKYLINE (R30 series 1981 type -)
      • Nissan Bluebird (910 series 1979 type -)
  • Neo Historic Car
    • Early 1980s-Mid-1980s
      • Toyota Crown (7th generation MS120 series 1983 type -)
      • Toyota Soarer(First generation Z10 system 1981 type -)
      • Toyota Mark II (5th generation GX70 series 1984 -)
      • Nissan Cedric (6th generation Y30 Series 1983 -)
      • NISSAN SKYLINE (R31 series 1985 type -)
      • Nissan Bluebird (U11 Series 1983 -)
    • Late 1980s-early 1990s
      • Toyota Crown (8th generation MS130 series 1987 -)
      • Toyota Soarer (2nd generation Z20 Series 1986 -)
      • Toyota Mark II (5th generation GX80 series 1988 -)
      • Toyota Carina ED (ST160 Series 1985-2nd ST180 Series 1989-)
      • Nissan Cedric (6th generation Y31 series 1987 model- Business carQJY31 was in production until 2014)
      • NISSAN SKYLINE (R32 series 1989 type -)
      • Nissan Bluebird (U12 Series 1987 -)
      • Nissan Primera(P10 series 1990 model-)
      • Mitsubishi Galant(E30 series 1987 model-)
      • Mitsubishi Diamante(F10 / 20 series 1990 model-)

Example of classification other than age



Old car and tax


in Japan2002/Than degreeGreen tax systemWas introduced, and certain conditions (Electric car,Hybrid car, Methanol car,Natural gas carSuch asLow pollution vehicleとTransit BusSuch asPublic transport) Except for the following, after a certain number of years have passed since new registrationtaxBecomes a heavy burden[10][11][12][13].

As mentioned above,Cars that have passed a certain period since new registrationIs subject to tax imposition. All older cars that are older than that (unless they are so-called low-pollution vehicles) are naturally subject to heavy duty, and are subject to heavy duty even if the distance and frequency of use are low, fuel consumption is low, and fuel consumption is good.[12][13].. However, as mentioned aboveCars that have passed a certain period since new registrationIs a subject of heavy duty, so if you import and register a used car that has been used overseas for many years in Japan, the registration date will be the start date (even if the imported used car is old, it will be treated as a new car.[17]), you must be at least 11 years old to register before you are eligible[17].


GermanyFor cars that have been 30 years oldH numberIs issued a special number called ``, and various measures related to automobile taxes are reduced and preferential treatment is taken.[18][19](However, depending on the conditions, the tax may be increased.[20]).

Old cars and car insurance

Car insuranceTreatNon-life insurance companyOf the vehiclevalueIs judged by the market value evaluation value unique to the insurance company. This is a concept that is slightly different from market value, even if it is popular model or laterPremierEven if it is an old car whose market value has increased, it is judged that all the cars that have passed a certain number of years since their manufacture and registration are worthless.[21]In addition, even if the vehicle is not, there may be no choice but to repair it because there is no alternative car due to the owner's feelings and the decrease in the number of cars remaining in the market.In other words, there is a discrepancy between the valuation of the insurance company and the market value and repair costs.

  • I cannot take out vehicle insurance to compensate for damages in my old car.
  • Even if you can enroll, you will not be compensated for a reasonable amount (sufficient for repair) in the event of an accident.
  • Even if you hit the old car (accident from the old car side), the perpetrator (insurance company) will not compensate for the proper amount, and the old car side will negotiate with a lawyer or bring it to the trial. You need to hang out.[21][22].

There is a problem that sufficient relief cannot be received. Therefore, as of 2017, the following insurance products have appeared as a response to the "insufficiency problem for old cars".

Vehicle insurance for old cars
Ace insuranceSells car insurance to compensate for damage to old cars that meet certain conditions[23] In addition, some insurance companies are preparing a special contract to pay insurance when the repair cost of the contract vehicle exceeds the contract amount.[24].
Damage insurance for old cars
In addition, products that can deal with damages in the case of "I hit an old car" have also appeared under the name of "Extra objective repair cost special contract".[25].

But these types are all typesIn many cases, the limit is about 50 yenな どIt is unforgivable as insurance for car repair costsIt should be noted that there are cases.In addition, in case of an accident, a lawyer may be attached to the insurance to prepare for such a situation, and a lawyer may be attached to the insurance to negotiate.[22]


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注 釈

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