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🚗 | GT SPORT's "SUPER GT Virtual Series J SPORTS GP" is held.rear…


GT SPORT's "SUPER GT Virtual Series J SPORTS GP" was held.rear…

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The race will be contested in all three races using Group 3 of Gran Turismo SPORT.

From 1:29 am on Saturday, January 11th, real Super GT drivers at J SPORTS will be real dry ... → Continue reading


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Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo series > Gran Turismo Sport

"Gran Turismo Sport] (Gran Turismo Sports)Polyphony digitalDeveloped bySony Interactive EntertainmentThan2017/May 10Was released inPlayStation 4For (PS4)Driving simulator.. Abbreviations are "GT SPORT" and "GTS".1996/It is a work of the series that has continued for more than 20 years, and is the first online dedicated software in the series.


This work isPlayStation 4It is a simulator that allows you to virtually experience driving a car, mainly in racing, by taking advantage of its performance.It is designed not only to reproduce a car, but also for home use so that a wide range of people can play it like a game.You can also place your own car on the actual photo and take a picture.You can also share the photos you take online.The series has achieved the highest graphics ever, and it feels like air while driving, and it has reached a level where it blends in with the live-action scenery without any discomfort during photography.Care is taken to faithfully reproduce the real world throughout the entire story.

2010 eraDesigned exclusively for online use, taking advantage of the mature online environment, it is initially developed with a policy of starting with a minimum of content and expanding the content by updating from time to time.Therefore, if you do not go online even once after purchase, not only will you not be able to use most modes, but you will also be in a state where you cannot even save because the save data that saves the previous end state is also saved in the cloud.Initially, only arcade mode can be played when offline, and there was no Gran Turismo mode where you can win the race and experience growth as a driver, but with an update about two months after its release, it is a similar mode. "GT League" was prepared.

"Gran Turismo 6Was released in about 4 yearsGran Turismo seriesIt is also the first work for PS4.PlayStation VRAlso corresponds to.Various in addition to the regular versionDownload contentsLimited edition with booklet and booklet will be released at the same time. Also,PlayStation StoreA download version will also be distributed.It is not a numbering title and is treated as a sequel to Gran Turismo 6.In addition, the number of recorded vehicles has been significantly reduced, and the remodeling method has also changed significantly.It is no longer necessary to purchase each part, and it is possible to adjust from the beginning within the range according to the vehicle.For simple engine output and weight reduction of the car body, the adjustment range becomes larger by consuming points and raising the grade, but extreme adjustment like the previous work became impossible.

Unlike previous works, this work was created as a platform for experiencing car life in an open world on the premise that new content will continue to be supplied through the Internet and the same car lovers can be met.It is also positioned as a prototype of Gran Turismo for the next 20 years.[2][3].

This work isPlaystation 4We have refined the car model to match the performance of the car, recreated the physics simulation, and developed a unique camera for accurate measurement of body color.Making full use of the latest video standards, the work is finished to be valid in the future.[4][5].. Yamauchi, the producerPlaystation 4With the appearance ofDriving simulatorAs a result, gaps are being filled in all aspects."

2021/Will be held from MayOlympic virtual seriesThis software has been adopted as official software in the automobile competition section of[6].



  • 2015/
    • May 10 : This work was unveiled at PlayStation Media Preview[7].. It was supposed to be released in November 2016 at this point.
  • 2016/
    • May 8 : Polyphony Digital and PlayStation official announced that the release schedule has been postponed from 2016 original November 11th to 15 for "further pursuit of screen reality"[8].
    • 11Also announced a new era visual for the Gran Turismo series, which revealed that it will support 4K resolution, 60fps, HDR, and wide color.
  • 2017/
    • May 3 : Geneva Motor ShowAt Swiss WatchmakerTag HeuerIt has been announced that the company will form a partnership with and become an official timekeeper.[9].
    • May 3 : SubstantialTrial versionThe "closed beta test"AmericaStarting from the beginning, it was started all over the world. Recruitment of closed beta test players started in April in Europe and May 4 in Asia including Japan. Saved data from the closed beta test will not be carried over to the product version.
    • May 10~May 10 : The last trial version before launch, "Open Beta Test", was held all over the world. Here, as a participation privilege, we were able to carry over the in-game credits, mileage points, and garage car data obtained to the product version.
    • May 10 : F1RacerLewis HamiltonOf this workMaestroAnnounced to appear as[10].

Since release

  • 2018/
    • May 3 : At the Geneva Motor ShowGR Supra Racing ConceptWas unveiled for the first time, and at the same time recording of this work was announced soon.[12].
    • May 4 : Germany-IngolstadtAt the "Audi Driving Experience Center"Audi OfVision Gran TurismoTwo units were unveiled for the first time[13].
    • May 5~May 5 : GermanyNürburgringHeld the first world tour of the FIA ​​Gran Turismo Championship, "Gran Turismo World Tour 2018 Nürburgring".
    • May 5 : iOS-AndroidReleased "Gran Turismo SPORT" companion app for terminals.
    • May 6 : It was announced that the "FIA Gran Turismo Championship 2018 Series" will be held from September 9 of the same year. Competing in two national championships, the "Nation's Cup" and the manufacturer's "Manufacturer Series".
    • May 9 : Austria-SalzburgSuburbs "Red bull・"Gran Turismo World Tour 7 Red Bull Hanger 2018" was held at "Hanger 7".
    • May 10~May 10 : Tokyo-Odaiba OfMEGA WEBExhibited at "Tokyo Motor Festival 2018" held at. The exhibition race "e-Circuit Trial Race" and the Nations Cup "Asia-Oceania Championship Final" were held.
    • May 11~May 11 : (I.e."FIA Gran Turismo Championship 2018 World Final" was held. The Nations Cup winner isBrazil, The winner of the manufacturer seriesLexusMet.
    • May 12 : 74th National Sports FestivalThe adoption of this work has been announced for the "National Prefectural Competitive e-Sports Championship 2019 IBARAKI" held in the cultural program of "Ikiiki Ibaraki Dream National Athletic Meet".
  • 2019/
    • May 3~May 3 : France-Paris"Gran Turismo World Tour 2019 Paris" was held.
    • May 4 : PorscheJapan has announced the holding of the Porsche E-Sports Racing Japan Season 1 E-racing series using this work. On the same dayTOYOTA GAZOO Racing, A one-make race held as part of "e-motor sports" activitiesGR Supra It was also announced that the "GT Cup" will be held.
    • May 6~May 6 : "Gran Turismo World Tour 2019 Nürburgring" was held at Nürburgring, Germany.
    • May 8 : Tire manufacturerMichelinIt has been announced that it will become an official tire supplier in partnership with
    • May 8~May 8 : America-ニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク"Gran Turismo World Tour 2019 New York" was held.
    • May 9 : Frankfurt motor showAtPorscheCollaboration with was announced.Taycan,Porsche 91750th anniversary model "917 Living Legend" recording,Porsche Vision Gran TurismoThe announcement during the year 2020 was announced.
    • May 9~May 9 : "Gran Turismo World Tour 7 Red Bull Hanger 2019" was held at "Red Bull Hanger 7" in Austria.
    • May 10 : Cheap version"Gran Turismo Sport PlayStation Hits"And a Gr.2018 race car from a manufacturer that was in the top 10 of the manufacturer series of the "FIA Gran Turismo Championship 3" was included."Gran Turismo Sport Spec II"Was released.
    • May 10 : A questionnaire survey was conducted on "GR Supra GT Cup" participants and GR Supra purchasers in this work until November 11 of the same year.
    • May 10 : 46rdTokyo Motor ShowIn 2019,Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo CoupéWas unveiled for the first time.
    • May 10~May 10 : "Gran Turismo World Tour 2019 Tokyo Motor Show" was held at the same venue. As an event held simultaneously,Japan Automobile Manufacturers AssociationThe organizer also hosted the "Prefectural U18 All Japan Championship".
    • May 11~May 11 : (I.e."FIA Gran Turismo Championship 2019 World Final" was held. The Nations Cup winner isGermany, The winner of the manufacturer seriesToyotaMet.
    • May 11 : At the same venueLamborghini Lambo V12 Vision Gran TurismoWas unveiled for the first time.
    • May 11 : First paid for this workDLCAs Lewis Hamilton challenges the time of each course that ran in "Gran Turismo Sport""Lewis Hamilton Time Trial Challenge"Was released.

Effects on the body

Incidentally,Public Suwa Tokyo University of Science教授Kikunori ShinoharaWhen we measured the cerebral blood flow of 4 people (2 men and XNUMX women) playing this game with the cooperation of As a result of increasing[14]In response to this result, Professor Shinohara said, "If the function of the prefrontal cortex, which plays a role of temporarily holding memory information and giving answers in combination, deteriorates, it will lead to" forgetfulness "etc. Play" Gran Turismo Sport " By doing so, while recognizing the space and thinking about the course, moving limbs and talking with the people with you naturally activates the parts of the brain that you do not normally use, so train It gives a good stimulation to the brain in a relaxed state without being aware of being there. "[15].

New element

Taking advantage of the latest display and PS4 performance, so that the model created in this work can be reused even after PS54K.HDR.Wide color gamut.PlayStation VR, 60fps , Adaptive type that evolved with higher accuracy from GT6TessellationWe have introduced a number of new innovations, such as 10,000 nits (HDR10 peak brightness).Dolby LaboratoriesHeld byMaster monitorIn addition to achieving peak brightness that exceeds the performance of (4,000 nits), it also supports the BT.2020 color space, so that you can always draw cars and courses with quality optimized for display performance and PS4 load. Has evolved into[5][16].

New technology revealed in the interview[4][5]

  • The adaptive tessellation introduced in GT6 has been refined to improve the reproducibility of the shape of the car. In addition, the equipment inside the car has been reproduced, and the wipers and hazard lamps can now be controlled.
  • According to the calculation performance of Playstation 4, the physics simulation was reviewed from 1 and the behavior of the car was greatly improved.
  • We made the best use of the HDR10 video standard, which cannot even express the world's best master monitor used by Dolby Laboratories.
  • It corresponds to the BT.99.9 color space that can reproduce the colors of physical reality with an accuracy of 2020%.
  • We jointly developed with Sony a unique camera that can observe the visible light spectrum in much finer detail than RGB alone, and used it to measure body color.

Car category and BoP

All cars are divided into several categories according to performance and application to facilitate grouping in the race. The conventional Performance Point (PP) system has been abolished.

mainlyPublic roadRunning, generalOrdinary passenger carThe category to which it belongs. Part ofTuning car,Concept carAlso belongs here. It is further classified into N100 to N1000 according to the horsepower of the car.
Group GT4The category corresponding to. Basic modifications such as security device and weight reductionRacing carBelongs to.
Group GT3The category corresponding to. A racing car that has undergone full-scale remodeling such as widening the body and improving aerodynamics belongs.
SUPER GTThe category to which GT500 class machines belong.
Le Mans 24-hour race machineSuch asPrototype racing carThe category to which it belongs.
Rally carThe category in which is classified. Modifications have been made for dirt driving, such as strengthening the suspension and securing the vehicle height. Once realGroup BUnrelated to
A category in which cars that do not belong to any category are classified.Electric car,Safety car,Vision Gran TurismoEtc. belong to.
Balance of Performance (BoP)
A system that equalizes the performance of each vehicle according to category. When applied, the maximum output and vehicle weight will be adjusted automatically.

new function[17]

Supports 4K, wide color process
For the first time in the series, it supports pseudo 4K and wide color processes. It also inherits elements such as HDR and 60fps from the previous work.
Assist function
Equipped with auto drive assist that assists braking and steering operations. It can be switched ON / OFF according to the player's preference.
Livery Editor
A function that allows you to create original designs by attaching coloring decals to cars, racing suits, and helmets. Players can freely arrange figures and illustrations, and for the first time in the series, users can freely reproduce and create the livery (coloring) of racing cars, and dress up road cars with decals.
Also, the player created it externallyVector data(Format is SVG, size is up to 15KB) can be imported from the official website "Decal Uploader" and pasted on the vehicle as a decal.
Mercedes F1 W08 EQ Power +Only this feature is not available[Annotation 1].
Users can freely share photos and replays taken in the game and created liveries and decals among users.



Sports mode
From this workE sportsIt is a target mode, and is also the main mode in this work. Previous workGran Turismo 6] Is an evolution of the quick match of "," the "daily race" in which three types are held at the same time and the content of the race is changed regularly,FIAThe official competition "Nation's Cup" (counter-country) and "Manufacturer series" (counter-maker) will be held.
Players have their own driving skills and race mannersDriver rating (DR)Sportsmanship Rating (SR)It is rated by, and at the time of the race, those with similar DR / SR are randomly matched.
For participating machinesBoP (Balance of Performance) systemMay apply, in which case adjustments will be made to equalize the performance of each car.
Online only.
Arcade mode
A mode in which you can enjoy racing with AI, time trials alone, and drift trials.
In this work, a "custom race" that allows you to set detailed rules such as penalty and consumption has been added. Allows offline.
Open lobby
A mode in which players can create rooms and enjoy racing with players from all over the world. Online only.
It corresponds to the "license test" of the conventional series[Annotation 2]"Driving school", capture the challenges presented in various situations"Mission challenge"Learn how to capture each course"Circuit experience'', the race event added in the December 2017 update ``GT League, You can enjoy 2019 modes of paid DLC "Lewis Hamilton Time Trial Challenge" released on November 11, 28.
Of these, the "Circuit Experience" will be added as an issue about one month after the new course is added.[Annotation 3].. "GT League" events have also been added sequentially with updates. "Louis Hamilton Time Trial Challenge" is a paid DLC that must be purchased separately, and cannot be played if you have not purchased it (details will be described later). Can be offline.
Lewis Hamilton Time trial challenge
Paid released on November 2019, 11DLC.. Purchased separately at PlayStation Store.
Of this workMaestroLewis Hamilton, who serves as a player, is a single-play mode that challenges the time recorded by actually running in "Gran Turismo Sport". You can enjoy the challenge while learning how to run by watching Hamilton's driving replays and videos by himself.
In this mode, there is a "diamond rank" above the gold rank, and the time is recorded by Lewis Hamilton himself. Achieving Gold in all Challenges will extend your in-game credit limit to Cr. 100 billion. When you reach the diamond in all challenges, you will get a special machine designed by Hamilton's team "Project 44".
It is an evolution of the conventional "photo mode", and you can combine a car with photos taken all over the world and shoot with your favorite composition.
A photograph has spatial information and light information. If the vehicle is a slope, the car tilts, and if there is a light source, the body surface reflects light, so it is possible to take a photo as if it were an actual vehicle. Can be offline.

Recorded vehicle

The car model recorded is completely remade in this work. "Excluding the CAD data used by automobile manufacturers for manufacturing, the world's highest quality and most accurate modeling"[19]I am trying. In the gameBrand CentralYou will buy the car at a dealer called. A little different from conventional car dealers, looking back on the history from the birth of the brand to the present, taking pictures in places related to the brand, watching various movies (various movies use Youtube each time they are played), etc. Can be enjoyed.

It will be the first time in the series history on overseas PlayStation and Gran Turismo official Facebook account on April 2017, 4PorscheIt was announced that[20][Annotation 4].. Furthermore, with the update in February 2018, it will also be the first appearance in the series.De TomasoFrom the companyPantheraWas recorded, and on March 2019, 3 with the Gran Turismo seriesSuper formulaAnnounced their first collaboration with the update on March 2019, 3SF19Was announced for the first time. In the closed beta versionLotusCompany (UK)EvoraWas also recorded, but it has been deleted in the product version.

The collaboration project "" announced at GT6Vision Gran Turismo"Was taken over by this work as the project became longer. All VGTs that appeared in GT6 are continuously recorded, and VGTs such as Daihatsu, Zagato, and Honda are newly appearing on it.

Continuous updates have been delivered since its launch, and many new vehicles have been added so far.

Detail is""Gran Turismo SPORT" Official Recording Vehicle ListSee.

Recording course

[21]The initial recording course has 18 locations and 28 layouts.
In this work, weather and time changes are deleted, and several fixed time zones and weather are recorded for each course.
In arcade mode, the course is released by raising the driver level, and all courses are released at level 20 and above.
Courses, course layouts, and rain conditions have been sequentially added with the update.

The country of residence in the table below is based on the in-game notation. "II" indicates the reverse layout.

Real circuit

LocationCountry of residencevariationFirst appearanceSupports rain conditions
Intel Lagos Circuit
BrazilIntel Lagos Circuit
Willow Springs Raceway
AmericaWillow Springs Raceway Big Willow
Willow Springs Raceway Streets of Willow Springs
Willow Springs Raceway Streets of Willow Springs II
Willow Springs Raceway Horse Thief Mile
Willow Springs Raceway Horse Thief Mile II
JapanAutopolis International Racing Course
Autopolis International Racing Course Shortcut Course
Catalonia Circuit
SpainCatalonia Circuit Grand Prix layout
Salt Circuit
FranceSalt Circuit
Salt circuit no chicane
Suzuka Circuit
JapanSuzuka Circuit
Suzuka Circuit East Course
Tsukuba Circuit
JapanTsukuba Circuit
GermanyNürburgring North Course
Nürburgring North Course Tourist Layout
Nürburgring 24h
Nürburgring GP
Brands Hatch
United KingdomBrands Hatch GP Circuit
Brands Hatch Indy Circuit
Fuji Speedway
JapanFuji Speedway
Fuji Speedway (short)
Mount panorama
AustraliaMount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit
Monza Circuit
ItalyMonza Circuit
Monza Circuit (layout without chicane)
Red Bull Link
AustriaRed Bull Link
Red Bull Link Short Track
EnglandGoodwood Motor Circuit
Spa Francorchamps
BelgiumSpa Francorchamps
Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca
AmericaWeathertech Raceway Laguna Seca

City course

LocationCountry of residencevariationFirst appearanceSupports rain conditions
Tokyo Expressway
JapanTokyo Expressway/Central route
Tokyo Expressway/Central route Inner route
Tokyo Expressway/East Route
Tokyo Expressway/East Route Inner route
Tokyo Expressway/South Route
Tokyo Expressway/South Route Inner route

Original course

With the exception of "Special Stage Route X", the series first appeared in this work.

LocationCountry of residencevariationFirst appearanceSupports rain conditions
FranceAlsace Village
Alsace Village II
Kyoto Driving Park
JapanKyoto Driving Park/Yamagiwa
Kyoto Driving Park/Yamagiwa II
Kyoto Driving Park Miyabi
Kyoto Driving Park/Yamagiwa+Miya
Kyoto Driving Park/Yamagiwa+Ya II
Saint-Croix Circuit
FranceSaint-Croix Circuit A
Saint-Croix Circuit A II
Saint-Croix Circuit B
Saint-Croix Circuit B II
Saint-Croix Circuit C
Saint-Croix Circuit C II II
Special Stage Route X
AmericaSpecial Stage Route X
Dragon trail
CroatiaDragon Trail Seaside
Dragon Trail Seaside II
Dragon Trail Gardens
Dragon Trail Gardens II
Northern Isle Speedway
AmericaNorthern Isle Speedway
Northern Isle Speedway Infield
Broad Bean Raceway
JapanBroad Bean Raceway
Broad Bean Raceway II
Lake Maggiore Circuit
ItalyLake Maggiore Circuit GP
Lake Majore Circuit GP II
Central layout of the Lake Maggiore circuit
Lake Maggiore Circuit Central Layout II
Lake Maggiore Circuit East Layout
Lake Maggiore Circuit East Layout II
Lake Maggiore Circuit West Layout
Lake Maggiore Circuit West Layout II

Dirt course

All appear for the first time in this series.

LocationCountry of residencevariationFirst appearanceSupports rain conditions
Colorado Springs
AmericaColorado Springs Lake
Colorado Springs Lake II
ItalySardinia Windmills
Sardinia Windmills II
Fisherman's lunch
AmericaFisherman's lunch
Fisherman's Ranch II

Sales information

First Limited Edition Gran Turismo Sport Limited Edition[22]

Early purchase privilege "Bonus car pack" (3 cars)

  • Mazda LM55 Vision Gran Turismo
  • Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 N24 Schultz Motorsport
  • Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X FINAL EDITION Gr.B Rally Car
Limited Edition Contents
  • Special booklet
Starter pack (8 units)
  • Chevrolet Corvette C7 Gr.3
  • Dodge SRT Tomahawk Vision Gran Turismo (Gr.1)
  • Audi R18 TDI (Audi Sport Team Joest)
  • Ford Focus Gr.B Rally Car
  • Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Safety Car
  • TOYOTA FT-1 Vision Gran Turismo (Gr.3)
  • Peugeot 908 HDi FAP- Team Peugeot Total
  • Subaru WRX Gr.3

First Limited Edition Gran Turismo SPORT Digital Limited Edition 

Early purchase privilege "Bonus car pack" (3 cars)

  • Mazda LM55 Vision Gran Turismo
  • Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 N24 Schultz Motorsport
  • Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X FINAL EDITION Gr.B Rally Car

Digital Limited Edition Limited Benefit

  • XNUMX million credits (in-game currency)
  • Helmet (in-game content)

Download Limited Edition Contents Starter pack (8 units)

  • Chevrolet Corvette C7 Gr.3
  • Dodge SRT Tomahawk Vision Gran Turismo (Gr.1)
  • Audi R18 TDI (Audi Sport Team Joest)
  • Ford Focus Gr.B Rally Car
  • Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Safety Car
  • TOYOTA FT-1 Vision Gran Turismo (Gr.3)
  • Peugeot 908 HDi FAP- Team Peugeot Total
  • Subaru WRX Gr.3

 Livery sticker pack

 PlayStation 4 avatar

Gran Turismo Sport Spec II

Early purchase privilege

  • 2.5 million credits (in-game currency)

Spec II contents Bonus car pack (10 units)

  • Lexus RC F GT3 (Emil Frey Racing)
  • TOYOTA FT-1 Vision Gran Turismo (Gr.3)
  • Aston Martin V12 Vantage GT3
  • Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Final Edition Gr.3
  • Porsche 911 RSR (991)
  • Mercedes-Benz Mercedes AMG GT3 (AMG-Team HTP-Motorsport)
  • Chevrolet Corvette C7 Gr.3
  • Renault Sport RS01 GT3
  • Subaru WRX Gr.3
  • Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 N24 Schulze Motorsport


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注 釈

  1. ^ As an alternative, a color variation specification of a single color (10 colors in total) is separately recorded.
  2. ^ Unlike the conventional series, there is no race that requires a license, so it is not essential for the progress of the game.
  3. ^ At this time, the achievement level will decrease (0% has no effect)
  4. ^ With the November 2019 update,RUF Automobile OfCTR3Was also recorded, and Porsche and RUF will appear at the same time.


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