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🚗 | Honda's large outboard motor "BF150 / BF135 / BF115" has undergone a model change. Newly adopted DBW


Honda's large outboard motor "BF150 / BF135 / BF115" has undergone a model change. Newly adopted DBW

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This DBW system has already been installed in the flagship model "BF250" of Honda outboard motors and has received high praise.

On January 2022, 1, Honda had three large 24-stroke outboard motors, "BF4," "BF150," and "BF135." → Continue reading

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Flagship machine

Flagship machine(Flagship,flagship model) Manufactures and sells multiple products in a certain fieldManufacturerIn the product group of, the products that are symbolic of the manufacturer and the products that the manufacturer has worked on with all the technological strength,Flagship model,Flagship (flagship)It is usually called the manufacturer's highest price or the highest grade product.

Mainly used as one of the current affairs terms,ITRelated products, home appliances, automobiles,オ ー ト バ イFor example, it is used to indicate the position of a product group with a wide price range.

the purpose

When "flagship" is used in a product group, it is roughly classified into two types. One is that it is popular because of its popularity and history in the market.best sellerAs a manufacturer, it is the "most important product" because it inherits products and their genealogy. One is the manufacturer's product group, which is the highest quality product in terms of performance, price, and function. The former is mainly an expression on the sales strategy of the manufacturer, and performance and price are not important factors, and is generally used as the latter meaning.

High end

The term used in the same way as flagshipHigh end There is (high-end), and it has a lot of meaning to indicate the highest ranking in the product group.

There is a view that both are the same, but the high-end focuses on the price evaluation of the product group, and in the case of manufacturers with different product series, there is a high-end for each series and there are multiple within the same type. There is. Flagship often refers to "only one product at the top" without multiple in the same category, but when the target market for the product is different, multiple flagships exist in the product group within the same category of the manufacturer There is also. The high-end is a simple and robust model, but the flagship model is inferior in performance to the high-end model but has abundant functions.Full ship decorationFlagship is generally categorized as high-end, but high-end does not necessarily correspond to flagship. For exampleToyotaFlagshipク ラ ウ ンBut the high endCentury.

High-end synonyms areLow endIs. "Low" = low price and low performance,brandIs the lowest price in the product family, with low performance, reduced functionality or intentionally limited to achieve the lowest price[1]It is a product group.


It is a ship in which the fleet commander sits in the Navy.flagship(Flagship, commander flag means commander sitting). The flagship is required to be the “most powerful” ship if it is an army as a deterrent in peacetime, and the “most likely not to sink” during the war, due to strategic necessity.


  1. ^ In the case of products that are purposely designed or the cost of preparing multiple production lines is higher, there are cases where the inside is exactly the same without the push button on the housing.


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