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🚗 | Experience the usefulness of Mazda Co-Pilot 2.0 on public roads. Sith to be installed in the large product group that appeared in 2022 ...


Experience the usefulness of Mazda Co-Pilot 2.0 on public roads. Sith to be installed in the large product group that appeared in 2022 ...

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I was a little worried whether I could evacuate properly, but the system detected that the traffic light was blue and passed the intersection, and also detected the existence of a truck, so I did not try to force the car to the shoulder and in the lane. It stopped quietly.

"MAZDA CO-PILOT 2.0 ..." which Mazda is developing for practical use → Continue reading

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交 差点

交 差点(Kosaten,intersectionTomo, crossroads, intersection) means two or more道路Is the place where


An intersection is a part where two or more roads intersect (intersection). Roads intersect with many roads of different levels, and the methods of intersection are roughly divided into level intersections and grade separations. At-grade intersections are intersections with signals and no signals, and grade separations are intersections. There are grade separations and interchanges[1].

There is a lot of traffic across the road,Traffic accidentIs a point where is likely to occur. 2019% of traffic accidents in 54.9 occur at and near intersections[2][3]..As traffic becomes more generalized and developedtraffic lights,crosswalk,FootbridgeThe number of intersections equipped with various incidental facilities has increased.

Also, at the intersectioncityIt also affects the establishment of. At the point where the roads connecting long distances intersect, the flow of people and trade goods intersects and encounters occur, so you do not bother to go to a distant destination, but in the vicinitytransaction(Commercial) Will be performed. Eventually, when products from all over the world began to concentrate,LifeIncreasingly attractive as a place forpopulationFlows in,消费MarketEven so, it will become more important.In this wayTrading city,Transportation cityWas formed.

Form of intersection

There are different trends in each country as to what form is adopted.

The most common is simply crossing the roadsLevel crossingIt is a form to make. In the case of level crossing, if you change direction across the oncoming lane (turn right when passing on the left side), the flow tends to be stagnant, so install a dedicated lane or traffic light on a busy road so as not to obstruct the traffic to the other Be made. On the other hand, even if the vehicle does not cross the oncoming lane (turn left when traveling on the left side), a lane may be provided at an intersection with many crossing pedestrians.

As an at-grade intersection, the roads are connected radially to the circular roundabout.RoundaboutIs also used. Especially when the number of legs is large, it is easy to smooth the flow. It is widespread in Europe.

Especially when there is heavy traffic or the design speed is highMulti-level crossingIs used. The traffic capacity is larger and the safety is higher than the level crossing.General roadIn many cases, only roads with particularly heavy traffic are three-dimensionalized, but at-grade intersections are not provided for all intersecting roads.JunctionThere is also an example.

Types of intersections

Level crossing
  • Three-way junction: An intersection where the road extends in three directions.
    • Junction: Of the three-way junctions, straight roads intersect at almost right angles and form a clove shape. T-junction.
    • Y-shaped road: Of the three-way junctions, the intersection of the roads is not a right angle but a Y-shape.
  • Four-way junction: An intersection where roads extend in all directions.
    • crossroads: Of the four forked roads, straight roads intersect at almost right angles to form a cross.
  • Five-forked road: An intersection where the road extends in all directions.
  • Six-forked road: An intersection where the road extends in all directions.
  • Seven forks: An intersection where the road extends in all directions.
  • Scramble crossing
  • Roundabout
  • Roundabout
Multi-level crossing

Traffic regulations of each country

Intersection in Japan

In Japan, about the crossroadsA streetIt is also a synonym for "intersection". To protect the safety of pedestrians, traffic lights completely separate the flow from the car.Scramble crossingIs also installed. Also, if it is deemed necessaryAutomatic traffic accident recorderThere are also intersections that help analyze accidents by installing.

Road law

Road Traffic LawIn Article XNUMX, Paragraph XNUMX, Item XNUMX, the intersection is "crossroads,JunctionWhen two or more roads intersect, the two or more roads (SidewalkOn a road with a distinction between a road and a road, it is defined as "the intersection of the road".

Articles 5 to XNUMX of the Road Traffic Act regulate the traffic methods at intersections. Also, XNUMX from the intersection and its side edgesMetersIn the part withindecreeOrPolice officerIn addition to pausing by order of, or to prevent dangerStopOrParkingshould not be done.


The official name of the intersection where the signal is installed is for each prefecture.Public Safety Commission, The police, and the road administrator will consult and decide.

The intersection name signs attached to traffic lights at intersections are installed by road managers, and the official names are not always displayed in consideration of local intentions.

In some areas such as Hokkaido, there are cases where the intersection name sign indicates the location of the point where the traffic light is located instead of the official name of the intersection.

範 囲

Traffic accidentIt is necessary to determine which part of the road is an intersection when the occurrence of an intersection, and there are four types of methods for determining the range of an intersection for that purpose.[4][5].

  • Lateral line extension method: The lateral line of the road is extended from the contact point, and the area surrounded by the line is used as the intersection.
  • Vertical start method: A perpendicular line is drawn from the point of contact between roads to the opposite lateral line, and the area surrounded by the line is used as the intersection.
  • Start-end connection method: The intersection is the area surrounded by the lines connecting the points of contact between the roads.
  • Vehicle collision estimation method: The inside of the intersection is the part where vehicles traveling from each road may collide.

Crossroads in the United States

The United States of AmericaAt intersections where all vehicles need to stop, "ALL WAY STOP", "STOP 4-WAY" (for crossroads) or "STOP 3-WAY" (for three-way junctions) are marked.[6].. If only two directions are paused, "STOP 2-WAY" is marked.[6].

When a vehicle that was stopped at an intersection without a traffic light turns green and starts, it is supposed to start in the order in which it entered the intersection and stopped, and if you do not know the future, the vehicle on the right will take precedence. Is[6][7].

Figurative expression

In turn,文明-CountryDevelopment process and lifeStraight lineIt is called an intersection, which refers to a place where multiple civilizations and national influences are exerted at the same time (such as an independent force near the border of a large country) or a place where people meet (such as a bar).


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