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🚗 | [Photo collection] Citroen's C-segment hatchback "C4" debuts in Japan at the same time as an electric vehicle


[Photo collection] Citroen's C-segment hatchback "C4" debuts in Japan at the same time as an electric vehicle

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The C4 / E-C4, which is a hatchback in such a C segment but also incorporates SUV elements, is likely to become a presence that even non-Citroen fans will want to pay attention to.

On January 2022, 1, Groupe PSA Japan announced the new Citroen C7.From the exhibition vehicle of the recital ... → Continue reading

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C segment

C segment(English name: C-Segment, Small family car / compact car) is mainlyEuropeUsed inPassenger carIs the classification method ofsegmentIn one category ofB segmentとD segmentIt is positioned in the middle of.In the same segmentsedan,coupe,hatchbackIncluding body styles such as.

According to the classification of the research company Global Insight, the sports coupe,Multipurpose car (minivan),SUVIn the "most narrowly defined classification previously used" in Europe, these are classified in different segments.


2000 eraAfter that, the approximate overall length is a sedanStation WagonAt 4,350mmTo 4,600 mm[Source required], Hatchback including short wagon refers to models from 4,200 mm to 4,500 mm[1].1980 eraから1990 eraIn this segment up to the beginning, the sedan and station wagon had a total length of less than 4.3 m and a vehicle width of less than 1,700 mm, and the hatchback had a total length of less than 4 m, and most of them corresponded to the 5th number.Generally 1.5LIt is often equipped with a 2L engine, but there is no clear numerical standard for classifying by multiple requirements such as vehicle size, overall length, price, image, equipment, etc., and those over 4,450 mm are called CD segment or full C segment. In some cases.

In Japan, around 2000, "5 number full size carIt was said that "standard cars" and "high-end compact cars" called "" were applicable, but since the size of cars in this segment has expanded in recent years, they have been classified as "middle class" since the 2010s. ..American "compact car", British "small family car", Korean "quasi-medium-sized car"[2]Approximate to.

Since the 2010s, we have taken measures to ensure the safety of side collisions.ク ラ ウ ンAnd after the second generationPrius, In Japanese specificationsCorolla sportsincludingCorolla series after the 12th generationThere are also models that have expanded to around 1,750 to 1,800 mm, which is the same as the width of such vehicles, and it is difficult to fall under the category of "compact" in Japan, where there are many roads and parking lots designed based on the number 5 vehicle.pick-up truck,Light vanSuch asCommercial vehicleDoes not belong to the passenger car segment classification.

Reversal phenomenon in the Japanese domestic market

BC segment (Full B segment) Cars have been enlarged according to the export destination, but Japan has transportationInfrastructureTo the design standard ofSmall carとOrdinary carDemand for the 5th number car is constant due to the mixture of.Domestic carProduced asArion/Premio5 number CD segment (full C segment) vehicles are in the BC segment, which exceeds the production volume.CorollaExport specification cars of the systemAuris(LaterCorolla sports),Corolla Rumion(= 2nd generationScion xB), Etc., there are cases where the specifications are lower.Like the Premio / Allionコ ロ ナ/カ リ ー ナOf the European strategic car that corresponds to the genealogy ofAvensisIs a full-scale D-segment car that has been enlarged.

As of 2019, full B segment and JC segment sold as new cars[3]The 5th number C segment car, which is also treated as, is close to the BC segment except for Allion / Premio.Corolla Axio,Corolla Fielder,Grace,shuttle.[4]

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