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🚗 | President TOKIO Joshima, was he actually a "master of the Metaverse"?There is also a surprising commonality with the president of Geotechnology

Photo Shigeru Joshima, President of TOKIO Co., Ltd., who took the stage at the press conference of Geotechnology.

President TOKIO Joshima, was he actually a "master of the Metaverse"?There is also a surprising commonality with the president of Geotechnology

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In the dialogue, President Sugihara pointed out that "What Mr. Shiroshima came to is an analog master from our point of view", while there was an analogy unique to program fans, "Mr. Shiroshima is also becoming a master of the Metaverse." was there.

Increment P company name change / new business announcement press conference held in Tokyo on January 1 by President Shigeru Joshima of TOKIO Co., Ltd. → Continue reading


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Metaverse (British: Metaverse) IsComputer,Computer networkBuilt in,3 dimensionsRefers to the virtual space of[1]..In Japan, it is mainly a kind of virtual space, and it entered the company and after 2021.CommercialThat's what we call space.futureインターネットThe environment will reachConceptSo the user was built online3DCGFrom all over the world to your virtual spaceAvatarIt is envisioned that participants will participate in their own alter ego, and will engage in economic activities such as shopping, product production and sales while communicating with each other, and will lead a new life as another "reality". Are[2].

The term metaverse isEnglishof"Super(goal) "And" Universe ()Universe) ”Is combinedCoined wordIs.OriginallyScience fiction writer OfNeal StephensonAnnounced in 1992cyber punknovel"Snow CrashIt was the name of a fictitious virtual space service that appeared in.After that, when various virtual space services actually appeared due to the evolution of technology, they came to be used mainly in English-speaking countries as a generic name for them and the name of the virtual space itself.[2][3].

There are originally multiple names for virtual space in Japan,WIRED(Connected place),Virtual space,VR(Virtual reality space), cyber space (cyberspace) and so on.

Currently, various definitions of the Metaverse have been proposed, but there is no unified interpretation yet.In the Metaverse manual "Metaverse Evolution" (Gijutsu-Hyoronsha, 2022), the seven requirements of "spatiality", "self-identity", "large-scale simultaneous connectivity", "creativity", "economy", "accessibility", and "immersiveness" are set. Defined as a filled online virtual space[4][5].


1997/ToUltima online 世界First time inMMORPGAsCommercialHas been successfulOnlineInAvatarUsedActivitiesuserThe idea of ​​interaction between people is also various after that.MMORPGHas become popular based on.Not only that, social feedback from virtual space to real space began to occur, such as meeting friends who were active in the game centered on enthusiastic users in reality.[Note 1].

It was in the mid-2000s that the Metaverse first attracted attention in the world. A "metaverse-like" virtual world service that took place around 2006PioneerCan be saidsecond LifeWas the trigger[1][2][6]..At that time, major US financial institutions and computer makers entered Second Life, which had just exceeded 100 million users, and held promotional activities and presentations using avatars in a virtual world created with 3DCG. Was[1].iPhoneAt that time, when it wasn't out in the world, there was no way to participate in the virtual world.computerJust the usermouseKeyboardI was manipulating the avatar while making full use of[1]..At that time, the word Metaverse was not known,MMORPGWas recognized as a service derived from.

2021, a global social network companyFacebookThe term "Metaverse" has resurfaced in the industry as the company has made a full-scale move toward the realization of the Metaverse in response to the forecast of deterioration in business performance.[7].. Facebook announced in October that the company name will be changed to "Meta"[8][9]. The companySocial MediaHas grown around, but is the creatorMark ZuckerbergCEOHas announced that it will focus on building virtual spaces under the new company name and will change from an SNS company to a Metaverse company within a few years.[8][9]..As of 2015, Zuckerberg said, "In the future, devices that are always worn will improve communication," and users will use VR headsets to "metaverse."Teleport"And to communicate realistically in the virtual world.[1].. Facebook announced the VR world `` Facebook Horizon'' in 2019, and in July 2021 Metaverse `` Next CommunicationplatformIn October, the company name was abolished from the name and renamed to "Horizon Worlds" to become the Metaverse platform.[10][11].. The VR space has been unified under the name Horizon, and VR that has been developed under the Oculus brand until then.headsetな どVR/ARField ofhardwareWill be integrated into the Meta brand from the beginning of 2022.[12].

For it,GoogleからSpin out officialStartup companyNianticUses AR technology to fuse the real world with the digital world and connect people directlyImmersive digital environmentAdvocated a "real world metaverse" that is not a virtual world of[7][13][14].. Founder and CEO of NianticJohn HankeHas released a metaverse that will be tied to VR headsets since August 2021DystopiaCalled "Nightmare"[14]..Popular AR game "Pokemon GOIn November 2021, Niantic, which develops such products, released the development kit "Lightship ARDK (Niantic Lightship AR Developer Kit)" for AR application developers.This is to support the development of AR applications by providing other developers with the platform "Niantic Lightship Platform" that is the basis of the company's AR game operation, and developers will use it to create new projects. Can be produced[13][15]..This will make it easier for independent developers to create apps that utilize AR by disclosing technology that requires considerable effort and effort to develop on their own, and by increasing the number of developers, `` The aim is to spread the concept of "metaverse in the real world"[14][15]..The company will also open a $ 2 million Niantic Ventures fund to invest in companies that meet Niantic's vision.[13]..Already at launchCoachella Festival, Historic Royal Palaces, a non-profit organization that manages the historic royal palace in EnglandUniversal Pictures,National Professional Golf AssociationPartnered with brands such as[13].

On the other hand, in the 2010s, the metaverse as a virtual space in a broad senseFinal Fantasy XIVHad already begun to be born[6].online gameThen, as of 2020, there were multiple virtual worlds, attracting an overwhelming number of users.[6].Minecraft,RobloxGames that can create virtual spaces such asXBOXOwnsMicrosoftMetaverse is becoming the next battleground for major internet companies.[1][6].epic GamesOnline operated byBattle royal gamesof"Fort KnightIs not a virtual space of the type that uses VR goggles, and is based on games.But online with avatarsconcertThe number of users who enjoy games other than games is increasing year by year, and it was implemented in 2020.Travis ScottAt the virtual concert of, the number of simultaneous connections is 1230 million, which is about the same as the total population of a small nation.[6].. By 2021Sony GroupHas invested a cumulative total of at least $ 4 million in Epic Games[6].Nintendothe game of"Animal Crossing ForestIs also considered to be one of the Metaverses[2][7]..Cumulative sales have exceeded 3200 million (as of 2021),JTBIs also exploring corporate utilization such as publishing a user production map (JTB Island)[6]..The approach from games to "Metaverse" is an important challenge area for Japanese game companies, and is one of the promoters of Metaverse in Japan.tireHironao Kunimitsu, the founder, has announced that he will focus on the Metaverse business as the representative director of Thirdverse, which handles VR games such as "Sword of Gargantua".[6].GREEThe group used anime-style avatars provided by its subsidiary "REALITY".SmartphoneDeclared to focus on the Metaverse business centered on virtual live distribution apps for[6].MetapsKnown as the founderKatsuaki SatoAutomatically generates the world from satellite data to virtual space at Space Data Co., Ltd.AIDeveloped.Announced that it will release 3D models of various regions of the automatically generated earth and will provide it free of charge so that anyone can use it for free.[6].. April 2022,KDDIAnd Psychic VR Lab have announced efforts to promote the distribution of AR content tailored to the real space based on 3D data of the city.[16].

In October 2021, research firm Morning Consult targeted 10 adults in the United States FacebookWhen asked if they were interested in Facebook's new project, Metaverse, 68% said they were not interested.For those who are interested in MetaverseMillennials(I'm interested but 46%),Generation Z(44%), people in urban communities (43%), and men (39%), but less than half of all groups.[17].

Whether "Metaverse" will continue to spread, what kind of method will become mainstream, whether spaces created by various companies like the Internet will be interconnected, before the InternetPC communicationIt is not yet clear at this stage (2022) whether it will be a completely different space for each company like this.[6]However, as a technical problem, it is expected that the amount of transmitted and received data will be enormous, and such a well-organized environment is a minority, and since it is not possible to physically wear a VR headset for a long time in the first place, it will become widespread in the distant future. Conceivable.

Usage situation

According to a 2022 survey by the MMD Institute, Metaverse awareness was 43.4% and usage experience was 5.1%.[18]..In addition, 60.0% of users answered that they had shopped / charged in the Metaverse.The most interesting Metaverse genres were games (19.9%), followed by music / live (17.8%) and shopping (12.5%).

Gender / age

According to the above survey results of the MMD Research Institute, the majority of users were men in their twenties, the most in their twenties by age group, and about 20% by gender.[18]..Also, according to the Social VR Census 2021, males accounted for about 9%.[19].

On the other hand, most of the avatars used are female.[19]..About 8% of users use female avatars, and the percentage of male avatars used was 16% for males and 5% for females.In addition, it is generally common to wear a beautiful girl's avatar.Virtual beautiful girl meatCalled (Uncle Babiniku).

Potential realization example

Some developers have suggested using Metaverse technology to improve work productivity.[20][21][22].

Proposed within the education sector as a way to take into account an interactive environment for learning[23].

Metaverse can also host virtual reality home tours in the real estate sector[23].


Metaverse is an extension to existing Internet technology[24]..For Metaverse access points,Augmented reality(AR),Mixed reality,virtual reality(VR),Virtual worldIncludes general purpose computers and smartphones in addition to[24].

Business and commercial interest in Metaverse-related research and technology in 2014 for VR companiesOculus VRAcquiredFacebookAnnounced plans to build a 3D social space that includes and connects various services[25].

Metaverse's reliance on VR technology imposes restrictions on its development and large-scale adoption[24]..Limitations due to the balance between cost and design include lack of high quality graphics and lack of mobility.Lightweight wireless headsets lack image quality optimized for bulky wired VR goggles systems[25]..Another issue for large-scale adoption of this technology is cost. A controller was added to the HTC Vive Pro 1 headset in 2021[25].

In 2021, the Government of South Korea announces the creation of a national Metaverse Alliance aimed at building a unified national VR and AR platform.[26].

Technical standards

Common standards, interfaces, and communication protocols are under development across virtual environments.Collaboration and Working Groups are trying to create standards and protocols to support interoperability between virtual environments, including:

  • OpenXR, Application programming interface (API) for interfacing with VR and AR devices,Cronos Group(2019 – Present)
  • Virtual World-Standards for the System Virtual Components Working Group (P1828)[27][28],IEEE(2010 – Present)
  • Information Technology-Media Context and Control-Part 4: Virtual World Object Characteristics (ISO / IEC 23005-4: 2011)[29],ISO(2008 – Present)
  • Immersive Education Technology Group (IETG)[30], Media Grid (2008 – Present)
  • Virtual World Region Agent Protocol (VWRAP)[31],IETF(2009-2011)
  • Metaverse Roadmap[32], Acceleration Studies Foundation (2006-2007)
  • Open Source Metaverse Project(2004-2008)
  • X3D, Interactive real-time 3D (Web3D) Virtual reality modeling language as an open standard (VRML) Successor. X3D is an approved standard for integrating virtual reality and augmented reality with the web.[33].

Criticism and concern

Buzzword and Buzzword Expert

The word Metaverse is ambiguous in definition[34], Terminological, speculative, and oftenBuzz wordTo be[35]..It seems that the investment is high, but taking advantage of the situation that something is unclear, "I do not want to miss it" "Chance to make money" About the metaverse that used the impatienceInformation products,Expert,Bad business lawAre appearing one after another, and a sudden expert,Online salonIs appearing in large numbers[36]..About the appearance that companies that list Metaverse as a product are crowded like bamboo shoots after the rainRobloxThe CEO of a related company said, "I remember the dawn of the Internet. Everywhere I looked, it was all about the Internet, and everyone was a self-proclaimed" Internet company. ""Internet bubbleI liken the situation to[37]..In China, Metaverse walks alone as "a future technology that is likely to make money" and plans to make a profit.InfluencerAnd companies are springing up and are out of control.China search engine giantBaiduAt his company's event held in December XNUMX, "Many companies are thinking about making a profit in the Metaverse, and it is hard to tell which one is the real one. Now, only the expected value is rising, and next year I believe the bubble will burst in the second half or next year. "[37].

Investment fraud

Due to the above, we took advantage of the topicality of Metaverse after 2020.Investment fraudIs increasing rapidly.U.S. IT information magazinecnetReportedly, in 2021, the amount of cybercrime damage increased to the worst ever in the United States, and the breakdown of the increase isscamandinvestmentTo be[38]..In the same paper, "Cyber ​​criminalsCryptocurrency,NFTHe introduced the view of an IT security company that he abused high-profile topics such as Metaverse and made up a fictitious project to raise money, and reported on it under the title of "Beware of NFTs and Metaverse."In Japan, it became famous as an investment fraud based on the Metaverse.Exing WorldThere is a scam of funds in the story of investing in a fictitious virtual space on the Metaverse.Investment fraud""MLM""virtualWilderness business methodIt has become a social problem.

Cryptocurrency (cryptocurrency / cryptocurrency)

CryptocurrencyAndDecentralizedIDigital currencyPoint to[39], CryptocurrencycurrencyCan be used for payment within the MetaverseIt cannot be said that there is no such thingIt's just a separate concept that isn't directly related to the Metaverse.[Note 2][40]..At the moment[When?]So, even though cryptocurrencies are not used in most of the Metaverse, crypto assets are touted as if they were the core technology of the Metaverse.[41], There is a move to call for investment in crypto assets.Regarding these trends, IT financial companiesMetapsOf the businessman who foundedKatsuaki SatoIs "the market priceSpeculationPlease note that if a new technology is brought out as a solicitation material, those who have legitimately taken responsibility for fraud and flames resulting from it will be liable for some reason.A suspicious person will soon disappear looking for the next story, so only the burnt field will remain afterwards.Now the Metaverse is the target. "[42]He called attention to the move to associate crypto assets with the Metaverse. In December 2021, only crypto-asset companies said,Japan Metaverse AssociationAn organization was set up, but it made me wonder if the word "Metaverse" was used to authorize crypto assets and NFT businesses.[40]"Absent party[40]"Hosted by companies that are clearly off the subject[43]"Entering the aim of concession by a foreigner[44]Many criticisms were heard on news sites.


Information privacy in the Metaverse is a concern because the operators of the Metaverse are likely to collect personal information about users through wearable devices and interactions with users.[45]..Meta (formerly Facebook) plans to carry out targeted advertising within Metaverse, and there are concerns about the leakage of user privacy.[46].


User dependence on the metaverse is one of the concerns about the metaverse.Internet addiction, Social media, andVideo game addictionIt is,depression,Anxiety,obesityMay have psychological and physical effects over a long period of time[46][47]..Experts are also concerned that the Metaverse could be used as an "escapism" from reality in a manner similar to existing Internet technology.[45][48].

Echo chamber

Metaverse may magnify the social impact of echo chamber phenomena and filter bubbles[49][50]..The Metaverse can algorithmically generate a virtual world based on each person's beliefs, and the Metaverse can further distort the user's perception of reality with biased content in order to maintain or increase the centripetal force of the user.[50][51].. AR pioneer(English editionIs the metaverseSocial mediaWarned that it could further widen the division of society[52][53].

Undeveloped law

2009/From aroundVirtual worldIs a lawless zoneVirtual worldForLegal systemSome lawyers have argued that[54]..This is because if a criminal experience is rampant in a virtual world that is becoming endlessly real due to technological innovation, those affected by the criminal experience may behave in the same way in reality.[55].

Works dealing with the Metaverse

VR type

  • "Tron(1982),Tron: Legacy(2010) ... In the world inside the computer where the main character is sent by a substance transfer machine, all other characters are treated as "programs".[2]..Named "Grid" in the sequel "Tron Legacy"[56].
  • "Cyberspace" or "Sprawl" series ("New Romancer1984-1989, such as "Memory Shop Johnny") ... Immerse yourself in your consciousnessmatrixCyberspace called.Synesthesia illusion that visually symbolizes the electronic information network (GUI). "CyberspaceThe coined word "Cyber-space" and the Japanese translation "Cyber-space" were used for the first time in this work.
  • "ghost in the Shell』Series (1989-) ... Cyberspace spread over the Internet.
  • "Snow Crash(1992) ... The virtual space "Metaverse" that became the etymology[3].
  • "Digital monsterSeries (1997) ... Cyberspace called "Digimon World" or "Digital World", or a spherical world like a planet that exists there.
  • "matrix] Series (1999-) ...Artificial intelligenceThe virtual reality system "Matrix", which was confined to humankind as a power source by a machine with an ego born from the birth of[57].
  • "Avalon(2001) ... A virtual reality space where you can play the illegal online game "Avalon" that can be used in the real world.It can also create humans who are "non-returnees" without getting out of the game.
  • "Sword Art OnlineSeries (2002-) ... Approximately 1 users are the first in the worldVRMMORPGA complete virtual space to play "Sword Art Online".But spontaneouslyLogoutI can't do it, thereDeath gameWill be done.
  • "summer Wars(2007) ... A virtual world "OZ" on the Internet where people can gather and set their own character "Avatar" to enjoy life that is no different from the real world.One billion men and women of all ages have accounts and can be easily accessed by phone or the Internet.Avatar's activities in digital space are naturally associated with real-world IDs[56].
  • "Sugar rush(2012),Sugar Rush: Online(2018) ... Internet space where the game characters who are the characters are active[58].
  • "Game wars(Original title: READY PLAYER ONE, 2011), "Ready player 1(2018) ... A virtual space to play the world's largest SNS-type online game "Oasis"[56].. By wearing VR goggles and VR gloves, you can immerse yourself in a virtual world away from reality, participate in games, and interact with others.[7]..You can change your avatar to your liking.
  • "Belle and Belle Princess(2021) ... A virtual space on the Internet where more than 50 billion people gather around the world and can create their own alter ego called "As" and live a completely different life <U>[6].. A unique entertainment medium is built in <U>, and famous beings are sometimes transmitted from the VR space to the real world and become a hot topic, but the only thing that is popular is the appearance in "As". , Remains unknown in the real world.
  • "Free Guy(2021) ... Online with no rulesAction gamesA virtual space to play "Free City".

AR type

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外部 リンク

Main services

  • Fujitsu Habitat(1990 Fujitsu)
  • (GlobeWarp, 1996)-End of service in January 2003.
  • Machiko(August 1997,NTT Data) --End of demonstration experiment in February 1998, start of operation in March of the same year, end of service in October 2[1][2][3][4].
  • [1](2007,SBI Robo) --The service did not start as a "reexamination".
  • [2](July 2007, Microvision)
  • [3](July 2007, Splume Corporation)
  • [4](August 2007,Hatena) --Service ended in February 2010.
  • Internet adventure(August 2008,Sega)-End of service in July 2009.
  • [5](August 2008,Daletto) --End of service.
  • meet-me(April 2008, Cocoa Co., Ltd.) --Service ended in January 4.
    • GAZOO METAPOLIS(April 2008, Toyota Motor Corporation) --Integrated with meet-me in March 4.
  • Nikotto Town(August 2008,Smile Lab Co., Ltd.)-A virtual life community like a picture book.
  • ai sp @ ce(September 2008, Dwango Co., Ltd.) --Service ended in June 9.
  • PlayStation Home(August 2008,Sony Computer Entertainment) --Service ended in February 2015.
  • (July 2009, Hobby Stock Co., Ltd.) --Service ended in February 7.
  • cluster (June 2017, cluster Co., Ltd.) --Virtual SNS.
  • Virtual Cast(April 2018, Virtual Cast Co., Ltd.) --Virtual SNS.
  • ambr(April 2019, ambr Co., Ltd.) --Virtual SNS.
  • DOOR[6](November 2020, NTT) --VR Spatial Platform
  • Dabel(March 2021, Dokidoki Co., Ltd.) --Voice Metaverse.
  • Wapping Guild(September 2021, Wappin Guild Co., Ltd.) --A project to reproduce the economic concept of a guild in cyberspace.
  • Hollow Earth (October 2021,Cover Corporation) - Sandbox game

External link annotation

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