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🚗 | Dynamic map platform, snow removal support demonstration experiment using high-precision 3D map


Conducted snow removal support demonstration experiment using dynamic map platform and high-precision 3D map

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In addition, the only tools required for the demonstration experiment are the GNSS receiver and GNSS antenna of the high-precision positioning service "ichimill" provided by SoftBank Corp., and the tablet for screen display.

Dynamic Map Platform Co., Ltd. (DMP) and Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd. Nagano Branch have high-precision tertiary ... → Continue reading


We operate "LIGARE", which specializes in mobility services, with the motto of "transmitting information necessary for making decisions" related to mobility services.
It is a medium that conveys the "future" of the automobile industry, which has entered a revolutionary period once every 100 years, including MaaS (Mobiliry as a Searvice) and autonomous driving.

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