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🚗 | Resurrection Wagen Bus to debut on March 3th ... VW CEO announces

Photo Volkswagen ID.BUZZ prototype

Revival of Wagenbus to debut on March 3th ... VW CEO announces

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Volkswagen Group CEO Herbert Diess announced on January 1 that the new model will be unveiled for the first time on March 6.

Volkswagen Group CEO Herbert Diess is on January 1th ... → Continue reading


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Volkswagen Group

Volkswagen AG(German: Volkswagen Akluv) Is internationallyVolkswagen Group(Volkswagen Group)Germanyの多国籍自動車製造企業。Lower SaxonyWolfsburgHeadquartered in.Passenger car,Commercial vehicle,Two-wheeled Vehicles,engine,TurbomachineryDesigns, manufactures and sells. By unit sales from 2016 to 2019ToyotaBecame the world's largest automobile manufacturer[5], Has maintained the largest market share in Europe for over 20 years[6].


Volkswagen GroupAudi,Bentley,Bugatti, Jetta, cupula,Lamborghini,CALL,Porsche,Seat,Skoda,VolkswagenPassenger cars under brands, light commercial vehicles under brands, etc.DucatiIt sells motorcycles under the brand and large commercial vehicles under the mark of its listed subsidiary Traton.Also, a listed subsidiaryTratonBrandMAN,Navistar,Scania, Volkswagen Caminhois y Onibs, which handles large commercial vehicles.Volkswagen is divided into two major divisions, the automotive sector and the financial services sector, and as of 2, it has approximately 2008 subsidiaries.[7]..There are also two major joint ventures in China (FAW VolkswagenとSAIC Volkswagen).The company operates in about 150 countries and operates 27 production facilities in 100 countries.

Volkswagen in 1937, later "BeetleIt was founded to manufacture a car that would be called. Production expanded rapidly from the 1950s to the 1960s, and in 1965.Auto unionWas acquired, and then the first Audi model after the war was produced. In the 1970s, VolkswagenPassat,Polo,GolfNew generation such asFront-wheel drive vehicleReleased, golf became a bestseller.Volkswagen in 1986SeatAcquired the management rights of the company and made it the company's first non-German brand. In 1994Skoda, In 1998Bentley,Lamborghini,Bugatti, In 2012Ducati,MAN,Porsche,CALL, And in 2013TratonHas been put under the umbrella of the company and continues to the present day.Business in China has grown rapidly over the last decade, making China the largest market. After January 10, 2021Lower SaxonyHolds a 20% stake in Volkswagen.

Group major companies


1937- Gesellschaft zur Vorbereitung des Deutschen Volkswagens GmbH

1938- Volkswagenwerk GmbH

1960- Volkswagenwerk AG

  • 1968-1971-Kart Lots (Kurt Lotz )
  • 1971-1975- Rudolf Leiding
  • 1975-1982-Toni Schumacca (Toni Schmucker )
  • 1982-1993-Cole Haan (Carl Hahn )


About the name

Volkswagen Group

brandAnd to distinguish it from Volkswagen as a sub-organization, the company itself now calls it that way. The official notation in German is Volkswagen Concern (Volkswagen Group). Volkswagen Gruppe in GermanVolkswagen Group), But it is a reverse translation from English by a third party and is not official. Also, VW stands for Volkswagen brand, so when Volkswagen AG officially refers to the Volkswagen Group, it is a full spell (Volkswagen Akluv).

Volkswagen Audi Group

PreviouslyVolkswagen Audi Group(Volkswagen Audi Group ), Which is an acronymVAGIt was also called. Volkswagen Audi (for sales affiliates outside Germany)Volkswagen Audi ), Which is still used in general, including overseas, but it is a name in the past.

  • In the UK, VAG is also the name of a company founded in 1980 to import and sell Volkswagen and Audi, and in 1983 it was owned by Volkswagen AG.
    • In Japan, DUO advertised it as "VW & Audi from TOYOTA".
  • It is sometimes used consciously to emphasize that Audi is in the Volkswagen Group.


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  • 2005 financial statements
  • 2004 financial statements
  • 2005-2006 Sustainability Report

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