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✈ | Air Self-Defense Force, praying for safety for one year after starting flight at each base from 1/5 to 6

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Air Self-Defense Force starts flying at each base from 1/5 to 6 and prays for safety for one year

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"Beginning of flight" is being held at Matsushima and Hofu Kita Base on Wednesday, January 1th, and at Chitose, Misawa, Irima, Hyakuri, Komatsu, Nittahara, etc. on Thursday, January 5th.

From Wednesday, January 2022, 1 to Thursday, January 5, 1, the "beginning of flight" was held at each base of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force ... → Continue reading


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Hofu North Base

Hofu North Base (Houfu Kita Airbase)Yamaguchi Hofu CityLocated in Tajima Mubanchi, mainlyJapan Air Self-Defense ForceThe 12th Flight Training Wing, which is a unit to train pilots, is stationed.Base commandIs also the commander of the 12th Flight Training Wing.

Of the Air Self-Defense ForcebaseIn Although,Japan Ground Self-Defense Force13th BrigadeThe 13th Squadron under his control splitsHofu branchIs also in the base.


  • At this base, ground courses and elementary are targeted at aircraft pilot candidates.Training machineWe are training by.
  • Japan Ground Self-Defense Force"Hofu branchThe 13th Squadron belongs to.
  • In the vicinityHofu South BaseAnd both have an addressYamaguchi Hofu CityAlthough it is Tajima no address, mail items obtain individual zip codes separately to distinguish between the two bases.Since the representative telephone number is the same for both the North and South bases, when making a telephone call from a general line to a department that has a unit with the same unit name at both the North and South bases, which base is the operator? It is necessary to tell (because the extension number is different in the dedicated line in the Self-Defense Forces, it will not be confused unless the speaker makes a mistake).


  • 1943/(Showa 18) April 5:Hofu Navy Communication SchoolEstablished as.From the following yearYokarenAccommodation
  • 1944/(19) February:Imperial Japanese Army Air CorpsHofu Army Airfield opened.After the end of the warBritish ArmyRequisitioned to
  • 1945/(Showa 20) April 7:Naval schoolThe Hario branch school will be relocated to the Navy Correspondence School building, and will be relocated to each department from July 7th, and will be effectively a Hofu branch school after the 8th of the same month.
  • 1946/(21) February:British Commonwealth Occupation ArmyIs stationed at Hofu Airfield.
  • 1947/(Showa 22) December: A member of the British Commonwealth Occupation ForceAustraliabyQantasRegular service (Lancastrian[Annotation 1]
  • 1954/(29)
  • 1955/(Showa 30) November 11: First flight school (main school)Kogetsu base) Branch school is opened at Hofu Airfield and begins to be used for flight training.
  • 1959/(34) June 6: Hofu base is divided into south and north and becomes the Air Self-Defense Force Hofu north base.The 1st Flight School is abolished and reorganized as the 1th Flight Training Wing
  • 1962/(Showa 37) November 11: Ground Self-Defense ForceHofu branchIs annexed
  • 1970/(Showa 45) April 3:Ashiya baseAviation Cadet Student Education Corps relocates from
  • 1979/(Showa 54) April: The first T-4 is introduced.
  • 2005/(17): T-7 is introduced

Deployment unit

Aviation Education GroupSubordinate

  • 12th Flight Training Wingheadquarters
    • Flight education group
      • 1st Flight Training Squad
      • 2st Flight Training Squad
      • Flight preparation education corps
    • Maintenance supply group
    • Base business group
    • Aviation student education group

Air support groupSubordinate

About the Ground Self-Defense ForceHofu Camp #GarrisonSee.

Air traffic control

TWR120.1MHz, 123.1MHz, 126.2MHz, 133.4MHz, 138.3MHz
236.8MHz, 247.0MHz

Air festival

  • Held around June every year (previously around July, but changed to avoid the rainy season)


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