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✈ | Former JAS "Rainbow Seven" and Boeing 777 "JA8979", which was active as a storm jet, were retired ...

Photo "JA2021" operated on a regular flight in 8979 (Mr. Souta, taken on February 2021, 2)

With the retirement of the old JAS "Rainbow Seven" and the Boeing 777 "JA8979" that was active as a storm jet ...

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Following the incident of the PW4000 engine that occurred in the United States, following the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the Civil Aviation Administration also ordered the suspension of operations, and JAL retired all 4000s equipped with the PW777 engine and has been stored at Haneda Airport so far. I did.

Japan Airlines (JAL) will be on Thursday, January 2022, 1, Boeing 6-777, aircraft code (registration) "JA200 ... → Continue reading


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Federal Aviation Administration

US Federal Aviation Administration(American Renpo Kokukyoku,English: Federal Aviation Administration, Abbreviation:FAA) IsUnited States Department of TransportationIn the subordinate organization ofAir transportationDepartment in charge of maintaining safety.All aircraft development, manufacturing, repair, and operation in the United States cannot be done without the approval of the agency.HeadquartersWashington DCIt is located in

History of establishment

1956/ToGrand CanyonAt 2 feet aboveTrans world airlinesMachine andUnited airlinesThe plane collided and crashed.An accident that killed all 128 crew members and passengers on both planes (Grand Canyon aerial collision accident)There has occurred.In response to this accident1958/ToFederal Aviation ActWas enacted, and the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA), the predecessor of the current Federal Aviation Administration, was established as an organization to maintain the safety of air transportation based on the law.

1967/When the United States Department of Transportation was founded in, the Federal Aviation Agency was incorporated into the department and became its current name.

Main business

Of civilian and military aircraftAir traffic controlSystem development and operation, improvement of civil aviation safety (aircraft design, crew training, aircraft maintenance plan), civil aviation technology development support, civil aviation and national aerospace technology development, pilot qualification certification and deprivation, etc.

There are two divisions, FAA, which conducts examinations for aircraft (winged aircraft), and FAA-AST (Administrator for Commercial Space Transportation), which handles rockets and artificial satellites.It is also the FAA that awards astronauts.

Still moreAviation accidentInvestigation etc. is an independent institutionNational Transportation Safety Commission(NTSB) is doing it.

Civil Aviation Bureau Circular (AC)

Procedures / procedures, interpretation of laws and regulations, specific guidelines and manuals for practical improvement and resolution of operational problems such as aircraft, airports / related facilities / airspace / airman qualifications and training methods. Is transmitted in the form of[3]..Not regulated or subject to crackdown, but de facto standard (De facto standard) Or is a rule[4].

AC is an industry standardSAE International,(English editionIs referring to.Some ACs have only a few pages and are just a little longer than the recommended standards they refer to (for example, AC 20-115B see DO-178B).[5]..Also, AC 20-115C is a little long, but this is guidance for smooth transition from revision B to C of DO-178.[6].

The Federal Aviation Administration requires AC 25.803-1A that all aircraft be capable of emergency evacuation within 90 seconds.[7]..This standard is always confirmed before approval of new aircraft.

This "emergency escape 90-second rule" requires all passengers and crew to safely escape within 90 seconds and prove by demonstration that the aircraft can be abandoned. The ratio of mixing is also regulated, and with half the exits of the aircraft blocked, escape with minimal floor lighting in the setting of a clear dark night 90 minutes or more after sunset.

It started in 1965 as a rule requiring escape within 120 seconds.After that, it came to include improvements in escape devices, changes in in-flight and seat materials, and more appropriate crew training methods.


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Equipped with PW4000 engine


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