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✈ | Allegiant Air introduces up to 737 Boeing 100 MAX aircraft from 2023

Photo Allegiant Air painted 737 MAX, front 737-7, back 737-8-200

Allegiant Air introduces up to 737 Boeing 100 MAX aircraft from 2023

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In addition, Allegiant Air and CFM have signed a 737-year maintenance contract for the CFM International LEAP 1-B engine installed in the 12 MAX, and have established a support system for engine maintenance.

Allegiant Air closes contract to order up to 2022 Boeing 1 MAX aircraft on Wednesday, January 5, 737 ... → Continue reading


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Engine maintenance

CFM International

CFM International (CFM International) Is AmericanGE AviationFrance OfSnake bear OfJoint venture.CFM56Of the seriesJet engineIt is a joint venture specializing in manufacturing and maintenance of.

The names of CFM International and CFM56 series are derived from the two parent companies, GE's CF2 and Snekuma's M6, which are engines for civilian aircraft.

Background of the establishment of the joint venture

In the 1970sSnake bearWas seeking to enter the market for commercial aircraft engines.On the other hand, General Electric was the most advanced at the time, either by improving the old engine, which requires less development cost from the market forecast of the high bypass turbofan engine for the small commercial aircraft market at that time.F101I couldn't decide whether to use the core module of the engine.Although financial concerns have been dispelled by Snekuma's participation in this project, it is new to develop an engine developed for military aircraft with the funds of the U.S. government for the civilian aircraft market as a joint venture with another country. A problem has surfaced.

The issue was discussed at the 1973 Nixon-Pompidou meeting, and the two companies agreed to form a joint venture, CFM International.


Currently at CFM InternationalLEAP-XPlans for a new engine known as[1].. It is positioned as a successor to the CFM56-5B and CFM56-7. LEAP56 improves fuel economy by 10-15% due to increased use of composite materials.Boeing 737 MAXAirbus A320neoIt is expected to be installed in. The main competitors for CFM areInternational Aero EnginesHowever, the company has not moved to develop next-generation engines and is a member of the IAE.Rolls-RoycePratt & WhitneyIs currently developing a proprietary engine for the Boeing 737 MAX and Airbus A320neo.

In addition, CFM will use the next model LEAP-X.Open rotorIt is said that the development of the type engine will proceed in parallel.[2].



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