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Multiple tie tamper on Kominato Tetsudo

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This transportation construction Marutai 09-16 CSM was temporarily detained at Kazusa-Nakano Station, which connects the Isumi Railway Isumi Line and the Kominato Railway Line.

The image is December 2021, 12, Kominato Tetsudo Goi Station / Goi Engine Zone.A view from the road in front of the station.Austria ... → Continue reading

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Kominato Railway

Of this articleitem nameHas the following notational fluctuations.
  • Kominato Railway
  • Kominato Railway

Kominato Tetsudo Co., Ltd.(Kominato Railway)Chiba市 原 市EtcrouteHaveRailway company-Bus companyso,Keisei GroupIt is one of the companies belonging to.The head office is in Ichihara City, Chiba PrefectureGoi ChuohigashiLocated at 1-1-2[1][4]..Besides the railway businessTransit Bus-Sightseeing busIt is also developing a business, and as a medium-sized bus operator in Chiba Prefecture, it is making higher profits in the bus business than in the railway business.


Trade name registration[4],Web domainRegistered organization name[5]Then "Kominato Railway", But externallyOld fontUsing"Kominato RailwayIs written as[6][Note 1].. "Kominato" is oldAwa-gunKominato Town(CurrentKamogawaDerived from (part of) and onceGoi StationからAwa Kominato StationI had a railway laying license in the vicinity (Railway businessSee also section).However, the railroadKazusa Nakano StationThere is no bus route from the Kominato Railway station to Kominato, as it has not been extended to Kominato and is outside the business area of ​​the Kominato Railway bus route.However, by highway bus, the route from Awa-Kominato Station to Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit in 2013 (until then)Nitto Kotsu-Keisei BusHas entered the Kominato area, which is the origin of the company name.

Railway businessTaishoThe company was established during the period and the route was opened.Long-established storeIt is a company.2017/Celebrated the 100th anniversary of the company's founding[7]..Bus businessPacific WarMade belowLand Transport Control OrdinanceDue to the wartime integration that accompaniesBoso Peninsula OfKisarazu - KatsuuraSodegaura Motor merged the bus companies north of the country, and Kominato Railway merged Sodegaura Motor.[7], Has been conducted as a directly managed business until now[1]..Also, onceTaxiThe business was also directly managed,1986/ToSpin-offWas ("Group Companies(See section)[7].

Connect at Kazusa Nakano StationThird sector railway OfIsumi RailwayHas a 5.57% stake in the companyShareholderOf these, Kominato Railway is in Chiba Prefecture.Otaki Town,Isumi CityIt is the fourth largest investment ratio after.

TokyoBecause it is close toSaitama OfChichibu RailwayAlong withTV dramaSuch asLocationOften used in.Local buses may also be used for locations.As an example,ToeiEducational film club production1965/Made inEducational movieKominato Railway is cooperating in the production of "Navy Blue Uniform", and bus vehicles and bus offices at that time have appeared.

Relationship with Keisei Electric Railway

Keisei Electric RailwayAs an equity-method affiliateKeisei GroupAlthough it is listed in, it is virtually independent,Kujukuri RailwayWithKominato Group(For group companies, "#Major affiliatesSee).

Shinpei Ishikawa, who became president in 2009, is not dispatched by the Keisei Group as a manager.PresidentAt the invitation of my grandfather, I changed from working at a local bank and joined the company in 2005.[8].

Kominato Railway was originallyYasuda ZaibatsuAlthough it belonged to Keisei and had nothing to do with Keisei, it was recommended by the authorities during the war.stockWas acquired by Keisei Electric Railway and became an affiliate of Keisei Electric Railway.However1970 eraAs a result of Keisei Electric Railway falling into a business crisis and the holdings being released for asset consolidation, Kujukuri Railway became a form of holding Kominato Railway shares and Kominato Railway holding Kujukuri Railway shares in the name of the president, and Keisei Electric Railway's investment ratio Has dropped significantly.

2005年3月31日時点では、九十九里鉄道が49.90%、京成電鉄が30.00%の株式を保有していたが、2007年3月期に京成電鉄の株式11.00%を九十九里鉄道が取得するなどした結果、2008年3月31日時点では九十九里鉄道が63.95%の株式を保有するに至っている。営業規模は小湊鉄道の方が大きいが、株式保有比率から九十九里鉄道が小湊鉄道の名目的なParent companyIt is in the form of.

For Kominato Railway highway buses, other Keisei Group operators (Keisei Bus,Chiba Flower Bus) And on the route bus, Keisei Group'sChiba Chuo Bus,Chiba beach transportation OfJoint operationThere are also flights.

The differences between Kominato Railway and other Keisei-affiliated companies are as follows.

  • The Keisei Group's unified logo "K'SEI GROUP" is not used.
  • Keisei Group service improvement activities "BMK propulsion movementI have not participated in.
  • Sightseeing / highway bus coloringKaNaCIt is painted according to the route bus, not the color.
    • Before the unification of KaNaC colors, the sightseeing and highway buses of Keisei Electric Railway (currently Keisei Bus) were painted according to the route buses.
  • The sightseeing bus tour is not the Keisei Group's "Kanac Tour" but the Kominato Group's own "Red Dragonfly Tour"[9]Is being deployed.The travel business registration number is Chiba Prefectural Governor Registration No. 2-88. Kujukuri Railway also participates in the "Red Dragonfly Tour"[10].


Railway business

As a railway lineEast Japan Railway(JR East)Uchibo LineConnect withChiba市 原 市 OfGoi StationThan,Isumi RailwayIsumi LineConnect to the prefectureIsumi-gunOtaki Town OfKazusa Nakano StationUp to 39.1km OfKominato Railway LineHave.

Initially, the company name was "Kominato Railway".Birth templeFor the purpose of transporting worshipers toAwa-gunKominato Town(CurrentKamogawa) Was started.Insufficient funds, the limits of civil engineering and construction technology at that time, and the terminal station, Kazusa-Nakano StationNational railwaySince the Kihara Line (currently Isumi Railway Isumi Line) was connected, construction was not carried out in the direction of Kominato.

BesidesAmaariki Station - Hon Chiba StationRailroad laying betweenlicenseI also had, but this oneChiba Express RailwayWas transferred to.Some of them are nowKeisei Chihara LineIs (Chiharadai Station - Chiba Central Stationwhile).

2010/May 4FromBicycleCan be brought into the railroad car as it isCycle trainStarted the service.

2015/May 11From Kazusa-Ushiku Station (later Goi Station)- Yorokeikoku StationBetween,Trolley train"Satoyama Dolly"[15]Service has started[7][17]..In this casesteam locomotiveImitatedDiesel locomotiveAnd a small dollyPassenger carWas newly made[18][19].

2017/Kominato Railway's "Sato revitalization activities in collaboration with residents along the railway line" was highly evaluated in 2017.Good Design AwardWon[20][21].


Whole lineNon-electrifiedIs.See the following items for details on routes.


PossessRailway carIs allGoi engine districtIs located in.For general trains other than "Satoyama Dolly" described laterKiha 200 typeandKiha 40 typeRailcarIs used.

In addition, the "Satoyama Dolly", which started operation in November 2015,Hokuriku Heavy Machinery IndustryMade in the pastKoppel No. 4 steam locomotiveDiesel locomotive with the image ofPassenger carHuff 101, Hate 101, Hate 102, Kuha 101 are used[22].

A total of 200 cars of the Kiha 1961 were manufactured from 1977 to 14, and for a long timeCar closed中のキハ209を除いた13両(キハ201-208、キハ210-214)が運用されていたが、キハ202が2020年10月10日に運用を離脱した[23]..All carsLong seatAndWCThere is no.One-man drivingHas not been doneconductorWill be on board.Twelve cars except Kiha 209 and 210 are air-conditioned cars.

The painting of Kiha 200 type is the former Keisei Electric Railway's "AkadenSimilar to, butHanshin Electric Railwayof"Red body carBecause it is similar to, in the New Year of 2022, Hanshin's former limited expressHead markThe head mark of "Yoshiharu" with the motif of "Hanshin Electric Railway" was posted with the cooperation of Hanshin Electric Railway.[24].

In 2020Tadami LineEnded service in MarchKiha 40 2021/2026Was transferred from JR East, and from May 5th to 18th of the same year.Koriyama General Vehicle CenterBrought in from[25][26][27]..Both cars have changed their car numbers to Kiha 40-1 and 2 to replace the Kiha 200 type.[28],Year 2021May 4Started commercial operation on the temporary express "Satoyama" that was operated in[29]..In addition, Kominato Railway says that this is not the purpose of immediately replacing all of the Kiha 200 type, but the introduction to enable the Kiha 200 type to continue operation in the future and to have a margin.[30].

In October 2021Oga LineThe Kiha 40 2018/2019/1006 that was operated in was taken over and changed to Kiha 40-3 / 4/5.[31][32].

Although it is not a commercial vehicle, it was transferred from Isumi Railway in 2011.Motor car,truckIn 40 in conjunction with the introduction of Kiha 2021 mentioned aboveKanto RailwayTransferred fromHopper carHoki type 800[33]And rail transportation freight car Chiki transferred from JR East[34]There is[35]..Also, although it is not treated as a vehicleオ ー ト バ イRemodeledOrbital bicycleThere,Track maintenanceUsed for work.The driving operation method of the track bicycle is the same as that of the motorcycle,engineRun using.

Past vehicle

In the past, it owned a steam locomotive, but it was completely abolished by 1962.Passenger carBy that time, it had been completely abolished, and there were no passenger cars owned until the passenger cars for the "Satoyama Minecart" were manufactured in 2015.During and after the warYoichi harbor orbitReceived fromSteam vehicleI had one car.

ElectrificationBecause there was also a plan for passenger carsElectric trainThere were 1 cars, Hoha 4 --Hoha 5, Horoha 6 --Horoha 6, which had a body shape that was easy to remodel into, but only three years after opening.Chinese RailwayI sold it to.Takataki Dam OfHydropowerIt is said that he intended to run the train with electricity from.

  • steam locomotive
    • No. 1 and No. 2 - BaldwinSteam locomotive made for construction and openingAmericaImported from 1924.Even nowGoi engine districtStored in.Chiba Prefecture designated historical materials.
    • B10 type --B104 was once enrolled and is still preserved in the Goi engine district.Chiba Prefecture designated historical materials.
    • 4 No. - KoppelThe steam locomotive made by the company was scrapped in 1938 (Showa 13), but the car registration was restored during the Pacific War.After being scrapped again in 1951 (Showa 26),Kawasaki SteelMoved to the Chiba factory and used as the company's NUS8.It became the prototype of DB4 of the above "Satoyama dolly".
    • E type --It is said that the Kominato Railway, which received the surplus of the 136mm version K139 type of Nos.140, 3, and 1,067, could not be used for main line operation because the driving wheel diameter was too small and the speed did not come out.
  • Railcar

Fares and tickets

Adult ordinary passenger fares are as follows (revised on October 2019, 10, half price for children, rounded up to less than 1 yen)[36][37]..It cannot be used with transportation IC cards such as Suica and PASMO.[38].

About a kiloFare (yen)About a kiloFare (yen)About a kiloFare (yen)
First ride 1-3km14016670291,090

Other tickets

Ticket Book
It can be used 10 times at the price of 11 sheets, and the expiration date is 1 month.[39].
Planning ticket
As of July 2019[40].
  • 1-day free ticket (adult 1,840 yen, child 920 yen)
  • Boso crossing commemorative ticket (adult 1,730 yen, child 870 yen)
  • Kazusa TsurumaiTakatakiTour ticket (adult 1,420 yen, child 710 yen)
  • Goi- Yoro Valley Round-trip discount ticket (adult 1,840 yen, child 920 yen)
Mobile ticket
From XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayJordanIn addition, with the cooperation of the British company, the following mobile tickets have been released.[41]..Purchase and use is "Jordan's"TransitDo it from within the app.
  • 1-day free ticket (adult 1,840 yen, child 920 yen)
  • Kazusa Tsurumai / Takataki Tour Ticket (Adult 1,420 yen, Child 710 yen)

Bus business

In addition to the railway business, Kominato Railway operates a shared bus and chartered bus business with a total of less than 300 cars.There is also a distinction between the bus business and the railway business.Kominato Bus(Kominato Bus) ".The business area of ​​the shared bus isBoso PeninsulaJR in the centerUchibo Line-Sotobo LineとKominato Railway LineWide area along the line,Uchibo TheChibaからKisarazuOverSotobo TheToganeからKatsuuraUp to.In addition, highway bus business, in-house planned bus tour"Red Dragonfly Tour"Etc. are also operated.In the bus business, it has an extensive route network not limited to Chiba prefecture, and maintains good performance.


Kominato Railway's bus business1947/May 7Was under the umbrella ofSodegaura MotorIt begins with the merger of a joint-stock company.Sodegaura Motor1927/Current市 原 市By volunteers in the surrounding areaJoint stock companyWas established as.at firstOtaki HighwayIt was a small bus operator that was open only in the surrounding area,1933/After Kominato Railway got the management right, Chiba from Junma Shirohachi --Kisarazu, Chiba - ChonanThe route network was expanded in the Uchibo area, such as inheriting routes such as.afterwards,Ltd.Through business integration during the war1943/By merging a large number of businesses in the Sotobo area, a vast business area was established that crosses the central part of the Boso Peninsula from east to west.

After the merger with Kominato Railway, we will strengthen the route network between regions based on the routes from before the war.1950 era OfHigh growth periodRapidly developed fromIndustrial area on the Tokyo Bay coastIt was built one after another in Chiba City and Ichihara City.Residential estateMany routes to the route have been opened.Keisei Chiba Station(Current:Chiba Central Station) Is also expanded, and at one pointBoso Highway,Industrial road,Mobara Highway, Kominato buses with multiple types such as limited express, express, and rapid trains traveled on the main roads connecting Chiba City and Boso, such as the Otaki Highway.

However1970/By the time, competeNational railwayIncrease in the number of Uchibo and Sotobo lines,Popularization of private carsbyTraffic jamDeterioration, and even in the cities, towns and villages along the railway lines except for areas near TokyoDepopulationDue to multiple factors such as, the number of users has decreased, and these routes have almost disappeared by the end of the Showa period.The progress of depopulation also affects other routes,1980 eraから1990 eraA large number of routes have been reorganized, mainly in the Sotobo area.1996/The two sales offices in Mobara and Otaki were abolished and downgraded to the garage, and the sales offices in this area were consolidated into the Chonan sales office that was promoted from the garage at the same time.

On the other hand, in the 1990s, Chiba City, Ichihara City, and Oamishirasato Town (currently:Oamishirasato) Etc.New townIn addition to the construction of new and strengthened short-distance residential transportation routes, the aim was to eliminate inconvenient transportation areas.Community busHas come to be opened.

1997/May 12ToTokyo Bay Aqua LineWas opened, and Kominato Railway entered the highway bus business.Next timeMay 12Via Tokyo Bay Aqua-LineKisarazu Station - Kawasaki Station-Yokohama Station-Haneda airportOpened highway bus routes between, and then opened high-speed and limited express routes one after another, including routes via the Tokyo Bay Aqua Line.2020/As of May, 5 routes are in operation[42]..Especially via the aqua lineKanagawaDeparture and arrival ((I.e.-Yokohama) Demand is strong, and each line departing from and arriving at Haneda Airport is also performing steadily.

After that2012/May 4 OfMitsui Outlet Park KisarazuWith the opening of the businessTokyo・ Opened one after another highway bus routes to access from all over Kanagawa prefecture.In recent years, routes other than those via the Tokyo Bay Aqua Line have been enhanced, and routes that cross Chiba Prefecture have also been opened.The night coach does not operate.

Sales offices and business routes

The shared bus office is in charge of routes in the Uchibo area.Shioda Sales OfficeとKisarazu Sales Office, In charge of Sotobo areaChonan Sales Office,Togane Sales Office(Kujukuri RailwayToManagement consignment) There are four places.As garages under the control of the sales office, there is one garage in Anesaki under the jurisdiction of the Shiota sales office, and four garages under the jurisdiction of the Chonan sales office: Shirako, Mobara, Otaki, and Katsuura.There are various general shared routes, such as residential transportation routes, commuting routes in industrial areas, living routes in mountainous areas, and sightseeing routes that run along the coast and in valleys.Most of the highway routes reach Tokyo and Kanagawa prefectures via the Tokyo Bay Aqua Line.

Affiliated vehicleChiba Transport BureauIn the jurisdictionLicense plateThe vehicles of Shioda Sales Office, Anezaki Garage, and Tokin Sales Office are Chiba Number, Kisarazu Sales Office, Chonan Sales Office, Shirako Garage, Otaki Garage, and Katsuura Garage are Sodegaura Number.In addition, Ichihara City used to be the area of ​​Sodegaura number, but Ichihara number was established in May 2020.However, the vehicles in the Anezaki garage have the registered domicile at the Shioda sales office, so they are numbered in Chiba.

For details on the service routes, refer to the items of each sales office.

Bus information center

The information center refers to the window where bus tickets, coupon tickets, and commuter passes are issued and sold.There is no in-house operated window within the Chonan Sales Office jurisdiction, and ticketing and sales operations are outsourced to external stores.


Isuzu MotorsMade byNissan Diesel Industry (currently UD Trucks)Made byMitsubishi Fuso Truck/BusMade byHino MotorsWith 4 domestic manufacturers South KoreaMade ofModern car OfHyundai UniverseHas been introduced.Except for some community bus and contract transportation vehicles, the reddish cream color has orange lines and the lower part of the car body is painted gray.

No company number is set, and vehicles are managed using the registration number on the license plate.

Currently, the chassis manufacturer's genuine car body is installed,1984/から1997/By the time, except for some medium-sized cars,ChassisRegardless of manufacturerFuji Heavy Industries Isesaki SeisakushoWas mounted on a car body made of[Note 2]It is noted that.Vehicles with a body made by Fuji Heavy Industries are under the jurisdiction of the Shiota Sales Office.2014/Was removed by.After the withdrawal of Fuji Heavy Industries' bus body manufacturing businessWest Japan Body IndustryA vehicle with a body made of wood was introduced, but due to the dissolution of Nishi-Nippon Shatai Kogyo and the withdrawal of the bus manufacturing business of UD Trucks.2010/The introduction was completed by.

The introduction of vehicles was unified to new vehicles until recent years,2018/From general route cars22 exhaust gas regulationsWe started to introduce used cars that are suitable forTokyu bus,Seibu Bus,Kanagawa Central TransportationHas introduced a vehicle from.

As for high-speed route cars, new cars are introduced every time a new line is established or aged cars are replaced in both the Shiota Sales Office and the Chonan Sales Office.Except for some vehicles, the hiragana is used in the center of the car body.Kominato"oflogoGoes in.

General route cars2000/Introduced vehicles up toTwo-step busThe wooden floor was used for large cars and front and middle doors for medium-sized cars.After the same yearOne step bus,Non-step busShifted to the introduction of, abolished the wooden floor and changed to a Ronrium floor,Traffic barrier-free lawWith the enforcement ofwheelchairEquipped with a slope for use.

In recent years, it has become customary to introduce new vehicles under the jurisdiction of the Shiota Sales Office, transfer vehicles that have been manufactured for more than 10 years to the jurisdiction of the Chonan Sales Office, and replace the aged vehicles under the jurisdiction of the Chonan Sales Office with the transferred vehicles. However, there are new small cars introduced under the jurisdiction of the Chonan Sales Office).for that reason,Now[When?]Then the Shiota Sales Office jurisdictionLED typeDestination displayOne-step or non-step (wheelchairVehicles with slopes), Chonan Sales Office jurisdiction, Togane Sales OfficeRollsign type destination displayAnd LED type destination display, the entrance is two-step, one-step and non-step vehicles are the main.

The number of years the Kominato bus has been used varies depending on the vehicle, but sales offices are frequently transferred and vehicle bodies are refurbished, and it is often used for about 15 to 20 years.Vehicles whose body and interior have become obsolete over the years are being repaired and maintained.In recent years, some vehicles have been transferred to Kujukuri Railway, and the aged railway cars belonging to Kujukuri Railway are being replaced one by one.


Capital AreaIt is a card-type ticket for a fixed-route bus that can be used in a wide range of areas.Bus common cardWas not introduced, but only for the bus business, transportation IC cardsPASMOService2010/May 3Shiota Sales Office Route (Anezaki Garage from May 5nd of the same year, Kisarazu Garage2011/May 1Started from)[43].. In addition to PASMO on PASMO compatible routes,Transportation IC card nationwide mutual use serviceParticipation cards can be used.The fare box for transportation IC cards is installed on high-speed route cars and general route cars at Shioda Sales Office, and the IC card reader is installed on the middle door of general route cars.

General routes of Chonan Sales Office (other than Shirako Shako) and Tokin Sales Office do not support transportation IC cards, and general route vehicles transferred from Shioda Sales Office are exchanged for fare boxes that do not support transportation IC cards. The IC card reader on the door or rear door was being removed.For general route vehicles under the jurisdiction of the Shirako garage, the fare box for transportation IC cards was re-installed in February 2021, and on February 2, the same year, the IC service was started on the general route bus in the Shirako garage.

Tickets that can be used on almost all general routes are sold at each sales office, garage, information center, and inside the bus.

Electricity business (abolished)

He used to run an electric power business.1923/Received approval for private power generationKazusa Tsurumai StationConstruction of Tsurumai power plant on the premises,1925/May 3It was completed in. It was equipped with two 75kW diesel generators (one spare) and was used for lamps and signals in the station building.

Eventually, at the request of residents along the railway line, we applied in 1925.1926/Is licensed1927/Since AprilIchiharaPower transmission has started to 6 villages (all in Ichihara City today): Ichihara, Ichinishi, Maritime, Yoro, Toda, and Uchida.Then in November of the same yearTakataki,Toyama,Satomi,swanPower transmission was started to 4 villages (all in Ichihara City now), and a total of 2200 households and 3300 lights were supplied.1933/Abolished the Tsurumai power plantTokyo Electric LightSwitch to power purchase from1942/Electricity business in NovemberKanto power distributionKominato Railway's electric power business was abolished[44].

The building of the Tsurumai power plant in Kazusa Tsurumai station is preserved,Registered tangible cultural property (building)Is specified in[11].

Major affiliated companies

Official site"Company OverviewSee "Kominato Tetsudo Affiliated Companies".

Of the affiliated companies below, for ★, "List of Keisei Group companiesIs not described.

As the Kominato Railway Taxi Group, the following subsidiaries are engaged in the taxi business.[12].
The taxis of the following group companies have doorsCompany name indicator lightThe Kominato Tetsudo company emblem is attached to.mainlyNissan CedricAre using.
  • Kominato Railway Taxi Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: 182 Shinminato, Mihama-ku, Chiba)
  • Kominato Taxi Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: 1-1-2 Goichuohigashi, Ichihara City)
  • Anegasaki Taxi Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: 50 Anesakikaigan, Ichihara City)
    • Business area: Anesaki district, Ichihara city,Sodegaura
  • Kisarazu Taxi Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: 2-1-20 Nakazato, Kisarazu City)
  • Ushiku Taxi Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: 897 Ushiku, Ichihara City)
    • Business area: Southern Ichihara
  • Otaki Taxi Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: 16-1 Shinmachi, Otaki-cho, Isumi-gun)
  • Changnan Green★ Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: 804, Chonan-cho, Chosei-gun)
  • Chonan Country Club Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: 804 Chonan-cho, Chosei-gun)[45]
  • Chonan Public Course Co., Ltd. ★ (Headquarters: 908 Tanage, Chonan-cho, Chosei-gun)[46]


Unauthorized travel sales problem

At Chonan Sales Office2012/In 7 monthTravel Business LawIs obliged to placeTravel business managerEven after he retired and was absentTravel industryRun2017/It was discovered in 4 that he had signed 19 bus tour travel contracts for about four and a half years before being appointed on April 4.[47]. Also2015/In March, it was also found that he used the name of a former employee of the retired manager without permission and falsely applied for continuing work at the company and received a renewal of travel business registration.[47]..In response to this, Chiba Prefecture suspended travel operations for Kominato Railway on June 6, the same year.Administrative sanctions(Headquarters sales office 54 days, Chonan sales office 24 days)[47][48][Broken link]..This is the first time that Chiba Prefecture has administratively punished travel agencies.[47]..Kominato Railway apologized for its low awareness of legal compliance and commented that it would strengthen support for acquiring qualifications for young employees in order to secure managers.[47].

Official Twitter issue

May 2020, 5, Kominato Tetsudo OfficialTwitterThe employee who was updating the service has been removed from the charge.The account has been talked about tweets that are not "official", and the number of followers has increased from about 1 to about 1000 in one year.

The person in charge said, "As a criminal offense,'Don't do Twitter as you like.'"[49]However, I witnessed that many of the tweets were deleted at midnight on the same day, and said, "Not to mention the guidelines, I was suddenly in charge of the place where there were no rules, and I desperately came to myself. Twitter ... "[50]I posted that, and speculated that the deletion was an instruction from the company.As a result, someRailway fanThe voices of sympathy gathered from the group and said, "# Kominato Tetsudo protests against the unjust dismissal of people on the road."hashtagThe number of tweets with the mark increased rapidly, and at one point it became a trend on Twitter.On the other hand, there were also posts that criticized the company and questioned "playfulness".[51][52][53][54].

The company argued that "there was a tweet related to the internal circumstances of the company and I was careful" and "I was careful because there was a post criticizing the company", and the person in charge claimed There is a discrepancy with[51][52]..Also, the company did not instruct the deletion of tweets.[54].


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