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🚗 | [2021 Photo Collection Top 10] Suzuki Solio / Solio Bandit will run with a full model change ...


[2021 Photo Collection Top 10] Suzuki Solio / Solio Bandit will run with a full model change ...

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The biggest rivals, Toyota Roomy / Daihatsu Thor / Subaru Justy, have undergone minor changes at about the same time, but they will continue to shave off the hoes in the compact height wagon market.

Although it was influenced by the Corona disaster in 2021, various new models appeared.So with a special project for the year-end and New Year holidays ... → Continue reading

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    Subaru Justy

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      Tall wagon

      Tall wagon(Tall Wagon) is a Japanese automobile magazine, etc., which is a "3 box" type that does not have a 4-row seat and can seat about 5 to 1.5 people.MinivanRefers to (2-row seat minivan)Unique to Japan OfJapanglish.Tallboy,Height wagon,Tall wagon,Petit van(Small one).


      Vehicle height is commonMechanical parkingDoes not fit in, exceeds 1,550 mm and does not have a 3-row seathatchbackIs classified as a tall wagon.The floor area is about the same as that of a hatchback, and the room volume can be increased. In addition, the seating posture is slightly raised.

      Many specialized magazines call it "height wagon", and "two-row seats"Minivan(Or a 4-seater-5-seater minivan).Also,Car classThen, like the hatchbackCompact carMost of them belong to.

      EuropeAnd so onMinivanIs the name of "MPV”, And no distinction is made.

      In Japan1972/(ShowaAnnounced in 47)Honda lifestep vanBut at that timeLight carAlthough it appeared in a style with a total height of 1,620 mm, which is unusual for Honda, it was discontinued in just two years because Honda itself temporarily withdrew from the production of mini passenger cars.1981/(ShowaIn 56), the total height was 3,380 mm for a total length of 1,470 mm, which was an unconventional tall style "Tallboy" at that time.Honda CityDebuted. The expansion of "height" is a new perspective obtained as a result of pursuing the expansion of the interior space of the vehicle.Luggage roomIt also led to the expansion of capacity. The high roof specification "Manhattan Roof" added in 1982 (Showa 57) has been further increased in overall height to reach 1,570 mm.[1][2][3].

      the 1980sIt can be said that it is a "semi-tall wagon" with a total height of 1,500 mm.Toyota Sprinter CaribbeanOr a minivanNissan prairieThere was a double-row seat model of, but the pure tall wagon appeared in 1991.Mitsubishi RVRCan be said to be a pioneer.

      Light carIn the frame1990/(HeiseiDebuted in 2 years)Mitsubishi Minica ToppoIs the originator[4][5](Honda lifestep vanThere are various theories).

      1993/(5),Light tall wagon OfSuzuki Wagon RBecame an explosive hit product with excellent packaging and followedDaihatsu MoveAt the same time, it became a driving force in the mini vehicle market.Its popularity isCompact carIt spreads to the class,Mazda Demio(However, up to the second generation model)Nissan cube,Toyota Fun Cargo,Toyota/bB(The second generation model is the same type carDaihatsu Coo, And of KuOEM OfSubaru DEXincluding),Toyota lactis(The second generation model is OEMSubaru Treziaincluding),Honda Capa,Mitsubishi Mirage Dingo,Mitsubishi Colt Plus,Daihatsu YRVEtc. appeared one after another and acquired a certain market.

      slide doorThe compact tall wagon equipped withPetit vanAlso called1997/(9)Toyota RaumIs pioneered.It is popular mainly among young child-rearing family households because of its spaciousness, ease of getting on and off, ease of handling, and low maintenance costs.[6].

      Thor wagon model list (current model)

      Japanese car

      Light caraboutLight tall wagonSee.

      • JPN TAXI(Mainly for corporate demand, but legally individual purchases are also possible)
      • Sienta(5-seater "FUN BASE" series and only)
      • Roomy(OEM of Thor)
      Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
      Japanese sea bass
      Daihatsu industry
      Mitsubishi Motors

      Other than Japanese cars

      Vehicle-specific dimension comparison table (current model as of July 2021)
      Type of vehicleLengthWidthHeightRoom managerIndoor widthIndoor heightRemarks/Source
      Daihatsu Thor
      Toyota roomy
      Daihatsu Thor Custom
      Toyota Roomy Custom
      Subaru Justy
      Suzuki Sorio
      Suzuki Solio Bandit
      Mitsubishi Delica D:2
      Toyota Sienta426016951675190014901280"FUN BASE"[14]
      Honda Freed +429516951710231014551285Gasoline FF specifications[15]
      Renault Kangoo428018301810Japanese specifications[16]
      Toyota Yaris394016951500184514301190(Reference) FF specifications in Japan[17]


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