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Also active in driving!A cute Snoopy interior bag is included in the appendix

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Honda Wing

Honda Tsubasa(Honda Tsubasa,1992/(4)May 6 -) isJapan Ofactress,Fashion Model,YouTuber,talent.

TokyoMitaka City[1][2]From,Stardust promotionBelongs.Nickname TheBassa.


2006/Was the office of the timesplashFrom 7 different peoplescoutBe done[6].. In 2006, fashion magazine "Seventeen』(Shueisha) Debut as an exclusive model.2007/From "Love berry』(Tokuma bookstore) Transfer to a dedicated model.2010/From Januarynon-no] (Shueisha) becomes a dedicated model,2018/Serve up to[7].

2011/May 8TBS systemSpamokuIn "" broadcast onShingo FujimoriFirst appeared on the nationwide network because he mentioned it as his favorite.[8]

2012/In the drama "GTO』Student role (Reimi Kanzaki) suddenly became famous, and other"Love Neet-How to Start a Forgotten Love』(TBS) Appeared on TV drama for the first timeFASHION STORY -Model-In addition to full-scale actress business, such as the first starring and first appearance in the movie,A-Studio] (TBS) served as the 4th generation assistant[9].2015/April coolFuji Television Network, Inc9Drama"lovePlays the first heroine[10].

2018/January,YouTubeOpened the channel "Honda no Baiku",Game commentaryの生配信及び動画投稿を開始。2018年10月9日の18時ごろに、登録者数100万人を突破した(2020年2月時点で151万人以上、2020年7月時点では200万人が登録[11]).Speed ​​record in about one month.Many people requested to appear in the comments, but refused, "I don't want to see my face while playing the game. I'm sorry!"[12].

2019/On October 10, in commemoration of the 22st anniversary of "Honda no Baiku", an event was held at Saitama Super Arena to enjoy games with fans, attracting about 1 people. Also, when I posted a video of less than 17,000 minutes that talked about the recent situation along with the announcement of the event, the number of views reached 3 million in about 2 months.

2020/May 7Start ofDaisuke Nakai, Tsubasa Honda, and a love child at night』(TBS), the first challenge to variety show MC[13].. However, on the day of the first recording, Honda is acuteappendicitisI was hospitalized at and started the program when I was absent[13][14].

2021/"Ranking of the number of companies using talent commercials" in the first half of the year (Nihon monitorWon first place in (announcement) (used for commercials of 1 companies)[15]..Leading the same year (appointed as a commercial for 16 companies)[16].



  • TaiziIs the leading role.

TV drama


Theater animation

Web drama

Other TV programs


CM being aired

  • Adastria"GLOBAL WORK"
    • "Utsuku Silhouette Pants" (March 2022, 3-)[74]
  • Akeboshi food
    • Suona series
      • Myojo Charmera Miyazaki Spicy Noodles "Tegekareume" (September 2020, 9-)[75]
      • Charmera Cup "If you have 3 seconds" (March 2021, 3-)[76]
    • Ippei-chan series
      • It's dark! Ippei-chan BIG "Guttsuriikoze!" (February 2022, 2-)[77]
  • Sanko Confectionery
    • Yuki no Yado "Yuki no Yado no Ie" (February 2022, 2-)[78]
  • You Can
    • "Challenge You Can 2022" (January 2022, 1-)[79]
  • Morinaga Milk Industry
    • Greek Yogurt Parteno "Squeeze" Gyutto "" (July 2021, 7-)[80]
  • SS Pharmaceutical - ド リ エ ル
    • "Office" (May 2021, 5-)[81]
  • Chic Japan
    • Schick Goku KIWAMI "Motetai Otoko" Hen, "Father's Conflict" Hen (March 2021, 3-)[82]
    • Schick "Hydro Series" "Criteria for Choosing" (October 2021, 10-)[83]
  • Mandom Bifesta Miscella Cleansing Water
    • "Free Cleansing" (March 2021, 3-)[84]
    • "Float", "Plenty", "When you go home and remove the mask", "Before exercising", "When the remote meeting is over", "Large sheet that hides your face", "Patch and Seal" (September 2021, 9 --) --WEBCM[85]
    • "In the cold winter night", "Instead of washing your face in the morning", "Toner with this one", "Float and drop with the power of micelles" (October 1, 2021-)- WEBCM[86]
  • Softbank"LINEMO'
    • "Rheinmodamon / Birth" (February 2021, 2-)[87]
    • "Rheinmodamon Fee" (March 2021, 3-)[88]
    • "Rheinmodamon Network" (March 2021, 3-)
    • "Rheinmodamon New Plan" (August 2021, 8-)[89]
    • "LINE MUSIC Campaign" (November 2021, 11-)[90]
    • "If you buy clothes, ZOZOTOWN" and "ZOZOWEEK" (November 2020, 11-)[91]
    • "ZOZOWEEK_Favorites" and "ZOZOWEEK_KIDS" (May 2021, 5-)[92]
    • "ZOZOSALE Cart Edition" (June 2021, 6-)[93]
    • "ZOZO MUSIC SHOW Soul Edition (ZOZOWEEK ver.)" (November 2021, 11-)[94]
    • AKRacing Gaming Chair "My Gaming Chair" / "Too Comfortable and Unfinished" (October 2020, 10-)[95]
    • "Diane Perfect Beauty Miracle You Shine! Shine!" (August 2020, 8 -)[96]
    • Diane Perfect Beauty Dry Shampoo "Anytime, Anywhere" (May 2021, 5-)[97]
    • "Diane Miracle You & Shine Shine Great Voyage" (August 2021, 8-)[98]
  • Amano
    • "Human Tips" (April 2020, 4 -)[99]
    • "It's an AMANO world." (May 2021, 5-)[100]
  • Viewm 1 day (December 2017, 12-)[101]
  • Japanese gas(July 2017, 4 -)[102]
    • "Sales story / Easy to switch" version, "Sales story / The more families you have, the more profitable" version (September 2019-November 9, 28)[103]
    • WEB CM "Space Battleship Nichigas" (November 2020, 11-December 13, 12)[104]

CM that has finished airing



  • Men's Nonnofest 2016 (November 2016, 11)[158]




Photo album

Magazine serialization

Novel cover


Distribution limited single


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