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🚗 | "TUNE YOUR LIFE" Blitz, 5 custom cars will be exhibited ... Tokyo Auto Salon 2022

Photo BLITZ GR86 Concept

"TUNE YOUR LIFE" Blitz will exhibit 5 custom cars ... Tokyo Auto Salon 2022

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Attention is paid to the design that combines driving performance and dress-up at a high level.

Blitz will appear at "Tokyo Auto Salon 2022" to be held at Makuhari Messe from January 1th to 14th, 16 ... → Continue reading


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Driving performance

Driving performance(Sokousei) is mainlyRailway car,AutomobileIn vehicles, power performance, stability during running,Motility,brakingIt is an ability that comprehensively considers the ability.


There is no specific definition of what constitutes “driving performance”. Among machines made for the same purpose (purpose), comparisons are often made between the previous generation and the same period, and the evaluation is relative. In general, the various capabilities described below are often referred to and discussed. In addition to these, various factors are often summarized in one word, and there are various viewpoints regarding excellent driving performance. GyroscopeData andカメラIt is often analyzed using images.

Elements that make up driving performance

  • Straight-line stability: It can be divided into high-speed stability at 100 km / h or less and high-speed stability at 100 km / h or more.
  • Acceleration performance: 0-100 km / h (start acceleration) time and SS 1/4 mile (0-400 m:Zeroyon) Or 0-1,000 m (start acceleration) time, 40-60 km/h, 80-120 km/h, 100-200 km/h and so on (intermediate acceleration) time.
  • Maximum speed: In addition to the maximum peak speed, the average speed in a specific section, etc.
  • Handling: curveWhen turning,handleBody's ability to follow the steering angle of (YawingSize and convergence) etc.
  • Braking: Dry roads, wet roads,ice burnOn the left and rightCoefficient of friction(Split μ) with different braking distance on the road surface, etc.
  • Climbing ability: Ability to climb steep uphill slopes and slopes such as gravel and mud (traction).
  • Rough road running ability: Ability to run on a road without a road.
  • Fuel consumption rate : In addition to how much energy resources such as gasoline, light oil, and electricity are consumed, there are economic perspectives that take into account prices and the like, and capabilities that take into account continuous running time.
  • Environmental performance : Exhaust gasCleanliness and outside the carnoiseetc.

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