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🚄 | Saturdays and holidays Tokaido Shinkansen "Nozomi" set up "Vehicles for families with children" February-April 2022, total 2


"Nozomi" on the Tokaido Shinkansen on Saturdays and holidays, "Vehicles for families with children" set February-April 2022, 2 in total

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The ticket is a travel product of JR Tokai Tours, with a 1-drink voucher, and will be on sale from January 2022, 1 (Thursday).

JR Tokai will be on December 2021, 12 (Monday), "O ... → Continue reading

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JR Tokai Tours

JR Tokai Tours Co., Ltd.(JR Tokai Tours,British: JR TOKAI TOURS, INC.) IsJapan OfTravel club.

Tokai passenger railway(JR Tokai)Consolidated subsidiaryThe store is mainly set up as a tenant in the JR Central station yard.Tokaido ShinkansenUseWanted planning tripIt sells various travel products centered on.Tourism AuthoritySecretary Registered Travel Business No. 957.


The store network isTokaido Shinkansen,Conventional lineIt is deployed at major stations along the line, and is mainly used for domestic travel using the Tokaido Shinkansen.パ ッ ケ ー ジ ツ ア ー,Free PlanToPlatWith the brand namePlanning・ Sold.TravelingPreviously, we sold our own products under the brand name of "Platto WORLD" → "EXPRESS WORLD", but nowView PlazaLike, look JTB andJAL packOther companies includingPlanning trip OfSales agencyAnd specializes in the sale of international airline tickets.The company emblem is the one in which "TOURS" is listed under the JR Tokai company emblem (JR mark), and it is on the official website.Domain nameIs also "jrtours.co.jp".



As mentioned above, as a general rule, the branch office is located inside the JR Central station, but the corporate sales branch offices (Tokyo, Shizuoka, Nagoya, Kansai (closed on March 2016, 3)) and Shinjuku branch office (closed on February 31, 2021). , JR Gate Tower Branch is in the city as an exception.

Due to its nature, the corporate sales branch does not handle only personal travel, JR tickets and airline tickets.

Main travel products


Tokyo Station-Shinagawa Station-Shin-Yokohama StationorTokai region-Osaka-京都From Tokyo-HakataTokaido/Sanyo ShinkansenandKyushu ShinkansenIt is a package tour that uses.

Transfer from the Shinkansen to the JR conventional line or private railway line,Chiba(Tokyo Disney Resort)・Hokuriku region-Hakone(Odawara Stationtransfer)·Nagano(Chuo West LineUse) ・Yamanashi(Minobu LineUse) ・Hida Takayama-Ise Shima-Shikoku-KyusyuThere is also a plan to go to.In addition, it should be noted.TohokuOnly the Chubu / Kansai area is set for the direction.However,Domestic flightsNo tours using air are set, andNiigata-Hokkaido-OkinawaThe tour in the direction is not set in "Platto".In addition, for areas that have not been set or for airline use, we are dealing with products of other companies.

There are plenty of day trip plans depending on the destination distance, and the one derived from this is the Tokaido Shinkansen.Special plan ticketCan be used cheaper than "Plattokodama Economy PlanAnd using the same line train"One day trip 1day ○○ plan"(See below).

One-day 1-day plan

Tokaido ShinkansenA day trip plan from various places along the line, mainly to each station on the same line (some "Tokyo DisneylandThere is also a tour plan).Terms of use vary depending on the departure area and destination.Although there are not a few restrictions, some plans are cheaper than the normal fare / charge.

Main departure point settings

If there is no note, "echo'Standard VehiclesUnreserved seatIt will be used.

Terms of use

Plattokodama Economy PlanThere are stricter usage restrictions.

  • In the case of the reserved seat use plan, the trains that can be selected are limited from the "Platto Kodama Economy Plan" (especially the Tokyo / Yokohama plan from "Chubu area" and "Kansai area").
  • Depending on the plan, there are days when it cannot be used (example: in the case of the Tokyo / Yokohama plan "from Kansai area", there is no setting for Monday / Friday and some of the busiest seasons except holidays).
  • In the case of a reserved seat use plan, use of trains other than those specified in advance is not possible, including non-reserved seats in ordinary cars.
  • Reservations are required by a certain deadline for the travel start date (the number of deadlines varies depending on the departure area and destination).
  • Since it is a travel product, it cannot be changed immediately before, so cancel it once and make a reservation again.
  • In case of cancellation, a prescribed cancellation fee will be charged (since it is not a JR ticket, it is higher than the cancellation fee of a JR ticket).
  • Depending on the plan, applications may be made from two or more people.


However, depending on the plan, there are some items that are more advantageous than the Plattokodama Economy Plan.

  • "" On the ticketSpecific city areaYou can receive the system.
  • You can choose any train to return from the Kyoto / Nara plan "from the Tokyo metropolitan area" (you cannot change the boarding after making a reservation once and use other than the designated train, including non-reserved seats in ordinary cars).
  • There are no restrictions on the trains that can be used for the Tokyo plan, which departs daily from the Shizuoka area, and the Kyoto, Osaka, and Nara plans, which depart from the Chubu area, if you use Kodama ordinary cars with unreserved seats.
  • Includes meals or souvenir coupons or various facility coupons (available only at designated stores or facilities) worth 500 yen-3000 yen (the amount available depends on the plan).
  • Green carThere is also a plan set, and it is available in the Tokyo / Yokohama plan of "from Kansai area" and "from Chubu area".The additional charge is 2400 yen for a round trip from the Kansai area and 2000 yen for a departure from the Chubu area.
    • "Despite using a green car, it is cheaper than the regular reserved seat round-trip fare and comes with a couponIt is an exceptional setting.As an example, the round-trip fare for reserved seats in the regular season of "Nozomi" between Osaka city and Tokyo is 28100 yen, and the round-trip fare for reserved seats in the same green car is 37380 yen, while the round-trip fare for reserved seats in the same green car is 1 yen. Tokyo Green Plan23200 JPYAnd the discount rate is high.
    • This setting is not available for the Kyoto / Osaka / Nara plans "from the Tokyo metropolitan area".
    • There are similar settings for the Tokyo plan departing from the Shizuoka area on Saturdays and holidays and the Kyoto plan departing every day.

Tokyo ☆ Bookmark

Nagoya Station-Shin-Osaka Station-Kyoto StationThis is a project to disseminate information on sightseeing in Tokyo from JR Tokai, JR Tokai Tours, and others.JTB,Japan Travel,Kinki Nippon Tourist Individual Tour,Meitetsu Tourism Service,Tobu Top ToursIs participating. In addition to disseminating tourist information on the website, each company offers plans with the name of Tokyo ☆ Bookmark.Nozomi round-trip reserved seats (Shin-Yokohama Station,Shinagawa Station,Tokyo StationGet off at either) and stay at the hotel as a set.

Mechanization of ticketing

Epidemic of new coronavirus infectionDue to the consideration of shortening the business hours of stores and reducing contact between employees and customers, the above-mentioned special tickets using the Tokaido Shinkansen are sold at automatic ticket vending machines outside the ticket gates of Tokaido Shinkansen stations (conventional lines inside stations). It is now possible to receive it at the transfer ticket gate installation machine from (not supported).

To use the service, make a reservation from the Tours Internet site, make a credit card payment, and an email will be sent to the registered mobile phone, obtain the QR code from it, and hold it over the ticket vending machine to issue the ticket.[3].


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