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🚗 | [Shinji Nakano's F1 analysis / Round 22: Part 1] The big thing about "having a dream" and "challenge" that I learned anew from Honda FXNUMX ...


[Shinji Nakano's F1 analysis / Round 22: Part 1] The big thing about "having a dream" and "challenge" that I learned anew from Honda FXNUMX ...

If you write the contents roughly
Guthrie couldn't beat Tsunoda no matter how well he put it together from free practice.

In the suffocating championship battle between Verstappen and Hamilton, the expected F1 debut season of Yuki Tsunoda ... → Continue reading


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Motor sports

Motor sports(British: motorsports) Is human in a broad sense筋肉Other than mechanicalmotor,engineSuch asPrime moverCompetitions using vehicles that operate usingSports..Often refers only to the most popular car races.


Determined by the difference in competition rank and competition type called categoryRulesIt is a competition that competes for "speed" according to the regulations[1].

In a broad senseMotor boat,airplaneAnd so onvehicle"Other thanVehicleRefers to motor sports, including those performed using.

Run on landFour-wheeled vehicleOr motorcycle (オ ー ト バ イ) And other vehicles are common, so they are often referred to.

Motor sports in automobiles

Motorsports in four-wheeled vehicles began on April 1887, 4France OfParisWill be done first[2][3].. However, the record-breaking car competition was held on July 1894, 7 in Paris- RouenThe origin of the race[4][5].. At the timeAutomobile TheSteam carとGasoline carIn a world where and were mixed, there was a plan to use a gasoline car, which was aiming to spread in the future, as an index of performance, in contrast to the steam car that was popular at the time.

In the 1930s,National colorAlthough there was a strong element of technological competition after launchingSecond World WarAfter the end ofInternational Automobile FederationWith the start of the new vehicle, it became possible to hold motor sports in four-wheeled vehicles in each country, and the position as an international competition became stronger.

Motor sports in motorcycles

Motor sports in snowmobiles

Done on snowmotocrossCompetition.
Drag race on ice
Compete for acceleration in a straight line in a drag race performed on snow.
Hill climb race
A race to climb a steep slope.
An endurance race that uses snowmobiles.
Motocross competition on the water.

Motor sports other than land

What is done on the water

Power boat
Regulated by regulationMotor boatSpeed ​​races using. Compete in the order of finish by running on the course set on the water at the same time. Also called a drag boat race.
Blue ribbon award
大西洋A historical time race that competes for the shortest crossing time. It's not a sport,1838/The record has been renewed endlessly since the beginning. Regulations are not specified in particular, and there is some disagreement over the title of the winner at any given time.
Boat racing
Public competitionMotor boat race that is being held as.

What is done in the sky


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