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🚗 | [VW Golf GTI New] Iconic high-performance model [63 photos]

Photo VW Golf GTI

[VW Golf GTI New] Iconic high-performance model [63 photos]

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On the exterior, the red stripes leading from the front grille to the headlights insist on GTI's personality.

Volkswagen Group Japan (VGJ) has added high-performance model "GTI" specifications to the new "Golf" series ... → Continue reading


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Front grill

Front grillIs generallyAutomobileIt is the part of the net or grid on the plane in the direction of travel (front).It tends to refer to the one attached to the bonnet (especially the large opening between the left and right headlights) rather than the one attached to the bumper opening.


The front grill of a car is located in the forefront of the car body, and it is the part that hits the air from the front.radiatorIn many cases, it is almost synonymous with a radiator grill.Radiators are often designed with thin pipes and are easily deformed by flying stones, so they should be physically protected, but if they are all covered, heat dissipation efficiency will decrease, so a large opening will be provided to allow air flow. The grill is covered with a net that is hard to block.

However, in general, the role of the "face" of an automobile is often referred to as more than such a function.Especially in recent years, there are many cases where the aim is to improve the sense of unity as a brand by adopting a unified grill design.

From the latter half of the 2000s, many vehicles appeared to make the opening look bigger.Mainly for vehicles that want to have an image that seems to have good cooling performance, a strategy that gives a high-performance image, or a strict image that simply looks and intimidates the surroundings (for users who like that image) It tends to be seen. Perhaps because such grills have become more popular since the 2010s, more and more models are equipped with large grills, from gorgeous luxury cars to easily accessible mass cars.

On the other handEV(Electric vehicles) often adopt a grillless design, including the fact that it is not necessary to consider engine cooling and the appeal of advanced technology.

In the past, there were some that did not pursue design at all, such as bending the iron plate of the bonnet as it was and extending it.On the contrary, some such rear engine vehicles had a grill-shaped rear end.[1].

Since the opening of the vehicle body also causes air resistance, a design that achieves both cooling efficiency and reduction of air resistance is required.In addition, some people remove the grille for the purpose of increasing the cooling rate in tuning cars, but in many cases the cooling efficiency is deteriorated.In recent years, there have been cases where the grill is provided with a shutter that opens and closes automatically and opens and closes according to the speed and heat condition to reduce air resistance.

Typical grill

Here, we will list grills that have a distinctive design and a unique name.

Kidney grill
BMWA grill with two holes, which is a symbol of. "Kidney" means kidney in English and was named because it looks like two side-by-side kidneys.Although the scale and size change with the times, it has been handed down for a long time since before the war.
Panamericana Grill
Mercedes-BenzA grill with a vertically long grid that has been used by the company since the 1950s.MexicoPublic road race "Carrera Panamericana Mexico』Won the championship of the companyPrototype racing car・ The origin of the W194 grill[2].
Single frame grill
AudiA grill that has been used by the company since the mid-2000s, with the emblem and number surrounded by a straight line.There are variations from quadrangles to octagons.
Shield grill
Alfa romeoA grill with an inverted triangle in the center.Like the Kidney Grill, it has a prewar history.
Spindle grill
LexusA huge grill that has been used since the 2010s. A "spindle" is a spindle (pincushion).Develop the same brandToyotaThe origin of the spinning company (Toyota Loom), The popular theory is that the design has a spindle motif, but this has been officially denied.[3].
V motion grill
NissanA grill with a V-shaped design that surrounds the emblem of. It has been widely used in new cars in the 2010s, but it is a new model released in 2020.NoteHas not been adopted in.
Spreadwings Grill
SUBARUThe grill that was adopted in the 2000s, with one horizontally long on each side.The origin of the companyNakajima airplaneThe motif is the shape of the wings spread out.
Hexagon grill
SUBARUA hexagonal grill that has been adopted by the company since the 2010s instead of the Spreadwings grill.
Jet fighter grill
Mitsubishi MotorsThe inverted trapezoidal grill that was used by the company in the late 2000s and early 2010s.It is a popular name, not an official name.OriginallyLancer Evolution XAlthough it was a dedicated grill, it was popular in Europe, so it was expanded to other models.[4].
Functional matrix grill
ToyotaIs an emerging sports car brand ofGR] Adopts a horizontally long grill.This shape was created because the cooling effect was given top priority and it was matched to the radiator shape.[5].
Seven slot grill


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